In midst of stock nosedive, Snap CFO Vollero quits and will be replaced by Amazon finance veteran

To say that the last two weeks have been tumultuous for Snapchat parent Snap would be an understatement. On April 25th, there was talk about the company testing another redesign. The same day, Snapchat unveiled its Snappables AR games, and introduced its updated Spectacles the very next day. On May 1st, the company released its first quarter 2018 earnings and reported weaker than expected revenue and slower growth in the number of Daily Active Users. The stock plunged 15% to $12.13 a share following the dissemination of the report.

Today, with the stock down an additional 11.5% since the …

Warren Buffet announces plans to purchase more Apple stock

Warren Buffet has confirmed his plans to continue purchasing Apple stock. The successful investor recently purchased a huge 75 million Apple shares via his company Berkshire Hathaway. And now, shortly after Apple also announced a share buyback plan, Warren Buffet has confirmed his intention to purchase even more Apple stock.

Berkshire Hathaway currently owns over 240 million shares in Apple, which equates to roughly 5% of the iPhone giant and makes it the third-largest Apple stockholder. Despite this, however, any further increases in ownership will only happen if Apple’s shares go down …

Facebook does Tinder with new Dating profiles, crashes its stock

Right after he got roasted in a congressional hearing on privacy issues, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg got on stage yesterday and basically said that they peeped into profiles, found out that 200 million Facebook users are single, and decided that the embattled social network should play matchmaker. No, we aren’t talking about a dating app per se, but rather a feature within the current Facebook app called simply “Dating,” coming later this year to take on the Tinders and Bumbles of this world.

There are 200 million people on Facebook who list themselves …

Apple sells 52.2 million iPhone handsets in fiscal Q2, fails to beat estimates as stock still soars

Apple sold 52.2 million iPhone handsets during the January to March period, which failed to beat Wall Street’s estimate of 52.4 million. The figure was still higher than the 50.8 million units that Apple sold during last year’s fiscal second quarter. Apple CEO Tim Cook, mindful of the rumors about sluggish sales of the iPhone X, said customers “chose iPhone X more than any other iPhone each week in the March quarter.”

Despite Tim Cook’s claim about iPhone X sales, the company reported an Average Selling Price for the iPhone of $728 versus forecasts of $740. That would seem to indicate lower …

Apple iPhone support app will reserve the iPhone battery you need, and alert you when it's in stock

Ever since Apple disseminated its apology last month for slipping in software under iPhone owners’ noses, which was used to throttle the CPU speed of certain models, Apple Stores around the world have been mobbed. Here’s why. Apple said that it had to slowdown the processor on certain handsets since these units no longer had the battery strength to handle complex tasks, without the risk of shutting down the phone. Fixing that requires Apple to swap out the weaker battery for a brand new fresh one. To get back into good graces with its customers, Apple cut the price to replace the battery on select …

Android 8.1 factory images with January security patch now available for these stock Android models

Factory images are useful for those who don’t have any patience and won’t wait for an OTA update to hit their handset. It also helps those who are customizing their device get back to the latest Android build, just in case they screw up. New Android 8.1 factory images for three carrier specific stock Android devices are now available, and come three weeks after Google first disseminated the January 2018 security patch with an update. In addition to the factory images, these particular models will also receive the update OTA.

Let’s end the suspense. The following handsets now have an Android …

Samsung users: do you use Google Chrome or the stock Samsung Browser?

For a long, long time, most Android users have been used to taking a certain set of steps when setting up their brand-new device, no matter its brand. Among these steps is setting Google Chrome as a default browser for your phone and overriding whatever proprietary app the manufacturer tried to force upon them. Many phone makers have now given up on making their own Internet browsers, but Samsung is one that just doesn’t give up.

But here comes the plot twist — the Samsung Internet Browser has actually become good through the years. It’s fast, it supports extensions, …

Mate 10 and 10 Pro get slapped with stock Android Oreo, confirming their Treble cred

Huawei is finally primed to exit its pariah state in the US carrier market, as its CEO Richard Yu officially confirmed in an interview with ABC that the company will have the high-end Mate 10 line in carrier stores as soon as January, and at a “competitively priced” tag to boot. 
We are already salivating at the thought that Huawei may get creative with pricing of the Mate 10 or Mate 10 Pro in order to gain a foothold in the all-important carrier portfolios. After all, the Mate 10 Pro has the best battery life in its class, a camera set that …

Nokia 2 is now in stock at Amazon, you can buy one for just $99

Nokia 2, HMD’s cheapest Android smartphone went on sale in the United States last week, but only two retailers were able to offer it: B&H and Best Buy. Starting today, Amazon has the Nokia 2 available as well, and you can get one for the same price – $99.

For that amount, you’ll be getting a pretty decent smartphone that’s likely to run Android Oreo at some point, even though it ships with Android 7.1.1 Nougat at the moment.

Under the hood, the Nokia 2 packs a 1.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB expandable storage. These …

OnePlus 5T goes on sale in the US, 64 GB and 128 GB models in stock

Right on time, today, OnePlus started selling its newest
flagship phone – the OnePlus 5T. The new handset comes in two variants: 6 GB of
RAM + 64 GB of storage space (priced at $499), and 8 GB of RAM + 128 GB of
storage space (priced at $559). Right now, in the US, the cheaper model can ship in
7 days, while the more expensive one has a 4-day shipping time. All orders
include free shipping, and “15-day no-hassle return.”


To celebrate the launch of its new phone, OnePlus has some
deals that fans can take advantage of. For example, you can get a OnePlus 5T
Protective Case and 3D Tempered …