How to Send/Transfer Music or Videos to Samsung Galaxy S4 on Windows 8.1/8/7 PC

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No doubt that the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone S4 has the best screen and resolution in cellphone market once it is launched. Samsung is good at producing high-quality screen. With a big and high-resolution screen, it’s wonderful to watch your videos/movies library with it. Well, do you have the idea how to transfer videos from your PC to Galaxy S4? If not, read on the page and found out some tips and tricks.

In fact, there are various ways for you to transfer video and audio files to your Galaxy S4. Here are the top 5 suggestions:

1. Transfer from PC.
2. Transfer from a PC with Samsung Kies.
3. Transfer from a PC with Windows Media Player.
4. Receive via Bluetooth.
5. Receive via Wi-Fi.

In this article, I’m going to show you the three most common methods, which are transferring files directly from PC storage, using Windows Media Player and Samsung Kies.

Method 1: Transfer music and video files from PC

1. Connect your Galaxy S4 to your PC using the USB data cable.

2. On your phone, a USB icon will appear in the top Notification bar. Drag the notification bar downwards and then tap on the Connected as a media device.

3. On the USB PC connection screen, ensure the Media device (MTP) checkbox is ticked. Now, you’re ready to transfer files between your PC and phone.

4. Open up your PC Windows Explorer, and you should see your Galaxy S4 shows up as a removable disk.

5. Access the phone storage via Windows Explorer. Here, you should see the Video and Music folders.

6. Simply drag/copy-and-paste your music or video files from your computer to the respective folders. On your Galaxy S4, the music and video players will automatically recognize the files.

7. Alternatively, you can create a new folder in your phone storage or external memory card to store these files. The Galaxy S4 will scan storage and list them accordingly on the music and video players automatically.

Method 2: Transfer music and video files using Windows Media Player

1. Connect your Galaxy S4 to your PC using the USB data cable.

2. Run Windows Media Player on your PC.

3. On the left side of the Windows Media Player, you will see little icons which represent the phone internal and external storage (only visible if your phone has an external memory card). For this tutorial, I will select the phone storage.

4. Next, move to the right side and click the Sync tab.

5. Drag the music files, videos or even a playlist to the Sync list area. Note: You can drag these files from either the PC folders or Windows Media Player library.

6. Once you have all the files in the Sync list, click Start sync.

7. Now, move to the left, and click Sync status to verify if those files are successfully copied over to your phone.

8. Start playing those songs on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Method 3: Transfer music and video files using Samsung Kies

1. Install Samsung Kies and then launch the software on your PC.

2. Connect your Galaxy S4 to your PC using the USB data cable.

3. Click Music (or Videos) below a device name under Connected devices.

4. Click the + sign at the top right of the Kies screen. If your phone has external SDcard, then you should see the Internal and external memory options. For this tutorial, I will select Internal Memory.

5. Next, through the Windows Open dialog, select the music files (or videos) that you would like to add.

Wow, above these are three simple ways for you to transfer or copy video/audio files to Galaxy S4. Hope it can be useful to you.

P.S. Before adding video files to Galaxy S4 for smooth playback, the priority you need to concern is the Samsung Galaxy S4 video format. From its specs, we know S4 video format is limited to H.264, H.263, MPEG-4. If you want to transfer other videos to it, you need to change the format first.

Here you can go to download and install the best aPubsoft Galaxy S4 Ultimate Converter on your PC.

This converter is the one I’m using now that helps me convert any HD video like AVI, MKV, MTS, M2TS, MOV, TiVo, FLV, WMV, etc, as well as Blu-ray, DVD movies to Samsung S4 at ultra fast speed with high output quality. Plus, this converter allows you to edit your video files like cropping, trimming, adding image/video/text watermark, etc as you need.

How to Send/Transfer Music or Videos to Samsung Galaxy S4 on Windows 8.1/8/7 PC

Comparing Mid-Range Phones -The Blackberry Q5 Vs. the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

A new mobile phone can be a big decision. You could go for a top of the line new phone, but that’s going to cost you well over £500 and it is going to be loaded down with features that the average user just doesn’t need, which seems like a waste of money. You could go for a budget phone, but they tend to be lacking in features and in performance specs too.

