Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ not yet supporting Google Daydream

The Daydream VR headset is compatible with quite a few high-end smartphones, but Google is adding more devices on the supported listed pretty often. Unfortunately, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8+ are not Daydream-ready.

The Google Daydream application in the Play Store can’t be installed on the Samsung Galaxy S8. If you try to install it anyway, you’ll be met with an error that says the app is not compatible with Samsung’s flagship.

Even though the Galaxy S8 meets all the requirements necessary to support Google Daydream VR fully, a compatible app hasn’t bee released in the Play …

Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs Galaxy S7 edge: The big-screen option gets even bigger

Nearly every aspect of building a smartphone involves a balancing act of some kind, trading one thing for another. Maybe you sacrifice thinness in order to find room for a massive battery, or give a user tons of storage, though driving the price of the phone up in the process. One of the most common of these decisions involves addressing the market’s demand for large-screen phones, while trying to avoid making a phone that’s physically very large (and uncomfortable to carry around).

Last year, Samsung gave its flagship customers a phablet option that attempted to minimize …

No shortage of Galaxy S8 units expected as Samsung preps double the S7's supply

Interviewed by Korean media, Samsung Mobile head executive Koh Dong-jin revealed a strong initial supply is being prepared for the first wave of Galaxy S8 and S8+ sales. Despite rumors of chipset shortages and other production issues caused by the new technology,

Samsung is pushing double the initial supply of last year’s Galaxy S7 and S7 edge units, claiming there will be “no issue of supply delay.” The initial batch of handsets is estimated at about 20 million, while local market analysts predict sales of over 46 million, similar to the volume pushed by the Galaxy S7. Some analysts, and …

LifeProof announces FRÈ cases for Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+

LifeProof is among the high-end manufacturers of mobile cases and accessories, known for their pricier but elegant and uncompromising products. The company has just announced a new FRÈ case for the hot and steamy Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The flagships were officially unveiled this week and will hit shelves on April 21, and we bet you are already thinking about S8 accessories. You are, aren’t you? Well, so are we!

FRÈ is LifeProof’s most heavy-duty line, offering superb all-round protection to your phone, without making it feel bulky at all. FRÈ is also the company’s hottest selling …

We asked 5 wild animals what they thought about the new Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 is poised to become a smashing success! It’s so hot right now, even wild animals crave it, as Samsung proudly demonstrated in its almost-viral ostrich video.

Therefore, we decided to hit some habitats and ask 5 of nature’s apex predators what their thoughts are on the new Galaxy S8. We’re glad to disclose no animals or humans were harmed for the purposes of our journalistic inquiry.

Mike P. – Tiger Shark, Carribean Sea

“Obviously, I love the waterproofing, it’s pretty important for where I live and hunt my prey. …

Galaxy S8 and S8+ come with new Sony IMX333 and Samsung camera sensors

Remember those rumors sourced from the Chinese tech blogosphere that the Galaxy S8 may come with a new custom Sony camera sensor, tagged as IMX333. At the time, it seemed a bit improbable, given that this sensor is not in Sony’s official Exmor lineup of mobile sensors, and that the camera was rumored to be the same as on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Moreover, last year the 12 MP camera that found its way in the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge uses two sensor models – either Samsung’s own S5K2L1 ISOCELL unit, or a piece by Sony, marked as IMX260.

A quick look at a system info …

Samsung Bixby hands-on: What you can do with the new GS8 virtual assistant

Siri, Alexa, Cortana – even the unnamed voice behind the Google Assistant: you can’t throw a stone in smartphone-software land without hitting some kind of voice-driven virtual assistant. While some developers would look at that spread and say “enough,” Samsung isn’t content to let all the other big players in the mobile world have all the fun, and has put together a service of its own. With the launch of the new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ this week, the manufacturer introduced users to the first hardware capable of tapping into this system, an assistant it calls Bixby. While going hands-on with …

Samsung will reportedly invest $9 billion in expanding OLED production

Samsung Display, the screen-making Samsung company, has reportedly started a massive expansion of its OLED-manufacturing facilities. According to the Korean media The Investor, Samsung will spend nearly $9 billion by the end of the year to scale up its supply of OLED displays.

If The Investor’s sources are to be believed, Samsung Display has signed deals with several equipment manufacturers, which allow the South Korean giant to replace some of its current LCD-manufacturing lines with OLED ones.

About $2.7 billion will be spent in order for Samsung to produce …

Samsung Galaxy S8 is facing manufacturing issues due to its selfie camera

DJ Koh, president of Samsung’s mobile communications business, recently assured everyone that there would be “no issue of supply delay” with the new Galaxy S8 phones. According to Koh, the company has prepared for the expected record-breaking sales of the new handsets by doubling the initial supply compared to the Galaxy S7/S7 edge units that were produced in 2016.

While this year’s first batch of about 20 million handsets will be able to satisfy the initial demand for the latest Samsung flagships, a new report from The Bell indicates that the smaller Galaxy S8 …

Bear Grylls stars in the latest Samsung Gear S3 frontier commercial… he also eats a grub

Bear Grylls is the star of a new commercial for Samsung’s Gear S3 frontier smartwatch. The British explorer, who is famous for showing off his epic survival skills on TV, demonstrates some of the key features of the more adventurous variant of Sammie’s latest intelligent timepiece.

The device’s barometer, water and dust resistance, altimeter, S Health and weather apps, and overall build are being put to test in the 90-second video, while at one point, Mr. Grylls also reminds us why his shows are so entertaining by doing what he does best – getting a taste of …