Adam Rippon just won a different kind of Olympic prize: A spot on NBC


Adam Rippon may be done skating at this year’s Winter Olympics, but thankfully that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of him.

In addition to winning a bronze medal in the team skating event, the 28-year-old figure skater has made headlines both as one of two openly gay U.S. male athletes competing in Pyeongchang and for speaking up to Vice President Mike Pence in support of LGBTQ rights. 

Oh, also for his sass — an element of his personality that will likely be on full display as he spends the rest of the Olympics working as an NBC correspondent.  

That’s right, NBC offered Rippon a gig, and according to USA Today Sports he accepted. That means we’ll see his beauty on TV, digital streams, and social media.  Read more…

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France bans drivers from using a phone except in a designated spot, or for accidents and malfunctions

In France, a ruling made by the high court makes it illegal to use your smartphone to text or make a call while driving. Even if you pull over to the side of the road, which in the U.S. is considered to be the preferred option if a call needs to be answered or made, you could find yourself fined 135 euros ($167 USD) and have points added to your driving record. The country is a bit paranoid over a rise in fatal road accidents, and while smartphone use might not be the reason, a scapegoat was needed.

The ruling from the high court is the law of the land, and allows only those drivers involved …

Alleged Galaxy S9 components smile for the camera: there's a spot for a headphone jack

It’s a bit comical that the presence of a headphone jack would be such a hot topic in this modern day and age. It has been around since the 1950s and installed on pretty much any portable audio device since the original Walkman. Yet, in 2016, Apple pushed for a revolution — it made the “courageous” step of removing the 3.5 mm jack from the iPhone 7, stating that it’s old tech and the phone is better off without it.

Now, we know that there were a few smartphones that tried to do away with the jack before, but they were largely unnoticed and forgotten. When Apple made the move, it opened the …

Amazon working on YouTube clone for Echo Show and Echo Spot to be called AmazonTube?

You might remember that back in late September, Google pulled YouTube from the Amazon Echo Show and its 7-inch display. Google was upset that Amazon had removed certain features from the version of YouTube that was being used with the smart speaker. Amazon took away the autoplay capability, which allows a viewer to sit and watch video after video after video without having to lift a finger. Amazon also disabled the ability of  Echo Show users to subscribe to a YouTube Channel. These channels are where you will find videos posted by a particular company, or individual.

Amazon apparently …

Amazon Echo Spot, already sold out, officially launched today priced at $129

The smart speaker revolution continues and it is as strong as ever. Today, for example, Amazon officially launched the Echo Sport. This is a smart speaker that looks like a small alarm clock. It features the tools of the trade which means it is equipped with a speaker and virtual personal assistant Alexa. It also is the second Echo product to feature a screen. The Echo Spot comes with a 2.5-inch display.

Sure, the Echo Spot will actually wake you with an alarm, just like the alarm clock it looks like. But it will also control your smart appliances, stream music, make a phone call, set a …

Watch the top 5 carrier ads: T-Mobile spent $30 million for the Netflix spot, still couldn't beat Verizon

Hot on the heels of T-Mobile giving away Netflix streaming to its subscribers came the rumor that Sprint may offer Hulu in its turn, and Verizon might be exploring free content, too. Well, T-Mobile made this a big selling point last quarter, so how much exactly has it spent on popularizing its generosity with the “Netflix on us” spot? No less than $30 million, it seems, judging from the recap of the wireless ad TV spending for last month.

That’s still just a chunk of the total estimated $271 million that 18 brands gave for advertising in October, up …

Over 1,400 Powermat Charging Spot locations are waiting to wirelessly charge your iPhone X and iPhone 8

With the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus (all
announced yesterday), Apple finally has smartphones that support wireless
charging. Hooray! Now, while Apple plans to release its own AirPower wireless charging
mat, this won’t be out before 2018. Until then, you’ll have to buy third-party
wireless charging accessories if you want to charge your new iPhone cable-free
in your home.


Fortunately, you’ll also be able to wirelessly charge any of
the three new iPhones even if you don’t actually own a compatible accessory, as
long as you visit a location where Powermat Charging Spots are …

Discover The very best Spot To Purchase IPhone 5 Case

If you have actually purchased an iPhone 5 just lately, it is apparent that you are very pleased. These days purchasing an iphone and possessing the same has actually become a trend. After the iPhone 5 arrived in the market, there has actually been a big rush from individuals to acquire the exact same. It is the same case in Singapore. One and all is going to and fro to obtain iPhone 5. It is indeed a scene to be enjoyed. It is a design that after you purchase the iPhone 5 the next step to purchase is an iPhone 5 instance. accessories are quite required to enhance the appearance of any object. So, various business manufacture iPhone 5 cases.

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For anyone who could not go to the stores, they can browse the net. Given that the net is right here, you could possibly purchase things on-line easily. You will certainly see numerous sites which deal in iPhone 5 cases. You could take a look at the many accessories that are present with the websites.

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Cuurrently, individuals from additional locations can easily also procure iPhone 5 situation in Singapore from the web sites. You are sure to acquire your preferred accessories without any type of fuss. When you have purchased the iPhone 5 instance, it is thought that you will certainly have a great time with it.

A brand new gizmo whose sale has raised enormously is an iPhone. Individuals wish to buy the iPhone since iPhone has lots of remarkable features. Great applications, games, touch screen etc are a few of the features of an iPhone. If you have actually bought the iPhone, you must additionally get iPhone accessories to boost its functions. You will discover different accessories of iPhone. You can buy iPhone accessories that you mostly require. If you review this article, you will find out where to purchase the very best iPhone accessories in Singapore.

You will certainly discover a number of iPhone accessories that you should buy. However the most important accessory would certainly be an iPhone instance. The iPhone situation will keep your iPhone from getting damaged. The screen of the iPhone will certainly be safeguarded by a screen protector. iPhone cases are of different kinds. Many individuals who utilize iPhone prefer iPhone cases in leather.

One of the most vital iPhone accessories is a USB auto charger. This accessory will certainly help you to charge your iPhone in your automobile while you are driving. With this gadget you will have an iPhone battery that will certainly never ever go down. The USB car charger is just one of most vital iPhone accessories. No matter where you go, your iPhone battery will never disappoint you.

If you own an iPhone, you also need to purchase headphones. The headphone will allow you to hear songs. There will certainly be quality in noise if you hear music by using a headphone. Individuals all over the world particularly in Singapore use iPhone. You have to choose whether you have to buy iPhone accessories or not. If you can easily afford it, it will be better for you get all the iPhone accessories.

The iPhone accessories can be discovered in Singapore in many great shops. These days, you will have the ability to get iPhone accessories in Singapore from a great phone accessories shop. Before you purchase anything from the internet, the first thing that you need to do is to examine the cost.

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