What's really romantic is saving money. Here are the best Valentine's Day gifts for under $20.


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We’re sure you’ve been bombarded with Valentine’s Day gift guides full of suggestions more expensive than your next electric bill. Whether you went a little overboard in December and are trying to save some cash or just lost it all on Bitcoin, don’t freak: We’ve got some ideas.

Check out some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts under $20, for those who are romancing on a budget this Valentine’s Day. Read more…

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Spring ahead; Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday morning in the U.S.

The annual ritual in the U.S. known as Daylight Saving Time begins at 2am tomorrow (Sunday) morning. Exactly five years ago today, iOS processed the change in time incorrectly. Instead of moving the clock ahead one hour, the clock on the iPhone was pushed back an hour by mistake. Which meant that anyone relying on their iPhone to arrive somewhere on time, showed up two hours late.

The year before, those who set recurring alarms on their iPhone in Australia failed to rise and shine as the switch to Daylight Saving Time deactivated all the alarms. In 2012, Siri screwed things up by giving …

A Few Tips On Saving Your Battery Life

Android phone hardware are getting more and more powerful. Now we get over 2G frequency cpu, over 400M frequency GPU. Here comes the most important, larger screen. For example, Samsung Galaxy SIII has a huge 4.8′ screen, not to mention note II’s incredible 5.5 display. However we have to charge our battery once everyday with the development of the hardware until we see some breakthrough in battery technology.


It’s more important to learn how to save battery life before we could see any significant increase in mobile battery capacity. Here are a few tips on saving your battery life,

1. Reduce display brightness. Turn down the brightness is up till now the most effective way to save your battery life. If you go see your battery usage, screen always eats the most battery, this is very true if you have a large screen. If you reduce the display brightness by 30% or 50%, the battery life will be drastically prolonged. For instance, my phone has a 4.7′ display, and I set the brightness from 40% to 20% and I can use my phone for another day (from 24 hours to 48 hours or more).

2. Turn off auto sync. Auto sync is the essential feature of modern Smartphone, and it drains your battery quickly too. If you have to sync your phone book, or picture or anything else, do it yourself. Do not let auto sync stays on. Besides, it helps save your data.

3. Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS until you need to use them. We generally do not use Bluetooth or GPS, so it’s strongly recommended to disable them.

4. Turn off your cell phone during the night while you sleep. It will reserve some battery power for you, but if you have emergency calls at night, this might not be applicable.

5. Disable vibration, keypad sound and backlight. While some prefer vibration and need backlight to read, but these features requires much battery power to work, if your disable them, your battery will surely last longer.

6. Reduce the apps running in the background (you need to root your phone to do this). Unnecessary features like camera and mobile internet are those features will tremendously consume your battery power. If you have a task killer installed, you will be able to see how many apps are running in the background for no purpose. So I would like advice you delete those unnecessary auto-start entries, remove those unnecessary apps or system services. Always remember to backup first.

7. Use WiFi instead of 3G to access the internet. 3G consumes more power than WiFi. So if you have access to WiFi network, just disable 3G.

8. Set your network mode correctly. If you have a 3G cell phone, you have three options: Dual mode, UMTS and GSM (depending on the cell phone you have), if you are using 3G or 2G, select the mode accordingly, never select dual mode. Because every time you turn of your cell phone or lost signal, it has to search for the network and this process consumes battery power a lot.

9. Please send your suggestions and I will list them here. The list goes on…