Instagram now allows you to directly share regular feed posts to your stories

Amid the barrage of novelties that are hitting the service on a regular basis, Instagram has gained yet another useful feature just recently.

The super-popular social network has just gained the nifty ability to directly share any of your regular Instagram posts to your stories. Previously, you had to separately share your images as both a regular post and a story if you wanted to have both, but now you can simply create a regular post then share it and edit it as a story of yours.
The story editor centers your image and extracts the domineering color to create …

Microsoft to add Nearby Share support to Android and iOS platforms

It may have been an unfortunate coincidence that Microsoft and Google had their annual developer conferences almost at the same time, but each had plenty of announcements to make and some of them may have been overlooked.

One such announcement comes from Microsoft, as the Redmond-based company confirmed that the Nearby Share feature, which made its debut in the April 2018 Update for Windows 10, will be available on Android and iOS as well.

Nearby Share allows users to transfer files from one Windows 10 PC to another, as long they are connected to the same Wi-Fi or they’re connected …

Apple striking down apps that share your location with third parties

Between the Cambridge Analytica – Facebook scandal and Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation law taking effect soon, privacy is yet again a hot topic in our digital world. Apple has always been quite vocal about protecting their users’ data and it seems it’s making another sweep to enforce its rules right now.

Apparently, Cupertino is currently re-evaluating the many apps throughout the App Store that share user data. Up until this point, these were allowed as long as the user gives consent for the location to be used.

Now, Apple is one-upping the rules, saying that …

Instagram 'Music Stickers' may soon let you share tunes with your Stories

Do you remember how back in the MySpace days, you could make music automatically play on your page, often to the annoyance of its visitors? Well, something similar is apparently coming to Instagram Stories later this year, TechCrunch reports. Facebook has been experimenting with enabling users to add music to their Instagram videos, but the selection of tunes was deliberately scarce and limited to non-popular artists. However, thanks to Facebook’s numerous high-profile deals with various music publishers, such as Sony, Universal, and Warner, the feature may finally …

Report: T-Mobile-Sprint merger values Sprint at $6.10 a share; total deal worth $24 billion

Every so often, not as sporadic as the appearance of Hailey’s Comet, but not as often as a home run off the bat of Didi Gregorius, T-Mobile and Sprint engage in a mating ritual that has yet to result in an acquisition offer. Earlier this month, both sides returned to the negotiating table, and yesterday we passed along the word that things are proceeding at a rapid pace. T-Mobile and Sprint, reported Reuters, could reach an agreement as early as next week.

That news caught the attention of Wall Street traders, who love the smell of a fresh takeover in the morning. Shares of both T-Mobile …

Kanye West has finally returned to Twitter to share some more sage advice


Kanye West, the man notoriously known for too many things to list here, is finally back on Twitter.

Who knows how long this stint will last, but on April 13, the multi-hyphenate creative logged back in on everyone’s least favorite app to share his thoughts. It’s the first time we’ve had a honest-to-god Kanye tweet storm since he deleted his account in spring 2017.

While he hasn’t given us water-bottle-on-a-plane level tweets quite yet, he has dished plenty of advice for artists of any field. 

Over the weekend, Kanye shared everything from neck tattoo ideas to his thoughts on consciousness. But on Tuesday, he whipped out his counseling hat and became a makeshift creative mentor to the thousands of fans following his account.  Read more…

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Apple's new ads for the iPhone aim to increase its market share in Mexico

The latest television commercials released by Apple today, show off iPhone features like the App Store and Portrait Lighting. The new spots, posted by Apple on its Mexican YouTube channel (which explains why they are in Spanish), feature a tag line that reads “Switch to iPhone,” also written in Spanish. The spots are similar to the ones used by Apple with the “Switch to iPhone” campaign that it ran in the states last year, right down to the split screens.

The first ad compares portraits taken with “your phone” and the iPhone. Both portraits share the same background, but then we …

Google's April distribution numbers confirm Android Oreo market share is on the rise

Google has just published the official Android distribution numbers for the month of April and at first glance, it looks like Oreo doesn’t do better than Nougat did the same period last year.

There’s a major increase from February 2018 when Android Oreo market share was barely above 1%. According to the latest numbers, Oreo is now on close to 5% of the devices out there, a small number considering Android P is just around the corner.

However, it’s not unusual for a new version of Android to do so poorly in terms of market share, even after almost a year of the official announcement. …

Apple has largest wearables share as overall shipments set quarterly and annual records

Unlike the smartphone market, which has seen a decline in shipments, total deliveries in the wearables market set a quarterly record during Q4, and an annual record during 2017. According to IDC, during the fourth quarter of 2017 shipments of wearable devices rose 7.7% from 35.2 million units to a record 37.9 million. For all of 2017, a record 115.4 million wearables shipped, up a healthy 10.3% from 2016’s total of 104.6 million units delivered.

IDC’s data shows that for the first time ever, the Apple Watch was the wearables leader during the quarter. Led by the Series 3 Cellular model, …

Google app for Android will soon add new features to edit and share screenshots

The upcoming version of the Google app for Android comes with a tool that will allow users to share and edit screenshots. Currently in beta, version 7.21 of the Google app features a toggle switch in the Accounts & privacy menu called “Edit and share screenshots.” When enabled, taking a screenshot in the Google app will allow a preview to appear on the screen. At the same time, users will have the option to share the screenshot as is, or edit it.

Selecting edit will open up a simple editor that allows the user to crop the screenshot, and draw doodles on it. There are seven colors that …