Apple will return excess heat from new data center to the heating system of the local community

There is no doubt that Apple is one of the greenest tech companies in the world, and it’s aiming towards being as eco as possible. Its next step in that direction comes in the form of an interesting way to power one of its new data centers and deal with the excess heat it will produce.

The new facility will be built in the Jutland region of Denmark, and it will be powered only by renewable energy. A portion of this energy will come from recycled farm waste.

Apple is working with Aarhus University on a system to process agricultural waste products with a digester, which in turn generates …

Android O breaks apps like Twilight and Status that draw over the system UI

There is a number of Android apps that draw (or display content) on top of everything else on the screen. Such is the case with popular blue light dimming app Twilight, which applies a color overlay on top of other apps and the system UI, as well as status bar “replacement” tool Status, which enhances the status bar with a host of neat features. Twilight and Status are just two of the most popular examples, but there are other Android apps that also take advantage of the permission to draw over everything else on the screen.

However, with the arrival of Android …

Netflix eliminated the 5-star rating system because most subscribers didn't understand it

Netflix has announced today that it is no longer using its 5-star rating system that was supposed to show viewers how much they would enjoy watching a particular movie or television shows. The stars are being replaced by a percentage that is supposed to show the same thing. Netflix was forced to make this change because the 5-star system was misunderstood by most Netflix subscribers. It was never intended to be a rating that all potential viewers would use to determine whether or not to watch certain content.

To put it another way, the star ratings on Netflix were not designed to …

Galaxy S8 system dump lets Android users test drive the devices' apps

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are finally here, and while neither device is yet available to purchase, this hasn’t stopped many of the new apps from leaking out into the wild. A system dump over at XDA-Developers has outed a slew of S8 goodies, and many can be installed by those rocking other devices. 
A package totalling just over 1 GB inside, some have had luck installing Messaging, Clock, Video, My Files, Galaxy Apps, Samsung Account and Samsung Cloud successfully, and without root. The new Bixby virtual assistant can also apparently be installed, though it’s …

Apple's iOS 10.3 update fixes the bug that overwhelmed the 911 system

The iPhone bug that overwhelmed the 911 system by repeatedly calling the emergency number over and over has apparently been fixed by Apple in its iOS 10.3 update, almost five months after being publicly exploited by an Arizona teen on Twitter.

The bug took advantage of an iOS feature which allowed users to immediately call a phone number by tapping on it. Apple’s fix is simple: now, instead of placing a call right away, the phone explicitly prompts the user, requiring a second tap before calling.
The bug was most famously exploited last fall, when a Twitter …

Truecaller announces a massive update: SMS inbox, Duo integration, and payment system coming to the app

Truecaller, one of the few hugely successful dialer apps, just announced a massive update to its services. Today, version 8.0 of the app was unveiled from the venue of the company’s first annual “Stay Ahead” event in India.

The Truemessenger app, which used to be a standalone product, will be completely integrated in Truecaller 8.0. This way, you won’t need a separate install on your phone to identify unknown SMS and block spam or adverts. Flash messaging support is also added, allowing users to send pre-defined messages with information such as location, emojis …

Nest is supposedly developing a brand new security system and more affordable thermostat

Our smartphones are incredible tools. They allow us to communicate with friends and family members, capture memories with high-quality cameras, play endless hours of video games, and control our entire house or apartment through home automation tech. Nest made the idea of a smart home cool in 2011 when it released its first Learning Thermostat, and since then, we’ve seen a surge in products that help you control various aspects of your home life.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, it would appear that Nest is looking to kick out some new hardware in the near future. There’s …

Images found in Tab S3 system dump reveal some Samsung Galaxy S8 features

According to an anonymous source, a system dump of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet contained some images that show the Samsung Galaxy S8 running some features. We should point out that if the images are legit, there should be no more questions about the placement of the fingerprint scanner on the phone. Speaking of the openings on the back of the handset, one of the diagrams shows how to use the heart rate monitor which is located to the left of the rear-facing camera.

The phone’s on-screen navigation keys are also the subject of attention as one image highlights the multitasking key on …

Real-time motion capture system from Disney Research uses as few sensors as possible

runningman Serious motion capture setups often involve dozens of optical markers, inertial sensors or both, making them a pain to set up and tear down, and producing a ton of data. This Disney Research project produces high-quality results from just a handful of sensors by making some smart assumptions about how the body works. Read More

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The Most Remarkable Unlock iPhone Patch System

The Unlock iPhone Patch

The iPhone is one of the most remarkable mobile phones released in 2007. This device has earned iPhone recognition from Time Magazine as The Invention of the Year 2007. Almost immediately after its release in June 2007, several mobile phone enthusiasts were already hacking their way to unlock the iPhone. Some even went to the point of disassembling the iPhone just to get to know the engineering behind the technology. In a matter of weeks, a New Jersey teenage resident was the first to unlock the iPhone and he was rewarded by a cell phone repair shop with a brand new sports car for his triumph! unlock iPhone websites were up and running a few days later.

