Apple adds 'News' section to its TV app

Back in September, alongside the unveiling of the Apple TV 4K, the company also showed a demo featuring the new ‘Sports’ and ‘News’ sections of its TV app for iOS and tvOS. The ‘Sports’ section got released back in November with the iOS and tvOS 11.2 releases, and today we’ve finally got the ‘News’ section.

The newly added ‘News’ section, which you can access in the ‘Watch Now’ tab of the TV app, allows you to watch live news from a couple of partner networks. The current list of networks includes CBS News, Bloomberg, Fox News, CNN, Cheddar, and CNBC. Worth noting is that the …

Facebook is testing a new section to emphasize local news

Recently, social media has been heavily criticized for being a real catalyst for the way “fake news” spreads. Why? Well, a lot of news outlets — reputable or not — will have a big, eye-catching title, and will often be shared through social media channels by thousands of people who don’t read the actual articles. This issue has been a hot topic ever since the 2016 US presidential elections and Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been on a personal mission to end “fake news” sharing over his platform since.

The initiative is called the Facebook Journalism …

Apple replaces free App of the Week with a new section, "This Weekend Only"

You might remember when every weekend we would tell you the current “Free App of the Week.” Since the launch of iOS 11, the gang in Cupertino did away with the weekly freebie. To replace it, a new section called This Weekend Only debuts. Every week, Apple will reveal an app that offers a special deal or discount on anything “from apparel to food delivery, hotel reservations to movie tickets.”

To get to This Weekend Only, open the App Store on your iOS flavored device and head to “Today.” There, you will look for “Introducing: This Weekend Only.”

As we said, the apps listed in this …

Google Play scores curated lists via Editors' Choice section

Google has just announced that the Editors’ Choice section in the Google Play Store has been improved to provide Android users with much better content. Starting today, you will find only curated content in the Editors’ Choice section so that you can pinpoint those high-quality apps and games that suit your taste.

Editors’ Choice helps you explore different game genres and app categories with reviews on each theme, such as fitness, selling & buying goods, epic role-playing games (RPGs) and top racing games.