Qualcomm confirms all smartphones supporting Quick Charge 4.0 technology

Each top-tier mobile chipset launched by Qualcomm comes with Quick Charge. The technology has evolved throughout the years, so the latest smartphones equipped with Qualcomm’s newest chipsets should support Quick Charge 4.0/4.0+.

To make it easier for consumers who want the latest quick charge technology in their smartphones, Qualcomm published the list of all devices compatible with Quick Charge 4.0/4.0+. In case you’re expecting the list to contain at least several devices, you’ll be completely disappointed.

There’s only one device that Qualcomm confirmed it’s fully compatible with …

Poll results: HomePod gets little love, but supporting Spotify might fix that

The Apple HomePod is out and reviewers and early adopters are all enjoying its spatially-calibrated audio. It’s an impressive piece of hardware for sure, but it suffers from a couple of limitations. It’s no surprise that Apple released a product that is locked to its ecosystem — HomePod can only stream music from Apple Music. But the point is driven further by the fact that there’s no aux jack and you can’t connect to it via Bluetooth. You only get to send audio to it via Apple’s AirPlay.

With its omnidirectional audio and deep bass, the HomePod is great on sound, but the fact that it is …

New Motorola Moto Mods (including a camera supporting interchangeable lenses) are reportedly coming soon

Motorola Mobility is seemingly getting ready to release
several new Moto Mods for its Moto Z smartphones. The most interesting – and
possibly the most expensive – among them should be a camera Mod with support
for interchangeable lenses (made by the likes of Canon, Nikon, and Sony). Such
a Moto Mod could transform a Moto Z smartphone into a serious alternative to DSLR and
mirrorless cameras, although it remains to be seen how well this can perform.   


A second new Moto Mod should be an upgraded projector
(offering 35% more brightness and a larger battery compared to the current …

Gameloft calls it quits on Windows Phone, stops supporting high-profile games

French developer and publisher has just announced that it has decided to drop support for some of its high-profile Windows Phone games. The decision isn’t surprising considering Microsoft’s recent statements related to the mobile platform.

If you happen to still own a Windows Phone handset, then you should know that Gameloft will be discontinuing development for Dungeon Hunter 5 for Windows Phone, as well as Sniper Fury and Modern Combat 5.

These games and probably others will not be getting any new updates going forward. However, Gameloft is giving players …

Samsung Galaxy S8 units updated to Android 8.0 beta are now supporting updated Samsung Pay

Samsung’s Oreo beta program for the Galaxy S8/S8+ is designed to allow owners of Sammy’s latest flagship models, to test the newest version of the Android open source operating system. The one new feature that Android users are looking forward to is the picture-in-picture capability that will allow the device owner to move an active video all around the screen. In addition, such a video can also be changed from portrait mode to landscape, and back again.

To allow Galaxy S8/S8+ users to do an exhaustive test of Android 8.0 on their phone, Samsung is updating the Samsung Pay app so that it …

WhatsApp will continue supporting Android Gingerbread all the way up until 2020

According to the latest official numbers, Android versions bearing the Gingerbread name account for just 0.8 percent of total Android usage. This sure isn’t much when looked at through the lens of the overall smartphone market, but it still accounts for tens of thousands of devices. And as it turns out, Facebook is one of the few companies out there still willing to acknowledge that fact – and take appropriate actions with its services.

That is to say, the company has just released the latest revision of its platform support plans for WhatsApp, outlining exactly when legacy …

Several big name apps appear to be no longer supporting the Apple Watch

What is going on with some big name apps that no longer can be found on the Apple Watch? The latest update to Google Maps for iOS ended the app’s support for the timepiece, although to be honest, this was not listed in the changelist. In addition, the eBay app and the Amazon app are both no longer available for Apple’s smartwatch. It is not as though these apps had no functionality. Google Maps was certainly useful to those with Apple Watch as the app allowed users to navigate from one place to another. And the eBay app allowed Apple Watch wearers to check the status of their bids on certain auctions.

If …

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ not yet supporting Google Daydream

The Daydream VR headset is compatible with quite a few high-end smartphones, but Google is adding more devices on the supported listed pretty often. Unfortunately, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8+ are not Daydream-ready.

The Google Daydream application in the Play Store can’t be installed on the Samsung Galaxy S8. If you try to install it anyway, you’ll be met with an error that says the app is not compatible with Samsung’s flagship.

Even though the Galaxy S8 meets all the requirements necessary to support Google Daydream VR fully, a compatible app hasn’t bee released in the Play …

BCP-340 Supporting BlackBerry 10 Devices and a BlackBerry Device Service in an Enterprise Environment

The candidate having a three months of experience in supporting BlackBerry 10 Devices and with this the candidate also have general working knowledge of BlackBerry devices and its functions and in addition to these he has knowledge of the process to access and use the BlackBerry Technical Solutions Center (BTSC) then he should validate his BlackBerry knowledge with the BlackBerry Certification Program, in order to build his expert reputation by taking this exam BCP-340, Supporting BlackBerry 10 Devices and a BlackBerry Device Service in an Enterprise Environment.

For this BCP-340 Supporting BlackBerry 10 Devices and a BlackBerry Device Service in an Enterprise Environment exam the areas or the topics that are to be studied by the candidates for this exam are mentioned below along with the percentages which tell about how much that specific area covers in exam. There are about five areas that are to be covered which consist of the following.
Administration that covers about thirty percent of the exam as so does Troubleshooting that means both cover a total of sixty percent that is thirty each. Architecture and Data Flow covers about twenty five percent whereas Security covers thirteen percent and Reference information covers only two percent of this exam.

The exam for BCP-340, Supporting BlackBerry 10 Devices and a BlackBerry Device Service in an Enterprise Environment is that of CBT: Linear Fixed Forms – Live version. The pass or fail status for the exam or its result is that of Single cut point, which is notified immediately upon completion. Test scoring is Computer scored and the score report is provided after the marking of the exam. The exam is conducted in English the company is have plans for future translation. The number of items in this exam is seventy and the item type or the formats of these items are that of multiple choices – single and multiple answers and the time allotted to complete this exam is ninety minutes. The candidates will be provided with a list of acronyms and a glossary during the exam. There are no prerequisites for this exam.

If some individuals are interested in other courses that are related to this BCP-340, Supporting BlackBerry 10 Devices and a BlackBerry Device Service in an Enterprise Environment exam than they should also go through Troubleshooting the BlackBerry Device Service v.6.2 2-day Instructor-led Training.

There are several resources available for the candidates for the preparation of exam which will make the preparation a little easier for them it includes training which is usually helpful for the exam the BlackBerry Training that will be available to the candidates to help them get through the exam include Instructor-led training and web-based training, next comes self study guides which includes all those study material that comes with the exam guidance and numerous question and answer which will aid greatly in the preparation BlackBerry Coach also comes under self study guides along with these pre-exam assessments are also of great help for the examination.

To register for the exam on should visit http://www.register.prometric.com/Menu.asp?cookie%5Ftest=1

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