Dear Microsoft, your Samsung Galaxy S8 prices make no sense

If you want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+, whatever you do, don’t go to Microsoft for this. That’s because the prices that Microsoft is currently asking for Samsung’s ex flagship smartphones make no sense at all.
Microsoft is selling the unlocked Galaxy S8 for $724.99, and the unlocked Galaxy S8+ for $824.99. Meanwhile, the brand new (and obviously superior) Galaxy S9 is five bucks cheaper than the S8, being offered by Microsoft for $719.99 unlocked, while the larger Galaxy S9+ is priced at $839.99. For a limited time, Microsoft …

HTC U11 Plus to be water-resistant, Edge Sense and Boom Sound also on board

In the last several days, we’ve heard a lot about the
unannounced HTC U11 Plus, a new smartphone that will likely be officially
unveiled on November 2 (possibly marketed as U11+). In addition to what we
already knew about the HTC U11 Plus, we’re now hearing that the handset will be
dust- and water-resistant, thanks to an IP68-certified body. The info was shared
today on Twitter by Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), who is almost always right when
it comes to leaks.   


With an IP68 certification, the U11 Plus will be more
water-resistant than the already launched HTC U11 (IP67). …

Next HTC Sense Home update to bring new Pixel Launcher style app drawer

Although HTC doesn’t own a smartphone business any longer, the Taiwanese company will still launch another flagship by the end of the year. Google acquired HTC’s workforce, which includes almost 2,000 engineers, earlier this week, in an attempt to turn its Pixel phones into a much more competitive lineup.

Regardless of that, HTC will continue to support its newest smartphones with updates whenever needed. In fact, a new report claims the Taiwanese company plans to release a new Sense Home update, which will include some major changes.

One of the many improvements included, the app …

Beta app update brings customizable per-app actions to HTC U11's squeezable Edge Sense

Hey, got an HTC U11? If so, then you’ll likely be delighted to know that HTC is finally opening up the slightly-gimmicky Edge Sense feature to owners of the U11. In case you haven’t used this feature, physically squeezing the frame of the device allows you to quickly launch the camera app, squeeze to take a screenshot, toggle the flashlight, or open the app of your choice.
Thanks to a recent beta update to the Edge Sense app that manages the squeezy feature, owners of the HTC U11 are allowed to customize it to their heartfelt content. Users are now allowed …

How turn on (and make sense of) the LG V30's Quad DAC

The LG V30 may be quite a departure from its predecessors (where’s my ticker screen?), but that doesn’t mean LG’s abandoned all of its more interesting ideas.

Take, for example, the Quad DAC — it’s a feature the masses will most probably never pay much attention to (or even know is there), but can be a godsend to those of us who have been burned by other phones’ poor audio quality. And thankfully, LG has once again included the feature in its V-series flagship — but this time it’s even better.
Unfortunately, this also …

The iPhone 8 image stars in a McDonald’s promo, 'hamburger menu' makes sense now

McDonald’s just leaked the iPhone 8 in a promotional E-Mail to customers #Apple #iPhone #iPhone8 #McDonalds— Marc (@mschwind200) August 17, 2017

Ok, now this is getting out of hand – not only hasn’t the eventual OLED iPhone 8 been announced yet, but we haven’t even seen a glimpse of its production version outside of concept image renders, dummies and admittedly elaborate prototypes. 

That, however, didn’t preclude none other than the McDonald’s brand to already start using the alleged shape and form of the “all-screen” …

HTC video shows how to setup Edge Sense on the HTC U11

The HTC U11, the manufacturer’s current flagship phone, has a new feature that makes it easy to open an app or snap a photograph by simply squeezing the sides of the handset. If you’re a daily Phone Arena reader, you know that this is called Edge Sense. Today, HTC released a video that shows how easy it is to set up Edge Sense. First, you need to select the “squeeze force level,” which is the amount of squeezing that is required to set off the feature. HTC recommends that you squeeze as hard as you can when setting this level. After all, setting this too low will result in many accidental …

Video from HTC previews some new Edge Sense features

A video released today by HTC reveals some upcoming new capabilities for the Edge Sense feature on the HTC U11. By squeezing both sides of the flagship handset, you can have the phone respond in certain ways. Certain apps can be opened, and photos taken. Based on the new features seen on the video, activating Edge Sense will allow you to zoom in on Google Maps. A similar function will be available for Google Photos. Squeeze in to zoom in on a picture, and squeeze again to return it to the original size.

The new Edge Sense features even extend to the HTC Calendar. While the latter …

Scott Forstall on skeuomorphism: infused in Apple's design sense by Steve Jobs since the original Mac

Scott Forstall answers about skeuomorphic design at the 2:04:11 mark.
Scott Forstall was clearly an important and controversial figure at Apple. Head of iOS software, he had a close relationship with Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, but not long after Jobs’ passing, Forstall left the company amidst the disappointing launch of Apple Maps.
We have not heard an official explanation about the reasons behind him leaving Apple, but chances are that he was forced to leave as he had disagreements with Tim Cook and refused to sign an apology …

HTC U 11 video leak shows off Edge Sense in action, and more

A video leaked out this afternoon from an unknown third party that shows how the Edge Sense feature will work on the HTC U 11. The phone is expected to be unveiled by the manufacturer tomorrow, and the video has already been removed by YouTube. However, it has been posted on another site. The video reveals some of the functions of Edge Sense, a new feature that opens some applications when the bottom sides of the unit are squeezed together. Edge Sense gives the phone’s user the ability to snap a picture by using Edge Sense like a shutter button.

Squeezing in the sides also opens …