iPhone X pushes average selling price of smartphones up even further in Q1 2018

The average selling price of smartphones grew significantly in Q1 2018. Despite a number of reports claiming that demand for premium smartphones was on the decline, a new report by German research group Gfk reveals a significant increase in average selling prices (ASPs) across the globe.

According to the report, the ASP of smartphones across the globe is now heading towards the $400 mark, with Q1 2018 seeing an average price of $374, representing a huge increase of 21% over the first quarter of 2017 when the global ASP sat at $310. Although this growth in pricing is represented as an industry …

OnePlus 6 to be unveiled on May 17, launch event tickets start selling on April 27 (UPDATED)

UPDATE: OnePlus has just announced its new flagship smartphone will be introduced in Europe on May 16. The launch event will take place in London, UK, and if you want to attend, you can now buy tickets for prices between £16 and £30. The OnePlus 6 launch event will be livestreamed as well.

Reports about OnePlus 6’s unveiling have been a little bit confusing, but that’s probably because the Chinese handset maker plans to have more than just one launch event. Our previous report claimed the OnePlus 6 will be unveiled on May 18 and that doesn’t seem far from the truth.

However, …

Samsung may start selling custom phone cases through its theme store

Taking a page from Google’s book with Pixel Live Cases, Samsung is reportedly planning on allowing users to purchase custom phone cases through the Samsung Theme Store app. Earlier reports about Samsung’s intentions have now been confirmed by the folks over at XDA, who tore down the latest version of the Samsung Theme Store app in search of clues regarding custom cases.

It is currently unclear as to how much freedom users will have in designing cases—if any at all—or weather the design and manufacturing processes will be reserved for Samsung and affiliate theme-makers entirely, …

How to get the most bang for the buck when selling your old phone

Whenever it’s time to buy a new phone, the experience is akin to a kid being inside of a candy store. You’re itching to scope out all the shiny new phones that are out on the shelves, just waiting to gobble one of them up and paying for it before it’s officially yours. Naturally, most people are going be feeling super elated by this experience, mainly because of the prospect of having a brand spanking new phone in your possession!

However, you then reach back into your pocket, only to realize that you’re still in possession of your old phone. Some people will choose to hold onto …

Best Buy to stop selling Huawei phones in the U.S.

We already know that Verizon and AT&T were told by the U.S. government not to offer the Huawei Mate 10 Pro to its customers. There are fears that Huawei’s handsets (and its network equipment) contain a direct line to government servers located in China. Just yesterday, we told you that three former security chiefs in Canada are warning the Trudeau administration that they need to cut all ties with Huawei.

Today, Best Buy joined the parade. The big box retailer decided not to replenish inventory for the Mate 10 Pro in the states, and over the next few weeks it will stop selling Huawei …

T-Mobile starts selling the Moto E4 for $175 outright

One of the affordable Android smartphones launched last year in the US, the Moto E4 is now available from T-Mobile. Of course, the cheap handset is already up for sale at MetroPCS where customers can get it for just $60 after various discounts.

However, T-Mobile sells the Moto E4 for $175 outright or $7 down and $7 per month for 24 months. The smartphone comes with support for 4G LTE bands 1/2/4/5/7/8/12, but it’s also fully compatible with the carrier’s HD Voice and VoLTE.

As far as specs go, the Moto E4 is far from being impressive, but it definitely does its job for the price …

Amazon to reportedly stop selling Google's smart home products


It’s last call for Google’s Nest users to buy their products on Amazon. 

Amazon reportedly reportedly let Google know in a phone call late last year that it wouldn’t be listing any of the company’s newer Nest smart home products. In response, Nest will stop selling its products through Amazon.

If Amazon’s move sounds like a thinly-veiled plan to give Alexa the smart home edge, it likely is. The online retail giant didn’t come here to make friends.

According to Business Insider, Nest was expecting something to this effect, especially since the company was reabsorbed by Google in February. A “person familiar with Nest’s thinking” effectively told BI that the Amazon product listings had to be all or nothing; if the company wasn’t going to sell the latest products, it wouldn’t be allowed to sell any. Read more…

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Funny: Microsoft is now selling more Android phones than Windows ones

While casually browsing Microsoft’s official website to see if there’s anything new with the company, we noticed something funny (though also kind of sad): Microsoft’s online store is now home to more Android phones than Windows-based ones. 
Here’s what Android smartphones you can currently buy from Microsoft in the US: Samsung Galaxy S8 (seen above), Samsung Galaxy S8+, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and the interesting Razer Phone. When it comes to Windows smartphones, only two models remain available: HP Elite x3, and Alcatel Idol 4S (both originally released in late …

Chinese national living in U.S. pleads guilty to selling $1.1 million of fake iPhone and iPad units

Jianhua “Jeff” Li, a 43-year old Chinese national who was living in the U.S. on a student visa, pleaded guilty yesterday in U.S. District Court in New Jersey over charges related to a criminal operation. The illegal scheme sold $1.1 million of fake Apple iPhone and iPad devices in the states. Li admitted to one count of conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods and labels, and to smuggle goods into the United States, and to one count of trafficking in counterfeit goods. He will be sentenced on May 30th.

Li and his associates smuggled 40,000 electronic devices and accessories into the U.S. …

Samsung to start selling Exynos chipsets to other smartphone companies

Apparently, Samsung wants a piece of the chipset market share, as the South Korean company plans to expand production of its Exynos CPUs and find buyers for them among smartphone vendors.

At the moment, Samsung is only fourth place in terms of smartphone chipset market share, as Qualcomm is in leading position followed by Apple and MediaTek. According to industry sources, Samsung plans to sell mostly chipsets for mid-range smartphones in an attempt to take on MediaTek. If Samsung’s plans turn out to be successful, MediaTek may have a tough 2018.

Moreover, analysts say Samsung is …