The AI-edition LG V30s gets detailed: 256GB storage, 'LG Lens,' price and release

Well, well, well, it seems that Samsung’s Galaxy S9 won’t be the only one stealing the show at the MWC expo two weeks from now, as we initially thought. An LG V30s is in store, too, and today Korean media is abuzz with scoops on what upgrades will LG offer to us mere mortal users, to make its 2017 flagship fill the void until the G7 lands on shelves.

For starters, the name V30s should tip you that this is an upgraded version of the V30 that launched on US carriers back in September. What are the enhancements? How about 256 GB storage to begin with? That’s right, the V30 has 64 …

Running low on storage? The Google Play Store wants to help

Тhe rage-provoking “You’re running low on storage space” 

We’ve all been there – you are chilling at home, browsing through the Play Store and you see a cool game you’ve heard about. You want to play it so badly that you press the download button without checking if you’ve got any more precious storage. Then the unthinkable happens. You see the worst message one can see in such a moment: “Not enough space”. You clench teeth for a brief moment and proceed to freeing up storage manually.

Worry no more though, as Google has …

Do you use a microSD card to expand your storage?

MicroSD cards used to be a pretty common thing back in the day among Android users. While handsets used to come with a more… limited internal storage, you could always trust that there would be a slot to allow you to expand it.

Now, a lot of manufacturers are omitting the microSD card slot. Google insists on keeping it away from its own Pixel line and many of its partners has followed suit. Some major manufacturers still keep it — like Samsung and LG — but their phones also come with plenty of internal storage. That, combined with the contemporary cloud features — like Google Photos and …

Samsung’s special Note 8 edition with 256GB storage is twice the iPhone X price

Samsung has partnered with the “creative art brand” 99Avant to unleash no less than 99 special edition Galaxy Note 8 phones. What’s so special about the stylish and stylus-y phablets, you ask? Well, a new set of wallpapers and icon packs, as well as an artsy case thrown in, and it can all be yours for north of $1800, or the price of two gently used iPhone X handsets. 

We kid, as Samsung also sets these handsets apart from the rest of the Note 8 riff-raff across the street by equipping them with the generous 256 GB of storage, so that’s something …

Vernee Active is a rugged compact Android with '3-day battery' and 128 GB storage

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Looking for a rugged Android, but the Galaxy S8 Active is out of reach for at least two reasons? Check out Vernee’s new Active handset, which has learned to protect itself as a child on the mean streets, but has now grown to a 5.5″ adult with an octa-core chipset, 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage, plus a whopping 4200 mAh battery. Given the …

Samsung begins mass-production of 512GB embedded storage solution, could we see it on the Galaxy S9?

Samsung made a rather interesting announcement today. The Korean tech giant revealed that it’s now mass-producing a 512GB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) solution. A eUFS this big is a first for the industry, and Samsung says that it plans to use it on its next-gen smartphones and tablets. 
Jaesoo Han, executive VP of Memory Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics, has commented on the matter: 

The new Samsung 512GB eUFS provides the best embedded storage solution for next-generation premium smartphones …

Inactive apps will open up some storage on your device with Android 8.1

If your Android phone isn’t exactly overloaded with free storage space, there is some good news coming your way related to Android 8.1. Discovered by XDA Developers in the Android Open Source Project, a commit dated October 31st reveals a feature that comes into play once an Android handset is running low on space. After a certain period of time determined by the Android system, apps not used recently will be considered inactive.

An inactive app will not take up space on the Dalvik compiler’s cache, thus freeing up some space on your handset. You won’t have to do anything on your part to …

T-Mobile intros the LG V30+, 128 GB of storage space and premium headsets included

Previously sold only by Sprint and US Cellular, the LG V30+
(or V30 Plus) is now ready to be released on T-Mobile – which, of course, is
already offering the regular LG V30.


T-Mobile will officially launch the LG V30+ on November 17
– that’s also the day when the carrier starts selling the rugged Samsung Galaxy
S8 Active. According to T-Mobile, the V30+ will be available in limited
quantities, costing $850 outright, or $130 down and $30 per month over 24
months. This makes the new handset $50 more expensive than the regular V30.


There are only two differences between the LG …

Nokia 6 Arte Black (with extra RAM and 64 GB of storage space) is coming to the US

Back in March, HMD Global (the new company that’s in charge
of selling Nokia-branded phones) unveiled a special edition of the mid-range
Nokia 6. Called Nokia 6 Arte Black, this special handset is coming to the US – several
months after the regular version of the phone was released stateside.


The Nokia 6 Arte Black is now listed on Amazon, HMD’s
official retail partner for the US. Unfortunately, the handset is
currently out of stock, with no word on exactly when it’s going to be available
(though soon is probably a good guess). 


Amazon will sell the Nokia 6 Arte Black …

Couple that ordered storage bins from Amazon had to call the cops over what they found inside


For two Amazon customers in Florida, a simple purchase of four plastic storage bin turned into a mystery involving 65 pounds of marijuana. 

When the couple’s order arrived a few months ago, they were surprised it weighed so much, according to WFTV, an ABC affiliate in Orlando. But they were downright shocked upon opening the 27-gallon bins only to discover they contained pounds and pounds of weed. 

The woman who made the order spoke to WFTV anonymously because she and her fiancé still haven’t determined why they received the drugs and remain worried for their safety.  Read more…

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