Looking at Samsung's i9000 Galaxy S

Fresh for the summer of 2010, Samsung have unveiled their latest mobile handset, the Galaxy S. And it seems that they are going straight for the jugular of the Smartphone heavyweights with this brilliant Android handset. The Galaxy S is one of the few mobile handsets currently available that can capture video footage in a resolution of 720P, or in more simplified terms, High Definition. Quite often video capture is almost an afterthought, but that is not the case here and now the user can shoot footage in a similar quality to the 5 million pixels that the still shot facility offers. The first thing that will spring to mind to many is that the HD footage must be a drain on memory, which is correct. However Samsung have addressed this by packing 16GB of internal memory into the handset alongside a micro SD slot, meaning the potential for a further 32 GB to be added. The Samsung Galaxy S is certainly a well “connected” handset. For people who are always on the go the handset is 3G enabled as well as supporting EDGE and GPRS technology. And the Internet connectivity does not stop here. The inclusion of WiFi means when in range of their personal router (or any other public WiFi area) the phone will automatically connect to this, resulting in an even faster and more enjoyable browsing experience. The widget based User Interface also helps the user benefit from the phones excellent connectivity. The Friends and Updates widget for example keeps you up to date with all of your friends updates from various social networking sites. The 9.9mm depth of the Samsung Galaxy S is achieved thanks to Samsung incorporating Super AMOLED technology into the screen. By using a single sheet of glass rather than two not only is the depth of the unit reduced, but viewing angles are also improved. The 480 x 800 screen resolution is very high for such a device, as is large 4 inch size, both points helping make this screen the best currently available, so much so that Apple are apparently in negotiation to use it on future generations of the iPhone. An accelerometer chip and proximity sensor are both fitted to allow for auto rotate functions and screen shut off during calls to prevent unnecessary button presses. The Samsung Galaxy S looks set to catapult to the top of the smartphone tree. Its superb quality screen is the real eye catcher, but the HD video footage and excellent TouchWiz UI make it a real contender for the phone of the year. The Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Smart are coming soon

Source by: Emma Rosher

PSA: The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S8 can be found at Boost and Virgin Mobile

As of last week, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is widely available across the US, with all relevant carriers and retailers offering it. As you may know, the Galaxy S8 is a bit more expensive than last year’s S7, and you can’t get it for less than $720 (off contract) from any of the four major carriers. What you might not know is that you can get the S8 for just $649.99 if you don’t mind buying it from Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile (Sprint’s two prepaid brands).

Both Boost and Virgin Mobile are offering the Samsung Galaxy S8 only in black, with no carrier branding to be …

Don't feel like a 200-page manual? With this short Galaxy S8 video tutorial, Samsung covers all the basics

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have been finding their way in their rightful owners’ hands here in the US for a week already, and Samsung felt that now is the time to release a short video tutorial on what the phones are, and how to engage with them on a daily basis. Nothing groundbreaking, but it’s clean, concise, and in the trendy sharing format with subtitles, so you don’t even have to put your headphones on to learn about your Galaxy S8 without reading the 200-page manual.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ will be updated to Android Nougat next week

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is about to get an official update to Android 7 Nougat – not long after the smartphone received a similar update on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

T-Mobile Project Manager Des Smith confirmed on Twitter that Android Nougat should be rolled out to the Galaxy S6 edge+ starting “early next week.” Just like it happened in the case of the S6 edge+ from other carriers, the update will likely bring Android 7.0, not 7.1 to the handset. Even so, this is a major (and sizeable) update that T-Mobile S6 edge+ owners have been impatiently waiting …

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime lands at T-Mobile and MetroPCS as a cheap Nougat phone

T-Mobile and MetroPCS this week released a new and affordable Android smartphone made by Samsung: the Galaxy J3 Prime.

The J3 Prime appears to be a rebranded Galaxy J3 Emerge (launched earlier this year via Sprint and its prepaid brands). However, the handset offered by T-Mobile and MetroPCS has a couple of advantages over Sprint’s J3 Emerge: it’s cheaper, and runs Android 7 Nougat (instead of Android Marshmallow).

If you’re buying the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime from T-Mobile, you can get it for $150 outright, or $6 per month (for $24 months) and $6 upfront. At MetroPCS, the new phone …

Hong Kong version of Samsung Galaxy S8+ with 6GB RAM will be compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile networks

You might be ecstatic over your new Samsung Galaxy S8+. But if you live in the U.S., you brain might be nudging you about the version of the phone that features 6GB of RAM and 128GB of native storage. Yes, that is a 50% hike from the 4GB of RAM on your Galaxy S8+, not to mention the doubling of native storage. Your brain keeps repeating over and over how nice it would be to have that extra multi-tasking capability and all of that extra storage. Despite the heavy demand seen for the higher spec’d model, Samsung doesn’t plan on selling it in the states at this time.

But there is some promising …

Always On display on the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6

So, since last year, LG and Samsung have been offering a new feature on their flagship smartphones β€” an always on display. Even when your phone is sleeping, the display shows an ever-present, dimly-lit widget on the screen, giving you important information, such as the time, and missed notifications.

Over the past 12 months, Samsung built on its original concept, adding new features, and improving the way its Always on works, while LG hasn’t changed much. Let’s take a look at the main differences between the two!

Sammy’s phones rock an AMOLED …

Samsung starts rolling out software update for Galaxy S8 that fixes red tint issue

One of the issues that affect Samsung’s new flagships, the Galaxy S8 and S8+, has been simply named β€œred tint problem.” Its cause is unknown, but Samsung promised to address the issue through a software update.

The South Korean company claims that while this isn’t a quality problem, customers can avoid turning their phones’ display red by adjusting the color of the panel from the options menu.

Today, users in Korea have noticed that their Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones have started to receive a new software update with build numbers G950NKSU1AQDG and G950NKSU1AQDG, …

Samsung posts its second-best quarter ever, promises a new flagship release in late 2017

Today, Samsung Electronics has released its quarterly earnings report for Q1 2017, and it’s looking pretty good: the company has posted profits of 9.9 trillion won ($8.7 billion) across all of its businesses. However, profits from its mobile division have actually fallen compared to those in Q4 2016, despite an increase of device shipments.

Or in other words: Samsung sold more phones, but earned less money from them. The fault, interestingly, may lie in consumers’ great interest in the Galaxy S8, which launched just last week. To accommodate for …

The Galaxy S8's display isn't red because of defective hardware, says Samsung

At the conference call following its first-quarter earnings report, Samsung officially stated the Galaxy S8 display’s red tint issue is no hardware defect, but an optional feature that can be freely changed. The company carried out a thorough inspection of the handset with the goal of ensuring product quality and found no faults.

With these statements, Samsung intends to dismiss rumors of faulty chips or a malfunctioning display driver as the culprit. It also promised to deliver an update that will enable a more neutral tone by default. Currently, users do …