Samsung Galaxy Tab simfree: Very low price range

Mobile phones have always been considered as the most useful gadgets. These have not only provided the solutions for the voice communication features but have offered many other advantages as well. The modern era gadgets offer much more than the simple communication. The gadgets have started to be known for the various other factors as well.

The new specialities of the mobile phones can be best checked out with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The mobile phone holds the beauty in both the aspects – internal and external as well. The mobile phone is superior in looks along with the mind blowing range of features. The wide 7.0 inches touchscreen of the handset will make you enjoy the incredible features. The handset is a very classical combination of looks and mind blowing features. Internet facility can also be best enjoyed on the mobile as the handset incorporates that features like the GPRS, EDGE, WLAN, etc. The mobile phone works on the operating system of Android version 2.2 (Froyo). Moreover it also holds the PowerVR SGX540 graphics. The mobile is coming in two variants that are 16 GB and 32 GB respectively.

Along with it, the mobile also offers the Full HD video playback. The deals for the mobile phone are also available in oodles of formats like the contract deals and pay as you go deals formats. But the best way to achieve the mobile phone is through the sim free deals. The deals are available with almost all the networks but the best deals are coming with the tag name Samsung Galaxy Tab Orange deals. The sim free phones deals for the handset are offering the mobile for just £ 632.7. The best way to get the view of the deals is through internet. Many online price comparing web sites are comparing the deals for the mobile to make you get the cheapest of deals. This will also facilitate you in cracking the deals with the most numbers of benefits.

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Qualcomm blocked Samsung from selling Exynos processors

Samsung has proven to manufacture very solid processors. Its Exynos chips have always been on par with the best, and they have produced consistent results that rival those of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon. So, in case you were wondering why Samsung doesn’t sell its chips to other smartphone manufacturers, safe for some Meizu models, you’re not alone.

For a long time the most popular opinion was that Samsung was just trying to protect its chip-making technology, but a new report out of South Korea claims otherwise. According to said report, Qualcomm has blocked Samsung from selling its Exynos processors …

Samsung has quietly slashed prices on two of the best affordable phones around: the Galaxy A5 (2017) and A3 (2017)

The new Samsung Galaxy A (2017) series are impressive: the phones feature a design that looks and feels almost exactly as fine as the glass and metal one on the flagship S7 family, they sport truly impressive battery life, feature an impressive water-protection rating and run on the latest Samsung Grace user interface.
And now, less than a couple of months after their official launch, Samsung has slashed the prices on both the 5.2-inch Galaxy A5 (2017) and smaller, 4.7-inch A3 (2017).

The new price adds to the value of …

Alleged specs for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ are right here

Time to grab that trusty salt shaker because you’re going to need a grain or two of the ol’ NaCl for this story. Out of Germany today comes the latest rumored specs for the two handsets that have been on your mind for some time. Yes, we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+. With both models due to be unveiled on March 29th, it is no surprise that the number of leaks has been picking up exponentially. We’ve seen plenty of images, including some live shots of the Galaxy S8+, and now it is time to pass along the latest rumored specs. 

The first thing you’ll …

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 coming to the Unites States in April/June

Samsung silently unveiled the rugged Galaxy Xcover 4 in the first day of this month and said Europeans would be able to pick it up in April for €259.

However, we’re expecting the Galaxy Xcover 4 to arrive in the United States as well, even if Samsung hasn’t yet confirmed the information. As some of you might know, the predecessor rugged Galaxy Xcover phone made its debut in June, but none of the carriers in the U.S. offered it when it hit the shelves.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 was available in the U.S. exclusively through Amazon, and it looks like the retailer …

Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories and their prices get leaked ahead of official reveal

We’re just a couple of days away from the official reveal of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, and it looks like we already know everything there is to know about the device.

Unfortunately, Samsung fans who like to be surprised at least once or twice per year must feel betrayed by the company’s inability to stop the sheer of leaks revealing important aspects about its upcoming flagships.

However, this time we won’t be talking about the Galaxy S8 per se, but about some of the official accessories that Samsung plans to launch alongside its top-tier …

Deal: Samsung Gear IconX's price slashed by 25% for a limited time only

Samsung Gear IconX wireless earbuds have been launched in the United States months before Apple’s AirPods, but they were slightly more expensive. Well, not anymore, as Samsung is now running a deal on the Gear IconX, which allows customers to purchase a pair of the wireless buds for just $149.99.