A solid, mid-range phone is generally the best bet and is a good compromise between cost and performance. But you’re still going to want to know that you’re getting a good quality phone. So many of us are dependent on our mobiles these days that getting a reliable phone is essential. You could spend some time going through mobile spec sheets to find out which phone has the best features for the money.

This is time consuming, and it’s also confusing since these spec sheets tend to have lots of technical language involved, not to mention all the big numbers they have. And that’s where we enter the picture. We’ve taken the work off your hands and compared some of the best mobiles on the market to let you see which the best buy is. So, if you’re interested in the two models that we’re comparing today, read on to find out which of them is going to come out on top.

Introducing the Two Phones…
Blackberry used to be one of the biggest names in mobile phones, but due to an over reliance on the old fashioned physical keyboard design of phone they’ve lost a lot of market share. Their newest mid-range model is the Blackberry Q5, and it’s still a keyboard phone. However, it’s also one of the most affordable Blackberry’s on the market.

Going up against the Blackberry Q5 we’ve got another huge name brand, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. The Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s current flagship phone, and it’s got a pretty hefty price tag. But fortunately, Samsung have released a much more affordable Mini version of the bestselling S4. It does sacrifice a few features to get a lower price, but it’s still a great little phone. Which of these two is going to be the best buy?

What You’ll be Paying…
Mobile prices obviously depend a lot on where you buy. We’re giving you prices from the mobile operator Orange today as a guideline, since their prices tend to be pretty average. The Blackberry Q5 is going to cost you around £270 from Orange SIM only. If you prefer to sign an incentive contract to avoid paying the full retail price up front, then you can get the Q5 for no money down on a £20.50 a month contract.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is going to cost you around £350 from Orange SIM only, so it’s a little more expensive. On contract you can get the Galaxy for no money down on a £31 a month calling plan.

The Similarities…
Both of these are 4G capable models, so you’ll have access to faster mobile data speeds as long as you get a dedicated 4G data plan from your operator. Both also have an 8 GB internal storage capacity, so you’ll be able to store plenty of music, photos and other data on your device.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini…
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is slightly more expensive than the Blackberry Q5 but it has so many advantages that it’s tough to know where to begin. Firstly, it has a faster processor. The 1700 MHz model makes the Galaxy more powerful and more responsive than the Blackberry with its 1200 MHz processor.

Because the Blackberry has to sacrifice screen space to fit a physical keyboard in the Samsung has a much bigger display, measuring in at 4.3 inches versus just 3.1 inches. This means that you get a much better viewing experience for looking at emails, documents and web pages. And the display on the Samsung is a Super AMOLED screen too, rather than the older LCD technology used on the Blackberry, so you get much better and more vivid colour reproduction.

The camera on the Galaxy is superior too, since it’s a 8 MP camera that can capture a lot more fine detail than the 5 MP camera on the Q5, meaning that you get better quality pictures. And if you frequently use a Bluetooth device, the Samsung has much better support since it runs the new Bluetooth 4.0 version rather than the much older 1.0 version on the Q5. This means that you get faster data transfer, and that your phone uses less battery power when connecting.

The Galaxy is an Android phone, and it gives you full access to the Android App Market, which makes finding, downloading and installing apps and games easy and convenient. And the Galaxy is also capable of running multiple apps at once, letting you chat on Skype whilst you’re surfing online, for example.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is the smaller device. It’s around 20 per cent generally smaller than the Q5, as well as 20 per cent thinner. And it’s lighter too, weighing in at just 107 grams versus the 120 gram Blackberry. This makes the Galaxy much more portable and easier to carry around with you. Finally, the Galaxy has a built in FM radio, whilst the Blackberry doesn’t.

The Blackberry Q5…
The only real advantage that the Blackberry has over the Samsung Galaxy is that it has a better battery life. It gets around 10 per cent more standby time per battery charge cycle than the Galaxy, averaging around 14 days versus 12 and a half days. This means that you’ll need to charge your phone less often.

