OnePlus 5T Sandstone White: hands-on

The OnePlus 5T is one of the best phones you can buy, a $500 phone with flagship-grade performance and nice extras like ultra fast face unlock feature and Dash Charge, a fast-charging technology that works its magic even when you are using your phone.
The OnePlus 5T, however, is only available in one color: a very good-looking “Midnight Black” with a matte look to it, but… it’s just one color option. These days, OnePlus offered a limited edition version of the 5T in a fancy new “Sandstone White”, a whimsical combination of a white back, …

Sandstone OnePlus 5T gets a heartfelt teaser

Remember those rumors about a sandstone version of the OnePlus 5T? Well, they are 100% accurate, as OnePlus has just published a teaser that basically confirms the new device.

That unique texture that customers could enjoy when buying a sandstone smartphone seems to be very popular among OnePlus fans. To emphasize the passion built around this particular version of its products, OnePlus released a hearty teaser that reproduces some of the most endearing statements about the sandstone texture.

As expected, many customers bought their first OnePlus smartphone …

Is a Sandstone OnePlus 5T coming on January 5?

A few days ago we mentioned that OnePlus could be prepping a snazzy Sandstone finish version of its recent OnePlus 5T flagship and it could be due out January 5.

This got revealed a while ago thanks to a Weibo post which features a promotional poster stating that “The classic returns”, followed by a stylized schematic of Shi, one of the Chinese hieroglyphs for the ilk of “stone”. 
Furthermore, the dirty white color of the teaser itself could be a dead giveaway for the color of this intriguing finish, though that’s a bit of a stretch.
As …

A new OnePlus 5T (sandstone version?) might be released next month

Yesterday, OnePlus posted a teaser video featuring people
reacting to a mysterious product hidden inside a box. As you can see in the
video – embedded above – most people seem to like the texture of the product,
and some say it’s reminiscent of the sandstone variants of the OnePlus One and
OnePlus 2.


In case you didn’t know, unlike OnePlus’ newer smartphones, the
OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 did not have metal backs. On the sandstone versions of these two handsets,
the back had the texture of real sandstone, with a grippy, distinct feel. So
we’re thinking that OnePlus may have been working …