Microsoft overhauls navigation, conversations and search in Outlook for Android and iOS

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft is constantly improving its services due to the fierce competition with other giants in the smartphone industry. Although the company gave up its hardware business, Microsoft still has a lot of apps on just about all mobile platforms.

Outlook is one of those apps that provide one of the most valuable services for consumers and businesses: email. The latest version of Outlook promises to reshape the way users navigate, chat and search within the application.

The Redmond-based company has just announced that it launched a new Outlook …

Microsoft completely redesigns Bing for Android, adds many search improvements

Bing Search for Android devices has less than 5 million downloads in the Google Play Store, which isn’t much for a Microsoft app. Even so, the Redmond-based company has decided to lure more users to its search app by giving it a new look and adding new and improved features.

According to Microsoft, the new design of the app will allow users to search better with a simplified experience and refreshed color. Also, users will now get rich and clear results with enhanced restaurant reviews, songs, and more.

But there’s more, as developers announced that Bing …

Kayak's emoji search function brings the speed and fun of texting to travel


Travel should be fun, not a hellish slog through dystopian security checkpoints and zombie-service employees with penal institution levels of charm. 

That’s why Kayak’s decision to add a bit of whimsy into the travel process by adding an emoji search function is more than welcome. 

If you’re not emoji fluent, this is the perfect excuse to step up your emoji game and learn about some of the more obscure symbols hiding in your texting arsenal. 

The function doesn’t work for all cities yet, but the first cities included are New York (🗽), Tokyo (🍣  sushi!), Chicago (🐇  O’Hare Airport), Dublin, Ireland (☘️ ), Las Vegas (slots! 🎰 ), Easter Island (🗿 ), Amsterdam (🚨 red light, get it?), Los Angeles, San Francisco (📱 yep, that’s a smartphone), and Toronto (🍁 ).  Read more…

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EU is about to slap Google with €1+ billion fine for abusing search practices

In the next few weeks, the EU is expected to come out with a decision on an investigation probing Google’s business practices, and the tech giant is facing a fine that may exceed €1 billion euro, according to Financial Times’ sources familiar with the matter. The European Commission and Google have not commented yet, but if the information is correct, it may be an indicator that a multi-year antitrust case is coming to a closure.

The European Commission accuses Google of abusing its dominant position in the European search engine market. The service in sight is …

Chrome 60 beta for Android brings new search widget, lots of API improvements

The newest stable version of Chrome for Android dropped in the Google Play last week, so it makes sense for Google to start working on the next iteration.

Chrome 60 is now available for download in the beta channel and brings lots of new features and improvements into the mix. The most important seems to be the addition of a new search widget that includes a shortcut allowing users to search Chrome using their voice.

Google has also improved the way the browser loads fonts on different websites. Usually, Chrome delays rendering text until the used font is available, which means that …

App Store search no longer shows 32-bit apps; 64-bits only with iOS 11?

Just like the gentle nudge you do to your friend when you want him to see the guy holding the Samsung Galaxy S8 next to you, Apple has been trying to get app developers to pay attention to its desires, Apple wants these code monkeys to write using 64-bit code only. The last gentle reminder was a comment from Apple that future versions of iOS wouldn’t support 32-bit apps. But the time has come for Apple to give developers a more heavy-handed reminder.

So if you’re Apple, the best way to get developers to remember anything is to hit them where it hurts the most, which is in their wallets. …

Google Search adds new tab to personalize search results

Do a Google Search from the browser on your mobile device or desktop computer, and you will find a new Personal tab that will comb through Google Photos, Calendar and Gmail to show personal results related to your search topic. Google already did this to some degree. Search for “Dogs” and pictures of your lovable pets that were sitting in Google Photos could appear. But this wouldn’t show up every time you conducted a search.

But now, when you want to see what shows up on a Google Search under your own Google Photos, Calendar and Gmail accounts, click on the More option found in the menu …

Android O settings search gets a makeover, much more useful now

You can now get more context when you search in the settings menu in Android O. The new settings search option returns more context as it shows you what each result relates to and it also recognizes apps, so that you can type things like ‘Facebook’ to go directly to the app settings. 
Earlier, you needed to go into the apps menu and find the particular app to see its settings, while this new search option is much faster and more convenient.
Another neat option that has been added with the latest Android O and …

Google Search gets new “Events” feature on iOS devices

Google is improving Search app on iOS with a new view and some additional filters that allow users to fine-tune their search for events and activities.

The new feature is available on the Google app and mobile web in the United States, so don’t try to use it in other countries. It’s called Events, and it will bring up a compact summary of activities from sites from across the web like Eventbrite and Meetup whenever you do a search using Google’s app.

For example, let’s say you search for “jazz concerts in Austin,” or “art events this weekend,” Google Search will now show …

Arrow Launcher gets Android for Work apps support, improved search function

Microsoft recently released a new beta version of its Arrow Launcher for Android devices, which brings a couple of new features and improvements on board. The most important one seems to be Android for Work apps support, which is not yet available to those who use the stable version of Arrow Launcher.

If you participate in the beta program, then you can definitely try Android for Work apps support, as well as the new features implemented by the developers in the latest update.

So, in the latest version of Arrow Launcher beta, users can create app shortcuts. …