A battery in your smartwatch strap? LiBest makes it possible, launches Apple Watch battery strap!

So, one of smartwatches’ biggest weaknessess is battery life. With the exception of Samsung’s amazing 3-day battery life on the Gear S3 variants, wearables will usually last you about a day, if not less.

Many have toyed with the idea of having a battery inside the watches strap, but few have developed a product out of it. Well, meet LiBest — the company that made a full range flexible battery to be fitted in a watch strap.

The first product to come from LiBest is the LiFlex strap — a battery strap for the Apple Watch that can be charged wirelessly and, in turn, charges the Watch while …

Samsung Gear Sport now comes with a free Swarovski strap ($89 value)

For Valentine’s Day 2018, Samsung Mobile USA says it’s
taking $50 off its smartwatches and fitness bands – including latest models
like the Gear Sport and Gear Fit 2. However, all of Samsung’s wearables have
been available for $50 off since last year, so there are actually no new deals here.
What is new is the fact that, for a limited time, Samsung is offering a free Swarovski
strap with its Gear Sport smartwatch.   


The free Swarovski strap is a rose gold model (with a double
loop design and over 200 individual crystals) normally costing $89.99. Of
course, not everyone is into …

Samsung officially announces the Gear Fit 2 Pro with 5 ATM water resistance and improved strap design

Just last week, at least two local Samsung websites published the official product pages for one of the company’s latest wearables, the Gear Fit 2 Pro. And while we were sitting there wondering whether this was a weird but deliberate decision on Samsung’s part, all the info was pulled, proving it was actually just mistake.

But today at the Korean giant’s pre-IFA press conference, the Gear Fit 2 Pro was finally made official, this time for real. And just as we’ve already seen, it’s little more than an update on an already existing (but still quite good) …

Apple Watch patent application sticks a battery powered strap on a round body

Apple may have a solution for short battery life on the Apple Watch. Put the battery in the band.


An Apple patent application dated today illustrates a battery on the strap of a wearable device, presumably the Apple Watch. The proposed patent also shows that watch’s circular face, which is a different shape than the Apple Watch’s usual rectangular display.

Battery life has been a struggle for the Apple Watch, which is a top contender in the wearables market and broke the product’s sales records during the 2016 holiday shopping season. Apple says the watch has an 18-hour battery life, but that still means you’ll have to charge it every night if you don’t want a dead watch the next day. Extending battery life could help the watch compete against rivals with more stamina.

It isn’t clear if including the battery in the band would add significant bulk to the watch’s strap. It also isn’t clear how many batteries the watch would have and if the battery would be embedded into the band itself.

As for that round face, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Apple want to patent a watch design with a circular display. Other smartwatches, like the Samsung Gear S2 and the Huawei Watch, are made with circular displays, so if Apple ever gives the Apple Watch a round face-lift, it would join rivals in looking more like a traditional wristwatch.

Although the patent was published today, it was filed in July 2015 (around the same time the other Apple Watch patent was filed). Apple has a track record for filing patents of all sorts (like one for this paper bag), and this application here is no guarantee that we’ll see the final product.

That being said, an Apple Watch or any smartwatch with better battery life is something I think we can all get behind.