15 Best FPS/TPS (first- and third-person shooter) games for Android, iPhone and iPad

First-person shooters are the bread and butter of gaming – this adrenaline-packed genre offers dynamic action and makes us, gamers, feel super-human for at least a while. 

And with mobile GPUs advancing in huge strides in the past couple of years, with the arrival of the new, extremely powerful GPUs like the Imagination Tech PowerVR chips in the new iPad Airs and iPhone 6s, as well as the high expectations around the powerful new Adreno 530, nothing stops console-like shooters from appearing on mobile.

Which are the best first- and third-person shooter games for Android, …

Thrilling RPG shooter game Shadowgun Legends out on Android and iOS

Madfinger Games is mostly known for the exhilarating gameplay experience their Shadowgun mobile games offer, but if you haven’t head about them perhaps it’s time to download their latest title – Shadowgun Legends.

The new game promises to offer an epic story campaign, as well as competitive and cooperative multiplayer. On top of that, Shadowgun Legends includes “an innovative social hub” where players around the globe can meet and interact.

According to developer Madfinger, the game’s story campaign should offer more than 200 missions on four different planets. But the best thing …

Shooter games that use the iPhone's 3D Touch perfectly

Apple’s pressure-sensitive technology — 3D Touch — has been around since the iPhone 6s. That’s three generations of iPhones now and you’d think that game developers would already be using it by default. Sadly, however, it’s still rare to spot a game that uses 3D Touch, especially one that makes proper use of it, enhancing the gameplay experience. Especially when we are talking about shooter games.

If you think about it, shooters on a mobile device are the genre that benefits most from 3D Touch. The user doesn’t need to lift their right thumb from the screen in order …

Disney announces new Star Wars: Rivals action shooter for Android and iOS

Disney continues to capitalize on the Star Wars franchise and what better way to keep fans entertained than another Star Wars mobile game. Lucasfilm and Disney have just announced the upcoming availability of Star Wars: Rivals, the “first real-time Star Wars competitive action shooter for mobile devices.”

The game seems to have been built on the same pay-to-win system that currently plagues Star Wars Battlefront 2 game, but if you haven’t played it yet, here’s how Star Wars: Rivals will work.

So, you can compete in PvP arenas by challenging players …

The Huawei P11 may feature a triple-lens 40MP camera setup and a 24MP selfie shooter

Ever since Huawei partnered with Leica to build the optics and camera software for the P9, the company has been paying great attention to camera quality, even when it comes to mid-range offerings from its Honor sub-brand.

A new leak suggests that Huawei may be hard at work on a beastly camera setup for the next entries in its flagship P-series. According to a promotional image allegedly made by one of Huawei’s creative agencies, the Huawei P11 may feature a 40MP Leica co-developed triple-lens camera setup with 5x hybrid zoom. Yes, three lenses on the back, …

Modern Combat Versus is out: new thrilling first-person multiplayer shooter

The new Modern Combat Versus game is out and it is all about 4v4 first-person shooter multiplayer on a mobile phone (it’s available on both iPhone and Android).
And it rocks. The game features smooth controls and offers you a choice of one of 12 agents, each with their unique set of weapons and skills.
You have 5 maps to explore and fight in, and if you are doing well, you are getting a chance to enter competitive leagues and earn rewards.
The game is free to play and you can check out the …

Gory 1997 shooter Shadow Warrior becomes another classic you can play on your Android phone

Today, games are made either by broke indie developers or studios with huge budgets whose every move is at the discretion of corporate execs. It wasn’t always like this. In the 90s and early 00s, games were developed by small teams ran on caffeine and sheer enthusiasm. And Shadow Warrior, a gory shooter from 1997 full of Hollywood samurai-isms and macho jokes, is certainly a product of its time. Well-preserved on computers and consoles, it gets to live another life on Android thanks to publisher Devolver Digital.

Wielding a pixelated katana has never been this exhilarating!Those …

Top-down shooter Zombie Gunship Survival is coming to iOS

Games that let you mow down undead hordes are nothing new. We’ve seen it all – from run-of-the-mill FPS shooters, to driving games where you run over zombies with crazy vehicles, to sandbox experiences like Dead Rising, and everything in between.

Zombie Gunship Survival is the latest corpse-killing game to hit iOS, and it is somewhat unique in its premise, in that you’re not blasting walkers on the ground, but from the cockpit of a heaily-armed AC-130 gunship!

Yes, you are way out of zombie reach and can wreak havoc using the powerful weaponry on your AC-130. …