WWDC 2018 could be held June 4th-8th in San Jose

Apple has yet to announce the date and location of its annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) event. However, Apple has a habit of sticking with a venue once it finds one it likes. For example, between 2003 and 2016 Apple held the event at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Last year, WWDC was held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, and a person familiar with Apple’s plans says that it will be held at the same location this year.

Apple has held WWDC  in June for many years, and a look at the McEnery Convention Center’s calendar for the month reveals that it has the …

Thieves stole more than 300 iPhone X from San Francisco Apple Store

Thieves stole more than 300 iPhone X units from a UPS truck delivering them to an Apple Store in San Francisco.
Three men wearing hoodies drove a white Dodge and broke inside a UPS truck parked outside the Stonestown San Francisco Apple Store around 11:30am on Thursday, stealing a total of 313 iPhone X worth more than $370,000. The men escaped and have not yet been caught, but the SFPD is on the case.
What’s interesting is that all the iPhones were diligently cataloged, each with a description and a serial number, …

San Marino set to launch Europe’s first 5G mobile network by the end of 2018

Earlier this year, the 5G New Radio (5G NG) conglomerate of twenty-something companies announced that the global switch to 5G would happen sooner than initially projected, as the super-fast mobile networks could become available as early as 2019, instead of 2020.

However, the government of the tiny country of San Marino has allegedly signed an agreement with Telecom Italia that aims to facilitate a nation-wide switch to 5G from 4G, by the end of 2018. This means that San Marino could become the first country in Europe to offer 5G connectivity, allowing for up to 10 times …

This free service puts all artworks at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art right in your phone

If you are an art fan or just looking to waste some time on your mobile, doing something that is a lot more sophisticated than, say, chasing Pokémons around, then the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) has something you will truly love.

Apparently, the museum kicked off a service last year that allows you to get on-demand photos of pieces of art from the collection the museum holds. SFMOMA houses more than 35,000 artworks, mostly sculptures, paintings and photographs, all of which could be accessed by sending a text to 572-51.

Your text message should …

San Francisco merchants to offer promotions and discounts for Apple Pay users this week

Since its debut two years ago, Apple Pay has grown into a serious profit driver for the iPhone maker. It brought a $7.04 billion revenue in the past quarter and it’s going to grow with added focus on P2P payments, money transfers, and prepaid Apple Pay Cash cards. Now, Apple is looking forward to expanding the service’s user base by means of good old-fashioned marketing.

Between June 23 and June 25, Apple will be running a promotion for Apple Pay users in San Francisco. A total of 20 merchants in the Hayes Valley and Marina areas, such as Azalea, Blue Bottle Coffee, …

Apple testing four new iPad Pro models in San Francisco and Cupertino

Earlier today, we told you that Apple could launch its new iPad tablets as soon as next week without any type of major announcement. Confirming   that new iPads are on the way to being announced, is a report published today that cites mobile marketing firm Fiksu. Logs produced by the latter reveal that a number of new iOS tablets have been tested in the area around San Francisco and Cupertino.

The data from Fiksu shows that Apple is testing four different tablets. Fiksu has a special tracking and attribution SDK which thousands of apps use. Apple installs apps on its devices while …