Although this isn’t the lowest price for which you could get the Gear IconX, it’s most certainly the last promo you’ll get before the Galaxy S8 goes official. According to Samsung, for a limited time, customers can buy the Gear IconX wireless buds for 25% off through its …

Fantastic Apple peel 520 – Change iPod Touch to iPhone in a Moment

Apple peel 520 is a product that supposedly gives the iPod touch cellular functions. Since the iPod touch and the iPhone are very similar in dimensions and in software, there is a great possibility this can be used for the iPhone.

However, this fantastic assemble has its own advantages and disadvantages. I’d love to be able to seek some more value out of my 1st Gen iPod Touch if it were possible… Still this is the first and the only apple device I own, and i still won’t upgrade till it’s broke for good. Another and which also the biggest advantage is it can save you a lot of money for those who love iphone so much but are terrified by the sight of price. Ipod touch usually starts at 229, and the apple peel 520 sold at only $109 …it maybe the lowest price all over the world and no need to pay deliver charge.

If you want to see the fantastic creation, you need to buy it immediately and I think there would not be a day when it was $60. You may as well get lucky on PickEgg for an apple peel 520 at that point.

Maybe the greatest reason for this even exists is because the designer either couldnt afford an iphone or did not want to pay as much. Getting a much cheaper touch and adding this device he created, gave him the functionality of the iphone at a lower cost. At last i heard he was trying to find out if his product was legal.

The difference is this way you can actually make calls” is what I would’ve said if I was an uneducated jackass.

There are also disadvantages: the iPod with the Peel currently has a problem with the “death grip” and in general, it wasn’t engineered optimally for calling. If this product works as advertised, then you can use this instead of a bumper to get rid of the “death grip” problem and at the same time possibly improve the reception on your ipod. For new people and if you have enough money, choosing between the iPod touch + this vs the iPhone 4, I would recommend the iPhone 4 since it is not dependent on an accessory whose functionality seems pretty shady to me. But to somebody else, it like it’s targeting preteens etc who already have an iPT instead of getting a new phone.

Another problem I see is there is no earpiece. Are all calls going to go over speakerphone or Bluetooth? No like a good idea, but I need an earpiece. That’s one reason I’m not getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Yeah sure, I might look like a who knows what with a 7 inch “Tab” next to my head but I don’t care. I hate BT headsets and I can’t have people hearing my conversations. I hardly make calls as it is but when I do I need an earpiece. So close too.

In generally, to most of the people who know this device, still sticking it to Apple. Now you don’t have to buy the wallet-dissolving iPhone.

Also, to most of the people, who know Apple Peel 520 and take quick visit to the website with this product for sale. And this did nothing to allay our lingering suspicions — in through and through-it appeared to be hastily-cobbled cash– but still, sorely tempted our wallet for the prospect of an iPod touch case with cellular capabilities. The may give you siren call to advise you attempting a purchase, but after make serious cooperation. Also the Google tells us their owners of the apple peel 520 are one and the same with PickEgg, so if you bought one of those sim-cutting devices and got your product as promised, PickEgg suppose you’re liable to get a better deal. But if you have qualms, well — wait for Go Solar to formally bring the product to market, or else steer clear.

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New live photos surface of the Samsung Galaxy S8+

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is going to be unveiled in a matter of days, along with the Samsung Galaxy S8. The actual introduction will take place on Wednesday, March 29th. As we have moved closer and closer to that date, the number of seemingly valid leaks has risen exponentially. Today, we have some new live photographs to show you of the Galaxy S8+ being used inside an automobile. The photos show images of the Lock Screen, Settings page, Camera, Browser and more.

Additionally, listings of some accessories for the two flagship phones leaked, and include pricing for the Clear View Standing Cover, …

Gestures used with the fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ will open and close apps?

According to what is alleged to be the settings page on the Samsung Galaxy S8, the fingerprint scanner will support gestures that will open and close apps. While the page itself is in Spanish, running the words through Google Translate results in something interesting. Under the heading “Gestos para sensor de huella” (Gestures for the fingerprint sensor), it reads “abir y cerrar aplicaciones y funciones con el sensor huella digitales.” Translated, it reads “Open and close applications and functions with the fingerprint sensor.” And there is a toggle switch right next to the sentence that allows …