HTC video shows how to setup Edge Sense on the HTC U11

The HTC U11, the manufacturer’s current flagship phone, has a new feature that makes it easy to open an app or snap a photograph by simply squeezing the sides of the handset. If you’re a daily Phone Arena reader, you know that this is called Edge Sense. Today, HTC released a video that shows how easy it is to set up Edge Sense. First, you need to select the “squeeze force level,” which is the amount of squeezing that is required to set off the feature. HTC recommends that you squeeze as hard as you can when setting this level. After all, setting this too low will result in many accidental …

Video from HTC previews some new Edge Sense features

A video released today by HTC reveals some upcoming new capabilities for the Edge Sense feature on the HTC U11. By squeezing both sides of the flagship handset, you can have the phone respond in certain ways. Certain apps can be opened, and photos taken. Based on the new features seen on the video, activating Edge Sense will allow you to zoom in on Google Maps. A similar function will be available for Google Photos. Squeeze in to zoom in on a picture, and squeeze again to return it to the original size.

The new Edge Sense features even extend to the HTC Calendar. While the latter …

Scott Forstall on skeuomorphism: infused in Apple's design sense by Steve Jobs since the original Mac

Scott Forstall answers about skeuomorphic design at the 2:04:11 mark.
Scott Forstall was clearly an important and controversial figure at Apple. Head of iOS software, he had a close relationship with Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, but not long after Jobs’ passing, Forstall left the company amidst the disappointing launch of Apple Maps.
We have not heard an official explanation about the reasons behind him leaving Apple, but chances are that he was forced to leave as he had disagreements with Tim Cook and refused to sign an apology …

HTC U 11 video leak shows off Edge Sense in action, and more

A video leaked out this afternoon from an unknown third party that shows how the Edge Sense feature will work on the HTC U 11. The phone is expected to be unveiled by the manufacturer tomorrow, and the video has already been removed by YouTube. However, it has been posted on another site. The video reveals some of the functions of Edge Sense, a new feature that opens some applications when the bottom sides of the unit are squeezed together. Edge Sense gives the phone’s user the ability to snap a picture by using Edge Sense like a shutter button.

Squeezing in the sides also opens …

HTC U 11 will have an Edge Sense app to teach you how to squeeze

HTC’s next flagship smartphone, the HTC U 11, will come with a brand new feature called Edge Sense – utilizing the handset’s pressure-sensitive frame/bezel. Yesterday, an official HTC Edge Sense app briefly showed up on Google Play Store, inadvertently confirming the feature’s existence.

While HTC pulled the app from Google Play, we can still see some screenshots of it. 

Since Edge Sense is a new feature, its dedicated app will first take you through a short tutorial to “test your squeeze force.” It looks like you’ll be able to squeeze the frame of the U 11 and get …

Rumor: HTC U is the manufacturer's next flagship phone; 5.5-inch screen, SD-835, Sense 9

According to reliable tipster Evan Blass, HTC’s next flagship phone will be the HTC U. It makes sense (no pun intended). If the 5.7-inch model is the HTC U Ultra, the regular flagship version is going to be the HTC U. This will be the third phone in the “U” series after taking the HTC U Play into account. Blass says that the HTC U will feature a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1440 x 2560, and will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 chipset.

The device will be packed with Edge Sense, which allows users to customize gestures (like swiping or pinching) along the left and right edge of …

It makes no sense for Apple to switch its iPhones away from Lightning to USB-C

Apple is said to be planning some big changes to the upcoming iPhone 8. By now, it’s clear that the period of three years of unchanged iPhone design is coming to an end this year and Apple will introduce a radical new look for its new iPhone. A recent report by the usually very reliable Wall Street Journal and its customary ‘people familar with the matter’ unveils some welcome details around all that, but it also suggests an unexpected and surprising move: Apple switching away from the Lightning port that the company introduced with the iPhone 5 nearly five …

Reasons Why Buying A Blackberry Makes More Sense Than A Iphone

iPhones without a doubt get the most media coverage of all the latest generation ‘smartphones’ but that doesn’t mean it’s better than the rest. This article looks at the iphone’s main competitor the Blackberry and discusses why it’s a better phone.

1. Security – The Blackberry is the most secure phone on the market and the iphone cannot compete. There have been numerous successful attempts to hack into its systems and this has caused iphone users all over the world to lose numerous files and data.

Security has never been a problem with the Blackberry and it’s used by some of the top politicians around the world including Barack Obama. This tells its own story.

2. Typing – The Blackberry benefits from a full QWERTY keyboard which makes it very easy to type at a decent rate. The iphone has a touch screen keyboard which for people with large fingers or for those who are quite clumsy makes typing very hard.

3. Network Providers – Unlike the iphone, the Blackberry is available on every network and this competition has led to downward pressure on price. The iphone is only available on a selection of networks so prices have remained high. If you get poor signal where you live on one of the only networks to do iphones you can’t really get one!

4. Picture Messages – Not a lot of people know this but iphones cannot actually send picture messages. Apple obviously deemed it unnecessary which seems like a big oversight to me. It is possible to send pictures via email but it’s impossible to send to someone who doesn’t have a smartphone.

5. Emails – The ability to send and receive emails messages on the move is one of the greats technological advancements brought to us by the smartphone. Blackberry have perfected this process and integrated email seamlessly into the phone’s menu and alerts systems. The integration between an iphone and an email account is more clunky and can be a cumbersome process.

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