Is this even possible? Nokia smartphone with penta-lens camera in the works

The only reason I’m writing about this is that if anyone would be able to pull off something like this, it would definitely be Nokia, or in this case, HMD Global. Some of you probably remember that six years ago Nokia stunned the smartphone industry with the unveiling of world’s first phone to boast an incredible 41-megapixel camera – the Nokia 808 PureView.

Well, it appears that the Finnish company (HMD Global) is now working to bring another amazing device to the market – one that would include a penta-lens camera. Basically, that’s a camera that features five lenses, something very similar …

Fun idea: this gadget can turn your smartwatch into a smartphone

Smartwatches are a neat little gizmo but are very often dependent on the smartphone that they pair with. Very few wearables out there have a SIM card slot and can be an autonomous communications device on their own, freeing you from a lumpy smartphone when out on a jogging session or hitting the gym.

Shell is a startup that wishes to change that. The flagship product — due to start Indiegogo funding near the end of January — is the Shell independent smartwatch. It’s a rather bulky timepiece that holds expandable “wings”. Stretch them out and they will act as antennas …

Get Android One launcher on any Android smartphone

The Android One program is certainly one that draws a fair bit of attention. It’s a special partnership between Google and 3rd party manufacturers, which makes it possible to sell midrange phones with vanilla Android on board, at really affordable prices. Google’s stamp of approval on them is one factor that makes them alluring, and the other is the fact that the phones are free of any custom manufacturer skinning, UI enhancement, et cetera. Basically, it’s your entry-level Pixels of the world, made by other companies.

With the love for the Google Android being so strong among fans, you …

LG changing strategy in a bid to turn smartphone fortunes around, will release new models "when it is needed"

Yesterday, we reported on LG’s apparent plans of delaying the announcement of its G7 flagship model to mid-March. Today, the Korean company revealed its intentions of changing its entire smartphone strategy in order to try and bring its mobile division back to profitability. 
Jo Seong-Jin, CEO of LG Electronics, disclosed some interesting information when speaking to Korean media at CES 2018. When asked for a potential ETA of the announcement of the G7, the chairman said that LG will unveil future handsets “when it is needed” and won’t necessarily do announcements …

ZTE to release a 5G-ready smartphone in the US by early 2019

ZTE is dead serious about its mobile business in the United States. After pledging to expand its foldable smartphone portfolio in the country, ZTE has just announced another premiere for the company.

ZTE’s chief executive officer, Lixin Cheng recently confirmed in an interview with Bloomberg that his company plans to launch a smartphone with 5G capabilities in the United States at the end of 2018 or in early 2019.

Obviously, ZTE might change these plans depending on how the 5G network coverage and equipment evolve in the coming months. ZTE’s Cheng said that …

Google buys company that uses vibrations to make sounds come from a smartphone display

Last year, on the sly, Google purchased U.K. startup Redux. This is a company that has technology that allows the display on your mobile phone to act like a speaker. With this technology in place, manufacturers can produce phones without a speaker, and use the extra internal space for larger batteries and extra components. By vibrating the screen using tiny actuators, sound is created from the display.

In addition to producing the same type of sound you would expect to hear from your phone’s speakers, the Redux technology also produces haptic feedback when the user taps on the display. The …

LG could launch an "Icon" smartphone and an "Iconic" smartwatch

Last week, we heard that LG was considering rebranding its G
series of flagship phones. However, this might not happen with this year’s
flagship, as new reports are suggesting that the handset will be called LG G7 –
just as expected, since it’s succeeding the G6 of 2017. Nevertheless, LG has already
thought about some new smartphone names, and while it may not use these anytime soon, it made sure to trademark some of


According to the database of USPTO (the United States Patent
and Trademark Office), this month, LG filed trademarks for the following
smartphone names: LG Icon, LG Aicon, …

LG had a profitable Q4 2017, but no thanks to smartphone sales

LG Electronics has recently revealed its earnings for Q4 2017. For the October-December period of last year, the estimated operating profit of the Korean company is at 366.8 billion won, which is about $343 million.
The data indicates a strong year-over-year increase, as LG recorded an operating loss of 35.2 billion won ($33million) in Q4 2016. Meanwhile, sales estimates were also up 14.8 percent over the aforementioned period. 
It’s worth noting that market analysts expected to see a stronger quarterly …

Apple will add new iPhone parental control features to tackle child smartphone addiction

Apple has vowed to introduce new parental control features to iPhones and other iOS devices. These tools will help parents control and limit phone use in order to prevent child smartphone addiction. 
Cupertino’s declaration comes as a response to a public letter published by two major shareholders who urged the tech giant to investigate the negative effects of excessive smartphone use with younger users and take direct action against it. 
An Apple spokesperson issued the following statement to Bloomberg:

We think …

Alcatel reveals its 2018 smartphone lineup, promises immersive 18:9 display experience

Alcatel can’t miss a major tech event like CES (Consumer Electronics Show), even if the smartphone brand is not quite ready to introduce new products. However, a little bit of self-promotion and sneak peeks at what’s to come doesn’t hurt.

So, until the big reveal drops at MWC (Mobile World Congress) next month, the company confirmed its 2018 smartphone lineup will be split in three series: Alcatel 5, Alcatel 3 and Alcatel 1.

Alcatel 5 series will include “affordable premium tier” smartphones, which will offer features like face unlock, 18:9 full view displays …