Microsoft starts selling Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8+ online

Microsoft had been selling the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ at its brick and mortar stores since their launch, but they weren’t available online until recently. Starting this week, customers who prefer to shop online will be able to purchase Samsung’s flagship’s via Microsoft Store Online.

The unlocked versions of both Samsung smartphones are now available at Microsoft Store, as well as AT&T and Verizon models. The former sell for $725 and $825 respectively, while the Verizon models cost $720 and $840.

Consumers who favor AT&T over Verizon will have …

Huawei could start selling its own "Made for Huawei" accessories

Undoubtedly, Huawei is one of the biggest smartphone makers in the world, as the Chinese company sells millions of handsets every year. To increase the margin profit of its products, Huawei has decided to start developing some components in-house. Huawei’s Kirin chipsets are inside most of its flagships, but lately, they have been embedded in some of the company’s mid-range smartphones.

It looks like the next step for Huawei would start making accessories for its smartphones. Well, we could say the Chinese company might be tempted to follow in Apple’s footsteps …

Best Buy stops selling overpriced iPhone X units after customer backlash

Best Buy announced last week that it will sell the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus devices at a higher price, but didn’t exactly specify why. Customers who would buy either the three Apple smartphones mentioned would be charged an extra $100 when paying the full price upfront.

Well, that’s not the case anymore since Best Buy announced that it had to halt the sales of iPhone X and iPhone 8 after customers complained about the $100 premium charge. However, the US retailers continue to sell Apple’s iPhones, but only via carrier installment plans.

In a short …

LG continues to lose money selling smartphones

LG has reported its third quarter earnings, and for the three month period that covers July through September, the mobile division took a loss of $331.17 million. With red ink staring it in the face, the manufacturer focused on the 8% gain year-over-year in mobile revenue, and the 4% revenue gain from this year’s second quarter. The loss was actually 13% smaller than last year’s red ink. In South Korea, third quarter smartphone shipments were up 44% from the 2016 total. In the states, shipments of intelligent handsets rose 9% year-over-year.

Make no mistake about it though; times are tough …

Apple iPhone 6s/6s Plus is selling more than the Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus

Just a week ago, we told you that a survey conducted by KeyBanc Capital Markets revealed that the 2016 Apple iPhone 7 was outselling the brand new Apple iPhone 8. So while we have had a week to digest that, get ready for another shocker. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has released data showing that 2015’s Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are outselling the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The survey was conducted among 500 consumers who have purchased an Apple device.

According to the CIRP, the Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus accounted for 16% of all iPhone sales during the last quarter. …

Apple plans on selling lower priced models with iPhone X features in 2018?

According to a report published in China today, Apple will be using some of the technology found in this year’s Apple iPhone X on next year’s models that are rumored to have code names of Lisbon and Hangzhou. The report says that Apple is concerned about its market share in China, and believes that by offering many iPhone X features in a lower priced phone, it can help it recapture market share in the country.

Another website in Japan, Macotakara, expects the lower-end model would get a 10,000 yen ($90 USD) hair cut from this year’s pricing. Next year’s phones are all expected to include …

Qualcomm sues to block Apple from selling the iPhone in China

As we’ve written a number of times, Qualcomm is embroiled in a number of lawsuits involving Apple. Apple has accused Qualcomm of failing to pay it $1 billion in rebates that it says it is owed. Apple also has asked iPhone and iPad manufacturers not to pay royalties to Qualcomm for failing to offer its standard essential patents in a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory manner.

Late last month, Qualcomm filed a suit in Beijing intellectual property court claiming that Apple infringed on its patents. The chip maker is asking for an injunction that would prevent the company from selling …

Republic Wireless starts selling the Moto E4 Plus for just $199

One and a half months ago, Republic Wireless announced it will start selling Lenovo’s budget-friendly Moto E4. Today, the MVNO confirmed it will carry the improved version, the Moto E4 Plus.

Customers will now be able to purchase the Moto E4 Plus at Republic Wireless for just $199, or as low as $12 a month with financing from Affirm. That’s almost double the price of the Moto E4, which went on sale at the MVNO for $99, but the price went up to $129 after the promotional offer ended.

But there won’t be any promotional offers for the Moto E4 Plus, but the price …

Analysts: Galaxy S8 may be selling slower than the S7 before it

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 landed with the most radical design overhaul in the history of the Galaxy S series, a top-shelf camera, and numerous other enticements, but this may have not been enough for users to switch their current handsets. A new report cites Korean analysts from The Bell, who claim that the S8 actually sells slower than the Galaxy S7 before it.
The numbers they’ve come up with, however, are a bit conflicting. In the first three weeks after launch, Samsung reported that it has shipped 10 million of the new handsets, while the Bell’s numbers are 9.8 million …

Nokia 6 is already selling like hotcakes on Amazon

It’s been less than 24 hours since Nokia 6 went on sale in the United States and the smartphone has already become the best-selling handset on Amazon. HMD’s Nokia 6 is followed closely by Lenovo’s Moto E4 and, surprisingly, Alcatel A30.

Nokia 6 is available for purchase on Amazon for $229.99, but Prime members can get it for just $179. It’s also worth noting that the US retailer is selling the dual-SIM version of the Nokia 6, which will only work on GSM networks used by AT&T and T-Mobile.

Keep in mind that if you decide to go for the Prime Exclusive variant, …