This AR lunar model takes you as close to the moon as you can get (without a spaceship)


The moon may be 238,900 miles away from Earth, but with a new lunar model and accompanying AR app, it might as well be in the palm of your hand.

AstroReality, a Bay Area-based startup whose co-founder is an astro-photographer, is creating hand-painted, 3D-printed moon models to bring the moon’s surface down to Earth.

The Lunar Pro is a softball-sized, one-pound orb that recreates the moon and all its craters, edges, and other topography based on NASA’s lunar orbiter data. It’s made at a resolution of 4,000 DPI, which is incredibly precise. It’s then molded with a poly resin material that is hand-painted to mimic what the moon looks like. It comes shockingly close. Read more…

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