Since it was introduced a year ago, many patches and updates were already offered for the user. At the same time, hackers and mobile experts were only ever so eager to make new iPhone unlock patches. As of today, there are already several software downloads the feature unlock iPhone patches even for the latest version and have firmware version downgrade patches in Apple has responded to these unlock iPhone patches with firmware updates that warn users of modded iPhone’s of potentially irreversible damage to their units, turning them into expensive bricks if patches were applied. They have sternly warned users that using iPhone unlock patches will void all warranties and will no longer be eligible for technical support. This has made iPhone users more wary of unlock iPhone patches.

Verizon iPhone Killer

Apple’s iPhone unlock is a phone with multimedia and internet capabilities. It has a touch screen capable of multiple taps and a virtual keyboard and buttons. Before the launch of the iPhone, it was offered to Voyager as early as two years ago. They were not able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement and therefore the Verizon iPhone never materialized. Verizon eventually signed up with LG electronics and they came with their own Verizon iPhone look-alike called the Voyager. The Voyager is a product produced by LG electronics and distributed only through Verizon Wireless. This mobile phone looks just like the iPhone with a full keypad that slides down to have a full view touch screen. To many, the Voyager was dubbed as the Verizon iPhone. The Verizon Wireless introduced four models of brand new mobile phones to compete with iPhone.

Because LG’s Voyager mobile phone looks a lot like Apple unlock iPhone, including its huge touch screen that slides sideways to have a full view of the keypad, this will definitely steal people’s attention away from the iPhone. This Verizon iPhone look-alike with a full QWERTY keypad gives users a choice in how they can access the phone’s features and other capabilities. And just like the iPhone’s, the Verizon iPhone look-alike also has shortcut menus which is remarkably similar to the iPhone. The Voyager from LG also has an edge over the iPhone because it has 3G capabilities which is definitely faster then the Edge technology.

Did Apple Produce Cell Phones That Pleased Anyone Before?

Ever since Apple Computer was set up and started competing in the Information Technology industry, it has been known for its well-made computers ( but not for cell phones. ) Then it came out with the iPod and things started changing for Apple Unlock, it seemed that hip techno fans liked the iPod. This proved so encouraging for Apple officially iPhone unlocking succeeded in introducing its new cell phone called to the public. It does not seem that Apple was able to come up with cell phones in the past, so the overwhelming demand and response to the iPhone must have told Apple Unlock management ( led by the legendary Steve Jobs ) that maybe they have something good going on here. And there is now news that the company is set to produce a simpler cell phone that the iPhone unlock.

This simpler cell phone ( tentatively known as the iPhone officially unlock Nano ) is based on the premise that there are people who only want two things out of their techie gadget, for it to play music and for it to allow them to make and receive calls. The iPhone which is being used now can do more that that, thus it is more complicated to learn and adjust to ( which maybe fine for some people but some may mind having to learn so many new things about a gadget ). So, to those who desire a simpler machine to help them listen to great tunes while being on hand to deliver or receive calls for them, this new product from Apple unlock may be just the thing to suit their needs. provides officially iphone unlocking, unlocks, unlocked and unlock iphone services.

You come at right place and 100% money back guarantee is pioneer in iphone unlocking solutions. We are based in India and Hongkong. provides the best apple iPhone unlocking, Samsung Unlock Codes, HTC Unlock Codes. What is special about is we do not need mobile handset physically. We do all unlocks remotely for unlock procedure – we just need imei ( which can be seen by typing *#06# on your handset ). unlock solution provided by us is 100% official, premanet + no void of warranty. We give customers more of what they want- low prices,reliable service,permanent unlocking facility. We solve mobile unlocking issues with best solutions. High quality and support is maintained.

Unlock your iPhone With Software

For the original iPhone and 3G iPhone, there have been many exploits that have led to a number of software-based unlocking solutions. Although all of these techniques eventually reduce to “run this program and click unlock,” the tremendous amount of mental gymnastics and brilliant reverse engineering that go into them is admirable. It’s possible that the world’s most hyped phone has become that world’s most hacked iPhone, because whether you’re looking for fame or fortune, both can be found in the iPhone unlocking arena.