Which is Better?
It’s a bit of a wash out. For only £80 more you can get the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini which is a far, far better phone than the Blackberry Q5. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

Comparing Mid-Range Phones -The Blackberry Q5 Vs. the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

iPhone 8 Rumors OLED Screens Coming From LG, Samsung

When will Apple incorporate OLED screens into the iPhone? Rumors have not let up, but a report stemming from South Korea’s Electronic Times claims Apple is close to reaching an agreement with LG and Samsung who will reportedly start producing OLED screens for the iPhone in 2017/2018. If this newest OLED rumor proves to be true, this means Apple’s iPhone 8 will get the highly anticipated upgrade.


Electronic Times did not reveal the name of their insider source, but the 2017/2018 release date comes from Japanese newspaper, Nikkei. The site cites a tip from “Apple suppliers.” The report also predicts Apple will continue to sell iPhones with LCD displays along with OLED because “ securing enough panels for the more than 200 million phones Apples ships globally every year will likely prove difficult.”

Apple currently works with LG for the Apple Watch, which uses AMOLED technology. However, October rumors revealed Apple may have brought Samsung on to the Apple Watch team as well. The two electronics companies plan to invest a combined $12.8 billion in OLED production capacity, according to the Reuters report.

OLED smartphones have the potential to be thinner, lighter, and more flexible and energy efficient than smartphones using LCD technology. OLED screens tend to produce brighter, more vivid colors with a higher contrast ratio. The iPhone 8 would likely use an AMOLED display, like the Apple Watch. The hybrid technology uses TFT, the variant of LCD used in most smartphones now, and OLED to create the fastest pixel response time.

Samsung was the first to release a smartphone with a curved OLED display, the Galaxy line. LG has since released smartphones using the same technology, but is better known for its top of the line OLED TVs. Both LG and Samsung declined to comment on the report.

The 3G Huawei Ascend P6 vs. The 4G Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – Same Price, 2 Totally Different Phones

A new mobile phone is a pretty big investment. You’re looking at spending at least a few hundred pounds on getting a new mobile these days, so you’re obviously going to want to make sure that you’re spending wisely. But with so many options on today’s market, choosing between them can be tough. And if you’re looking for the best business phone then you have to consider even more factors, things like great battery life, reliability and good connectivity. So many of us are now dependent on a great mobile for business that it’s important to get the best that money can buy. But just how are you supposed to make that all important decision? That’s where we come into the picture. We’ve looked at some of the best new business phones on the market to help make your decision easier. We’ve then matched hand sets up in head to head competition so that you can clearly see how two models compare and how they differ. So if you’re looking for the best business phone, then you might want to read on to find out more about today’s two competitors and which is the better buy…

The Two Phones…
Samsung’s Galaxy series is one of the best-selling phone ranges in the world. The Samsung Galaxy S III was widely considered by experts to be the best mobile of 2012, and that meant that the release of the new Galaxy S4 was an eagerly anticipated event earlier this year. And the S4 is a fantastic hand set, but it’s also extremely expensive. However, Samsung have launched a little brother to the S4, called the Galaxy S4 Mini. It’s cheaper, but it does have to sacrifice a few features to get that lower price tag. But was too much sacrificed to keep the price low? Huawei are a Chinese manufacturer who have only recently begun producing phones for the European market. But they’re rapidly making a reputation for themselves for producing relatively highly featured phones for budget phone prices. The Huawei Ascend P6 is the latest release from the company, and is touted as the slimmest smart phone on the market. But can Huawei really compete against mobile giant, Samsung?

