Apple gets ready for the 2018 World Cup by prepping Siri, the App Store and more

Every four years, soccer becomes a little more popular in the U.S. thanks to the World Cup. Instead of watching tense playoff atmosphere baseball match-ups like the Reds and Marlins (that’s called sarcasm in case you’re not a sports fan), bars all over the country will have their televisions tuned to a sport that doesn’t register in the states during three out of every four years, even if the U.S. didn’t qualify this time around. With the 2018 games starting this Thursday with host country Russia taking on Saudi Arabia, Apple has infused the World Cup into Siri, the App Store, iBooks and Podcasts.
What …

Not a fan of Siri? Use Alexa on your Apple Watch thanks to a third party app

Not happy with the performance of Siri on your Apple Watch? Thanks to a third party app, you can use Amazon’s virtual personal assistant Alexa on the timepiece, but she does have limited functionality on the device. Alexa will be able to turn on/off smart appliances and answer some requests for information. Because of the closed nature of the Apple Watch, you won’t be able to make a phone call, stream music, hear flash briefings or listen to a podcast.

The app you will need to run Alexa on your Apple Watch is called Voice in a Can, and it does not require you to be …

Want a taste of iOS 12's Siri Shortcuts? Download this app

Apple introduced iOS 12 yesterday and, among the slew of new features, there was this thing called Siri Shortcuts. Basically, you can set up any sort of phrases to execute a chain of pre-set app actions on your phone. On stage, we saw the presenter speak out “I am headed home” on their iPhone, which triggered the device to send a text to their roommate as well as set the home thermostat to 70 degrees.

The automations are performed via a block-arrangement interface, which allows you to mix and match trigger actions with outputs for different results. And we thought it looked very familiar.

It’s …

Sony halts update that replaces Siri with Google Assistant on two headsets

Sony has temporarily stopped an update that was being sent to its WH-1000XM2 and WI-1000X headphones. The update, to version 2.0.0 of the headphones’ firmware, includes support for Google Assistant and the improvement of “general performance issues.” On the Sony Support website, the company wrote “We apologize for the inconvenience, but the release of this software update has been delayed. We are working on the issue and will release the update as soon as possible.”
Since both headphones didn’t come with Google Assistant out of the box, the pair do not feature dedicated …

Siri gives an R-rated definition of the word 'mother'


Welp, Siri might have some explaining to do.

Apple’s notoriously sassy assistant gives a very NSFW answer when you ask it to define the word “mother.”

First spotted by users in Reddit’s r/Apple subreddit (h/t Ars Technica), the second definition of “mother” provided by Siri is “short for motherfucker.” 

We put this to the test ourselves several times, and confirmed that Siri does indeed give the R-rated definition when prompted for a second definition.

You can see for yourself in the video below (warning, the language is, obviously, NSFW). Read more…

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Holy Motherf&*$@# Batman, Siri talks like a truck driver (VIDEO-NSFW)

Siri, Siri, Siri. What are we going to do with you? You’re beginning to act like one of those bad girls that appear on Dr. Phil’s show, ending up in some rehab in Texas. And Siri, your performance lately has been abysmal. You recently finished last in a test among your peers like Google Assistant, Cortana and Alexa. And yes, we know you’re tired of hearing about Alexa. Actually, we are surprised that you just don’t randomly say “Alexa, Alexa, Alexa” in the same manner as Jan Brady’s iconic cry, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.”

So here’s what’s up with Siri. She has a filthy XXX rated mouth. …

Apple to fix bug that allows Siri to read hidden notifications

Earlier today, we told you about the Siri-based security flaw discovered in Brazil that allows Siri to read your notifications, even if they are hidden from the lock screen. The notifications that are most vulnerable come from third party apps including Facebook and Gmail. Holding down the home button (or the side button on the Apple iPhone X) will put Siri into blabbermouth mode.

Apple does know about this issue. In fact, in a statement published today, the tech titan said, “We are aware of the issue and it will be addressed in an upcoming software update.” Apple could decide that this …

Ex-Apple employees dish out dirt on Siri; vision for the virtual assistant lost with the death of Steve Jobs

As we’ve pointed out before, Siri has been losing ground in the virtual assistant race, surpassed by Alexa and Google Assistant. Last weekend, we told you that Siri co-founder Norman Winarsky blames Apple for taking what was originally devised as a travel and entertainment concierge app, and turning it into a digital helper for all iOS users. This morning, a published report contains comments from former Apple employees commenting on Siri.

The report gives the late Steve Jobs credit for having the vision to put Siri on the iPhone. Apple purchased Siri on April 8th, 2010 for $200 million, …

Siri co-founder says Apple is asking too much of its virtual assistant

When Siri debuted on the Apple iPhone 4s back on October 14th 2011 (tap on the above video), it gave Apple a huge lead in the virtual assistant race. And while Apple has improved Siri over the subsequent seven years, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are considered the top two virtual assistants currently available. Ironically, Siri co-founder Norman Winarsky says that the problem is that Apple is asking Siri to be too many things to too many people.

According to Winarsky, before Apple bought Siri on April 8th, 2010, the plan was to use the virtual assistant as a travel and entertainment …