LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: From Korea with love

It’s perfectly safe to say that the LG G6 is the de facto star of MWC 2017. LG’s latest flagship, the brazen new LG G6 just arrived with the hopes of smashing its existing competition and becoming the new catwalk star in the spotlights. Achieving this, however, will not be the walk in the park LG might have in mind – exciting or not, the LG G6 will still have to tackle some serious competition on the way.
The Galaxy S7 edge is one of the main ‘old’ rivals of the G6. It’s a phone that resides in the same market segment and is among the more popular devices …

LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge vs Google Pixel XL: three-way specs comparison

Look, ma, there’s a new contender in town — the brazen new LG G6 just arrived with the hopes of smashing the competition and becoming the new catwalk star in the spotlight.
Seemingly, the G6 has what it takes to be a successful device that has the potential to shake the status quo. It has a speedy chipset that hints at excellent performance, an exorbitantly high screen-to-size body ratio, water-tight full metal bod’, and last but not least – the same dual-camera setup that has made the previous high-end LG devices an appealing choice.
But …

Samsung showcased new Sliding Tablet PC at CES 2011

We have seen a fast moving tablet pc market in the last year, where we have seen many new manufacturers brought their customized tablets into this market. After the launch of first tablet iPad from Apple; large number of companies such as Samsung, Acer and many more followed Apple with their latest tablet pc models. The world leader Samsung came with a unique tablet known as Galaxy tab in the second half of the year 2010 and it gave the real competition to iPad and according to the latest repost it sales has already crossed 2 million units in short period of time.

In the recent past at Consumer Electronics Show Samsung has showcased it’s latest tablet pc, which is unique than it’s earlier Galaxy tab as it has a full sliding qwerty keyboard. The new tablet is expected to arrive in the market during the April 2011 and it is definitely going to rock in the market. The advantage of this new sliding tablet pc is that it is window based and has 10.1 inch display and therefore the sliding tablet is indeed a laptop cum tablet. The new tablet being compact is size is also easy to carry and at the same time fulfills all yours gaming needs.

 The sliding PC 7 tablet will be available in 32 MB and which is expendable and the sliding tablet will be preloaded for a number of applications. The new Samsung sliding tablet will be convenient for a lot of applications and you will be able to connect your sliding tablet to TV etc. The Samsung tablet pc will also be available with 3G features that make it suitable for excellent internet connectivity.

Source by: L.M.Pandey

BlackBerry KeyOne vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs others: size comparison

The BlackBerry KeyOne is now official and it’s a rare breed: a phone with a full QWERTY physical keyboard, it stands out in the Android phone crowd. But how does that keyboard right below the main display affect the actual physical size of the device? After all, if it was not for it, the KeyOne is a phone with a 4.5-inch display, a tiny phone by today’s standards.
There are two important things here: first, it’s the screen aspect ratio, as this is a wider than usual display, so the phone is not as narrow as a regular 16:9 4.5″ phone, while …

Alternatives to iPad? Top 5 Tablet PCs Other than iPad

Since the Apple iPad was released people have been searching for non-Apple equivalents and have been finding it difficult. Not surprisingly, Apple’s competitors have been having a close look at the iPad, and while most have yet to be released to the public, here is a quick preview of what is to come, including one or two that may already have reared their heads to the public gaze.

Few are available right now, and those that are available will rapidly be swamped by the new models when they are released, so this review is not intended to take current existence significantly into account.  Positions # 1, 4 and 5 are based largely upon availability or the lack of it, and this list is liable to change significantly within the next 6 months.

1. Blackberry Playbook

The Blackberry Playbook (RIM) is going to make Apple exceedingly jealous when it is released sometime next year.  It holds first spot here, even though it is going to be several months before you can purchase it. Buying electronic technology is very frustrating:  you buy something now and something else comes out next month, and so on and so on. So when do you decide to buy, and when do you wait? If you are only buying one Tablet over the next couple of years, then wait for this one.

It is a 7″ tablet with a 1024 x 600 resolution screen, 1 GB RAM, 1GHz ARM Cortex AP dual core CPU and a capacitive screen.  Storage is 32GB, although other models will vary. The Playbook offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but lacks the 3G of the Samsung Galaxy below.  However, it has a camera front and back with 3 and 5 Megapixels respectively. It runs QNX rather than the usual Android, and this is some mean machine that will be well worth waiting for. Though according to the article “Operating Systems for Digital Readers“, since that launch Android has been used in various e-readers and that trend is expected to continue into the future.

2.  Samsung Galaxy Tab

Available sometime in 2010, the 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab runs Android (the 2.2 Froyo version) and offers 3G, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and a micro SD slot. The design is good and it is easy to hold with a good feel, even though it is lighter than the iPad.  It is generally better than the iPad, and would hold First Place in this review but for the fact that it will likely shortly be superseded by the Blackberry Playbook.

