Apple iPhone SE 2 rumored to feature glass back for wireless charging capabilities

A new report published today says that the Apple iPhone SE 2, the rumored sequel to the iPhone SE, will come with some new features. The model is said to include a glass back so that it can offer optional wireless charging to users of the device. This would allow the lower priced model to join the three 2017 iPhone units, all of which have glass backs and support wireless charging.

On China’s weibo messaging board, someone posted an image that claims to show several back panels belonging to the iPhone SE 2. Also in that picture, you can see a document that refers to the back panels as being …

Apple gets warrant to turn over files inside Texas church shooter's iPhone SE

Back near the beginning of the month, Apple reportedly spoke with the FBI about unlocking the iPhone that belonged to Texas church shooter Devin Patrick Kelley. As we told you back on November 8th, Apple told the FBI that after the shooter had died of a self-inflicted gunshot, the law enforcement agency could have still used the fingers from his hands to activate Touch ID and open the phone.

Today, Texas authorities served Apple with a search warrant, seeking information on the files inside Kelley’s phones. The iPhone was discovered on Kelley after the gunman was killed with his own weapon. …

Deal: Grab the iPhone SE 32GB with AT&T prepaid service for just $149.99

The small iPhone SE is very popular among Apple fans, which is why the Redmond-based company was convinced to launch a sequel in the coming months, or so the rumors say.

The 4-inch iPhone has been available in the United States for quite some time across many carriers and retailers. Currently, the smartphone sells for $200-$250, even lower if manage to strike a good deal.

Speaking of deals, Best Buy has a promotional offer for the iPhone SE 32GB, thus enabling customers to purchase it for just $149.99. However, the retailer only offers the AT&T version …

Next-generation iPhone SE now expected to arrive in Q1 2018, India will get it first

iPhone SE had an unexpected success among Apple fans mainly due to the lower price compared to other iPhones, but also for retaining the traditional smaller display. Unsurprisingly, an updated iPhone SE is expected to be launched by Apple in the coming months.

Unfortunately, fans of the iconic device waiting to be able to buy the phone this year might be disappointed to hear the next-generation iPhone SE won’t be coming anytime soon. Although a report last month claimed Apple could introduce a new iPhone SE model as early as August, new information surfaced recently …

Did you love the iPhone SE? Well, sorry, it won't be refreshed, analyst says

The iPhone SE was an odd cookie of a smartphone —in a time when everyone was looking to make 5.5-inch flagships, Apple actually stopped for a second, looked back and said “Hey, guys, there are people back there who don’t want to upgrade to a bigger smartphone… let’s make a handset for them!”. And that’s how the legend of the SE starts. It was a smartphone with the exact physical proportions of the iPhone 5s, but chock-full with Apple’s latest hardware on board, giving it a nice camera upgrade and the ability to use Apple Pay.

Sure, the SE is not in some sort of super demand, but its sales …

Deal: Grab a brand new iPhone SE for only $200 at Best Buy!

ProductLocationCurrent PriceOffer ExpiresiPhone SE 32GB,
SilverBest Buy$199.99 ($399.00)
50% offN/A
Deal alert! Best Buy is currently selling the 32GB version of the iPhone SE at $200. For comparison, the unlocked version of the handset is going for $399 at Apple’s official store, so a 50% discount is something that you might want to consider. 
It is worth mentioning that this handset is labeled as “Verizon Prepaid”, but according to the many comments, the units are actually carrier unlocked. This means that …

Results: would you like to see a new iPhone SE?

Well, WWDC’s opening keynote is behind us and, just as we suspected, the iPhone SE line didn’t see a refresh. While this doesn’t mean that the device is dead for sure, the industry’s love for larger displays makes the SE’s future much more ambiguous. Especially with today’s tech being able to cram huge screens into relatively tiny bodies, we can’t be 100% certain that we will see another incarnation of Apple’s super-pocketable handset in the future.

But then again, the iPhone SE was sort of designed for the slow upgraders — the people who don’t mind sticking with older tech as long as it’s …

T-Mobile takes $100 off the price of iPhone 7 256 GB, offers free iPhone SE (in certain conditions)

If you need to purchase one or more new iPhones from T-Mobile, you may want to do it now, as the Uncarrier has a couple of attractive deals for you.

For a limited time, T-Mobile lets you buy an iPhone 7 256 GB for the price of a 128 GB model. More exactly, instead of paying $849.99 for the iPhone 7 256 GB, you’ll only pay $749.99 (or $125.99 upfront, and $26.00 per month for 24 months) – this means you’ll be saving $100. Unfortunately, the offer only includes the 4.7-inch iPhone 7, so it excludes the larger iPhone 7 Plus.

The second deal that you can currently …

Memorial Day deal: save $200 on the iPhone SE (Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint variants)

Best Buy is currently selling select iPhone SE models for $200 off – as long as you’re purchasing them on monthly payments on AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon. Unfortunately, the deal does not include the new iPhone SE 32 GB and iPhone SE 128 GB models (released by in March), so the discounted prices are valid only for the iPhone SE 16 GB and iPhone SE 64 GB variants.

Here’s exactly what iPhone SE models you can get for a total of $200 off:

AT&T iPhone SE 16 GB – $4.99 per month (instead of $11.67) for 30 monthsAT&T iPhone SE 64 GB – $6.66 per month …

Supposed iPhone SE (2017) leak shows off Ion-X glass rear shell

A newly leaked photo, depicting what could be the back of a next-gen iPhone SE, started making rounds online, offering some interesting, albeit unverified, tidbits of information regarding a supposed new “special edition” iPhone.

Originating from Chinese microblogging website and smartphone leak heaven Weibo, the photo shows four glass back panels, each with two vertically aligned cutouts (one for a camera lens, the other – for an LED flash module) placed on top of some paperwork.

If the leak is legitimate, it could mean that Apple has decided to ditch the …