Real deal Galaxy S9 and S9+ smile for the camera

After seeing the Galaxy S9 in working condition the other day, straight out of the Vietnam factory that makes the models destined for US carriers, today Samsung’s upcoming flagships leak in a bit more detail.

From the front, they look almost identical to the Galaxy S8, at least we can’t really tell much of a difference, or if the bezels are indeed thinner than the S8 and S8+ like the rumors suggested. Flip these puppies over, though, and quite a different picture is painted, and we don’t mean the new lilac and what seems to be a darker gray, colors.

The S9+ indeed sports a dual camera …

Alleged Galaxy S9 components smile for the camera: there's a spot for a headphone jack

It’s a bit comical that the presence of a headphone jack would be such a hot topic in this modern day and age. It has been around since the 1950s and installed on pretty much any portable audio device since the original Walkman. Yet, in 2016, Apple pushed for a revolution — it made the “courageous” step of removing the 3.5 mm jack from the iPhone 7, stating that it’s old tech and the phone is better off without it.

Now, we know that there were a few smartphones that tried to do away with the jack before, but they were largely unnoticed and forgotten. When Apple made the move, it opened the …

USA! Pixel 2 prices abroad make America smile, much like the iPhones'

Right after the new Pixels were introduced, Google pulled an Apple, and slashed the price of the 2016 crop by a hundred. Thus, the basic Google Pixel can now be had for $549 directly from the Google Store, while its larger sibling, the Pixel XL, will set you back $669. You still need to add that hundred if you want the larger, 128 GB storage versions, but the trend is clear, and Google will probably be doing this with each new Pixel iteration – you know, like that other competitor down south from Mountain View does. 

Google is now gunning for the $1000 …