How Much?
These two models are relatively similar in price. The Huawei Ascend P6 retails for around three hundred and fifty pounds, whilst the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini goes for about three hundred and seventy pounds. Given that they’re almost identical in price, you can’t use finances to choose between them, so we’re going to have to look pretty closely at the features on these two mobile hand-sets…

Why Go for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini?
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has a few great advantages over the Huawei Ascend P6. It does have a faster processor, running a 1700 MHz model over the Ascend’s 1500 MHz processor. This makes the Galaxy faster and more powerful as well as more responsive to input. The Galaxy is also a 4G capable device, whilst the Ascend isn’t. 4G phones offer faster mobile internet connections, meaning faster downloads, smoother video streaming, web pages that open more quickly, and even the possibility to play graphics intensive online games. However, you will need to be with an operator that offers a 4G network and data plans in order to use this function, or your phone will use 3G connectivity by default. The screen on the Galaxy is a Samsung signature Super AMOLED screen, rather than the older LCD technology seen on the Huawei, meaning you get better and more vivid colour reproduction. And whilst both phones sport a standard 8 MP camera, the camera on the Galaxy can shoot high resolution full HD video, whilst that on the Huawei can’t. The Samsung does have better Bluetooth support, running Bluetooth 4.0 rather than the older 3.0 version on the Ascend. So if you frequently use a Bluetooth device, a hands free set in your car maybe, this newer version will mean that you get faster data transfer and that your phone will use less battery power when connecting to your device. Finally, the Galaxy S4 Mini is also the lighter phone, weighing in at just 107 grams versus the 120 gram Ascend P6.

Why Go for the Huawei Ascend P6?
However, the Huawei Ascend P6 has a few tricks up its sleeve. The Ascend has the larger screen, measuring in at 4.7 inches versus 4.3 inches. That bigger screen not only means that you get a better viewing experience, but also that typing on that pop up on screen keyboard is a lot easier and more comfortable. Not only that, but the display quality is better too. There’s around eighty per cent higher screen resolution on the Ascend, as well as about twenty per cent more PPI (pixels per inch), meaning that the display is crisper, clearer and better defined than that of the Galaxy. There’s better battery life too, with the Ascend averaging about thirty per cent more talk time per battery charge cycle than the Samsung (about fifteen hours of active use versus just twelve hours), so you’ll be charging your phone a lot less often. Plus, despite having the larger screen, the Huawei is around twenty per cent smaller than the Samsung, so it’s that much more portable.

Which Should You Buy?
This is truly a difficult choice. These two devices are similarly priced and whilst each has its own advantages, both are great phones in their own way. We love the larger screen on the Huawei Ascend P6, and it’s a better quality display too, and that extra battery power is a handy thing to have on a business phone. But the faster processor, 4G capability and better Bluetooth support on the Samsung Galaxy S4 are equally important features in a phone. If we have to choose just one winner, the Samsung is probably a slightly better business device, mostly because of the 4G connectivity, but both of these mobiles are good buys.

The 3G Huawei Ascend P6 vs. The 4G Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – Same Price, 2 Totally Different Phones

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Buy Samsung Tablets to enjoy outstanding performance

Today, electronic gadgets of advanced designs and models can be seen in the market. Tablets introduced by Samsung are one such innovative device with several striking features. As you know Samsung is a reliable and trusted name in the mobile and computer manufacturing industries and many people prefer to buy the gadgets from Samsung. It is advisable for people who are gadget freak and love to enjoy the cutting edge technology of today can buy Samsung tablets. The tablets from this manufacturer will definitely attract you. It is your unique opportunity to enjoy a tablet with unique features.

Samsung – A trusted name
Samsung is a reliable and trusted name for the purchases of laptops because all of its products are made with the latest technology. Besides, all their electronic gadgets are available at affordable prices. All the Samsung electronic items are suitable for technology savvy people who would love to own the over-top-gadgets with the most striking features. The Beats Audio element of Samsung tablets offers remarkable sound essence which is a popular feature of these Samsung laptops. Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab to enjoy the most advanced features of Samsung laptops. It can certainly satisfy the techno-savvy person in you.

Striking features of Samsung Android tab
You will just love the portable design of Samsung Android tab which is suitable to keep up with the busy lifestyle of today. The powerful web capabilities, 3g connectivity and Wi-Fi of this electronic gadget will certainly attract every technology enthusiast in the world. With these striking features, you will be able to access internet wherever you are. Android Tab from Samsung offers portability and comfort to the users. You can certainly enjoy superior- quality entertainment options at your fingertips due to its 3.2 Android Honeycomb operating system and 7″ user-friendly touchscreen. Besides, the Android Tab of Samsung is powered by a 1.2 GHz fast Dual Core Processor.

