Best tech deals (smartphones, accessories, headphones, power banks) today, March 24

There’s nothing like a good deal to sweeten up your day, especially if you are on the hunt for a new smartphone or accessories like a new pair of headphones or a power bank to reliably charge your device on the go.

This Friday is abundant with good offers, as esteemed retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H have chimed in with some attractive proposals for products by the likes of Apple, Alcatel, Motorola, and LG. Check out the best deals we’ve rounded up in the convenient slideshow below, and see if something looks good to you!


All jeans should have this cool sixth pocket for smartphones

The most uncomfortable part of owning a big smartphone is just how big of a pain it is carrying it in your jeans pockets. Try running errands with a big phone in your pockets and you will know what we are talking about.

It takes a simple solution to fix this problem, but up until now, jeans and pants makers have not taken any steps to make carrying our phones in jeans pockets easier.
This changes with the new Muji jeans that come with a special sixth pocket made specifically for you to carry your smartphone in. The pocket is …

Google's latest security report reveals 2016's most patched Android smartphones

Android as a platform hasn’t historically been known for its security – quite the opposite, in fact: there’s been tons of reports of malware infecting the operating system, and even Google’s own Play Store. But the company has stated its intent to combat the problem many times, and this has led to implementing several measures to that effect, such as the now-standard monthly security updates. Today, Google has released its yearly security report for the platform, highlighting what it did to fight the problem of Android malware throughout 2016.

First of all, with …

UK retailer to start shipping Nokia 3 and 5 smartphones in May, Nokia 6 comes in June

If you’re a Nokia fan or just avid for the latest tech news, then you probably know that HMD won’t bring them to market for another two months or so. Yes, that’s a very long time since all three Nokia-branded smartphones were announced in February.

Hopefully, they will worth the wait since there’s no chance you’ll be getting your hands on either of them until mid-May. After HMD’s Tomislav Himbele had stated all Nokia smartphones unveiled at MWC 2017 would hit the shelves in the second half of Q2, a UK retailer confirmed the information recently.

Clove UK …

U.S. ITC to investigate producers of graphic systems for smartphones and other devices

The U.S. International Trade Commission has announced that it is going to start investigating certain producers of graphic systems that are used in consumer products like smartphones. The graphic systems are imported into the U.S. where they allegedly infringe on patents that are owned by AMD and ATI. Those are the two tech firms that brought this matter up to the U.S. ITC. Among the companies that the commission is investigating are LG Electronics Inc, VIZIO Inc, MediaTek Inc and Sigma Designs.

The U.S. ITC will assign the case to one of its administrative law judges. The latter will make …

Family Link is a new Android app that helps parents manage their kids' usage of smartphones and tablets

As smartphones and tablets become more widely available, people of all shapes, sizes, and ages are able to get their hands on them easier than ever before. This increase in availability has resulted in more and more adolescents being able to use smartphones and tablets, and while exposing children to technology at such young ages is a great way to teach them how today’s gadgets work, it should go without saying that there are restrictions/limitations need to be set in place when a youngster has his or her hands on a device that’s capable of accessing the Internet in its entirety.

On …

HMD rumored to test two metal-clad Nokia smartphones with Snapdragon 660 CPUs

Many Nokia fans have been disappointed that HMD Global did not announce any flagship smartphones last month at Mobile World Congress. Still, the Finnish company promised that this is just the beginning and that new products will be revealed throughout the year.

Two of these unannounced devices could be under testing, a source familiar with HMD Global’s plans claims. The smartphones haven’t been named yet, but we’ll refer to them as Nokia 7 and 8.

Apparently, they aren’t really flagship smartphones, but they could be put on the top mid-range tier since both …

Samsung shifts to monthly security updates schedule for unlocked smartphones in the U.S.

It’s common knowledge that unlocked smartphones get updated much faster than carrier-branded units since there’s no need for additional approval from network operators. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned sometimes and unlocked phones receive updates slower than expected.

That’s exactly what happens in the United States where carrier-branded Samsung smartphones seem to be getting security updates on a monthly basis, whereas unlocked units receive these important patches on a quarterly basis.

Many fans have written to Samsung in the hopes of getting …

Bethesda confirms The Elder Scrolls: Legends is coming to smartphones and tablets

Bethesda’s take on CCG (collectible card game) genre can’t happen anywhere else but in the Elder Scrolls universe. And so the publisher announced The Elder Scrolls: Legends will be launched on smartphones and tablets over the coming months.

Developed by Dire Wolf Digital, the game was in beta on the PC since last year. Today, Bethesda confirmed that the PC version of The Elder Scrolls: Legends is officially out of beta. Those who’ve been playing in the beta will also get to keep all their cards and rewards they have earned.

Now that developers have finished working on the PC version, …

LeEco smartphones are making their way to more US retailers

LeEco is still a relatively young brand in the United States, but that hasn’t stopped the company from expanding to as many outlets as possible to get its devices in consumer’s hands. In a blog post that LeEco published to its official website, the company outlined further plans to get its Le Pro3 and Le S3 smartphones into more brick-and-mortar and online storefronts throughout 2017.

Starting today, you can now purchase both of LeEco’s smartphones through BrandsMart USA. The phones are available online and in-store, and they feature the same pricing as they do everywhere else …