Room service! Samsung's Gear S3 to replace hotel staff walkie-talkies

While they started as an afterthought, with abysmal battery life, clunky interfaces, and few compelling features that would force you to grab one more thing that has to be charged overnight, smartwaches are getting more versatile by the day, and sales of the Apple Watch or the Samsung Gear S3 are cases in point.

The Gear S3, in particular, is having a brand new application in the works, in real-life working environment at that – hotel chains. In partnership with hotel operations platform ALICE, Samsung will be placing Gear S3 units on all housekeeping wrists in the Viceroy …

Pinstriped is a service that's built to make meetings more productive — and it's on sale


It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone finds long meetings absolutely abhorrent. A supposedly brief meeting that has been stretched on for hours because your co-workers can’t stop babbling? That’s basically the bane of everyone’s existence.

An easy solution? Pinstriped Premium.

Designed to keep your meetings on course, Pinstriped helps you completely streamline the entire process. It lets you create a structured and timed agenda, and organize content in talking points, files, and links — all of which you can send to involved parties, so everyone comes to the meeting well-prepared. Should you agree upon decisions and action items while the meeting is ongoing, you can easily add them in the same file. And when the meeting has adjourned, you already have a readymade follow-up email you can send to everyone with just a single click. Read more…

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Deal: Get $150 service credit on Project Fi when you buy the Pixel 2 XL

Google is running another deal on the Pixel 2 XL, which requires customers to activate the smartphone on Project Fi. It’s the same offer that was available for everyone two months ago but lasted just one day.

The new deal runs from today and through July 7 and offers customers who purchase the Pixel 2 XL $150 service credit. The only conditions are to activate the smartphone on Project Fi within 30 days of shipment and remain active for 30 consecutive days within two months of shipment.

Basically, the deal will drop the Pixel 2 XL price to $699 (64GB model) and $799 (128GB model), …

BBM DiscoverTV service goes live in 28 markets, including the UK and US

BlackBerry has just announced that its DiscoverTV service for BBM is now available in 28 more countries. Originally introduced in South Africa back in 2017, DiscoverTV allows users to watch 15 channels dedicated to games, food, animals, kids, sports, music and travel.

According to BlackBerry, the service was so successful in South Africa that the company has decided to roll out DiscoverTV to an additional 28 markets globally: Bahrain, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, …

NYT: Data sharing service helps law enforcement track any cellphone in seconds

A company called Securus Technologies provides prisoners in jails and prisons with phone service, and also monitors those calls. It also sells its services to law enforcement. So how does that affect you? According to a report in the New York Times, an ex-sheriff in Mississippi County, Mo. used Securus to track cellphones belonging to those not incarcerated, including those belonging to his officers. And he was able to do this legally, without having to obtain any warrants. 
Charges have been filed in both state and federal court against the former sheriff, Cory Hutcheson. The …

Time travelers have been invited to Stephen Hawking's memorial service


A thousand people have been invited to attend a June memorial service for theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, whose ashes will forever be interred next to Sir Isaac Newton’s in the halls of the 11th century Westminster Abbey church.

And travelers from the future, it seems, are permitted to attend.

Anyone over 12 can sign up for the event  on a public ballot put out by The Stephen Hawking Foundation, though only 1,000 will be selected. 

To complete the registration, one must include their birthday, and London travel blogger IanVisits noticed that you can be born over two decades into the future, through December 31, 2018, and still apply. Read more…

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Apple sends document to authorized service providers telling them how to deal with Face ID issues

Apple has reportedly sent a document to authorized service providers outlining what they should do when an iPhone X owner has issues with Face ID. The first step that Apple recommends is a diagnostic test to see if there is a problem with the rear camera on the device. Wait! We know exactly what you’re thinking; doesn’t Face ID have to do with sensors found on the front-facing TrueDepth Camera? And you’d be exactly right. However, there does appear to be some connection between a rear camera failure on the tenth anniversary model, and the failure of Face ID to work correctly. Why the rear …

Instagram quietly rolls out in-app payments for service booking

Instagram has quietly rolled out in-app payments feature to some users, though its still in testing stages, TechCrunch reports. The new feature allows users to a credit or debit card and book restaurants and salons through a limited number of third-party services. All of this happens in the app, without users ever having to leave.

This could provide another avenue for monetization, as the feature is expected to expand and include many other services, such as flight and movie ticket booking. An Instagram spokesperson has confirmed for TechCrunch that native …

While under oath, AT&T's CEO reveals $15/month TV streaming service for mobile devices

Plenty of strange things have been revealed by people testifying under oath. But what came out of Randall Stephenson’s testimony yesterday might have been a first. The CEO of AT&T, while on the witness stand and under oath in a courtroom, revealed a new AT&T streaming service called AT&T Watch. Designed for those who like to watch streaming television on their mobile devices, this will be a low-cost service priced at $15/month. Unlike the carrier’s DirecTV Now streaming app, which is priced at $35/month, AT&T Watch will not carry any sporting events in order to keep the price down.

Stephenson …

Amazon reportedly working on a new mobile-focused streaming service

Amazon may be working on a new streaming service with a focus on mobile, a recent trademark application and job ad by the company reveal.

As reported earlier this week by Variety, Amazon has applied for a trademark for Amazon Fuse last month, with the application describing ti as a service “related to the transmission of entertainment services, including audio and video content, over the internet and mobile networks.”
More information about Fuse is revealed in a recent Amazon job ad:
“Amazon Fuse …