Multi-task gadget
With the release of Samsung Android Tablets, Android lovers from all over the world will get a fine alternative to Apple’s iPad. You will certainly love the speedy performance of this gadget. It is a highly responsive and zippy android tablet. With third party applications like Facebook, it can perform multi-tasks, another notable feature of this device. Unlike other portable devices, this Android tablet does not get warm easily after watching video or other heavy resource operations. File and software compatibility is a strong point of Galaxy Tab from Samsung. Buy Samsung tablets in order to enjoy all these exciting features.

Outstanding performance
You will never regret to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab because of the advantages that it offers. It has both front and back facing cameras with which you can take excellent photographs and store them for future use. You can enjoy around 6 hours of battery life based on the programs that you are running and the brightness of the screen. You can turn your galaxy tab into a mobile Hotspot of 3G. You can enjoy outstanding 3G performance by using Samsung Galaxy Tab. Of course, it is a smart device suitable to adjust with the busy life schedule of you.

Buy Samsung Tablets to enjoy outstanding performance

Mobile Phone Tips-Recover Photo From Samsung Galaxy

I accidently deleted the full contents of the “Camera” folder. All the photos and video that I had taken in the last 2 months were lost. ( I know I should have backed them up…but I was planning to do it today…not thinking I was going to do something stupid last night!) I have a hunch that the files might be able to be restored…possibly using some sort of restore/recovery software. I have tried 2 software programs so far…Piriform Recuva & Stella Phoenix Photo Recovery. The problem is that neither of them recognise the Samsung Galaxy S II as being present, even though it is plugged in and showing in “My Computer” So…does anyone know of software that does work.BTW Samsung Tech support has said that I have no chance and Orange Tech support agreed.I would love to prove them wrong.I had some irreplaceable photos of my Father-In-Law….please help.

Above is a files lost problem encountered with Samsung phones. When faced with this situation, how should we deal with it ?Is it possible to recover deleted files samsung galaxy s?

Indeed, disk formatting doesn’t erase the files (until these are overwritten by other files). Once you format a Macintosh HD, the file system of disk is replaced with a different empty filing system, thus, the entries of all of the files and directories stored around the disk are erased and they also become inaccessible. But hard disk drive maintains an index file, which tells the operating system certainly where an particular file is stored. When you format the hard drive, links between index and file are deleted. The file remains physically intact. You can restore formatted files from Mac so long as an original files are certainly not overwritten by other files.

Steps to recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy

* 1. Connect your samsung to your computer
* 2. Run Data Recovery software and then you will see the main interface.
* 3. Choose your memory card to be scanned. Quick Recovery would provide a faster search for recently deleted files.
* 4. After the scanning, all result will be displayed. At this page you will see your lost files. To confirm it, you can choose to preview it and then to decide whether to recover them or not.

Typically, regardless of what causes for data loss, there exists a great opportunity to recover them. And I should remind you do not to publish any data in the data loss area. This may greatly decrease the likelihood of recovering lost data. Consider, the less actions you need to do while using memory you are likely to retrieve deleted photos from samsung galaxy are

Mobile Phone Tips-Recover Photo From Samsung Galaxy

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At IFA Samsung has exposed the global initial handset Windows phone 8

IFA is that great platform where every top mobile company unveils their latest gadgets or introduces their latest innovation to the leading personalities of the world. This time Samsung has exposed a wide variety of Android and Windows gadgets in Berlin at the IFA trade show which also includes the world’s initial Windows Phone 8 smart phone. Among this new range Samsung also unveiled the Galaxy Note 2, the Galaxy Camera and an exciting range of Window 8 devices. The company is planning of launching an exciting range of Windows 8 smart phones, laptops and tablets moreover the main aim of the company is at the converged market.

The gadgets would be launched when the Microsoft would be launching its Windows 8 that is in the month of October. In the Ativ Windows 8 portfolio there is a Samsung Ativ S, which is the initial Windows 8 handset which is confirmed. This smart gadget would possess 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor. Also there is an Ativ tab of 10.1 inch Windows RT tablet that weighs 570g and is only 8.9mm bulky moreover it moves with the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 RT preview.

