Fitbit smartwatch renders show why the device might be a "must-own" for certain people

Back on August 10th, we showed you leaked renders of the new Fitbit smartwatch. Fitbit needs to hit a grand slam with this product, especially after its share of the global wearables market has declined 45% year-over-year. A new report published today reveals that Fitbit just might have something up its sleeve that will make its smartwatch a “must-own” product for those who are ill and need to track certain readings produced by their body.

The leaked image shows that Fitbit will be using two red LED sensors on the back of its timepiece. That compares with the use of two green sensors on …

Samsung's next hybrid smartwatch is called Gear Sport

Samsung confirmed less than two weeks ago that it’s working on a wearable device that it’s not really a full-fledged smartwatch nor a simple fitness band. The South Korean company sent emails to some of the members of the SmartLab Plus program asking for their ideas how to properly promote the hybrid smartwatch that it plans to launch soon.

Well, it looks like Samsung has spilled the beans on its upcoming wearable device, although the leak was unavoidable since the information is accessible online. It appears that the next hybrid smartwatch that Samsung plans to …

Final version of Fitbit smartwatch leaks in press renders

Fitbit acquired two smartwatch companies before launching a product of its own: Pebble and Vector Watch. Although a new Fitbit smartwatch was supposed to make its debut in Q2, the company announced the wearable device is on track for a Q4 release, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

A handful of pictures showing the upcoming Fitbit smartwatch leaked out back in May, so if you’ve seen those images, then you won’t be surprised by those that surfaced today.

The folks over at Wareable published a few press renders of the Fitbit smartwatch showing the …

Samsung confirms it's working on a new wearable device, not a full-fledged smartwatch

With Samsung Gear S3 already out for a few months now, many are already expecting news about the South Korean company’s next foray into the smartwatch business. Unfortunately, we don’t have any details about the Gear S4, or whatever its name, but we do have some info about a new wearable device that’s now in the works at Samsung.

We know this because Samsung has started to send emails to some of the members of its SmartLab Plus program urging them to share their ideas on a new wearable product that could be launched soon.

Although the new wearable device …

Fitbit smartwatch to run its own app platform at launch

Fitbit is clearly readying its own smartwatch for the end of the year, but the wearable is said to have missed quite a few deadlines. The good news is as time goes by we’re learning more about Fitbit’s smartwatch and some of the information comes through official channels, probably in order to keep up the hype.

After the big “leak” happened back in May when we got a look at what the Fitbit smartwatch might look like, we’re now given to opportunity to learn more about the software running on the wearable.

It appears that Fitbit chief executive officer James …

Samsung launches the Gear S3 TUMI Special Edition smartwatch for $449.99

Samsung and Tumi, a US-based company that manufactures suitcases and bags for travel, have just announced they have teamed up to offer consumers who wish to stand out, a luxury version of the Gear S3 frontier smartwatch.

Starting today, the new Samsung Gear S3 frontier TUMI Special Edition is available for purchase for $449.99 via Best Buy and Samsung. The wearable can only be bought online, but coming August 6, it will go on sale in stores for the same price.

Unlike the regular model, the special edition comes with a watchband designed by TUMI featuring …

Results: do you have and use a smartwatch?

Smartwatches had a rough start — they were first underpowered and awkward, then they were considered geeky, and, after a considerable marketing push and design improvement, managed to make it to the lifestyle accessory category. And while they are nice to have, they still can’t find their exact usability, the feature that would make them a must-buy item.

Some users find them expensive, others can’t see the need for them, and there are those that bought one but gave up on using it a couple of months in. Yeah, of course, there’s also the group of users that enjoy their smartwatches and keep …

Do you have and use a smartwatch?

Smartwatches are a weird little niche. They try to strike the right balance between stylish, functional, and geeky, but most still struggle with technical limitations. Sure, there are a few awesome models out there, but they don’t seem to be picking up as a profitable business just yet.

Some users find them expensive, others can’t see the need for them, and there are those that bought one but gave up on using it a couple of months in. Yeah, of course, there’s also the group of users that enjoys their smartwatches and keeps using and upgrading them.

That said, we thought we’d …

Fitbit confirms its smartwatch will arrive later this year, but LTE support is no go

After acquiring Pebble and Vector, two prominent companies specialized in smartwatches, Fitbit announced earlier this year that it would launch its own smartwatch. Fast forward a few months and reports emerged that the Fitbit smartwatch might have been delayed until fall, even though Fitbit’s officials didn’t offer an exact release date in the first place.

Today, Fitbit CEO James Park told Financial Times in an interview that the company’s smartwatch hasn’t been delayed and that it will be launched later this year. According to him, the Fitbit smartwatch will focus …

Deal: Casio WSD-F10 smartwatch is on sale for just $249.99 (nearly 40% off) on Amazon

Casio’s famous WSD-F10 Android Wear smartwatch is getting a big price cut on Amazon for just one day. While this isn’t the first time the wearable gets discounted, customers can now buy it for the lowest price ever.

Customers who buy the WSD-F10 will save $149 since they’ll be getting the smartwatch 37% cheaper. However, the deal will only be available for another 11 hours from now, which means it will expire at the end of the day.

The WSD-F10 is a rugged smartwatch that sports a 1.32-inch LCD display with 300 x 320 pixels resolution. It features MIL-STD-810G …