Taking Full Advantage Of Your IPhone

The iPhone literally has it all – phone, Internet access, games, music, and a built-in digital camera. And it can arguably be a toy as well with all the games and apps. Who cares if you have to wait in line at the post office? If you want to maximize the use of your iPhone, here are some neat tips that could help you take full advantage of its capacity.

Get more in less space. You can read more of an email or a Web page by setting your font size to the smallest. This makes checking email a faster process. But that shouldn’t stop you from increasing the font size if you have difficulty seeing the text. What’s great is that you can adjust the font to your personal preferences.

Add to spell check. Your iPhone would occasionally mark words that may possibly be misspelled. There are times when said error would actually be a word not in the phone’s dictionary. Once this happens, click three times to reject the correction and you’ll have a new word added to the iPhone dictionary.

Speed up scrolling. The touch-sensitive screen makes scrolling really easy. Let us say you want to go back to the top of a Web page you’re reading. Instead of scrolling, just tap once at the top of the iPhone screen. With just one tap, you have gotten back to the start of the Web page and you can read it all over again as much as you want.

Use the magnifying glass. This can be done with the iPhone’s magnifying glass if you wish to highlight certain words and make them larger. The magnifying glass can be brought up and adjusted by simply tapping and holding. If you’re editing something, this allows you better focus with the iPhone screen.

Bring on the videos. Provided they are of the right format, you can watch videos any time you want on your iPhone. Apple is in copacetic terms with YouTube, so you can watch many videos here on your iPhone.

As long as the YouTube videos use H264 encoding, they should work perfectly fine. You can watch other videos with different formats, provided that the format is successfully converted for your iPhone.

Customize your theme. The last thing you want is to have the same theme as a good friend or family member of yours after spending so much for that iPhone. It’s easy to customize your iPhone’s theme, thanks to free download sites. Download the “Hack Toolkit” to get into the iPhone and change themes. Several Internet sites offer these themes.

Don’t let spam ruin your day. You can easily get rid of spam by adding Yahoo! mail to your bookmarks and using its “delete all” function. With this you don’t have to go through every spam email and delete them individually.

There are also forums dedicated to iPhone users, where they share best practices and their own tips to maximize the use of their pricey new toy. You can indeed save a lot of time and enjoy a cell phone on so many more levels with the iPhone.

Taking Full Advantage Of Your IPhone

Are Apple And Google Taking Over Blackberry Hold On The Market?

RIM’s Blackberry has long since been an established player in the enterprise market, in fact, has without doubt been the stronghold of the corporate world for many years. Favored as the smartphone of choice for professionals, it has had little real competition and has built its company upon this loyalty. However, nothing stands still, especially in the world of technology. Let’s look at whether two strong players in the smartphone market are making any inroads and posing any notable competition for Blackberry. Are Apple and Google genuine threats to Blackberry’s stronghold on the enterprise market?

Blackberry, famed for its robust security and data management features and dominating the enterprise sector at all levels from small business to large corporations, including the Government and Public sectors, until quite recently. Then just a few short years ago, enter a number of alternative mobile platforms like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android and suddenly the picture looks very different and the grip is loosened significantly.

Companies want to move with the times and it seems that for some, Blackberry has failed to keep up. Also, cost has been a big issue; as has consumer/worker preference, with some businesses migrating their whole workforce to the more popular iPhones and Androids that their staff prefer for personal use and wish to be able to use at work, too. For some businesses, allowing employees to use their own smartphones for work has substantially cut operating costs too and as we know, Google is leading the way in the smartphone arena currently and with much cheaper alternatives.

The latest OS offering from Android has received some criticism, described as “not as refined as it needs to be for the enterprise market”. Android is apps-centric where Blackberry is business-centric. Judging by current sales, Blackberry is not under any major threat currently from either Android or iPhone. But this is such a fluid market that is can only be a matter of time before both make real inroads into the enterprise market.

Personally, I think that Blackberry has corporate loyalty and will have for the foreseeable future. Corporates still demand powerful enterprise tools which RIM provides and does well and this area may be one where Apple and Google will still struggle, at least in the short term. The battle is interesting theatre for anyone in the smartphone market. It is important for those in mobile marketing to watch carefully how Apple and Google play this one out, as mobile marketers need to know what their target audience is buying and why.

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