List of Top 10 downloaded apps in Q1 shows our supercharged smartphones are basically Facebook machines

The smartphone you are reading this on might not be the latest and greatest model. It could cost $100, or $1000 – doesn’t matter. It’s guaranteed to be at least several hundred times more powerful than the computer in the Apollo 11 that took mankind to the Moon over 40 years ago. So, how does humanity make the most of this immense computing capacity?

In SensorTower’s Top 10 most downloaded apps in Q1 for Google Play and the Apple App Store, the Facebook app is the #1 download on Android; Messenger tops iOS downloads; WhatsApp is the most popular app overall, and …

The ultimate easy-charge dock station is now on Kickstarter – available for most smartphones

AutoDock represents a thoughtful combination of simple tech that, at first sight, may make most docking stations out there useless. Nothing out there does what this dock station does. When you put your phone into the slot, little arms grab it and fix it in place. You don’t need to fumble around to match your phone to the plug at all – just put your phone in and leave it, and let the dock take hold. The idea is that you are relieved of all cable hassle, while also saving dollars on replacing flimsy charging cables. Everyone knows the pain…

Did you know: women watch more porn on their smartphones than men! (SFW)

No one’s better equipped to quantify humanity’s insatiable naughtiness than PornHub, and the website has consistently put this to its advantage with public insights into matters highly private. Apparently, 72% of worldwide traffic to PornHub comes from phones and tablets, and mobile use is much more prevalent across women. No kidding – check the graph!

With this into account, ladies are estimated to be 16% more likely to be using a smartphone to gaze at naughty pixels. This gap also increases with age. Women over 55 are almost 40% more likely to be using phones, and 66% more likely when …

Top 5 smartphones with curved screens and edgeless displays coming in 2017

With “curved screen” and “edgeless display” designs becoming distinguishing features of truly modern smartphones, odds are good that we’ll be seeing plenty of such specimens pop up throughout 2017. The technology is available, Samsung and LG’s flexible OLED screen factories are firing at full capacity, and people seem to love the sleek, futuristic look of smartphones like the Galaxy S8, the LG G6, or last year’s Xiaomi Mi Mix.

The path is clear for all manufacturers willing to update their flagship phone designs, and that’s a great thing! This year, we are very …

Moto C and Moto C Plus will be Motorola's cheapest smartphones yet

Earlier today, we saw an unannounced Motorola smartphone that’s supposed to be called Moto C. It looks like this is, indeed, the handset’s name, and, according to Venture Beat, we’re also going to get a Moto C Plus.

Reportedly, the Moto C and Moto C Plus are made for first-time smartphone users, and will be Motorola Mobility’s cheapest smartphones to date (though there’s no word on their exact prices).

Both the Moto C and Moto C Plus  run Android 7 Nougat, and sport 5-inch displays with different pixel resolutions: 854 x 480, and 1280 x 720, respectively. …

All three of Nokia's Android smartphones could be released in May, new 3310 in April

We’ve previously heard of HMD Global’s plans to release its four devices, the Nokia 3, 5, 6, and the new 3310, simultaneously across 120 markets this summer. If the latest leak we’ve come across turns out to be true, then that means we might just have found out all four of the phones’ worldwide release dates.

The news comes from Chinese-language website Vtech, and specifically concerns the devices’ release dates in Malaysia. The first released phone will reportedly be the new Nokia 3310, the refresh of the classic feature phone which inexplicably stole …

BlackBerry rolls out major update for its Android smartphones

BlackBerry recently announced a new update for all its present and upcoming Android smartphones would soon be available for download. The update is meant to improve some of the productivity features these handsets have pre-loaded inside.

The Canadian company completely overhauled the Productivity Tab’s interface so that it’s more user-friendly and easier to use. In addition, the update brings a new Quick Triage function that is meant for items in the Hub and new Quick Actions for entries in Contacts, including Phone, Text and Email.

Keep in mind that the …

Huawei blames smartphones for its slowing profit growth

In a market which values growth over market share, even just the slowdown of a company’s expansion can be somewhat bad news. Such is the case with Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications equipment and smartphone maker, whose recent successes in the mobile phone industry have apparently lowered the company’s profit growth for 2016.

This analysis comes directly from Huawei, whose chief executive stated in a press conference that the company, as well as the industry as a whole, has faced financial troubles in the past year, a fact which can be attributed …

Best smartphones you can buy right now: April 2017

With so many different (yet similar) smartphones from so many brands from across the globe, one may start feeling a bit lost. Which one of those many is the best phone you can buy right now, in spring 2017?

There is no one-size-fits-all deviceThe spring months are a great time to get a new phone, especially if it’s an Android phone: after all, we have just seen the biggest Android phone makers unveil their best new handsets. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 series and LG G6 are going on sale in late April, and they are among our top choices.

In …

Best daily tech deals (smartphones, headphones, accessories) – March 29

What’s up, bargain hunters? Today, the merciful deal gods provided five great offers you’d love to know about.

An Apple iPhone 6s, a pair of Beats headphones, and a banging 256GB SanDisk microSD cards – all well discounted – are our favorites here!
Check out the selection inside the convenient slideshow below and go party with all the cash you just saved.