People are so furious about the Snapchat redesign that they are making rap rants now

The recent redesign of Snapchat is having devoted users of the social app throw fierce temper tantrums that border with psychosis. Actually, close to a million people are so infuriated with Snap that they have signed a petition that’s calling for the original design of Snapchat to be brought back from the dump as soon as possible. 

Yes, this last update is bringing the worst in users, but it’s also the butt of the joke for many a social media comedian, including the one and only @leekjack_, who is mostly popular for his short comedy videos. Just as you might imagine, one …

Snapchat just did something crazy. It beat expectations.


Snapchat has a reputation. Yes, for sexting, but also for its inability to impress investors. That narrative changed on Tuesday after Snap Inc. scored a massive beat on its quarterly earnings report, recapping revenue and user growth 2017.

To the surprise of investors, Snap reported that both its user growth and revenue growth are accelerating. The company brought in $285.7 million, beating expectations of $252.8 million. The app now reaches 187 million daily active users, up from 178 million in the last quarter and a bump of 18 percent year over year. 

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Snapchat introduces Live video, will broadcast moments of the Olympics

The Winter Olympics are knocking on our screens. Starting tomorrow, the following sixteen days will be filled with the spirit of challenge and competition for spectators from all around the world. Snap knows that as well and it wants to make you a part of the Olympics experience.
On Saturday, Snapchat will introduce its newest feature called ‘Live’. Its main goal is to provide coverage of key moments in big events during the Winter Olympics. You’ll be able to see chosen highlights, covering the most important moments …

Tell the world that you are a proud Snapchat member by purchasing something from the new Snap Store

Snapchat parent Snap announced today the opening of the Snap Store, which will sell you merchandise based on Snapchat features. For example, you can buy a Dog Lens T-Shirt for $30.  Scanning the code at the top of this story using the Snapchat camera will allow you to enter the store and purchase exclusive items that will be on sale for a limited time. When in the store for the first time, you can subscribe to the Snap Store, which will allow it to pop up in the Discover section of the app when new merchandise is available. That will next happen on February 8th, one week from today.

Current …

Snapchat now allows stories to be read by people without the app

Snapchat users have so many stories to tell; starting today, certain subscribers to the app will be able to share their stories to people who have not installed the Snapchat app. Stories created by those with official accounts, like celebrities, sports franchises, and politicians, can now be viewed via a link to a page where they will be hosted. Those without an official account can post comments to a group video and have those comments shared in the same manner.

By allowing stories to be spread to non-members, Snapchat is revealing what kind of content is on its site with the …

Snapchat takes a New Year's Eve siesta as app goes down

If you tried to send out New Year’s Eve messages to friends and family via Snapchat this afternoon, you might have noticed that something went wrong and your message was never sent. The messaging app has been down since 4:43pm EST, according to website DownDetector. The graph also showed that a surge in complaints to a peak number of 2,889 took place after 5pm EST.

35% of those complaining about Snapchat today, report having trouble sending snaps. The same amount are having issues receiving snaps or refreshing the site. And 28% report that the app is having trouble starting, and when it …

Facebook Messenger introduces World Effects – augmented reality 3D objects – to rival Snapchat

Facebook just one-upped Snapchat by introducing World Effects – augmented reality 3D world objects on its own. The social giant’s popular messaging app, Facebook Messenger, has just scored a trove of new effects that let you add various objects to your pics and videos and send them to your pals or post them on your Facebook wall. Unlike the already-present camera filters that let you put on different masks and effects on your selfies, the new additions to the app allow you to throw in a dynamic object that sticks to an augmented plane and gives the impression of intelligently following a predefined …

Pictures from Snapchat on Android looking awful? Here's why

Snapchat is prepping to roll out a big Android app update, as its CEO figured out that this mobile operating system actually has many more millions of users across the globe than their current focus, iOS, and vouched to step up Android development during the Q3 earnings conference call with investors.

Developing for Android is a challenge, though, as there are thousands of devices to plug into, as opposed to Apple’s more limited roster, so what’s a Snapchat dev fella to do? Well, resort to some unorthodox tricks, it seems. “Given the sheer volume of …

Snapchat quietly releases new filters based on what you're snapping


Too lazy to be creative with Snapchat? Well, there’s a new feature for you.

Snap quietly launched new filters that recognize what’s being snapped and provide a contextually relevant border or sticker. The update comes ahead of a massive app redesign as the company tries to keep users and advertisers engaged. The filters began gradually rolling out to users last week, a Snap spokesperson confirmed to Mashable

The filters will automatically appear in the user’s carousel of filters after they take a photo snap of something within a certain set of categories. These include items at concerts, beaches, pets, sports, and food, a Snap spokesperson told Mashable.  Read more…

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The imitation game: Facebook is about to steal yet another Snapchat feature

It looks that Facebook is once again getting inspired by Snapchat’s features and importing these in its popular Messenger app. This time around, the sights are set on Snapchat’s streaks functionality, which is a fun little game that encourages you to send more and more snaps to your pals and adds an emoji to the names of your favorites.
It seems that a cartain amount of Facebook Messenger users have been chosen to test out a similar functionality in the messaging app, which will adorn your favorite Messenger contacts with a lighting emoji provided that you’ve …