Apple receives patent to protect iPhone users' eyes from bright screens in dark rooms

Apple has received a patent that could help prevent iPhone users from suffering “luminescence shock.” This can happen when a handset is turned on in the dark and the display immediately is too bright for the surroundings. After a few seconds, the screen finds a more appropriate setting and tones down the brightness. But the user’s eyes have already been “shocked” by the bright display. Apple’s new patent, called “Luminescence Shock Avoidance in Display Devices,” would have an iPhone limit the brightness level of its screen when the device is activated in a dark environment.

How is this done? …

LG's patent for a foldable phone shows device has two screens, batteries and headphone jacks

Back in 2016, LG filed a patent for a phone that not only is equipped with two screens, but also comes with a pair of batteries and two headphone jacks. The patent was filed on September 28, 2016 and published today, thanks to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The patent is titled “Mobile Terminal,” and both screens are curved allowing the side of the phone to display the date and time, temperature, and other notifications.

The images that accompany the filing show hinges at the top and bottom of the device which allow the two individual screens to open and combine to …

Results: curved screens are getting annoying

Samsung’s curved edge displays are an impressive technological feat and do look cool. Well, they looked cool and fresh a couple of years ago, now — they are the signature appearance of a Sammy flagship, with its novelty slightly worn off.

While they allow for razor-thin bezels and futuristic looks, they also make it a bit more awkward to hold and use the phone, with accidental touches and thin frames that don’t provide much of a grip.

We wondered — are we over the curvy screens? Especially since Samsung has removed flat-screened variants for its top-tier devices and everyone that …

Alcatel's 5 new budget phones: 18:9 screens, special camera features, face unlock, Android Go

Alcatel has always been committed to offering devices that give users more for their money. TCL Communication — Alcatel’s parent company — will usually have an “affordable flagship” in their lineup, followed by a few midrangers and an entry-level device that are easy on the pocket but try to offer more than what you would expect.

So, MWC 2018 is here, and Alcatel is ready with its new portfolio. Aside from the flagship Alcatel 5, it includes an entry-level phone and three distinct midrangers. Let’s take a closer look at them!

Alcatel 5
The super-affordable flagship, …

Lackluster iPhone X sales bad news for Samsung, iPhone Xs Plus may use LG OLED screens

Rumors that this quarter may see a precipitous drop in iPhone X shipments, after the initial adoption ran its course, are starting to pile up from multiple analyst and supply chain sources. The latest installment in the iPhone-X-doesn’t-sell-well saga comes in the form of a report that Samsung has cut its OLED production significantly, and put the brakes on building a new display plant.

As we know, Samsung is currently the sole supplier of the iPhone X’s 5.8″ flexible OLED panels, at $70 a pop, and has been hoping to capitalize on Apple’s new OLED models coming this year, too. …

Results: extra-tall screens are well-accepted by the community

Last year was marked by the introduction of a new display aspect ratio in the smartphone world — 18:9 (or even taller, up to 19.5:9). Mixing thin bezels with elongated displays resulted in futuristic-looking phones that deliver web content with more immersion than we thought we could get up until now. But it also introduces weird letterboxing, notches, and the removal of front-mounted home buttons or fingerprint scanners.

Some people aren’t exactly happy with the new tech, others welcome it. We thought we’d ask — how many of you firmly intend on sticking with 16:9 for as long as possible? …

Affordable phones in 2018 could have high-resolution, Quad HD screens

Qualcomm is allegedly working on a new chip for mid-range phones in 2018, the Snapdragon 670, that will high-resolution Quad HD displays and dual cameras on phones that do not cost a fortune. The information comes from German blogger Roland Quandt, who has been able to source some very accurate information in the past.
The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 that is under development is said to come to replace the current Snapdragon 660. The Snapdragon 660 was what powers a lot of very popular devices in Asia – the Oppo R11 and R11s series, a few …

A new polymer is the latest discovery leading toward self-healing phone screens

A new study published by Science discusses a new hard, glass-like polymer that can actually heal itself by applying a bit of hand pressure. Polymers with the ability to self heal usually require heat in the neighborhood of 120 degrees Celsius (248 degrees Fahrenheit) to do the job. This discovery could make its way to our favorite topic of discussion, smartphones, as broken screens could end up healing themselves.

This isn’t the first time that a material with the potential to replace handset screens was discovered with self-healing properties. Back in March, chemists at the University …

Latest YouTube update brings pinch-to-zoom to phones with 18:9 screens

After scoring pinch-to-zoom support on iOS 11, the Android version of the official YouTube app is getting the same treatment in its latest update. Owners of smartphones with 18:9 (and similar) will now have the option to choose between regular letterboxed mode for 16:9 content, or simply pinch with two fingers to make the video fill the entirety of the display.
Since most of the video content on YouTube is still in the standard 16:9 aspect ratio, and will likely stay that way for the foreseeable future, the pinch-to-zoom gesture is a welcome …

Rubbing it in: Amidst Pixel 2 XL screen troubles, Samsung outs commercial about its "amazing" screens

It’s not a good time to be the display guy over at the Google Pixel team: the company just launched its most expensive and highest profile phone ever, the Google Pixel 2 XL, but it suffers from some bad viewing angles and ghosting problems that might just ruin a lot of its appeal.
How is Samsung doing, you ask? Well, it just released a commercial that rubs it in: basically, it’s a compilation of various reviewers waxing poetical about the amazing screen on the Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S8+.
Samsung is in fact the leader …