User spots OnePlus 3T sending their clipboard data to servers in China

OnePlus gets in hot water every now and again over privacy concerns, and now, there’s another little controversy brewing. A keen OnePlus 3T user who happened to be monitoring the traffic that goes in and out of their network noticed something weird when they updated to the latest beta build for their device. Apparently, the handset was sending clipboard information directly to AliBaba Group servers.

So, basically, anything you hit “copy” on — web addresses, contacts, photos, etc. — can be sent over to AliBaba, which is one of the biggest e-commerce sites to come out of China.

OnePlus …

China reportedly prevents WhatsApp users from sending images and videos

Facebook’s WhatsApp could easily go as one of the last of the mohicans in China, a country where messaging services that don’t abide by the government’s restrictive cybersecurity laws have been blocked partially or entirely.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp seems to be the last victim of China’s “Great Firewall,” the country’s intricate system of internet filters and controls. NYT reports China has disrupted WhatsApp services in the country, as many users say they are now unable to send videos and images through the messaging app.

Some can’t even send text-based messages, which suggests the …

Tim Cook says he knows who's sending out Trump's 3AM tweets


President Donald Trump’s tweets are finding their way into everything nowadays … even Tim Cook’s commencement speech at MIT. 

The Apple CEO took a swipe at Trump’s infamous Twitter habits Friday, just a few hours after the president’s latest rant about former FBI director James Comey. Cook’s joke at the president came while he was referencing MIT’s tradition of jokes and hacks (like putting a propellor beanie on top of the Great Dome). 

Another great prank he says they’ve pulled off?

Hacking Trump’s twitter.  Read more…

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Audi is sending a Quattro rover to the moon for the Google Lunar XPrize

Google is funding a $30 million new-age space race, a competition to see who can be the first to put a rover on the moon and cover 500 meters across the lunar surface, all while beaming back high-definition footage to Earth. A series of independent teams around the world are competing, and Audi just got in the game in a big way. The car manufacturer announced Thursday that is has signed on with the German team Part Time Scientists.


We visited Part Time Scientists last year to check out an earlier version of their four-wheel-drive rover as it motored across a simulated lunar environment, testing to ensure the rover’s optical systems would work in the harsh conditions on the moon.

The rover shall henceforth be known as the Audi Lunar Quattro. It certainly fulfills the naming criteria, with four-wheel independent drive, and I’d say the brushed aluminum finish fits quite neatly within the Audi aesthetic, too.

Audi said in a press release Thursday it is supporting the Part Time Scientists with its knowledge in several tech fields, “from quattro all-wheel drive and lightweight construction to electric mobility and piloted driving.” In addition to know-how, Audi will hopefully give the team the funding it needs to get their rover up where it belongs.

Audi and Part Time Scientists hope to launch to the moon in 2017. But, with two other GLXP teams, Astrobotic and Hakuto, planning to make their launch in 2016, Audi may be entering the race a little bit late. Regardless of who gets there first, we all win.

Audi and Part Time Scientists hope to launch the rover to the moon in 2017.