However, the Galaxy appears to be a complete machine while the Blackberry is still very much being taken on trust. It was a debate as to which would be top, but the Blackberry swung it on reputation. The Galaxy might also have competition later from the Dell 7″ Tablet when available.

3.  Toshiba Folio

Only placed at #3 due to the scanty information available for the HP Palm Pad, the Toshiba Folio is the only device in the list with the full 10.1″ screen to compete with the iPad visuals. It runs the Froyo 2.2 version of Android with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with no 3G in evidence. With and SD slot like the Samsung device, it also offers a HDMI output for HD video playback on a monitor or HDTV.  It also has a front camera, but overall does not match the Samsung Galaxy.

4.   HP Palm Pad

This is based on the WebOS that was a major reason for Palm’s acquisition by HP. Due to be launched early in 2011, there is still not very much known publicly about this machine that may be released under a different name.  It is difficult to know where to place this, but was placed at #4 though may end up higher, perhaps even #2,  once released and we find the impressive hardware that HP has in mind for the impressive OS.

5.  Dell Streak

At only 5″, the Dell streak has limitations that render it virtually impossible to rival the iPad. Running Android 1.6 (disappointingly), the streak offers many features, including a mobile phone (though rather a large one running an earlier version of Android).  However, it is available now, and if you want a mobile phone that doubles as a small tablet with lots of features (though not an iPad clone) then the Dell Streak is worth considering.  However, it is placed at #5 because of its size and its forthcoming big brother. 

The 7″ version, named only the Dell 7″ as yet, will overcome the size problem, and although the features available on it are very sparse, its imminent availability renders the Dell machine worthy of reaching number 5 above some other very worthy contenders for this list of top 5 alternatives to iPad.

Source by: Marco Gustafsson

Wall Street analyst: Apple has Samsung on the ropes like never before

The battle of being the biggest player on the mobile market is a two-horse race: Samsung and Apple have been trying to outdo each other for years, but over the last several months, it seems that the balance of power has shifted quite noticeably in favor of the latter.

In a research note distributed on Thursday, Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian White states that “Apple has Samsung on the ropes like never before in recent memory”. If we take all the recent facts and events under consideration, White’s claim does seem logical.

The Galaxy Note 7 disaster and the …

AT&T BOGO deal includes the Apple iPhone 7, LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7

AT&T’s new BOGO deal starts today and allows you to score a free high-end handset for free with the purchase of a new phone, and the addition of a new line. Buy the Apple iPhone 7 or Apple iPhone 7 Plus and you’ll be eligible to receive a free iPhone 7. Buy the LG G5 and get a second one for free. Lastly, buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 and get a second one on the house. Sit back and relax so we can show you exactly how this works.

Frankly, taking advantage of AT&T’s new BOGO deal is as easy as 1-2-3.

Purchase a phone on AT&T Next or Next Every YearAdd a line to your account …

Samsung to tighten control over donations following arrest of vice chairman Lee

Following the recent arrest of Samsung Electronics’ vice chairman Jay Y. Lee, today the company has pledged to ramp up control for any future donations or financial support made to third-parties.

In order to achieve that, the South Korean tech giant will implement several strict measures. Any financial payments above 1 billion won ($882,460) will be reviewed by a committee of “independent directors” and then publicly disclosed. Previously, only payments or donations of 680 billion won (about $600,773,200) or more to third parties were subject to such board reviews.

This …

Leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 specs sheet reveals 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage space

Just one day after seeing a seemingly accurate specs sheet for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8+, we’re now treated with a specs list for the smaller Galaxy S8.

Revealed by TechnoBuffalo, the Galaxy S8 specs list that we’re talking about looks almost identical to the one for the S8+, with a single notable and expected difference. While the S8+ sports a 6.2-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display, the S8 comes with a 5.8-inch display (of the same technology and pixel resolution). Both screens are slightly curved on the left and right sides.

Just like the Samsung …

Samsung intros the Exynos 9 Series 8895, a powerful octa-core processor for high-end phones

Samsung just announced a new high-end mobile processor: the octa-core Exynos 9 Series 8895, which is bound to power select smartphones coming later this year. Just like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 – which is actually developed in collaboration with Samsung – the Exynos 9 Series 8895 is built on a 10nm (nanometer) process technology. This enables it to deliver up to 27% higher performance compared to chipsets built on 14nm technology (like the Snapdragon 821), while also draining up to 40% less power.

The Exynos 9 Series 8895 has four custom CPU cores, plus four Cortex-A53 cores (with a maximum …