Google is developing 'Stories' to make web search results fancier

Not so long ago, Google introduced its AMP project – a website technology aimed at reducing loading times on mobile. Whether you know it or not, you’ve surely landed on AMP-optimized web pages, which are indicated by a small lightning icon next to the search result link. 
Today, Google announced a new extension to the AMP project, and any active social network user would find its approach very, very familiar.

The AMP extension in question is simply called Stories. These are essentially news-related visual experiences meant to be displayed in the Google …

New mobile browser Cake offers pre-loaded search results; app is available for iOS and Android now

A new mobile browser with a unique method for reading search results has launched today. With the Cake Browser, instead of scrolling through a list of links, users swipe through search results as web pages. This is done “by suppressing the search index and immediately pre-loading search results so users can quickly swipe through content.” The mobile browser is free (although ads are included), and can be downloaded right now from the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store.

There is more to Cake than fast, swipeable search results. We noticed that our site rendered rather quickly, and …

Microsoft updates Bing Search for Android with improved browser experience, more

It’s true that Bing Rewards is not available worldwide, the consumers in the United States can take advantage of the only service that rewards them for their curiosity. Bing Search for Android has just been updated and if you’re wondering what new features Microsoft has added, keep reading.

Google is probably the search engine market share worldwide, but Bing Search is still being used in the US. Microsoft fans will be pleased to know Bing has just received an improved browser experience on Android, including video, image tab and the ability to find text in page.

Also, the latest …

Bing for Android updated with new home page, revamped voice search, more

From time to time, Microsoft redesigns its Bing mobile app or adds important new features and improvements. The latest update brings a little bit of both, so expect some visual changes, but also some new features and under the hood enhancements.

The most important addition to Bing for Android is the new home page, which offers easy access to voice, camera and user’s feed. According to Microsoft, thanks to extensive improvements made to the app, over time, the new feed will learn what you like to read.

Also, Bing users will now have the option to explicitly …

Truecaller for Android updated with better search experience, improved spam detection

Truecaller, the popular Android dialer has just received a small update that brings a couple of improvements and fixes. With 250 million users, Truecaller helps users block spam and telemarketing calls, but also allows them to share their location with their friends.

According to developers, among the most important changes included in the update, there’s the better search experience with more numbers searchable, as well as improved spam detection with more numbers.

Also, Truecaller has just gained significant improvements in blocking to avoid ringing before …

Nobody likes what Google did with the search bar on the Pixel Launcher

A recent change to the dock searchbox of the Pixel launcher has left users scratching their heads over Google’s reasoning. The widget now features a text stating that it can be used to “Search apps and web..” or simply “Search..”, as if you’ve forgotten what search boxes do.
Well, we haven’t.
Just as you might imagine, this otherwise minor change has been the cause of tons of backlash that’s aimed at Google itself. Sure, such a tooltip is a rather harmless addition to the stock Pixel Launcher that will be helpful to the …

Google Play Store starts suggesting 'free' and 'premium' search filters for some users

image source: Android Police

Some Android users are reporting seeing ‘free’ and ‘premium’ suggestion tags when searching for something on the Google Play Store. Strangely enough, however, these seem to not act as proper filters that would divide paid and free offerings, but rather like tags or keywords to further specify your search, Android Police reports.

A limited number of users have been seeing similar tags since the beginning of 2017, but the feature is now seemingly rolling out on a wider scale. Unfortunately, as of yet at least, …

Google improves on three features making it faster and easier to get answers to your search query

Google has been quietly improving its Search app by working on three different features that make it easier to learn about the topics that you have an interest in learning more about. For example, when you ask Google to search out information on a very specific topic, the results sometimes come in the form of a Featured Snippet. Using algorithms, these are “quick, relevant” answers to your search query that you would find on the web. Google has started adding more images and related searches dealing with your search. Let’s say you searched for Baby Spider Monkey. With the improved Featured Snippet, …

Google Search adds support for audiobooks

Audiobooks are great for the person who loves to read, but can’t seem to find enough time in his/her busy day to actually pick up a book. So during the morning and evening commute, you can slip in the CD or tape and use your car’s entertainment center to “read” a book. So let’s say you’ve been listening to Donald J. Trump narrating the Harry Potter series and you’re up to “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” but you can’t seem to find this audiobook anywhere.

Now, you can conduct a Google Search and find out where you can pick up that special audiobook you’ve been looking for. A …

Bing! Microsoft's search app for the iPhone gets an updated home page

Shh. Listen carefully. Bing! There it is. That sound that you just imagined in your head is telling you that the Bing search app for the iPhone has been updated. And this new version (v.6.20) brings with it a redesigned home page that includes a custom news feed in the bottom half of the page. This feature will remember what kind of stories you like to read over time. Tapping on the “…” icon allows you to dislike a particular story or the source it came from. In addition, the new home page allows users to quickly access camera and voice search. The latter has also been re-designed to make it …