Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus are the most shipped smartphones during Q2 2017

According to fresh data from Strategy Analytics, the Apple iPhone 7 was the most popular smartphone in the world for the second quarter of 2017 followed by the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Apple shipped 16.9 million units of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 from April through June, and 15.1 million of the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus during the same time period. The two handsets had 4.7% and 4.2% of the global smartphone market respectively.

In third place was the Samsung Galaxy S8, which had 10.2 million units shipped world-wide in the period. The larger Samsung Galaxy S8+ was next as 9 million pieces of that model …

LG to enable FM radio on its smartphones sold in the United States and Canada

One of the most basic features included on mobile phones, FM Radio is rarely seen in smartphones these days, especially those sold in the United States (perhaps Canada too). For some reason, major handset makers like LG are required to disable the FM chip inside their phones before they are introduced in North America.

Well, that’s not the case anymore, as LG announced it has teamed up with TagStation, owner of the NextRadio application, to enable FM chips in all phones launched by the South Korean company.

However, LG’s decision to enable FM chips in its …

BLU smartphones are back on sale on Amazon “after a false alarm”

Earlier this week, Amazon halted sales of some BLU smartphones due to security concerns. Apparently, some of the phones launched by the US-based company were suspected of sending private user data to unknown servers in China.

Even though BLU denied security reports claiming its smartphones fail when it comes to user privacy, Amazon removed some of the company’s handsets from its store.

However, the affordable BLU smartphones that everyone loves to buy on Amazon are now back on sale. According to BLU, this was just “a false alarm,” so those who’re looking …

HoloLens founder and Windows Insider chief say smartglasses will replace smartphones

Back in June, former Wall Street analyst Gene Munster said that the AR powered  Apple Glasses, expected to be launched in 2020, will be bigger than the Apple iPhone. And that analysis is similar to forecasts made by HoloLens creator Alex Kipman, and Windows Insider Chief Dona Sarkar. Both agree with Munster that AR smartglasses could soon surpass smartphones as our main go-to technology.

Kipman, who created HoloLens, says that the smartphone is already dead and that people just don’t know it yet. The HoloLens uses a combination of real and virtual worlds to form Mixed Reality. The real …

Best unlocked smartphones under $200 (2017)

Unlike some years ago, in 2017, cheap unlocked smartphones are not at all terrible. Thus, if you don’t have more than $200 to spend, you can still find a brand new, reliable handset that runs a recent version of Android and doesn’t skimp on features seen as high-end a while back (like LTE connectivity).

If you’re looking for the best such handsets – under $200, but with decent features and performance – we have a list that should help you find what you need. 

For this article, we’ve considered only unlocked phones that are officially sold …

Asus to announce new ZenFone 4 smartphones on August 19

After unveiling the ZenFone 4 Max (which is currently available only in Russia), Asus is now getting ready to announce more ZenFone 4 handsets – possibly including a regular ZenFone 4, a ZenFone 4 Pro, a ZenFone 4 Selfie, and a ZenFone 4V.

At least some of the smartphones mentioned above will be showcased on August 19, when Asus is hosting an official ZenFone 4 event.

As seen in some previously unveiled teaser images, the ZenFone 4 series should be all about dual cameras. One of the upcoming handsets, the ZenFone 4 Pro, will likely have a dual rear camera …

Do you think smartphones with large bezels look outdated?

When it comes to smartphone screens, size certainly matters. Since about a decade ago, when the first full-touch phones started to show up, average display sizes have gone up from around 3 inches to over 5 inches. Naturally, overall phone sizes have also gone up, and while a fair share of users may still prefer compact devices, now, most of us are perfectly happy with carrying smartphones that were considered giant some years ago.

Fortunately, various manufacturers – including Samsung and LG – have found ways to pack humongous displays into bodies that are surprisingly …

Huawei leaving the low-end market, focus is on premium smartphones

Let’s face it, long gone is the time when Huawei was mostly known for its budget-friendly smartphones. The Chinese company is now world’s number 3 handset maker, and not due to mainly selling low-end smartphones.

After trying to build itself an entirely different image, one that would not be associated with cheap smartphones, Huawei has decided to drop the budget-friendly smartphone market altogether.

Richard Yu recently confirmed that the profit his company makes for selling low-end handsets is too small, which means the business model is not sustainable …

Nokia smartphones might soon come with Lumia Camera UI

Three Nokia-branded smartphones have been unleashed on the market this year, but more are expected to arrive by the end of 2017. Finnish company HMD Global successfully gained possession of many of Microsoft’s design patents after Nokia gave the former the right to use its name for any smartphones, tablets and feature phones plans to launch on the market.

Even though Microsoft still owns trademarks for PureView, ClearBlack and PureMotion technologies, no less than 500 design patents held by the Redmond-based company have been transferred to HMD Global.

These …

The Phoozy Thermal Capsule for smartphones offers protection from overheating or freezing

Usually, if you want to keep your smartphone damage-free, you go and buy one of the many protective cases that are flooding the market. But what if you need more than just protection against drops or water? Meet the Phoozy Thermal Capsule, a new accessory that can protect your handset from excessive heat and excessive cold.

Made by a US company called eXclaim IP, Phoozy may look like a shiny pouch, but it’s more than that. With a multi-layer design inspired by spacesuit technology, the Phoozy Thermal Capsule features a Chromium exterior that “reflects more than …