Results: LG G6 or Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+?

The Galaxy S8 is flying towards stores and pre-ordering early adopters. If you haven’t pulled the trigger yet, you might be wondering “Well, which one should I go for — S8 or G6?”. And now begins the infinite cycle of review-reading, camera sample comparisons, checking out various battery tests, benchmarks, and — for the patient ones — a couple of months’ wait to make sure that none of the two devices have a plethora of defects. Yeah, we know how it goes — when planning to buy such an expensive gadget, one is careful with their money, and rightly so.

But there’s also the possibility that, …

15 tips and tricks to improve battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

There is an interesting trend going on with modern smartphones over the last several years – big advancements are made in nearly all hardware and software areas, but battery life always seems to improve at a slower pace.

This peculiar progression can be clearly observed in 2017 – so far, some of the biggest Android manufacturers came out with flagships that have thin bezels, large displays, and beefed-up performance specs.

Samsung has been at the forefront of these developments, as the company’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ handsets feature a beautiful new design …

Sprint lets you lease two Samsung Galaxy S8 phones for the price of one

Sprint announced the opportunity to lease two Samsung Galaxy S8 phones for the price of one with each new line activation. The promotion starts Friday, April 21 and goes through April 27. And with Sprint’s Galaxy Forever program, customers can upgrade to the latest Galaxy any time after 12 lease payments are completed.

Sprint also touted the Galaxy S8 and S8+ as HPUE-enabled (High Performance User Equipment) smartphones. It’s a fancy way of saying both phones will be fast on the carrier’s 4G network. Sprint claims HPUE can extend existing 2.5GHz coverage by up to …

LN46B650 vs. LN46A650

Note that I do not buy this TV. I will now compare the two versions at Best Buy, and this is what I found: The Samsung LN46B650 have a better idea. E “clear”, I mean more clearly with high contrast, bright white and dark dark.

I attribute that to twice the contrast. The LN46A650 has a 50,000:1 while LN46B650 is 100,000:1. For those who do not know, however, the contrast ratio to measure the various steps between the darkest dark white to white crystals can do. The problem is that producers do not use the same standard as the “dark” is. Also the darkest dark is measured when the TV is switched off – is not very useful because you can not see how dark the glass can get. The LN46B650 looks like a series of HD, while the LN46A650 seem a flat screen.

I had a seller who is the televisions with the same parameters to compare the two realistic. Focused on mobility and “ghost” that occurs when the action is moving. For this test, I looked around at a football match is shown on two televisions. Again, it is not enough LN46B650 many “behind” the LN46A650 will not work. Although the two 120 Hz, the sample LN46B650 hand LN46A650. The response time (time required for glass

go with white, black, white again) for these two sets of 4 ms, but LN46B650 seem much more fluid movement – as if you look at real life.

I am a little ‘more to see if the price of these, but certainly LN46B650 instead of buying Ln46A650. Frankly, it’s best to go to Best Buy and see for yourself. Do not be afraid to ask staff to adjust color and contrast for you.

I hope this will help you determine what version of someone to go with it.

It should be noted that not all TVs, while the same model is not created equal. If you can take two television sets and keep the best of both. You can read more than samsung 46 lcd hdtv at

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PhoneArena authors' personal thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

With the Galaxy S8 and S8+ being among the hottest topic in the industry right now, we thought we’d chime in with our personal opinions of Sammy’s latest and greatest handsets. 
We know your time is precious, so we’ve kept things short and, hopefully, sweet – each opinion is less than 200 characters long, making this post a 5-minute read. Here goes:
AlanTo repeat a cliche, Samsung has raised the bar. The overall look is modern and unique. Both phones don’t feel large at all. Android manufacturers are going to have a tough time competing.


Even …

Samsung LCD TV – the Popular and Better Models

The success and popularity of LCD TV in the world today is impressive. Equally impressive are some of the LCD TV models offered by the major brands with great features which ensure unique viewing experiences. If you have decided to buy a LCD TV, it is better to familiarize yourself with the some of the renowned brands offering the same. Samsung is one of the successful companies offering some of the best LCD TV models available in the market today.

Samsung LCD TV Models

Among the few different models of Samsung LCD TV, the LN-T4661F is one of the best models available in the market. Though considered to be in the higher price range, the great picture quality across program formats and the onscreen menu system distinguishes it from other models from well known brands available, giving it a better edge..

The Samsung LNT4061FX television is yet another good model you can choose from the available different models of Samsung LCD TV’s. The important features  like 40” screen size, 1080p supported resolution, HDMI supported standards, widescreen, and available for an array of connector types including USB, audio line-in, audio line-out, composite video/audio input, VGA input, digital audio output, HDMI, component video input, S-video input, and headphones makes it a good choice.

Its other attractions include V-chip, video noise reduction, on-screen menu, and a digital natural image engine. These features make it a better option among all the Samsung LCD TV models available today.

Another smart pick in the wide variety of Samsung LCD TV Models is LNT4665FX. This has the brightest and clearest LCD picture available today. It has 1080p resolution, and the color-saturated 46” picture .The 15000:1 dynamic contrast ratio allows to plot rich blacks and is able to capture subtle details.

The response time for this particular model is 8ms and this helps to give a smooth motion with out any delay between the pictures you see. The 3 HDMI ports and the hidden side speakers offer a great quality sound and connectivity with the digital devices.

You can find many leading brands offering LCD TV’s, but the Samsung has succeeded in creating a niche in the LCD TV market by assuring the customers best quality and value possible. Samsung is a leading and reputed electronics company and you can be assured of better overall experience.

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Is the media misleading you about the Samsung Galaxy S8 display?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is arguably the best smartphone currently available on the marke; it has the one of the best designs of any phone in history; and, it is certainly the best phone Samsung has ever made. That said, there is one thing that has bugged me in the hype of the launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus — do consumers really understand what they’re getting in the display?

The issue is this: Samsung’s “Infinity Display” is gorgeous, but most places you might look for information about said display will tell you that the device has a Quad HD display …

Kuo: Dual camera setup on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to top the dual snappers on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus

NOTE: Photo on left shows what is alleged to be a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ with a dual camera setup. Some believe that it is actually a prototype of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

KGI Securities reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo just might be the best analyst following Apple. Over the years, he has been uncanny at telling clients exactly what features to expect on the next-gen Apple iPhone. Now, turning his attention to Samsung, Kuo has passed along a pair of notes to clients. The first note says that market response to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ has been better …

Here are the crazy detailed battery checks Samsung enforced to make sure the Galaxy S8 does not catch fire

The recalled Galaxy Note 7 and its exploding battery was probably the biggest disaster for Samsung throughout its whole history of making phones. It seems to have also been the biggest lesson it learned from.
To make sure that exploding batteries and recalls never happen again in Samsung phones, the company has enforced some of the most rigorous battery testing in the industry and it has now published an impressive video showing all the things the company does to ensure its phones do not overheat and that batteries do not explode. Samsung …

Galaxy S8/S8+ red discoloration issue downplayed by Samsung

Samsung does not consider the reddish tint showing up on some of its new Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8+ flagships as a defect. Today, the South Korean tech giant addressed the controversial problem by stating that the glitch can be easily fixed by going into the color optimization settings for the display. 
As you may know, the issue became viral in South Korea following the official Galaxy S8 release on April 17. Several users uploaded pictures of their devices on social media, asking others if they thought that the screens on their …