Blu S1 launches as a cheap OnePlus 5 wannabe, works on Sprint

Miami-based Blu is known for selling decent smartphones at
affordable prices, and perhaps also for its not-too-original designs. The
company’s newest handset, the Blu S1, is definitely an example of unoriginality,
as it looks way too much like a OnePlus 5. Of course, the OnePlus 5 itself
borrowed design elements (including rear antenna lines) from Apple’s iPhone 7, so
we could say that the Blu S1 is copying a phone that copied another phone. Oh


There is one thing that’s certainly designed differently on the Blu S1
– the rear camera. Unlike on the OnePlus 5, the main …

Sprint and T-Mobile aim to merge without giving up any assets

With Sprint majority owner SoftBank reportedly making the decision to move forward on a merger with T-Mobile, Reuters learned from confidential sources that both carriers plan on completing the transaction without selling any assets. That is important as far as the deal goes because part of the attraction for T-Mobile is combining its low-frequency spectrum in the 600MHz-700MHz band, with Sprint’s huge inventory of high-frequency 2.5GHz spectrum. This combination could help the newly merged company when time comes to build out their 5G pipeline.

Today’s report also claims that both T-Mobile …

Save $350 leasing the Apple iPhone 8 or Apple iPhone 8 Plus at Sprint with an eligible trade-in

How would you like to save some big bucks when leasing the Apple iPhone 8 or the Apple iPhone 8 Plus? Trade-in an eligible handset that has been paid off completely and is in good condition, and Sprint will deduct $350 off the price to lease one of Apple’s latest handsets. The lease must be made with the Sprint Flex 18-month plan, and you will need to activate a new line. With this plan, you can upgrade to a new phone after 12-months. After 18-months you can buy the phone making one lump sum payment, or pay it off in six additional monthly installments.

With the discount, you’ll be paying …

Report: Sprint owner SoftBank agrees to move forward with T-Mobile merger

According to a report from international news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP), the oft-rumored merger between T-Mobile and Sprint is one step closer to being a reality. Japan’s SoftBank, which owns 80% of Sprint, has apparantly reached an internal decision to proceed with the deal. SoftBank, and Deutsche Telekom are discussing a stock swap, which is expected to be announced this month. The German phone company owns 64% of T-Mobile.

The AFP says that SoftBank is looking at ways to get the required approvals from the U.S. FCC and the Federal Trade Commission. A previous attempt to put T-Mobile …

Sprint Unlimited promo rate expires, price goes up to $60 a month

If you were hoping to sign up for Sprint’s unlimited plan for $50 a month, you’re too late. With the expiration of this promotion, the normal rate of $60 a month takes effect.  However, if you did manage to subscribe in time during the promotion, you’ll be paying only $50 monthly through next June. Barring a change or a new promotion, all Sprint customers will be paying $60 a month for unlimited starting in July 2018.

During the period when the promotion was offered, Sprint was charging subscribers with up to five lines of unlimited to pay only $90 a month. Now, certain Sprint locations …

Sprint says its LTE Plus is the most improved wireless network this year

Sprint Chief Operating Officer Günther Ottendorfer boasted today that Sprint’s LTE Plus is the most improved network of 2017. The executive wrote that year-over-year its average download speed rose by 33%. In 25 of its 99 top markets, average download speed rose by 40% to 100% based on data taken from Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence. According to the COO, part of the improvement was due to the employment of more 2.5GHz spectrum by the carrier. Ottendorfer says that the more spectrum Sprint uses for its LTE Plus network, the faster the network becomes.

One new tool soon to be in use on …

Sprint rolls out CallingPLUS support for LG G6, other improvements too

LG’s G6 flagship recently received a small but important update at Sprint. The carrier quietly added CallingPLUS support for the LG G6, which becomes the fourth smartphone to offer this specific feature.

CallingPLUS is a communication solution specifically offered by Sprint, which allows customers to use voice and data simultaneously while on the carrier’s LTE network or Wi-Fi. Furthermore, CallingPLUS uses two features – Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE (voice and text on Sprint LTE network).

Aside from LG G6, the following smartphones support Sprint’s CallingPLUS …

Sprint and T-Mobile expected to announce merger details this month

Rumors about the Sprint/T-Mobile merger continue to make headlines, but that won’t go for too long now. Apparently, the carriers are currently ironing out the final details of the deal, so we could have an official announcement laying them out sometime this month.

Bloomberg reports that the companies have reached to the point where they need to decide on the exchange ratio that will determine Sprint’s valuation, one of the last steps before the merger could be officially announced.

Sprint and T-Mobile continue to discuss non-cash items, such as the location …

LG V30+ is no longer exclusive to Sprint, U.S. Cellular sells it for $850

Sprint announced last month that the LG V30+ will be available exclusively through its online and retail stores, at least for some time. Well, it looks like the US carrier jumped the gun with the announcement since U.S. Cellular now offers the V30+ as well.

For those who don’t want to purchase the LG V30+ at Sprint, U.S. Cellular offers the chance to grab the flagship smartphone for no less than $850 on prepaid, or $30.20 per month for 30 months.

In addition, U.S. Cellular is selling the regular LG V30 model as well, and customers can buy it for $800 on prepaid …

BlackBerry Motion will be launched in the US at Verizon, Sprint and AT&T

There’s probably one more important BlackBerry smartphone making its way to shelves this year – the so-called BlackBerry Motion. Previously known as BlackBerry Krypton, the smartphone is expected to make its debut in the coming months.

Although the first picture of the BlackBerry Motion leaked yesterday, few details about its specs are known for the time being. Thankfully, the image reveals a little bit of info such as the fact that it’s an all-touch smartphone, unlike the KEYone which features a QWERTY keyboard.

Also, BlackBerry Motion is supposed to be …