Samsung's new Battery Pack Kettle design is a cool new take on the external battery

Samsung has a brand new battery pack it calls ‘Kettle Design’ that looks unlike any other external battery and brings a neat additional functionality: it doubles as a kickstand for your phone.
The Kettle Design is a 5,100 mAh battery pack that also features a neat wrist strap and comes with 1 USB type A port and 1 microUSB port for charging the battery pack itself. The port for charging your devices outputs 9 watts of power (5 volts at 1.8 amps), so this is charging quicker than your regular standards, but not as fast as the latest quick charging …

Android Wear market share surpassed by Samsung's Tizen, Apple Watch still king of the hill

In a surprising twist, Samsung’s Tizen OS for wearables – prominently featured in the Gear S3 and S2 smartwatches – has surpassed Android Wear’s market share. This has been revealed by a Strategy Analytics report where global smartwatch shipments and share for the past four years have been tracked. Granted, Tizen (19%) only has a 1% headway over Android Wear (18%), but it is what it is.

While Samsung smartwatches are clearly selling better than any Android Wear ones, Apple has more than half of the market for itself with a 57% share for watchOS, exclusive to the …

Samsung's emoji-only texting app actually has a good reason for existing

Emoji have become something of a necessary evil in everyday online communication: few people can sincerely claim to actually like them, but most of us use them regardless – they’re just so convenient. But Samsung’s Italian division sees them as more than just silly little time-savers: a new app bearing the very unfortunate name Samsung Wemogee aims to use emoji as a means to help people with aphasia, a serious language disorder.

The condition presents itself when brain regions responsible for speaking and language comprehension are injured, and results in trouble …

AT&T 5G Evolution launches today with the help of Samsung's Galaxy S8

Remember that faster mobile network that AT&T promised back in February? This is now a reality, at least in select parts of Austin, Texas, where AT&T just switched on what it’s calling “5G Evolution.”

According to AT&T, 5G Evolution “offers twice the speeds of [its] 4G LTE network.” Mind you, this is not true 5G. Actual 5G standards have yet to be finalized, so we won’t be seeing any real 5G networks before 2019 the earliest. Nevertheless, 5G Evolution is now here to “pave the way to the next generation of faster speeds,” as AT&T puts it.

For …

Samsung's updating the Galaxy S8 software to eliminate red screens


Great news, Samsung fans — you might not have to deal with red-tinted phone screens forever. 🙄

In response to complaints from early Galaxy S8 owners who claimed their device screens looked red in color, Samsung plans to eliminate the issue with a software upgrade.

“Because there are some complaints about the red-tinted screens, we decided to upgrade the software next week for all Galaxy S8 clients,” a Samsung spokesperson told The Korea Herald on Friday.

ZDNet reported the display issue earlier this month after several customers who pre-ordered the phones in South Korea began posting photographs and complaints to social media sites. Read more…

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The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are in tight supply, despite Samsung's reassurance

It looks like there’s trouble in paradise, for early Galaxy S8 buyers in South Korea are struggling to get their hands on the phone – despite Samsung reassuring them the S8 is ready to fly and there will be no supply shortages.

Apparently, Sammy’s number crunchers under-calculated their initial stock and demand estimates, because supplies dried up after early pre-orders broke past the 1 million mark. Thus, the company extended the registration period for the S8 and S8+ until April 30, six days after the April 24th initial date.

Samsung cited “an imbalance …

Samsung's Windows powered 12-inch Galaxy Book launches via Verizon on April 21st

At MWC this year, Samsung didn’t introduce the Samsung Galaxy S8 (unless you count a quick video teaser as an introduction). The company did unveil the Samsung Galaxy Book. This is a 2-in-1 tablet that comes with Windows 10 inside. The device is available in two sizes (10.6-inches and 12-inches) and with two different forms of connectivity, LTE and Wi-Fi. Starting April 21st (this coming Friday) you will be able to pick up the device from Verizon Wireless. The nation’s largest carrier will be offering the larger 12-inch LTE model of the Galaxy Book for $1,299.99. Both size devices feature a snap-on …

The Galaxy S8 is 'infinitely amazing', according to Samsung's latest ad

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is currently everywhere, and despite the fact that it has yet to launch, Samsung has been aggressively marketing it. Said marketing doesn’t pass by YouTube either, as you can see by the video below.

The ad covers mosdt of the key features of the Galaxy S8, keeping the “unbox your phone” theme, as an S8 handset is constantly floating in the middle of the screen. However, we now get a new slogan in the end too – “infinitely amazing”.

We’ll know for ourselves whether or not the phone is infinitely amazing, once we get to use it for a little longer. However, the …

Samsung's heir Jay Y. Lee indicted for bribery, perjury as trial commences

Today, Samsung’s heir Jay Y. Lee stood trial over charges of committing perjury, embezzling funds, and playing a key part in the colossal influence-peddling scandal involving former South Korean President Park Geun-hye.

Lee arrived handcuffed at the Seoul Central District Court alongside four other high-ranking Samsung executives. He was taken into custody back in February, and since then, a further arrest followed for the ex-President of South Korea.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Lee, who serves as the de facto head of Samsung Group after his father …

Price and release date for Samsung's DeX dock for the Galaxy S8 have been confirmed

A new listing on the Samsung store has confirmed the price and release date for one of the company’s most interesting gadgets. DeX, the docking station which allows users to convert their Galaxy S8 phones into a desktop computer, will retail for $149.99 and will hit the shelves in late April.

While a leak from last week already revealed the price tag and specs of the dock, information about the commercial launch for the DeX was scarce prior to the “Unpacked” event held on March 29. The Samsung store indicates that the device will ship in “late April”. Basically, …