The very first iPhone unlock was achieved through hardware hack ( Hack #703), but almost immediately a number of software solutions came out. Usually, jail breaking and unlocking go hand in hand, and the graphical applications used for jail-breaking ( Hack #103) are usually used for unlocking. Jail-breaking and unlocking both depend on exploits, which are essentially bugs or features with side effects that can be used to gain control of parts of the phone. Finding exploits is painstaking work consisting of decoding thousands of raw, fine-granted instructions to various unfamiliar chips, tracing them step by step, and trying to see how they work. It took almost six months for hacks in the 3G iPhone base-hand to be discovered and exploited for unlocking.

Many exploits have been developing for jail-breaking phones: unlocking is a more difficult task. Jail-breaking simply changes some settings on the flash drive to allow unsigned third-party applications, but unlocking requires sophisticated alteration of the base-band software, and requires an understanding of cellular protocols, base-band programming, and the security layers added to the equation with Apple iTunes Unlock based phone activation system.

The Fone Shop provides some latest and new version of software of iPhone unlocking system with different models is:-

Unlock By Brand

Alcatel, Dell, Hp Veer, Palm, Samsung S4 Unlock, ZTE, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson, Pantech, Sidekick, Blackberry, Motorola, HTC, Huawei, Toshiba

Unlock By Operator / Network

3 Denmark, 3 Hutchinson Ireland, 3 Sweden, A1 Mobikom Austria, bell Canada, Claro Chile, Entel Chile, Halebop Sweden, iPhone worldwide, Kpn Netherlands, Kt korea / Sk Korea, Meteor Ireland, Mobilkom Croatia, Mobinil Egypt, Mobitel Bulgaria, Movistar telefonica Colombia, movistar telefonica Venezuela, Netcom Norway, O2 Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Orange Austria, France, Jordan, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Play Poland, SFR France, Si mobil slovenia, Soft bank Japan, Sonera, Sprint USA, sunrise Switzerland, Swisscom Switzerland, T-mobile Austria, Croatia, Germany, Netherlands, TDC Denmark, telcel or america movil, Tele2 Norway, Sweden

Telenor Sweden, Telus Canada, Tesco Ireland, Tim Brazil, turkcell turkey, Verizon U.S.A, Vip Croatia, Virgin Australia, France, Vivo Brazil, Vodafone Egypt, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Zain Bahrain, Orange -T-mob – EEUnited Kingdom, T-Mobile United Kingdom, 3 United Kingdom, 3 Australia, Optus Australia, Telstra Australia, Vodafone Australia, Vodafone United Kingdom, Bouygues France, Telia Norway, Telenor Norway, Telia Denmark, Telenor Denmark, Telia Sweden, At&T USA, Rogers Canada, Fido Canada, Movistar Spain, Vodafona Spain.

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The iPhone actually replaces many gadgets due to its all-in-one capability. Despite having all these features, remains user friendly and comes with standard system requirements for your PC connectivity. For Mac computer user, the iPhone requires a Mac computer with USB 2.0, and at least Mac OS X version 10.4.10. It should also have at least the Apple iTunes Unlock 7.5 capability. These are some of the features of the Apple iPhone Unlock 8GB unit.

The iPhone package is inclusive, Documentation, Stereo Headset, Dock, USB Power Adapter, Dock Connector to USB Cable, and Clean/Polishing Cloth. ( The other compatible accessories are also available and sold separately ). This iPhone unit has 8 gigabyte capacity of flash drive, ( with 1 Gig = 1 billion bytes ); battery power of 8 hours of non-stop talk time; standby time of 250 hours; 6 hours of non-stop Internet use; 7 hours of non-stop video playback; and 2 hours of non-stop audio playback. ( Test for battery life was conducted in May and June of 2007 under a variation of the iPhone set-up. )

The iPhone Camera Is 2.0 Megapixels

Audio for the iPhone has a frequency response from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. The iPhone also supports audio formats in Mp3, AAC Protected, AAC, Mp3 VBR, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless, and Audible formats 1, 2 and 3 modes. The iPhone video supports H.264 video up to 1.5 Mbps in 640×480 pixels (at 30 frames per second.) Lastly, the iPhone has Quad-Band status those sub-ports 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz. In addition, it is also Wi-Fi capable for your Internet connection; and Bluetooth capable for phone to PC or phone to phone connectivity.

Looking For The Right Accessory iPhone User Like

If you familiar with the iPod ( said to be the precursor of the iPhone released June 2007 in the US. ), then you will be gratified to learn that majority of the iPod accessories that are acceptable for use on the iPhone is common screen protector or case. The glass screen of the iPhone will thank you for taking such a precaution. A less common iPhone accessory you can look for is the wired headset and/or the Bluetooth headset. As accessory iPhone users may push for, the Bluetooth headset is actually compatible with other brands of mobile phones ( not just the iPhone. )

The Fone Shop

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