Alleged iPhone 8 logic board schematics leaks out, here's what it's telling us

Once the iPhone 8 rumor floodgates get open, there’s no stopping the leaks that follow.

The last major leak is a full-blown schematic that shows us the logic board of the anticipated handset. Here it is in its full glory:

Doesn’t reveal much, right? Well, with our knowledge of the iPhone 7’s logic board in mind, we can easily identify some intriguing hardware tidbits.
As we’ve neatly marked-up, some of the modules on the leaked logic board correspond to hardware modules on the iPhone 7 and are …

"Final" schematics leak for Apple iPhone 7s Plus and Apple iPhone 8

So much focus has been put on the 10th anniversary Apple iPhone model that has been dubbed the iPhone 8, that not much has been said about the two other units that will accompany the premium handset. Today, two schematics have surfaced that are reportedly the final drawings for the Apple iPhone 7s Plus and the Apple iPhone 8. These diagrams are believed to be employed in the production of the two phones.

Starting with the Apple iPhone 8, the dimensions are 143.4 x 70.77 x 7.51 mm not including the dual-camera bump on the rear. As we’ve seen with other images, the iPhone 8 will feature an …

Apple iPhone 8 schematics and molds appear in leaked photos

An image found on weibo claims to show the latest schematics for the Apple iPhone 8. The 10th anniversary edition of Apple’s smartphone once again appears with a vertically placed dual-camera setup on back. A couple of other pictures reveal what looks to be a pair of molds used in the production of parts for the device. The molds appear to be made in conjunction with the schematics. If you look closely, you can see the housing for the vertical dual camera setup on the mold used to produce the back half of the phone.

There has been talk about a delay as long as two months for the iPhone 8. …

3D model made from iPhone 8's schematics leak reveals rear placement possible for Touch ID

The other day, we showed you an image that allegedly revealed the final schematics for the 10th anniversary iPhone model that could be called the Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone X, or the iPhone edition. That was followed by another leak of iPhone 8 schematics, this time covering the rear of the phone. With a vertically placed dual camera setup on back, and a rear-facing Touch ID button, the design is said to be one of several that Apple is considering for the anniversary edition of the handset.

Today, a photograph discovered on Chinese micro-blogging site …

Supposed iPhone 8 schematics reveal an LG G6-like device

Ever since the original iPhone from 10 years ago, Apple’s smartphones have had what we could call a signature design trait: large bezels (and, subsequently, unimpressive screen-to-body ratios). But this will probably change come September, when an iPhone 8 is expected to be unveiled, sporting a near-bezel-less 5.8-inch OLED display.

While we already tried to envision what the iPhone 8 could look like, we obviously can’t be sure of anything until Apple officially announces the device. Nevertheless, a recently leaked image (coming from China, and seen above) allegedly …

Alleged Note 8 specs and schematics tip 6.4" 4K display, 6GB RAM, mysterious perforations


With the Galaxy S8 and S8+ already behind us, we can safely turn our prophetic gaze into the future, namely the Galaxy Note 8. We kid, but there have been so many leaks and tips about the upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship that there’s barely a thing we still don’t know or suspect with а good degree of certainty. The Note 8, however, is a totally different matter, as we only have the immortal words of Samsung’s DJ Koh: “I will bring back a better, safer and very innovative Note 8,” uttered way back in January.
While we already speculated a bit over what the “innovative” …