Living The Lord's Prayer For Planet Earth

For the past couple of months, I have frequently driven to a nearby location where I can view the sunset.  Awe-inspiring … breathtaking … beautiful beyond words … are feeble attempts at describing the loveliness displayed.  Looking up, the sky becomes God’s cathedral enfolding our planet … the indigo, white, rose pink, and gray clouds are transformed into heavenly stained glass windows, shimmering in the light of the Sun.  Looking up, I am aware of our planet nestled within a universe of planets, stars, and Suns.  Looking up, I pray the Lord’s Prayer for our planet.

On the other hand, I observe drivers speeding past a lovely sunset … people walking along the roadside … church members parking their cars nearby and going inside … few, if any, look up long enough to behold the heavenly vision surrounding them.  All are engrossed in the tasks at hand … tasks that seem, to us, to be vital to our earth plane lives.  Yet, these very tasks tend to separate us from the much more comprehensive drama of God’s unfolding plan for our planet.  They cause us to look down … to forget that our lives are taking place on a planet … within a solar system … within a galaxy … within a cosmos.

I find that praying the Lord’s Prayer … while conscious of standing on planet Earth … looking up to the Sun of our solar system … magnifies the prayer into one for the planet.  I invite all of you to do likewise.   Praying thus lifts our perspective from one focused on our individual lives and immediate surroundings to remembrance of our entire human family.  We can, then, seek to live out this prayer by extending our life’s orientation to one that includes our brothers and sisters throughout this planet.  We shift to a new life paradigm … one that seeks to share with all who inhabit our planet.

Our Father becomes the Source of life for all that is … the Sun … stars … planets … and the inhabitants thereon.  Our Father is the life force manifesting through the myriad forms of creation as they express on many dimensions of consciousness.  We are increasingly hearing of encounters with UFOs and extraterrestrials.  Most of us readily accept the existence of angels and the Ascended Masters.  Our Father is their father as well.  Many visitors from throughout the cosmos are present with us … they are members of our galactic family and have come to assist and to observe Planet Earth’s shift into the New Golden Age.  As we stand before our Sun, praying the Lord’s Prayer, let us include our cosmic brothers and sisters.  Let us begin to live with the realization that we are not alone on this planet … that many loving beings are present with us.  They yearn to assist us in creating a home planet characterized by world peace and unconditional love.

Our Father, who art in heaven is the river of life through which flows our capacity to create world peace and familial love between all of Earth’s inhabitants.  Our Father, who art in heaven individualizes as our I AM PRESENCE.  From this dimension of heaven within us, we catch a glimpse of the prosperity and individual soul wellness/fulfillment that are available to all.  Through contact with our I AM PRESENCE, or the God indwelling each of us, we can live in constant communication with the heavenly realms.  Herein is the fountain for all our Good.  Extraterrestrials, angels, and Ascended Masters drink from this same Fountain of Good.  Through our Father, who art in heaven, all are members of one cosmic family.  We live the Lord’s Prayer for planet Earth as we remember our interconnectedness.

Hallowed be thy name! Harper’s Bible Dictionary states that to hallow something is to set it apart, with great reverence, for a sacred purpose.  Every name possesses a numerical vibration indicating the qualities through which all function.  To pray, Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name is to recognize, with deep reverence, the qualities of God … omnipresence within us as the I AM PRESENCE … the Source of all wisdom, love, and prosperity.  Standing before a sunset provides the perfect setting for hallowing God’s name … the majestic loveliness, painted across the skies, easily fills us with awe.  Then, our sacred purpose—stemming from this awe—is to assist in bringing forth God’s love and wisdom upon the Earth.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, as in heaven so on earth. With these words, we affirm:  It is possible to establish a Golden Age on planet Earth.  God’s Kingdom is one in which all live in peace with one another … all—extraterrestrials, angels, ascended masters, and the inhabitants of Earth—work together and share the bounties of living in harmonious relationship.  Thy kingdom come means that all are free to pursue their talents … to spend their time in tasks that are fulfilling and that enhance the overall Good.  All are free to live out the numerical vibration within their name.  Thy will be done, as in heaven so on earth is a call to God for divine intervention into our lives … intervention that allows divine order to unfold on Earth as it does on the higher dimensions of consciousness.

