Five million Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 handsets have been sold in India this year

India happens to be the second largest smartphone market in the world, grabbing that title from the U.S. last year. But most major handset manufacturers can not afford to applaud this fact, mostly because of the economics involved. For 2013, the latest data available, India’s per capita income was $1,570 which placed the country 112th out of 164 as measured by the World Bank. Obviously, that doesn’t leave much money for consumers to purchase flagship and high-end smartphones.

However, the environment is perfect for a value-type producer such as China’s Xiaomi. This past week, the company …

LG to enable FM radio on its smartphones sold in the United States and Canada

One of the most basic features included on mobile phones, FM Radio is rarely seen in smartphones these days, especially those sold in the United States (perhaps Canada too). For some reason, major handset makers like LG are required to disable the FM chip inside their phones before they are introduced in North America.

Well, that’s not the case anymore, as LG announced it has teamed up with TagStation, owner of the NextRadio application, to enable FM chips in all phones launched by the South Korean company.

However, LG’s decision to enable FM chips in its …

Here is how many Apple Watches have been sold to date

Just recently, Apple chief executive Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri both said that the Apple Watch is doing incredibly well.
“Sales of Apple Watch were up over 50 percent in the June quarter, and it’s the number one selling smartwatch in the world by a very wide margin,” Tim Cook said in the conference call after Apple announced its quarterly results.
But what does that mean in terms of actual numbers? We don’t know. Apple has not officially released anything.
That, however, does not mean that …

1.2 billion iPhone handsets have been sold since the device launched in 2007

During his conference call yesterday, made in the aftermath of Apple’s third fiscal quarter earnings announcement, CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple has sold 1.2 billion iPhone handsets since the iconic device first launched in June 2007. Last year at this time, Apple announced that it had sold 1 billion units of its smart handset since 2007. That means that over the last year, 200 million iPhone models have found a home.

Cook pointed out that current iPhone sales have been impressive, especially at the high-end of the lineup. Sales of the top-shelf Apple iPhone 7 Plus outpaced the previous …

Nearly two thirds of the iPhones sold in the last 10 years are still in use

The iPhone has turned ten less than a month ago. And as we wait for the next-generation iPhone 8 to come out, we came across an interesting piece of information. Apparently, nearly two thirds of all iPhone devices ever sold are still in use today.

Just to put it in perspective, as of March, the total number of shipped iPhones was 1.163 billion units, according to Apple. And the market analysis firm Newzoo now reported that 62.6% of them were still in use as of April of this year. This makes for a total of 728 million old iPhones still in the hands of their users.

Additionally, …

Wireless charging technology for 2017 iPhone models is running late; hardware to be sold separately

As Apple iPhone 7 Plus users know, sometimes a new feature runs late and you have to wait for a software update to receive it. That happened with the Portrait Mode that produces the professional looking blurring effect on portraits snapped with the camera, also known as bokeh. The software needed to create the effect didn’t ship with the iPhone 7 Plus, and appeared with the first iOS 10.1 beta.

According to tech tipster John Gruber, this could be how Apple will disseminate the necessary software to enable wireless charging on the 2017 iPhone models. In a tweet posted yesterday, Gruber notes …

Google Play Store data suggests that just over 1 million Pixel, Pixel XL handsets have been sold

Based on data discovered in the Google Play Store, it is estimated that more than one million Pixel and Pixel XL handsets have been sold since the phones were launched last year. Google itself does not release information about individual phone shipments, but the Google Play Store does reveal how many times a certain app has been installed on an Android phone. These figures are listed in the Google Play Store in a wide range. For example, one app could show between 50,000 to 100,000 installs while another might show between 1 million and 5 million.

For some time, Google listed 500,000 to …

LG G6 now sold unlocked at Amazon and B&H well below LG's price

In case you’re interested, the LG G6 is now being sold unlocked at Amazon and B&H Photo Video. It costs $630 at the former and $599 at the latter, so you should probably cheat on Amazon and go with B&H this time. The phone will be sold at Best Buy as well, so you can wait a little longer if you are so inclined. You are still getting a good deal for your money, though, as LG asks a cool $699 for the handset on its official website.

The LG G6 is compatible with CDMA and GSM networks, which means it will work with all US carriers. If you need more reasons to …

Report says Samsung has sold over 55 million Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge handsets

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ are getting all of the attention, don’t forget that Samsung’s previous generation flagship handsets were pretty popular in their own rights. In fact, according to Strategy Analytics, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge have now sold in excess of 55 million units combined from their release date of March 12th, 2016. For the first quarter, 7.2 million units of the pair were rung up by Samsung.

Now that the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are available with a beautiful new design (and an expensive price tag), the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy …

OnePlus 3T in Midnight Black is pretty much sold out… sorry!

So, as we all know, pitch black is back as the hippest and most desirable color for a smartphone. Or at least that’s what manufacturers believe since they have been producing “limited edition” black models left and right, ever since a certain company made their new flagship fully black.

OnePlus is among those who jumped on the matte black bandwagon. 4 months after launching its upgraded flagship — the OnePlus 3T — the company pushed out a limited edition “Midnight Black” variant. Now, 30 days after the special version launched, it seems that it is nearly gone, …