New sunglasses can record HD video, snap photos, and stream video live to social media sites

Back in September 2016, Snapchat parent Snap introduced a new product called Spectacles. Basically a cheap pair of sunglasses with an embedded video camera, the device was priced at $129.99 and recorded 10 seconds of video everytime the “record button” was tapped. A maximum of 30 seconds could be recorded and uploaded to social media. Originally sold out of a vending machine that moved from location to location, the company announced last October that in one year it had sold over 150,000 units, 50% more than expected. Once Snapchat started selling them online, sales began to tumble.

Now, …

Unlocking Your Iphone: 3 of the Top Jailbreak Software Sites

Today I’ll be reviewing my picks for the top 3 applications on the web that you can use to unlock your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Each one of these can get the job done for you, but they vary in how they go about it, and in their ease of use. With each of them, though, all that you need to do is install the app on a PC or Mac, connect the phone via USB, and hit “Go”. So if you want to crack your phone or device, don’t try to be a cowboy and go digging through the source code. That could take days. I recommend using one of these 3 jailbreak software applications. So, without further ado, here are my choice for the best packages:

1 – Auto iPhone Unlocker

This is my top pick. You’ve got to see it working to believe how easy it is. Since this is a bit of a hobby of mine, I’ve used this package personally on more than 25 iPhones and iPods for friends and clients. You download and install it, hit “Go” and then the unlock take less than 5 minutes from beginning to end. Seriously – you hit the “Go” button and then go grab yourself a soda while the app cracks your phone or MP3 player. Also importantly, the Auto iPhone Unlocker does a complete jailbreak. Some of the other packages out there do an incomplete jailbreak. I’ll break it down for you: When you do a complete jailbreak, this suggests that you can use your Apple device on carriers outside of the ones that Apple tries to force down your throat. An incomplete jailbreak, on the other hand, will let you install 3rd party apps from Cydia or elsewhere, but doesn’t touch the SIM card. The company that makes this package only take Paypal, which might be a pain for some people. But by the same token, this tells you that they’re a reputable company and not just some fly by night outfit. I also have had good experiences with their customer support team, which was a win. The cost was pretty low too. Like I said, this package is my top pick, and I give it 5 stars.

2 )iJailbreak Tool

In addition another one that I’ve used recently. Better-than-average application in general. The total hack process (following the download) was completed in around 11 minutes, which is not that bad. They also takeaccepts Paypal. My primary complaint was that the site only offers an incomplete jailbreak. This is okay if you’re unlocking device that is not Apple, or if you’re okay with using your Apple device on Sprint. The cost is a touch lower as a result, so if you simply wish to hack your device and do not really have concern about using it on some other provider, or if you’re usinga phone that is not an Apple, it can be a really great option. Similar to my #1 option, the instructions were very easy to follow.

An additional problem, however, was that they did not offer a customer support number. Only an email was given. Overall Rating: 7/10.

3. Global Unlocker for iPhone

This product was adequate, but I wasn’t hugely impressed with it. They do do a complete unlock, and they are fully above board, as opposed to some applications on the Internet. That’s about the most that I can say for the application, however. The companies says that the program will let you hack a phone in less than 5 minutes. But it took me roughly thirty minutes and 2 calls to customer support to get it done – mainly due to the fact that their instructions sucked. They were a bit more pricey than numbers 1 and 2 as well. They also have a couple upsells that they attempt to foist on you. Technical support was acceptable. They offered a phone number instead of just an email address, however, it was in India and the guy’s instructions were quite tough to understand. Overall rating 5/10.

That is all the time there is today. Stop back soon for updates!

Learn more about jailbreak software. Stop by Tristan Clark’s site where you can find out all about jailbreak software and what it can do for you.