Then there is an Ativ Smart PC and a Smart PC Pro that measures 11.6 inches along with the jam packed Windows 8 platform and a Note style S Pen stylus. The executive VP of IT solutions business at Samsung have stated that our great efforts in the design and technology have together worked very efficiently and has able to provide customers with a full and exciting range of Ativ gadgets designed for cross-category meeting. Samsung galaxy s3 deals @ with best price and free gifts.

one question arises in the mind of analysts that whether this Ativ S would easily catches the attention of the customers or would grab the market share. The Samsung Windows phone 8 has to face a tough competition from the Samsung based galaxy S3 and the iphone 5. The analysts also stated that Windows 8 has a very bright future in carving market share in the tablet market along with its Windows RT partners and the surface. As in the tablet market the Android market share is very low. The prices of the handsets have yet to be revealed.

At IFA Samsung has exposed the global initial handset Windows phone 8

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini- the mini Smartphone for you.

A Smartphone is not just a device but something with which you create memories & share those memories with your friends all the while balancing your personal & professional life. There’s a division in the world of Smartphone’s. There are phones that are normal-sized and phones that are super-sized. You will like one type or the other. If you like normal sized Smartphone’s then say hello to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. This phone is designed to offer the features of its bigger sibling but with a more compact footprint and a marginally cheaper price.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is a life companion just like its older brother, the S4. It is built for easy handling & comfort unlike the S4. Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini which is a dual GSM SIM Smartphone that fits right into your pocket having superior portability. It is backed by 1.5 GB of RAM which ensures that applications open lightning fast, making lag a thing of the past & multitasking a breeze. Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini which comes packed with nifty yet useful apps that you will love. The Group Play feature is amazing to spend time with your friends by playing games together. S health is another wonderful feature which will keep a close check on your health & help you get back in shape.
The S4 Mini sports a nifty 4.27 inch capacitive touch Super AMOLED screen with a qHD resolution that is both wide and has amazing clarity. The AMOLED does what it does, and has those colours that are super-vivid, this is great and has plenty of brightness. The detail is amazing though, and despite having only a 540 x 960 resolution 4.3-inch screen, that’s still got 256ppi which is a great amount. Compared to the 441ppi on the SGS4, even so it looks pretty stunning.
Capture every beautiful moment of your life to help you remember the memory with life-like clarity with the 8 Megapixel primary camera with a power LED flash to light up your world. The camera itself is nice to use. It’s not a megapixel monster or anything, but the images it produces have a natural look to them, with nice colours and plenty of detail.
Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini which will never leave you stranded without battery for it gives you up to 9 hours of talk time on any 3G network powered by a 1900 mAh Li-Ion battery. Play as many games as you want, watch videos or movies, listen to songs & be on call for hours, the battery won’t die on you mid-day.
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini price is Rs.27,990, but get a whopping discount of 4 % when you buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini online on the mobile store, India’s largest & most trusted mobile store. Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini which comes with 8 GB internal memory which can be extended up to 64 GB which will ensure that any number of applications can be installed & run without any loss in speed or performance.
Visit today to check out its unboxing video& read more about its specifications & buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini online. Get a free portable charger worth Rs.999 when you buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini online & have it delivered to your doorstep within 6-8 days.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini- the mini Smartphone for you.

Spice up your Phone with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Case

The mobile industry is growing manifold with new phones being launched almost every day. A number of people are investing in high end Smartphone’s, such as iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 etc. Therefore if you have bought a Galaxy Note 2, you need to protect it from dust, scratch and damage due to a fall. The best way to protect it is with a Galaxy Note 2 case.

There is a large variety of cases that are available; you can buy a case that can protect the back or the ones that completely covers it. With the advancement in technology, ecommerce has become extremely popular. With a number of online shopping portal selling Galaxy Note 2 covers, you can search for the best cover that fits your style and pocket. The best galaxy Note 2 covers are ones that are durable, fit in easily on your phone, and protect your investment and fits within your budget. With so much variety in Note2 cases available, do not hide your smart phone under dull and drab covers. Let’s talk about the suave and smart executive series cover with wallet and stand for your Samsung galaxy note 2.

