Wall Street analyst says iPhone X sales are below expectations

Karl Ackerman is an analyst with the Wall Street securities house of Cowen & Co. Ackerman has penned a note to clients that says initial demand for the Apple iPhone X “has been below initial expectations as users appear to have gravitated toward the previous iPhone models.” The analyst adds that all three 2017 iPhone models, which include the Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 8 Plus and Apple iPhone X are selling at a decent clip, but sales are not strong enough to say that Apple is in the midst of a supercycle.

Ackerman estimates that in the current three month period that ends this month, …

Sesame Street parodies 'Stranger Things' with a delightful Demogorgon spoof


You may know The Upside Down inside and out, but what about the Snackside Down? 

Oh yes, we’re talking about the Netflix hit show Stranger Things parodied by our friends over at Sesame Street. (Warning: If you haven’t finished the season and/or don’t want to see any spoilers, steer clear of the 6-minute video above.)

Here’s a spoiler-free summary: In Sharing Things, Cookie Monster plays the Cookiegorgon, and he’s on the hunt for some treats on Halloween night. The whole crew is there with Grover playing Lucas and Ernie playing Dustin.

This isn’t the first time Sesame Street has reimagined a popular franchise. There was The Walking Gingerbread, a play on The Walking Dead, and Star S’Mores, bouncing off Star Wars. And let’s not forget Furry Potter and The Goblet of Cookies. Read more…

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Qualcomm turns down Broadcom's takeover bid; this could be the start of an epic Wall Street battle

As expected, Qualcomm this morning said no to the largest tech takeover bid in history. Fellow chipmaker Broadcom had offered $60 in cash and $10 in stock for each Qualcomm share, a transaction valued at $105 billion. Qualcomm told stockholders to reject the tender offer, stating that it amounts to Broadcom trying to buy it on the cheap. Despite the rejection, there are still ways that Broadcom can execute an end around past its target’s board.

Broadcom is said to be considering a proxy contest, asking Qualcomm stockholders to vote on replacing the latter’s current board with a slate of …

Wall Street analysts predict when the Apple iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 will launch

There have been a number of rumors suggesting that the tenth anniversary iPhone model, dubbed the Apple iPhone 8, will arrive late. One report had the device launching late in the calendar fourth quarter as Apple tries to decide whether it can place Touch ID under the front screen, or put a button on the back of the handset. As it turns out, a facial recognition system using 3D-scanning seems the most likely answer to keeping the model free from buttons on the front of the device.

After reporting its fiscal third quarter earnings report yesterday, Apple released some estimates about its …

Major US city bans smartphone use by pedestrians while crossing the street

Using the smartphone while driving is already banned in many countries across the globe, but there aren’t many places where pedestrians can’t use their handsets while walking. It appears that Honolulu, the largest city in Hawaii, will be among the first to impose a ban on the use of phones at crossroads.

Honolulu’s Mayor Kirk Caldwell signed a bill that is meant to prevent “smartphone zombies” from injuring themselves while trying to cross the street, Reuters reports.

The new legislation was passed recently and will take effect starting October 25. Pedestrians …

Google Street View now lets users take a trip into space aboard the ISS

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Earth from space? Not many people can make such a dream come true, which is why Google is lending a helping hand to those with near impossible dreams.

Starting today, Google Street View lets you explore the ISS (International Space Station) and have a peek at the Earth from the outer space. You’ll be able to “float” through all the modules that form up ISS while receiving detailed information about what you see directly from Google.

The imagery you see via Street View was gathered by astronauts when one of Space X’s …

Asphalt Street Storm Racing is Gameloft's newest car racing mobile game

Gameloft is back with yet another car racing game in the Asphalt franchise, which strongly resembles the CSR series that contains some of the best-selling drag racing games.

As the title says, the game is called Asphalt Street Storm Racing and brings players into the world of drag racing. Choose your favorite supercar and drag race across the world’s top cities. Players can collect, customize and race power autos ranging from classic cars to new turbo supercars.

Aside from single player races, Gameloft’s game offers the option to take on other people …

Google Maps updated with Street View thumbnails for directions

Although it may appear as a work in progress judging by the almost unlimited numbers of updates it gets each year, Google Maps is arguably the best navigation app for mobile devices. Without making any official announcements on the matter, Google is rolling out a couple of new features for the Maps app.

The most important (and visible) is the addition of thumbnails for directions, so Google Maps users will now be able to see images of the places they are routed through.

You can see these Street View images next to each turn whenever you’re following a path. Clicking on the images …

Google announces Street View program with 20 new 360-degree cameras coming in 2017

Google has just announced a new Street View-ready certification program, which will be integrated with 20 new 360-degree cameras coming to market throughout 2017. All the cameras that will be released in the coming months will meet one of four new “Street View ready” standards, Google confirmed.

The new certification program will allow Android and iOS users to publish Street View directly from a mobile application via 360 cameras, without having to use a desktop workflow.

But the new program has three other tiers with functionality in other fields like VR, …

Watch a man build his own iPhone 6s from spare parts bought on the street

You can buy pretty much everything in China, provided you know exactly where to look – and youtuber Scotty Allen wanted to prove that. So he decided to go on a quest to build his own iPhone 6s entirely from spare parts bought from Chinese street vendors.  The end result was – spoiler alert – a like-new device at a cost of about $300, so you might say that the journey was… a 6s.*
Clocking at almost 24 minutes, the video starts entering documentary territory, but is nonetheless a fascinating look into the country’s blooming business …