Shopping on Instagram feature launches in eight more countries

It’s always about the money. No matter what some young kid who dropped out of college says when he launches his new app, the goal is monetization. After all, it is what makes the world go round. And when Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion back in 2012, the big question was how would Facebook turn a profit on the acquisition? Courting advertisers was one solution, and offering subscribers a way to purchase merchandise directly from the app was another revenue producing idea.

Instagram started testing this shopping feature back in 2016. Products are tagged in photos posted on the …

The 2017 holiday shopping season brought record sales to Amazon

Many consumers feel that they get a good value by spending $99 a year for a Amazon Prime membership. With a subscription, members get same day, one day or two day delivery of certain products. Subscribers also get free access to Amazon Prime streaming video and streaming music. During one week of this year’s holiday shopping season, the company added 4 million new subscribers who signed up for a free trial or paid membership to Prime.

According to Amazon, the company set a record for holiday sales this year. Amazon sold millions more of new devices in 2017 compared to 2016’s figures. In …

Google exec hints at AR shopping, other features coming soon to Google Lens

Google Lens is still in its early stages of development, but the engineering team behind the visual analysis app seems to be on a roll teasing upcoming features. After the recent introduction of direct imports to Google Keep and OCR (optical character recognition), the next big thing coming to Lens is AR shopping.

What this entails, although details are scarce at this point, is pointing your camera at something—say, an article of clothing or whatever else—and automatically getting prices and online store links for it on your phone. The feature is already …

Second generation Amazon Echo and Echo Dot on sale again in time for holiday shopping

Miss Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on the second generation Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers? We have some great news. Amazon will once again have both units on sale for the exact same pricing it offered the two smart speakers for during the recent shopping holidays. We’ve pointed out often that smart speakers will be found under many trees and inside many wrapped boxes for Christmas and Chanukah this year. With a dedicated speaker and a virtual assistant, smart speakers can come in handy, and they make a great gift.

For example, Alexa can help Amazon …

Galaxy S9 goes shopping for a new finger scanner, lands in Taiwan

By now, it is a public secret that Samsung may be changing the placement of the rear scanner on its Galaxy S line phones next year. The current notorious spot next to the camera may give way to a more orthodox placement in the middle of the back, under the camera lens, tip sources. 

What we didn’t know, however, is that Samsung may be using an entirely new fingerprint scanner supplier, indicating a possible shift in shape, size, or abilities of the reader, too. That’s exactly what Korean media is reporting, and claims that Samsung has ordered all-new fingerprint …

What are you shopping for this Black Friday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us and we are about to be subjected to a barrage of tempting deals — half-price-off, BOGO, 2-in-1 gift sets, you name it. And since it’s easy to get lost in the jungle of lucrative offers, many go in with a pre-determined idea of what they might buy on that sacred day of capitalism.

So, we thought we’d ask you — are you looking to buy a new phone? Or some accessories like speakers, headphones, or a 360-degree camera? Or something small, like cases and pouches? Vote below!

Google Search gets redesigned with mobile shopping tools, more product information

With just a few days ahead of Black Friday, Google announced that its Search app has been redesigned to help users search for gifts while on the move. The new app features a set of shopping tools, as well as more product information available at first glance.

First off, you can now tap the “Quick View” button in the Google Shopping ad to preview details such as a larger image, product description, reviews, seller rating and so on.

Furthermore, Google announced it is now showing buying guides for broader categories. Moreover, when you search for a specific …

Back to school shopping guide 2017: best phones, tablets, smartwatches and trackers to start the new year with

Are you thrilled by the fact that school starts in just a few short weeks? Yeah, us neither. But shopping – now that’s one thing that can get most people excited. With the 2017-2018 school year approaching, the time seems right to review your school gear and check if anything needs to be added or upgraded. Below are our top recommendations for smartphones, tablets, and wearable gadgets.


Although we all want to own the latest and best device our favorite smartphone maker has to offer, these always cost a pretty penny. And since …

Amazon adds Alexa to its shopping app, rollout beginning this week

Owners of Android devices will be able to access Amazon’s smart assistant Alexa straight from the company’s shopping app. The e-commerce site recently confirmed to TechCrunch that the integration has started rolling out this week. 

Apparently, the in-app version of Alexa will be almost the same as the one found on the Amazon Echo and Dot speakers. It will be capable of updating you about weather, traffic, playing music while browsing within the app, providing factual information, and even controlling smart home appliances to a certain extent. 
While …

Amazon announces its 2017 Prime Day shopping event – 30 hours of deals in 13 countries

The previous two Prime Days have been a runaway success for Amazon, so the e-tail juggernaut just announced the third. Prime Day is quickly becoming one of the biggest shopping events of the year, and the upcoming one will be very soon, on Tuesday, July 11, with hundreds of thousands of deals exclusively for members of Amazon’s Prime club, wherever they might reside.

What’s cracking? Well, for the first time those with a Prime account will be able to access no less than 30 hours of deal shopping, starting at 6pm PT/9pm ET on Monday, July 10. The deals will …