New OnePlus 3/3T update brings improvements to Gallery, Switch app, more

While OnePlus 5 and 5T have already received Android 8.1 Oreo via an open beta update, the other two smartphones launched by the Chinese company, OnePlus 3 and 3T got updates the add a handful of improvements, but not so many new features.

The Gallery gained the highest number of improvements such a new design for Collections tab, a reorder function for Collections and recently deleted Collection.

OnePlus Switch, the app that allows users to switch to newer devices easier, now features support to migrate application data. The new option that wasn’t initially available will surely …

Malaysian retailer Switch cancels $50 Apple iPhone 5s sale after getting mobbed

Switch, an authorized Apple retailer in Malaysia, was about to hold a massive clearance event on older iPhone and iPad models. With the price of the Apple iPhone 5s cut to $50, and iPads starting at $79, consumers throughout the country were attracted to the deals. In fact, a huge crowd of over 11,000 formed a line outside the store on the evening before the sale was scheduled to take place. The huge throng appeared even though midnight queues were not allowed at this particular Switch location.

Switch employees handed out claim tickets to those at the front of the line, but as the doors …

Nintendo Switch launched one year ago. Your save data is still at risk.


Nintendo Switch launched on March 3, 2017. Today, exactly one year later, you’re still at risk of losing all your save data in the event of a hardware failure.

We’ve talked about this beforeMore than once. It’s an ongoing problem. The Switch is a great gaming machine, but this omnipresent dark cloud that still hovers over it is baffling.

Can you name another game-playing device released in the past 25 years that didn’t offer some way to protect your data? Proprietary memory cards, game cartridges with built-in storage of their own, flash drives, SD cards, cloud storage — different machines do it in different ways, but the feature itself is a given. An expectation. Read more…

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Forget the S9 launch, Apple wants you to switch from Android

In a slew of suspiciously well-timed ads, Apple takes to the airwaves with a couple of videos that explain how easy it is to switch from Android to iOS, and why you would be better off for it. The first of the videos explains how the transfer is done, then the next puts the emphasis on the iOS updates speed and security.

The other two extol the virtues of Apple’s support ecosystem, and its commitment to be environmentally-friendly. In any case, all four vids take you to Apple’s Switch section of its website, which explains to you step-by-step how not …

Verizon to make changes to its prepaid plans starting February 20th; switch and get a $50 credit

Starting next Tuesday, February 20th, Verizon will be making some changes to its prepaid plans. For those who need just enough data to stream a little music and check their emails, a new entry level plan is being added. Priced at $30 a month, you can have unlimited talk and text plus 500MB of data. The rest of the line up includes unlimited talk and text plus 3GB of data for $40, 7GB of data for $50 and 10GB of data for $60. With on-time payments, you can carryover unused data for one month. Add additional data using the My Verizon app.

Big Red is also improving its Prepaid Unlimited service. …

Switch to MetroPCS and get 4 lines of unlimited LTE data for $100

MetroPCS, a T-Mobile prepaid brand since 2013, has a tempting offer for anyone willing to ditch a competing US carrier in 2018. If you switch to MetroPCS and port-in your number, you can get four lines of unlimited monthly LTE data, talk, and text for $100 – that’s just $25 per line. You can even add a 5th line at just $25 per month, but not a 6th one. There’s a downside to all this, as tethering (aka sharing your internet connection) is not available. Even so, we’d say this is a nice deal for families.  
If you don’t need four lines of service, MetroPCS …

Cricket Wireless offers free Alcatel and LG smartphones to those who switch

Cricket Wireless is kicking off the new year with a promotional offer aimed at switchers. It’s not the first time the US carrier offers free smartphones to those who switch, but you can now choose between two budget-friendly handsets made by Alcatel and LG, respectively.

In fact, you can even have both the Alcatel Verso and LG Fortune if you decide to add two lines of unlimited data for $80 per month. We’ve already talked about the Alcatel Verso, a smartphone that Cricket started to sell for $30 not long ago, so let’s see what the LG Fortune has to offer.

Well, the LG Fortune (also …

Is your iPhone X pulling your hair? Users complain about hair stuck in the bezel gap and mute switch

File this in the unforeseen consequences of having a bezel-less phone with steel frames, but Apple’s new iPhone X may be pulling people’s hair, beards, and so on, as multiple complaints on Apple’s discussion forums and random social media vents are reporting. 

The hairs seem to get stuck either in the mute switch, or in the small gap between the bezel and the display. Some units are apparently being replaced by Apple, while many others are solving the annoyance by putting a case on it, though the mute switch still remains in play sometimes. 
We’ve …

New OnePlus Switch app allows users to migrate data to a new OnePlus smartphone

OnePlus continues make some of its apps available separate downloads in order to be able to update them faster and more often. After launching several of its own apps in the Google Play Store, the company announced a new way to easier transfer all your data from a device to a new OnePlus smartphone.

The new OnePlus Switch application is compatible with just about any smartphone that runs Android 5.0 or higher and allows users to migrate all of their data including contacts, messages, and photos stored on the previous device to a new OnePlus smartphone.

For …

Android or iPhone? What do you have and would you like to switch?

Android phones vs iPhone — it’s an eternal battle, probably a central point for the plot of Diablo IV. For many, the choice of a device speaks of personal values, willingness to research the best product, amount of disposable income, and even fashion sense. For others, it’s just personal taste.

There’s nothing wrong with liking brand “x” over brand “y”, especially if you’ve had a chance to try both. Plenty of people even often jump between different types of devices, as they find themselves disagreeing with the direction that their current favorite company is taking their favorite product. …