Apple is once again rumored to start a P2P money transferring network similar to Venmo and PayPal

Venmo is a free digital wallet that allows users to wire funds into or out of their Venmo account, bank account or debit card. Today, word surfaced about meetings that Apple has held with firms in this industry about starting up its own money transfer system. In other words, Apple is looking to build a Venmo competitor that would allow iPhone owners to transfer funds to and from others’ iPhone handsets.

Those in the know say that Apple could officially unveil this new payment service some time later this year, allowing Apple to compete with others in the industry such as Pay Pal, Square …

Nokia 3310 sales start next week in Europe, but price is slightly higher

We’ve already reported a couple of times about the new Nokia-branded handsets that are supposed to hit the shelves in Q2, but here is something new that might put you on the fence regarding the Nokia 3310 (2017).

Unveiled back in February at Mobile World Congress 2017, Nokia 3310’s suggested retail price was set to €49. Although it’s a feature phone, the new version of Nokia 3310 is a breath of fresh air for fans of the brand who were willing to buy just to use it as their second phone.

However, it looks like many European markets have put a different price …

Apple and Nike to start selling Apple Watch Series 2 NikeLab Edition – should you care?

Among the many Apple Watch Series 2 choices is the Nike+ variant, which comes with the Nike+ Run Club app, a Siri command that lets you bark “Start a run!” at the watch, and two sports-type watch faces with running metrics.

Nike and Apple are about to start selling the same thing with a new “neutral-toned” perforated elastomer band, calling it the “Apple Watch NikeLab Edition”. The NikeLab Edition will go on sale April 27, sold exclusively at Nike and NikeLab stores. The price hasn’t been formally announced, neither the amount of units to be made.
However, …

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 and 9.7 start getting Android 7.0 Nougat update

After updating the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Samsung has turned its attention to some of its older products that were previously confirmed to receive Android Nougat upgrade throughout the year.

We’ve already reported that some carriers in the United States are now pushing Nougat to other Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+. Now it looks like another Samsung device begins getting Nougat updates as well, the Galaxy Tab S2.

Both variants of the tablet, the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 and 9.7 are now eligible for Android Nougat, as many users in Germany and Italy report …

Carriers start putting the 128GB Google Pixel XL on discontinued list

Google’s Pixel phones are great devices when they’re not affected by hardware or software issues. Unfortunately for some, both of them are rather hard to come by lately, especially if you’re not living in the United States.

Anyway, the next couple of months might be the last for the Pixel and Pixel XL, as both will be replaced by a new generation of Google flagships smartphones by the end of the year. The cycle of life will soon end for the Pixel phones, as carriers are starting to put them on discontinued list.

Canadian carriers Rogers and Fido confirmed …

T-Mobile to start warning subscribers when an incoming call is a scam

Don’t you hate picking up a call just to discover that the person on the other end is trying hard to separate you from your hard earned money by tossing out lies and improbable claims? Now, T-Mobile is about to start a new feature that will warn you when an incoming call is most likely a scam. If a call comes into your line that sets off  the carrier’s BS detector, caller ID will read “Scam likely.”  You can decide to answer the call for a hoot, or just ignore it completely.

If you are particularly allergic to scam, you can arrange to have such calls blocked before the notification …

Apple to start making iPhones in India

Apple iPhone sales are cooling off in China with local competitors rising and the U.S. and European markets seem to have reached smartphone saturation, so Apple is turning its eyes towards one of the biggest and most underdeveloped phone markets currently: India.
After months of negotiations with the Indian government, Apple is finally ready to start making iPhones in the world’s second most populous nation.
Apple’s Taiwanese manufacturing partner Wistron will start making iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s within 4 to 6 weeks …

New report claims Samsung Galaxy S8 pre-orders start on March 29 in Europe

Just when we thought we’ve got it all figured out, a new report emerges that contradicts some of the things we know so far about the Galaxy S8. Samsung has already confirmed its flagship will be officially unveiled on March 29, but the South Korean company won’t reveal any details on the phone’s availability yet.

Even though previous rumors suggest Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be made available for pre-order on April 7, a new report says otherwise. Dutch blog AndroidWorld cites trustworthy sources that claim Samsung Galaxy S8 should be up for pre-order the same day it gets revealed, March …

UK retailer to start shipping Nokia 3 and 5 smartphones in May, Nokia 6 comes in June

If you’re a Nokia fan or just avid for the latest tech news, then you probably know that HMD won’t bring them to market for another two months or so. Yes, that’s a very long time since all three Nokia-branded smartphones were announced in February.

Hopefully, they will worth the wait since there’s no chance you’ll be getting your hands on either of them until mid-May. After HMD’s Tomislav Himbele had stated all Nokia smartphones unveiled at MWC 2017 would hit the shelves in the second half of Q2, a UK retailer confirmed the information recently.

Clove UK …

Galaxy S8 pre-orders will start shipping more than a week before the official release date

Samsung’s upcoming S8 and S8+ flagship pair have been generating a lot of heat among tech enthusiasts for quite some time, even before their official announcement, in large part thanks to the vast amount of information about them that is now public (which is pretty much everything there is to know about them, really). So it’s no surprise the company has put a lot of faith in its new product by gearing up for a large pre-order campaign, which is expected to result in even more sales than the Galaxy Note 7’s pre-launch campaign.

First off, Samsung is planning …