Deal: 6-inch screen, 21.5MP camera. The Sony Xperia XA Ultra is now up for $199, save 20%

ProductLocationCurrent PriceOffer ExpiresSony Xperia XA Ultra, 16GB, USA unlocked, Black/Lime GoldB&H$199.99 ($250.00)
20% offN/A


Looking to buy a nice, big phablet that won’t put your budget in disarray? If the answer is “yes”, then you might want to check B&H’s latest offer for the Sony Xperia XA Ultra. 
You can currently nab the XA Ultra in Black or Lime Gold for $200, a discount of 20% compared to its recently reduced MSRP. For two Benjamins, you get a phone with a sizeable 6-inch screen, …

Results: what Screen mode (color setting) do you have your Galaxy set to?

Sammy’s phones have pretty much become synonymous with that super-punchy Super AMOLED panel, which the manufacturer has been working on for years now. And yeah, while there are those who love the searing reds, cold blues, and cold whites, there are also quite a lot of users who prefer a more subdued look on their display, with more natural colors to it. Thankfully, Samsung has acknowledged this and has created a few different color modes for their users. Love super-punchy colors and cold whites? Go for Cinema mode. Love natural colors and a warm display? Choose …

How to make use of OnePlus 5's nifty screen gestures

With all the customization options present on the OnePlus 5, it will really be a shame not to make use of all the neat software goodies that OnePlus has plastered all over its latest phone.
One of the most useful, yet often overlooked features you can make use of on your OnePlus 5, are the on-board gestures functionalities. Yeah, it’s not a groundbreaking featurette but new adopters of the OnePlus 5 should absolutely know about.
So, how do you enable and manage these neat little features, and more importantly, should you? We think …

Samsung users, what Screen mode (color setting) do you have your Galaxy set to?

Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays have long been hailed as some of the best on the market. Over the years, Sammy kept working on the quality of their image reproduction and colors. And, due to the nature of an AMOLED screen, it was able to also include a bunch of different so-called Screen modes to cater to all kinds of tastes. Love super-punchy colors and cold whites? Go for Cinema mode. Love natural colors and a warm display? Choose the lauded Basic mode. Want to display to auto-adjust itself, based on what you are looking at? Use Adaptive display!

And it seems …

The Meizu Pro 7's secondary screen can be a viewfinder for rear camera selfies

Yet another batch of leaked Meizu Pro 7 material surfaced online, straight out of China where the smartphone is being primed for a launch sometime soon. From the leaked photo, we are able to discern that the Pro 7’s main point of interest – the full-color secondary display on its back panel – can be used as a viewfinder! It’s positioned as to let you take a high-res selfie using the smartphone’s dual camera setup.

Granted, not the most revolutionary thing to grace smartphones since machine learning, but at least it seems practical! Besides, that second screen is also good for …

We have what could be an iPhone 8 screen protector: let's analyze it!

Normally we wouldn’t dedicate an article to something as trivial as a smartphone screen protector, but this one is worth covering. Not because it is super-tough or anything. It’s because the accessory is said to be made for one of the next iPhone models. The accent here is on “said to be” since we have no way of confirming the claim’s authenticity. On the other hand, the protector’s design does line up with what iPhone rumors have been pointing at, which makes it worth investigating.
So here’s what we think we know about Apple’s iPhone plans so far. …

New BlackBerry KEYone models with an improved screen adhesive are arriving at retailers and carriers

Last month, we told you that the display on several BlackBerry KEYone units were popping off the phone on impact. At first, it was believed that the screens did not have any adhesive on them to keep them in place. However, BlackBerry Mobile did say that it used adhesive, but obviously one that was not strong enough to do its job. The company said that it would find a better adhesive for use on newly produced units. And that was the last we heard about the matter until now.

Yesterday, on its @BBMobile Twitter page, BlackBerry Mobile left a link to a posting made by a member of the BlackBerry …

Moto G5S Plus confirmed to get metal body, dual camera, bigger screen

Reporting for VentureBeat, seasoned smartphone leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) published a marketing image for the upcoming Moto G5S Plus. This is a “special edition” variant of the Moto G5 Plus from earlier this year. The reported changes can be summed as cosmetic – the phone is now made of aluminum – and technological.
A dual camera (two 13MP sensors, one color, and one monochromatic) has been added, the front camera has been upgraded to 8MP (from 5MP), and the display has been enlarged to 5.5 inches by diagonal. The smartphone also grows slightly bigger …

Even more Meizu Pro 7 leaked images show what playing Pac Man on its secondary screen looks like

The Meizu Pro 7 has been leaking a lot over the past few weeks, in a somewhat finished state. This must mean that the smartphone is nearing release, which is good news for fans of the Chinese brand – or anyone with a liking for unorthodox smartphones.

With its full-color secondary display, the Pro 7 is going to be notably different from other handsets coming out this year. It’s also going to try and make another case for the practical usefulness of secondary screens on smartphones with big and informative enough displays already.

We certainly …

Report: LG V30 might not feature secondary display, concept could be replicated on new OLED screen

With the LG G6, LG made a statement. It no longer wants to be Gyro Gearloose of the smartphone industry, pushing bold innovation that no one outside its focus groups asked for. LG cleaned house, stripped away all the complexity, and introduced one of 2017’s most understated – and all-around pleasant – premium phones. It was a solid strategy, even though displays of clever engineering, such as the LG G5’s removable battery, will be missed by those able to appreciate them.

According to a “trusted source” as cited by the ever diligent XDA Developers, the same revision …