Fitbit confirms its smartwatch will arrive later this year, but LTE support is no go

After acquiring Pebble and Vector, two prominent companies specialized in smartwatches, Fitbit announced earlier this year that it would launch its own smartwatch. Fast forward a few months and reports emerged that the Fitbit smartwatch might have been delayed until fall, even though Fitbit’s officials didn’t offer an exact release date in the first place.

Today, Fitbit CEO James Park told Financial Times in an interview that the company’s smartwatch hasn’t been delayed and that it will be launched later this year. According to him, the Fitbit smartwatch will focus …

LG V30 and Galaxy Note 8 could offer better signal reception, thanks to possible low-frequency support

Earlier this year, T-Mobile quadrupled its low-frequency spectrum by acquiring a large portion of the 600MHz spectrum in the US. By the end of the year, the carrier is expected to have upwards of 1 million square miles of coverage in the 600MHz range.

Lower frequency signals, such as the 600MHz one, travel farther and ‘deeper’ than, say, higher frequencies, such as the 2.5GHz band that Sprint widely utilizes. Higher frequency signals are usually the reason to experience connection issues inside of buildings and complete absence of signal when you are in the subway, for example. The 600MHz …

5 phone makers that said they'll love you forever, but ran off with the child support

Making smartphones is a tough and often unprofitable business for anyone but the top three – Apple, Samsung and Huawei. After they saw Apple’s exorbitant profits from the iPhone, many a company have tried and failed to reinvent the cell phone wheel, entering the market with the enthusiasm of a startup, then burning through a pile of cash while trying to challenge the status quo, and in the end throwing in the towel. 

Just in the past few weeks, we’ve had a few of those declaring they are no longer able to fight the good fight, and are folding the lawn chairs. What happens …

Chinese version of Nokia 6 (TA-1000) gets official support for Google services

Nokia 6 made its debut on the market back in January, but the phone remains China-exclusive. Starting this month, Nokia 6 will be available for purchase in the United States, while Europeans are expected to get it later.

However, the Chinese variant of the Nokia 6 does not come with support for Google services, whereas the international model has them installed by default. Well, it appears that HMD Global was concerned about the issue and decided to allow Nokia 6 owners in China choose whether or not they want to install any of Google’s apps on their phones.

The …

Telegram 4.1 released with Android Pay support for bots, new admin tools

The team behind Telegram is not worried about politics and continue to focus all its resources on making their messaging app as appealing as possible. The latest version of Telegram includes new features and improvements for admins and regular users alike.

The highlights of Telegram 4.1 are the new admin tools like the option to partially ban members from a supergroup, as well as the “Recent Actions” section that prevents confusion between multiple admins working with one group.

On iOS, Telegram 4.1 adds an improved sharing extension, which allows users to …

SwiftKey gains GIF support, new keyboard shortcuts, more languages in newest update

After testing a couple of new features through its beta channel, SwiftKey announced a new update is available for Android users of its keyboard app. Aside from the usual list of new languages supported by SwiftKey, the developers confirmed the addition of new functionalities.

First off, SwitfKey for Android now supports GIFs, but only in categories. All GIFs can be accessed from the emoji panel in case you plan on using any. Then, there are new keyboard shortcuts for Bluetooth and hard keyboards.

The new update adds support for Tamlish and Tamil transliteration. Also, transliteration …

OmniVision announces new 16MP camera sensor with PDAF and zHDR support

OmniVision has just announced its new 1.12-micron camera sensor featuring PureCel Plus-S pixel architecture. Carrying model number OV16B10, the new sensor feature extremely high-sensitivity imaging and phase-detection autofocus (PDAF), and is aimed at smartphones with either single- or dual-camera setups.

According to OmniVision, the 16-megapixel OV16B10 sensor is designed for flagship smartphones. The sensor has a built-in feature that syncs the frames and supports context switching when it’s used in dual-camera setups, supporting image fusion.

Aside from …

Android Pay adds support for 60 more banks in U.S.

While Google continues to expand Android Pay’s availability to additional countries, the mobile payments service is gaining support for more and more banks and merchants in the United States.

The latest update coming from Google confirms Android Pay is now available for 60 more banks in U.S. This could easily be one of the largest updates to the payments service since its launch.

The list of supported banks contains names like Alabama Credit Union, Bank of Sullivan, Bulls Eye Credit Union, Byline Bank, Cabrillo Credit Union, Charter Oak FCU, Columbia Bank, …

BLU R1 HD update brings T-Mobile VoLTE and Band 12 support for non-Prime customers

BLU released a maintenance update for the R1 HD back in November, which would enable support for T-Mobile VoLTE and Band 12. However, the update was only available to Amazon Prime exclusive version of the smartphone.

Today, more than seven months after the initial release, BLU allows customers who purchased the standard R1 HD model to download and install the update.

The official changelog mentions the update adds the VoLTE client for T-Mobile and Band 12 support, as well as the Android Security Updates. Unfortunately, it’s unclear what security patch the …