Qualcomm and Broadcom are the latest Apple suppliers to spell earnings gloom

Buried inside the latest earnings reports of Qualcomm, Broadcom, and other big Apple suppliers, lies yet another tangential evidence that Apple’s Q1 forecast may be lower than analysts initially expected. Qualcomm, which is in a patent feud with Apple over breaking the exclusivity agreement for wireless modem supplies prematurely, mentioned in its earnings report that sales for a big “thin modem” client will be worse than usual, even counting seasonality factors for the January-March period.

That big modem customer is more than likely Apple, as the iPhones for Verizon and Sprint …

Report says slow Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus sales will lead to as much as a 30% cut in orders to suppliers

While some analysts are telling clients that the 2017 iPhone models are selling well, supply chain sources have another story to tell. These guys are in the trenches and might have a closer view at what is really going on compared to an analyst sitting in a tall skyscraper on Wall Street. According to these supply chain sources, component suppliers could find Q1 2018 orders from Apple sliced by 15% to 30% compared to a typical first quarter.

Some argue that the lower orders to the supply chain is due to seasonal factors, such as the Lunar New Year holiday, which will drop factory utilization …

Bloomberg: Several tech firms looking at producing AR glasses met with suppliers at CES 2018

Even though Google Glass struck out as a major consumer product, many analysts and tech company executives believe that AR glasses will be the next hot device to capture the public’s attention. Some even believe that the connected headset will become bigger than the smartphone, a pronouncement that seems hard to imagine right now. But as major tech companies begin to map out their future plans for AR glasses, several met with suppliers at CES in Las Vegas this past week according to Bloomberg.

The report says that Apple, Facebook and Google met with representatives of companies that build …

The X is a Frankenphone, see how Apple makes or breaks the fortunes of its suppliers

Spanning from Saudi Arabia to Taiwan, Apple’s suppliers have been riding on the iPhone success or going through hard times in the past decade, depending on whether they are anointed with the kiss on the forehead called an iPhone component order. Nikkei just came out with an analysis of what the iPhone’s 10th anniversary means for the Asian technology companies, and has made several infographics that showcase what a Frankenstein monster the iPhone X is, for example, created by tens of different suppliers’ parts.The whole supply chain has been reshuffled and re-created

Apple …

Apple iPhone X suppliers report weak November shipments, and expect this month to be worse

November was apparently a rough month for companies that supply Apple with components for the iPhone X. On a sequential basis (month over month), camera lens manufacturer Largan Precision saw its revenue rise only 0.05%. The company expects to see revenues decline in December. This is a pattern that other iPhone X suppliers are running into. Chassis and casing supplier Catcher saw its November revenue decline 10.4%. The company that provides touch panels, General Interface Solutions, struggled through a month-over-month 15.53% revenue drop in November.

The main problem is that Apple’s component …

Issues popping up for Apple iPhone X 3D sensor suppliers; low yields could affect production numbers

With Apple slated to deliver the tenth anniversary iPhone X model on November 3rd, a new report published in Japan today says that production issues have cropped up in relation to the production of parts for Face ID. The new feature, which is found only on the iPhone X, uses the user’s face to quickly unlock the phone and verify the identity of the user. According to the Nikkei Asian Review, suppliers of the 3D sensors used in Face ID are having problems achieving a decent yield rate.

Two executives who work for companies that supply parts for the iPhone say that it is unknown whether Apple …

The iPhone 8’s rear design 'not finalized', tip suppliers, release may slip to November

We are still awaiting Apple’s final decision before shipping partsIt seems that Apple is again running into issues with the rumored in-display finger scanner for the iPhone 8, which may explain why we are seeing cases and dummies both with and without a rear Touch ID sensor. Reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said recently that its announcement is likely to be concurrent with the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus in September, and Apple’s generous Q3 forecast also folds in a September release, but when it comes to the eventual finger scanner placement, holdouts remain.

An insider …

Apple iPhone 8 suppliers are reportedly ramping up production early

A new report published today says that circuit board manufacturers will start to work on components for the Apple iPhone 8 as soon as next month. That would be a month earlier than most analysts expected. Taipei’s Economic Daily News names Kinsus Interconnect and Zhen Ding as two companies that will be starting work in June on their contributions to the tenth anniversary edition of the iPhone.

TSMC, the company behind the production of the A11 chipset that will drive the Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 7s and Apple iPhone 7s Plus will start mass production of the new chips in July. Even with …

The iPhone 8 release date may be pushed to November, as suppliers struggle with new components

When Apple chooses a component supplier, it’s not only since they can ensure production in mass quantities on a giant scale, but also because the parts can be churned out with a consistently high quality, ready to be put in a new iPhone. That’s not a small feat to achieve even for companies the rank of Foxconn, and, this year, there will be a never-before-attempted shot at iPhone greatness with an alleged OLED iPhone 8 in the wings.

Nikkei’s Asian Review is reporting that suppliers are scrambling to fit a variety of parts in the desired production schedule, and these range from …

HTC Unlocking Codes by Official Providers or Private Suppliers

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HTC Network provider

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