The cosmic divine plan is that Earth is to ascend into the 5th dimension.  Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, as in heaven so on earth affirms this truth.  At this very moment, we stand at the threshold of the new heaven and the new Earth.  Tremendous transformative events are taking place on the inner planes and will soon manifest on the physical.  Then we will know—beyond doubt—that we are not alone … that we are loved beyond words … that God’s divine plan for each of us, and for planet Earth, is flowing forth in ways that are presently beyond our capacity to comprehend.  Thy will be done is our surrender to the arrival of heaven on earth—the Golden Age of Aquarius!

Give us this day our daily breadOur Father, give us all that we need to allow your divine plan to unfold in our lives and that of our planet.  Grant to us an open mind with the capacity to receive abundance, intuitive guidance, and the acceptance that with God all things are possible.  When God chooses to intervene in our lives … in the life of America … in the life of our planet … all things are possible.  We have arrived at such a portal of divine intervention.  Our daily bread becomes more than the food, shelter, and work we need in order to live on the 3rd dimensional, physical plane.  Now, the daily bread we need is an open mind … a mind that allows for all possibilities … a mind that recognizes our intellect cannot lead us to truth.  Our daily bread becomes attunement to our intuitive minds … the willingness to listen to the inner Self … to be an open channel for God’s love and wisdom to manifest in our lives.  Insisting on physical proof slams shut the inner door.  Our daily bread becomes the courage and persistence to live out our intuitive feelings, even though what we feel makes no common sense.  We cannot move forward in God’s plan if we insist upon things remaining the same.  Our planet is ready to move forward into a world of peace and love.  Give us this day our daily bread is our affirmation that we surrender to the changes involved in Earth’s transformation.

And forgive us our offenses, as we have forgiven those who offend us. For at least the past year, many have felt compelled to make right their relationships with others … to seek to forgive others … to ask for forgiveness … to forgive ourselves … and to release the unhappy memories.  We have felt the need to clean out our lives … our homes … the way we relate to others.  This urge toward cleaning out, forgiving, and releasing signifies the unfolding of divine order … in preparation for the magnificent Light that is coming into our world.

Light shatters darkness.  We may experience this shattering as trauma and the destruction of a belief system that, heretofore, has been the foundation for our lives.  We are already reading and hearing on the news about cover-ups in our government.  Light brings forth all that is not truth … in every structure of our planetary society.  Give us this day our daily bread; forgive us our offenses as we have forgiven those who offend us.  The Lord’s Prayer can become the foundation on which we base our responses to the coming days.  Forgiveness will play a major role.  Our daily bread is to be our willingness to forgive … to discern truth … and to be open to loving all persons while rejecting their behaviors.  God has nothing to forgive because we are already perfect in the eyes of Our FatherForgive us our offenses is a prayer to our own I AM PRESENCE:  “Give me the wisdom to forgive myself for falling short in my discernment of truth.”

And do not let us enter into temptation, but deliver us from evil. As the Light tears asunder the curtain of darkness and illusions that characterize the 3rd dimension, we are likely to experience anger that so much has been hidden from us by those in power positions within every structure of our planetary society.  We have been taught in our schools, churches, and governmental structures to think inside the box of traditional beliefs.  Those who have refused this robotic mode of thinking have been persecuted, often severely.  As the Light exposes the non-truths to which we have adhered, we may be tempted to react with anger and frustration.  Do not let us enter into temptation, but deliver us from evil holds the secret to responding with forgiveness and love.  Know that Light dispels the darkness.  Light delivers us from evil.  Evil—defined as living with our backs to God—can assume all sorts of horrific forms.  Praying:  Do not let us enter into temptation is our affirmation that we will strive to forgive and extend unconditional love to those who have lived with their backs to God.  As the Light delivers us from evil, we are surrounded by a multitude of beings from the higher spiritual dimensions.  These beings enfold us with love; they gladly instruct and help us in creating a new Earth.  It is up to us to enter not into the temptation of continuing to think within the box of the former status quo.  Much that preceded this time in our planetary history has been laced with darkness or non-truth.  The Golden Age of Truth and Light lies before us.  We are in the transition period … from darkness into the Light of a New Age.

