Canceled Microsoft Lumia 960 flagship smartphone makes appearance

It’s only been a day since news about Microsoft working on a new smartphone running a different branch of Windows Mobile made headlines, and now it looks like another device that should have been powered by the defunct Windows Phone OS appeared online.

We’re talking about the never-revealed Lumia 960, also known as Lumia “Northstar.” Photos of the devices have been leaked online directly from China. Apparently, this is a prototype unit that’s still being used by Microsoft for developing Windows 10 Mobile.

It’s unclear whether or not the smartphone would have …

Microsoft working on a new smartphone running a different version of Windows Mobile

The saying “it’s not over until the fat lady sings” might perfectly apply to Microsoft’s Windows Phone plans. Even though many believe the company is done with everything related to smartphones, it looks like things might not be as bleak.

Sales of Windows Phone handsets stopped almost completely, and the market share nosedived under 1% worldwide over the last couple few years. Microsoft did not seem interested in continuing with its smartphone business having sold its mobile division.
Well, it appears that the Redmond-based company still flirts …

Walabot is a cool gizmo that lets you see through walls with your smartphone

Ever thought about using your smartphone to see through walls? It’s possible now, thanks to a gizmo called Walabot. Designed by a company in Israel, Walabot is a 3D imaging sensor that mounts to your phone’s back panel via a magnetic attachment.

It detects pipes (metal and plastic), electrical wires, studs, and (presumably) the mummified remains of whatever poor soul was buried inside your living room’s East wall some thousand years ago. It’s both a cool “look at what my smartphone does!” showcase and a tool with practical purpose for any electrician.

Walabot is able to trace objects …

Moto G5S Plus leaked images show off the smartphone in all its glory

Two new Motorola smartphones are expected to go official in the coming weeks, the Moto G5 and Moto G5S Plus. Both belong to the mid-range category and are likely to be introduced in Latin America, at least initially.

We’ve been reporting about both Moto smartphones a couple of times, and we’ve also had a glimpse of what’s to come since pictures of them popped up online.

In fact, this is one of the reasons we know the Moto G5S Plus be released in multiple color options such as Gold, Grey, and Silver. Well, it appears that a new set of high-resolution pictures …

First Essential smartphone (developed by Andy Rubin) could be announced next week

Ex-Google chief engineer and entrepreneur Andy Rubin, seen by many as the father of Android, will soon announce a brand new high-end smartphone that’s supposed to compete with the likes of Apple iPhone and Google Pixel.

The new smartphone is developed under the umbrella of an equally new company founded by Rubin and called Essential. Today, Essential announced – via its first Tweet ever – that “something big is coming May 30th.” It’s very likely that the company will officially showcase its first handset on this date, especially since Andy Rubin already revealed …

Smartphone and TV maker LeEco lays off 325 US employees, postpones U.S. expansion plans indefinitely

Confirming the recent rumors, smartphone and TV maker LeEco has officially laid off 325 of its San Diego employees and postponed its plans for further US expansion until it’s able to secure its financial situation. In addition to many good people losing their jobs, this means no new LeEco products are to be expected within the near future.

The Chinese company made a bold entry into America, offering a big portfolio of smart products and consumer electronics. It did so quite quickly and without spending the time to know the market or build up brand awareness through well-positioned advertising. …

Making the HTC U11: from design to assembly, a smartphone is born

Today’s a very special day for HTC. Not only is the company launching its latest flagship smartphone, the new U 11, but the manufacturer is passing an important milestone, celebrating 20 years in the business. That’s brought us lots of memorable handsets like the Android-introducing HTC Dream, and the jack-of-all-trades HD2, all the way up to today’s modern portable powerhouses.

To help usher-in the era of the U 11 and its next 20 years making mobile devices, HTC invited us to Taiwan as it opened its doors to journalists for an unprecedented look at how the …

Rumors say Meizu plans to launch a bezel-less smartphone in 2018

There are tons of rumors about а possible radical redesign of Apple’s mobile phones for the eagerly expected anniversary model, speculated to be released later this year as the iPhone 8. And these expectations lead to the emergence of many full-screen, bezel-less concepts like the one we designed for you in March. But other companies could also be readying to launch similarly designed mobile devices. Recently published concept renders suggest that Meizu could be one of these companies with plans for bezel-less smartphone, but according to some of the latest rumors, the device will not arrive …

This case brings glasses-free 3D to your smartphone and tablet

Yes, you read that right – a case that brings glasses-free 3D to your smartphone or tablet. A case. One that can snap both to the back and front of your device… What? How?

The MOPIC 3D case looks simple enough — you could even mistake it a your run-of-the-mill plastic snap-on case — but it certainly isn’t one. It does work as a regular case, though, but the real magic happens when you snap it over the display. That is, you get a glasses-free 3D effect, similar to what you may have seen on the Nintendo 3DS and the LG Optimus 3D.

Now, we haven’t seen the …

Results: Do you use themes on your smartphone?

Themes are a pretty popular things nowadays — no longer for the edgy ROM-flashing, root-a-holic, or limited to custom launchers only, plenty of manufacturers officially have and support a theme store for their devices. The best thing about them is that they are open to 3rd party artists and developers, so they grow fast and have a huge collection of wallpapers, icons, and color swaps.

But then again, having too much choice is sometimes a burden, isn’t it? “This theme looks better than the last one, but lacks this and that”; “This theme would’ve been perfect if only it had x”, so on and so …