LG G7 Boombox Speaker explained: louder sound through clever design

As the case is with many things in life, when it comes to loudspeakers, size matters. There’s no way around this without breaking the laws of physics. That’s why smartphone speakers can’t match the performance of a dedicated audio system – they’re just too tiny to deliver full, high-fidelity sound.

Still, some smartphones do sound better than others. The Galaxy S9 and recent iPhones, for example, use two speakers in clever arrangements to cover a broader range of the audio spectrum and deliver some stereo separation along the way. The Sony Xperia XZ2 and the Razer Phone use two dedicated, …

Bose's AR sunglasses use sound, not a screen to augment reality


Bose — yes, the speaker and headphone company — is developing augmented reality sunglasses.

But unlike the failed Google Glass and other smart glasses designed to overlay digital objects and information on top of the real world, Bose’s AR glasses have no screen and no camera. Instead, they use sound to provide useful context when you’re out and about.

Announced at SXSW, the Bose AR sunglasses look like any ordinary pair of sunglasses. The 3D-printed prototypes that I saw and tried on were specifically designed to not draw attention in public. Read more…

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Best rugged cases to keep your Galaxy S9/S9+ safe and sound

If your motto is “a working phone is better than a broken one”, and you’re looking to protect your investment in either the Galaxy S9 or S9+, then you’re at the right place. We’ve decided to compile a list of the best tough Galaxy S9/S9+ cases out on the market right now, and we will be updating it regularly, as more case makers launch products for the latest crop of Galaxy phones. 

It is true that overly bulky cases can ruin the looks of beautifully crafted devices, such as the new Galaxies, but then again, there’s nothing worse than a bunch of scratches, …

Apple HomePod: sound technology explained

The HomePod is out and while it is not the first smart speaker – it comes years after Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home – Apple claims that it has worked for six years to make the HomePod sound “amazing” using the innovative technology beamforming and it has over 200 patents to back it up.

Here is how Apple itself describes the new HomePod:

“HomePod is a powerful speaker that sounds amazing and adapts to wherever it’s playing. It’s the ultimate music authority”

The ultimate music authority. These are some strong words. So what is the mysterious technology …

Get a Bluetooth sound system on sale for 51% off


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There’s no question we’re experiencing an audio renaissancePlush headphones are back and we’re even listening to vinyl on epic machinery that can bring a tear to Baby Boomer eyes everywhere.

SEE ALSO: Trick out your home theater with this TV speaker that’s massively on sale

But perhaps the best part of being knee deep in the evolution of audio technology is the affordability that’s accompanied the increased supply. It wasn’t long ago that just having a subwoofer was pretty impressive — and friends were blowing an entire paycheck in the name of bass. But today, you can score the whole stereo system (namely the Ratsel Bluetooth Speaker System) for $145. Read more…

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Apple HomePod smart speaker to launch without stereo sound and multi-room capabilities

After the holiday shopping season came to an end last month, Apple could only morn the missed opportunity it had to satiate the public’s demand for the hottest device in tech, the smart speaker. Apple originally planned to launch the HomePod in December, just in time to capture some holiday sales. But in November, Apple deemed the device “not ready for prime time,” and pushed back the release until early this year. As a result, both Amazon and Google grabbed the lion’s share of smart speaker sales during the holiday shopping season. Overall, 7% of gift boxes unwrapped this year contained a smart …

No stereo recording on your new iPhone? MikMe will make your 4K videos sound professional, for a price

If there is a weak spot in Apple’s iPhone video recording abilities, even the latest “4K at 60fps” crop, it’s not the visuals, but rather the sound. While the iPhone has multiple mics for noise cancellation while on a call, the videos are still recorded with mono sound, long after most top-shelf Androids moved to stereo sound recording with an ever-increasing bitrate.

Enter MikMe, the company which has noticed this omission on part of Apple, and has swooped in with a classy external mic to remedy the situation. Its price is not, however, for the faint of heart, but the $499 tag may …

Pixel 2 XL users are complaining about a rattling sound coming from the speakers

Those with the Google Pixel sequels have had to deal with a series of problems that have negatively affected how much they enjoy using their handsets. Already concerned about burn-in and other discoloration happening to their phones’ displays, some Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL units were also flagged because of strange noises that were coming out of the units’ speakers. And today, that particular problem has resurfaced. Some Pixel 2 XL owners are once again complaining (that seems to be the default position of Pixel 2 XL owners) about rattling sounds coming out of the speaker.

This happens to …

Samsung might soon launch new Voice Note app to replace Sound Recorder

Samsung is in the process of renaming and/or replacing some of its apps that come pre-installed on most of the Galaxy smartphones. Recently, the South Korean company filed a trademark for something called “Samsung Voice Note.”

The description confirms that it’s a “computer software that enables users to record audio,” which is exactly what the Sound Recorder app does at the moment. Unfortunately, we can’t say for sure whether this is a brand new app that will be part of the Galaxy S9, or it’s meant to replace the current Sound Recorder app on many Galaxy smartphones.

Hopefully, …

Best Bluetooth speakers comparison (2017): sound quality and price

Looking for the best Bluetooth speaker in a mid size form factor?
We take a look at the top Bluetooth speaker options in late 2017 and highlight the speakers that shine with great sound, battery life and additional features. Of course, the price of a speaker matters as well.
So which Bluetooth speaker should you buy if you had to shop today? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons for each one of them right below.

JBL Charge 3Top battery life, super loud and water-proof make it our top choice

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