A beautifully designed the Samsung Galaxy Note2 cover, it’s sleek and fits to perfection on your hone. It also fits in completely with your stylish professional avatar and is ready to stand out in the corporate melee. Now there is no reason for you to slip up on the style quotient. It’s not just the clothes that maketh a man or woman, your Smartphone also makes a style statement when it comes to your personality. After all, this is one device that is a complete office in itself. You cannot imagine functioning without it? Of course not! So dress it up well! The Executive Series Mobile Diary Cover with Wallet and Stand for your Samsung Galaxy Note is the ultimate touch to your stylish professional makeover.

Giving your phone a stylish look with this synthetic leather Samsung Note2 case hides your Note 2 away in a diary-style body. It has a button fastener to keep the Note 2 secure and a pocket inside to keep your cards and notes. There are cut outs for the charging ports and camera, and you can add fancy embossed lettering to add some character.

Offering a triple layer of protection, this tough case squeezes itself around the Note 2 and guards against bumps and drops, an impact-resistant inner cover and a screen protector up front. There’s also a belt holster if you decide that you want to free up some pocket space. Thus it’s important to maintain your Galaxy Note covers slender looks and at the same time keeping it safe.

Spice up your Phone with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Case

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160: Grab One Now

Should you are searhing for an Android phone by using a significantly lesser benefit along with different specifications and impressive functions, the Galaxy Ace 2 I8160 may become a decent alternative. Go through on to understand how this most current gadget from Samsung is up for your competitiveness in a few from the most powerful Android powered phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 has proportions of 118.3 x 62.2 x 10.5mm and weighs about 122 grams. The unit is covered by using a plastic sort content in its whole body accentuated having a chrome frame. The front from the cellphone is provided with a secondary snapper, a proximity sensor, earpiece, 3.8-inch screen along with a house button. The three.8-inch TFT Liquid crystal display display with a WVGA resolution seems sharp and detailed in viewing underneath normal daylight instances.

The mobile phone is performing on an Android Gingerbread working technique without having the Ice Cream Sandwich. But, using this commercial from the Galaxy Ace 2 generally looks to reveal that it is going to almost certainly be boosted to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but there’s been clearly no term however through the Samsung. This small beast is managed by a dual-core 800MHz processor with an higher than common 768MB of RAM and Mali-400MP graphics on the NovaThor chipset.

The Galaxy Ace 2 is loaded using a main rear 5MP digital camera along with Autofocus and an LED flash great for low lighting situations. The next front facing snapper delivers a VGA resolution very good for creating movie calls and as well as using self-photos. A variety of taking pictures options can be obtained and should be picked in line with a single’s choice. The Galaxy Ace 2 can record video clips of approximately 30 frames for each second at 720p. The effects are also available for modifying and making these video clips.

The phone features a fundamental mp3 participant also as its equalizer, sound consequences, sound output and far a lot more. Music applications and software upgrade could be obtainable from the Android keep. The device supports 3G, quad band and GSM networks and also as HSDPA (900/2100). The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 has Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity. The interior memory in the unit might be prolonged around 4GB through MicroSD card.

The Galaxy Ace 2 will come with a 1500mAh battery, which is a really appropriate size for this specific mobile phone. It claims to have 640 hrs of standby time and 7.5 hrs of speak time on 3G. Most of us would depend on our smartphone to getting often on. Once again, the doing work situation in the battery on the precise smartphone is set on how the phone is used through the consumer over a regular everyday basis. From the fundamental towards the most intricate functioning apps, the Galaxy?s battery existence isn’t a difficulty and at this point it is safe to say which the Galaxy Ace 2?s battery life is exceptional.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace is actually a mobile handset that features a fantastic cope over its forerunner with regards to performance and specs. Furthermore there exists a range of noticeable improvements this kind of as being the screen, processor, RAM, along with the entrance camera concurrently. This phone can engage competitively with other present Smartphones in a less expensive and reasonably priced benefit.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160: Grab One Now

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