Global Nokia X6 receives certification in Taiwan, launch could be imminent

After the launch of the Nokia X6 in China last month, HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer noted the high interest surrounding the smartphone outside of the country, later going on to hint at a possible global release in the future. Now, thanks to Taiwan’s NCC, it appears a wider release may be just around the corner.

The listing of the device in question, which goes by the model number TA-1103, fails to reveal any exact information other than the fact that it is built by HMD Global and will support 4G. Nevertheless, it comes shortly after the same smartphone was spotted on a Bluetooth certification …

Google closes HTC deal, the next Pixel phones could be developed in Taiwan

Google has just announced it has completed the $1.1 billion HTC acquisition and that it’s welcoming the new teammates from the Taiwanese company to its hardware organization.

The acquisition of HTC’s mobile business will make it easier for Google to build its smartphones since the search giant won’t have to outsource the development of the next Pixel devices to another company. The experienced team of HTC engineers, which brought us the first touch-centric phone and the first metal-clad unibody smartphone, may prove to be exactly what Google needs to further improve its R&D abilities.

According …

Analyst says Taiwan media is mistaken; rumored iPhone production cuts are for 8/8 Plus

Yesterday, we passed along some bad news for bulls on China’s equity markets; stocks of companies that supply Apple with parts for the iPhone X had lost as much as 40% of their value in a single day. What brought on such a rush of selling? It was a rumor that Apple had cut production of the tenth anniversary model by 20 million to 30 million units. But today, an analyst with securities firm Rosenblatt says that this rumor is incorrect.

Analyst Jun Zhang says that his firm’s research reveals no such production cut is taking place with the Apple iPhone X, and that Taiwan’s media is a bit confused. …

Galaxy S9 goes shopping for a new finger scanner, lands in Taiwan

By now, it is a public secret that Samsung may be changing the placement of the rear scanner on its Galaxy S line phones next year. The current notorious spot next to the camera may give way to a more orthodox placement in the middle of the back, under the camera lens, tip sources. 

What we didn’t know, however, is that Samsung may be using an entirely new fingerprint scanner supplier, indicating a possible shift in shape, size, or abilities of the reader, too. That’s exactly what Korean media is reporting, and claims that Samsung has ordered all-new fingerprint …

Qualcomm is fined $774 million in Taiwan for refusing to properly license its technology

The Taiwan Fair Trade Commission has fined Qualcomm $774 million for abusing the monopoly it happens to have in the handset market where its chips are widely used in the manufacture of smartphones. With a commanding share of the market in CDMA, WCDMA (3G) and LTE chipsets, the Fair Trade Commission accused the chip maker of holding back on licensing its technology. The Taiwan FTC also is ordering Qualcomm to submit a report twice a year on its negotiations with other firms.

Qualcomm is the middle of similar lawsuits involving Apple and the U.S. FTC. Apple claims that Qualcomm refused to …

Taiwan Mobile launches 32GB Gold Apple iPhone 6

As we told you it would last week, Taiwan Mobile today launched a 32GB version of the Apple iPhone 6. When the phone originally launched in 2014, it was available in 16GB/64GB and 128GB variants. The 32GB model fills a gap in the lineup. The phone is not available from Apple, and is offered exclusively in the region by Taiwan Mobile, where it is priced at the equivalent of $435 USD.

The handset comes with iOS 10 out of the box, and features a 4.7-inch LCD display with a resolution of 750 x 1334. The dual-core A8 chipset is under the hood along with the M8 co-processor. Yes Virginia, optimizing …

Oppo R7 Plus hits international markets

Oppo might not be quite up to par with some of its more premium Chinese competitors, but the OEM has always had a distinct and unique approach to devices. There is nothing like a little twist to help sales along and the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus are no strangers to that strategy, boasting a futuristic edge-to-edge screen design inside a slick and clean body.


The pair of devices have already been around for three months or so, but Oppo has been having some understandable troubles with international availability. The R7 actually hit international pre-orders around the end of June and has been a whopping success, especially in certain markets, like Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Now, its bigger sibling, the R7 Plus is following in its footsteps and is venturing into global sales with high hopes of sharing the same success. This ambition is pretty justifiable, given that the R7 Plus is a solid mid-range offer, just like its sibling and even better in many ways.


Computing power on the R7 Plus comes courtesy of a Qualcomm 615 chipset with a 64-bit octa-core processor and 3GB RAM. Memory is set at 32GB, twice that of the R7 and a microSD slot is also available.

Another key difference between the pair is the display size. The R7 plus swaps the 5.0-inch AMOLED display for a spacious 6.0-inch one, while preserving the impressive AMOLED technology and the FullHD resolution. Naturally, the device is also bigger and heavier, although not a lot. It measures 158 x 82 x 7.75mm and tips the scales at 203g.

oth the R7 and R7 Plus come with a 13MP main camera behind an f/2.2 lens. Phase detection autofocus and a single-LED flash complete the picture on the R7, while the R7 Plus adds laser autofocus and a dual-LED flash. Additionally, the sensor inside the R7 Plus is of the RGBW variety, and the company claims 78% less noise and 32% better light gathering capability compared to conventional designs.

Last, but not least, least, the Plus model also has a whopping 4,100 mAh battery, backed up by Oppo’s patented VOOC fast charging technology and a fingerprint reader on the back. Now that is an impressive package.

We already had a quick meeting with the R7 Plus at its unveiling event, but the final retail unit is already in the office, so we’ll be as quick as possible to come up with one of our full reviews in the following weeks.