Redesigned ESPN app is coming next Spring to stream live games, real time scores and more

Dah dah dah. Dah dah dah. That, ladies and Gentlemen, is the iconic ESPN Sportscenter theme. If you’re a die hard sports fan, you can hear it playing in your mind. Dah dah dah. Dah dah dah. ESPN even uses it with its app to alert users of a notification. Now, ESPN and its parent company Disney are planning on adding a streaming service next year called ESPN + that will be available from a redesigned ESPN app. Disney CEO Bob Iger says, “This one app (will offer) sports fans far more than they can get on any other app, website or channel.”

The streaming service will allow users to catch the …

T-Mobile: Astros fans love social media while Dodger fans like to stream video

The 2017 World Series has gone back and forth, a pitcher’s duel one game, a slugfest the next. And the Houston Astros, who just a few short years ago lost more than 100 games for three consecutive seasons, are one win away from their first title. But that isn’t the important thing. What is important is how the fans in each of the two cities used T-Mobile data on their phones while sitting in the stands during the games.

L.A. fans, perhaps due to the city’s close proximity to movie and television studios, used Netflix 250% more in Dodger Stadium during games 1 and 2, than Astros fans did …

For an extra $10 a month, Verizon will allow unlimited plan subscribers to stream video at 4K

When Verizon introduced its Unlimited plan back in February, it originally offered streaming video at 720p. But back in August, Verizon split its unlimited plan into three parts. The lower priced tier called Go Unlimited is priced at $75 a month for one line, and video is streamed at 480p (DVD quality) on smartphones. On tablets, video can be viewed at 720p. For $85 a month for one line, the Beyond Unlimited plan streams video at 720p HD on handsets and 1080p FHD on tablets.

If you want full resolution for your streaming videos on Verizon, pay an extra $10 a month to the nation’s largest …

YouTube Live now allows users to stream more easily from iPhone and iPad

Google announced its YouTube Live service has been updated with new features and improvements meant to further enhance user experience. Since most of the new features announced today are already available on Android, iOS users have the most to gain.

With the latest update, content creators will be able to interact much easier with their fans during live streams, thanks to a new ultra low-latency option. The new feature makes it possible to stream video with just a couple of second of latency, thus allowing you to answer fan questions.

Furthermore, thanks to the Apple ReplayKit, …

Rumor: Apple and Comcast in talks to stream first run movies to paying subscribers

The latest rumor circulating near the popcorn stand at your local theater (where a box of Jujubes and a Coke will cost you $50) is that Apple and Comcast are teaming up to offer a service that would allow both firms to stream first run movies to customers. And by first run, we mean that these are films that are still playing in theaters. Apple and Comcast are said to be in talks with major Hollywood studios about this plan.

According to the speculation, movies that would qualify for first run streaming would be those that have already been in theaters for two weeks. And while this might …

Those with a cochlear implant can now hear audio stream directly from an iOS device

Hearing impaired mobile device users now can hear audio directly from the Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch thanks to a new Sound Processor that will soon be offered by Cochlear Ltd. The Nucleus 7, available in the U.S. this September, will be able to stream the audio from an iOS device directly to the microchips in the company’s hearing implants without requiring another device to act as an intermediary. Currently, those with a cochlear implant have to use a Bluetooth device with the sound processor and the phone in order to allow the audio to run through the implants.

While the Bluetooth …

ESPN and Samsung team up for a VR stream of extreme sports

ESPN is among the biggest sports networks in the world, and it’s always striving to push the boundaries of media and deliver a little extra to gain the edge over its competition. This time, the sports network has decided to stream the X Games – an extreme sports competition – in VR.

This is hardly the first time sports events get official VR streams. Both the NBA and the NCAA have already streamed some of its games in VR, and the PGA Tour made a single hole of The Players Championship available to watch in virtual reality.

Similar to other sports events before …

You'll soon be able to stream The Flinstones, Loony Toons, and more for $5/month with Boomerang

At this day in 2017, video streaming services are a dime a dozen. You’ve got Netflix and Hulu for all of your favorite movies and TV shows, HBO Now to catch up on 

Westworld, PlayStation Vue when you want to watch live television, and countless others. You might have thought that there couldn’t possibly be room for yet another competitor to enter the market, but you’d be wrong.
Boomerang, the Time Warner channel that shows classic cartoons on cable, satellite, and Internet TV, announced today that it is launching a streaming service by the same name. Just like …

AT&T launches Stream Saver, reducing HD video to Standard Definition to save on data

Back in November, we told you about AT&T’s Stream Saver feature. When activated, HD video (720p) is reduced to standard video (480p which provides DVD quality video). The idea is that AT&T customers with a data bucket can save some of the sweet stuff while viewing streaming videos. The feature is now automatically activated on AT&T and GoPhone handsets. To turn it off, you need to go to the AT&T website and click on “Manage my data usage page.” From there, you should see settings for Stream Saver.

If you disable the Stream Saver feature, you will need to wait 5-minutes. After …

Twitter will live stream the Golden Globes’ red carpet pre-show

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 12:  71st ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS -- Pictured: A general view of atmosphere at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 12, 2014 --  (Photo by Mark Davis/NBC/NBC via Getty Images) The Golden Globes’ red carpet is coming to Twitter. That’s right: not the award show itself, but rather the pre-show event where the celebs walk the red carpet and are interviewed by Hollywood press with questions about what they’re wearing, and who they want to win, among other things. Now, Twitter users will be able get in on that action, too. The new deal will also see… Read More

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