4K 60 FPS recording or Super slow motion? Which of these camera features is more important to you?

With smartphones getting pretty even in power and screen quality nowadays, everyone is looking for ways to make their product stand out. We have the good old custom user interfaces doing a complete Android reskin, we’ve also got the ones that rock a pure Android experience and touting it as an advantage. Some are going well out of their way to add AI features where their usefulness is often questioned, and others will look into incorporating a ton of ways to securely lock your phone.

But the good old camera race is still ongoing. Nowadays, since everyone makes cameras that are more or less …

Get Super Mario Run for half price starting on Mario Day (March 10th)

Did you know that Mario Day is coming? The little Italian plumber who actually debuted with the launch of the Donkey Kong arcade game in July 1981, has now become an iconic video game character. And every March 10th, we celebrate his existence. Why March 10th? Because the date can be written as MAR10 which sort of spells out his name. And starting on Mario Day, mobile game players can take 50% off the price of the Super Mario Run app.

To refresh your memory, the app is free to download on your iOS or Android handsets. But the portion of the game that comes with no cost will most likely not …

The Galaxy S9's Super Slow Motion is fun to toy with (video)

Despite all the arguments that Sony was first with the pimped up slow-mo idea in the Xperia XZ Premium, introducing a 1000fps sensor that packaged its own memory, and was able to store the vast amount of info needed to display Super Slow Motion snippets, it’s still fun to play with this thing on Samsung’s newest Galaxy S9 and S9+. 
Granted, the Xperia XZ2 and Compact do 960fps@1080p now, while the Galaxies do it at 720p, but the effect is still marvelous, and , let’s face it, more S9 and S9+ phones will land in the hands of consumers than the …

Samsung unveils the new 12MP sensor that lets Galaxy S9 do its Super Slow Motion magic

Samsung has a brand new camera sensor in the Galaxy S9 and S9+, and it just detailed all of its specs, putting to rest all speculation how does it do the Super Slow Motion capture that allows its new flagships to record 720p clips with 960fps.

Basically, the new 12MP Samsung ISOCELL Fast 2L3, which is already in mass production (duh), has its own stack of fast DDR4 memory attached under the typical analog logic layer that processes the electric signal coming from the pixel array layer above it, into digital code. The 3-stack setup is needed …

The S9+ price and features leak again: Super Slow Motion, Super Low Light, and an iPhone X tag

Hot on the heels of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ pricing leak from Evan Blass comes another revelation that Samsung will go all in with the tags of its upcoming flagships, this time coming from Spain. 

The promo leaflet from a local bank insider shows final pricing of 849 EUR and 1000 EUR, but does warn that the information is based on what is already leaked in the press, so it isn’t clear if they mean the specs, or the phones’ pricing. The amounts jibe in with the 841 EUR and 997 EUR tags that Mr Blass posted, though, so it’s probably the 900fps Super Slow Motion and f/1.5 aprture …

Cat has a brand new rugged phone with lasers and other super powers, and it costs $1,000

With a brutal, rugged and unmistakeable look, the new Cat S61 rugged phone means serious business and might just be the perfect phone for adventurers and blue-collar workers.

From the first sight you know that this phone is tough: it is constructed with an aluminum-reinforced frame and meets military-grade standards such as Spec 810G rating. And it’s also IP68 dust and water resistant, and can survive 1.8-meter drops on concrete.

It will survive a drop test and has some truly unique superpowers

But this phone not just about its super-tough …

80-year-old man's reaction to using a mobile phone for the first time is super adorable


There is something particularly sweet about watching an elderly person mastering a piece of technology for the first time.

It’s happened before, and it’ll hopefully happen many, many more times to come.

Today’s video comes courtesy of a man from Phoenix, Arizona, who shared footage of an adorable 80-year-old man practicing a phone call on his new mobile phone.

teaching my boy how to use his new phone, look at his reaction when the call went thru 😹😹😹😹 pic.twitter.com/ImwOldWOGg

— chapis. (@chapisssss_) February 13, 2018

What an awesome dude. Read more…

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Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint, who did Super Bowl best?

Congrats to the Eagles on a stunning victory. And congrats to @TMobile’s network team who kept us at #1 speed at the stadium all #SuperBowl long! pic.twitter.com/iBkJNpZ9gY— Neville (@NevilleRay) 5 февруари 2018 г. 

T-Mobile is at it again, dissing rival carriers’ speeds that could be achieved by the Super Bowl attendants on Sunday. It posted the above chart, courtesy of Ookla’s Speedtest, which shows it clearly ahead in the game, so to speak. 

Verizon, however, boasted in its turn that 57% of the attending have been its subscribers, and in and around …

David Harbour is as smooth as butter in this hilarious Super Bowl ad for Tide


What with that whole weird pod-eating trend that’s been skyrocketing among teenagers lately, it’s been something of a tricky year so far for Tide.

They needed a good, solid Super Bowl ad to really give them that laundry-fresh start.

Well, with David Harbour in the driving seat, they seem to have chosen wisely. 

In the advert above, Harbour and his silky smooth voice breeze through a bunch of stock scenes while poking fun at various commercial stereotypes.

It’s that slow motion shot of him bouncing on a mattress with white roses that really makes it, though. Read more…

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Give Pink some love: She's trying to sing at the Super Bowl with the flu


This year’s flu season keeps getting worse. Its latest target is none other than Pink, who’s supposed to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

In a distressed Instagram post, the singer wrote that “one of the biggest honors of my life” is now “slowly becoming a sort of nightmare.” Presumably a snot-filled, exhausting nightmare.

She asked fans to spread the love and hold the germs in an Instagram post featuring a photo of the singer, bleary-eyed and wrapped in a scarf, trying to practice before the big game. 

“Trying to practice the flu away,” she wrote — and we’re not doctors, but we’re pretty sure that’s not how it works, unfortunately. Read more…

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