For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory for ever and ever. The kingdom of God on Earth, for which we have prayed for thousands of years, stretches before us.  The Golden Age is an Age in which we live in God’s kingdom … in full knowledge of God’s power … and stand in the glory of God forever.  The Golden Age is an Age in which we come to know and to experience daily the truth about ourselves:  We are One with God and all of creation.  In this kingdom, we stand in the Light of our own I AM PRESENCE, demonstrating the power that is ours to transform our world … We stand in the glory that is ours as child gods and we will do so for ever and ever.  Once we know Truth, it cannot be taken from us.

AMEN! As we close the Lord’s Prayer and every prayer with the word Amen, we are affirming certainty that our prayer is present reality.  Prayer is a means of co-creating with God; Amen commands, “So be it!”  Amen affirms our knowledge that the Golden Age … the new heaven and new Earth … are our rightful inheritance as Sons and Daughters of God.  Amen affirms our intention to henceforth live within the kingdom, the power, and the glory of God and our own I AM PRESENCE for ever and ever.

In doing so, we live the Lord’s Prayer for Planet Earth.    

Source by: Nancy B. Detweiler

Vientiane, Laos – World’s Most Relaxed Capital


Backpackers head south to get drunk and float down the river that skirts the village of Vang Vieng. More sophisticated travellers zero in on Laos’ luxurious capital, Vientiane, usually before a visit to Luang Prabang.

Unusually for a capital, Vientiane lies just over a border – the one with Thailand, just across the Friendship Bridge. The influence that shines through most brightly, however, is French.

For a start, the name is gallicised. The original name, Viangchan, which means ‘City of the Moon’ in the native Lao language, proved too tricky for the French tongue.

Expect French food, French flowers (marigolds), even the Arc de Triomphe – well, a monstrous concrete mockup, known as the Victory Arch. Dubbed the Vertical Runway because it was built with cement donated by the United States in 1969 for airport construction, the arch is a touch taller than the original, to spite the French, but unfinished.

A sign blames this on Laos’ tumultuous history, presumably meaning the punishment inflicted by the French, Japanese, Chinese, Burmese, Vietnamese, Thais and Americans. But all that was a while back. Even the sign itself recognizes the monument’s deficiencies, calling it a ‘monster of concrete’. No spin here. Cynics may wonder why the landlocked Communist state still cannot get its act together and finish the job. The decrepitude which the arch epitomises also extends to the streets, so be careful not to step in a pothole or sewer.

Be careful too of the tuk-tuk drivers, who are as enterprising as any you will meet in Asia. Always fix a price and clarify your destination before you jump in. Otherwise, expect to be taken to the wrong side of town for rather more Kip – the not-quite-worthless currency – than you care to cough up.

The perfect remedy for a white-knuckle tuk-tuk ride is a session at one of Vientiane’s many excellent and ridiculously cheap spas. For a flurry of Kip you can experience a massage far less brutal than the kind meted out by Thai pampering pugilists – and in much more atmospheric surroundings.

Blessed with bags of Indochinese style and with the cheeriest of residents, Vientiane blends Gallic flair with Asian mystique. This style also influences and permeates the sauces and aromas of the exquisite cuisine available in the world-class French restaurants at Fountain Square. For those travellers who are heartily sick of the sweet and sickly white wheat products falsely posturing as ‘bread’ across almost all of SE Asia, the lunch baguettes and breakfast croissants available throughout most of Laos will make a most welcome change.

The culinary alternative to Fountain Square is the Mekong. Its near bank is lined with scores of cheaper but still good Asian restaurants where diners lounge on mats and watch the sun set over the river while sipping a cold Beer Lao, the default and delicious state brew.

If you can tear yourself away from Vientiane’s culinary attractions, then maybe visit the Lao National History Museum. Set on the high street, it sounds and looks boring, but is brought to life by its jargon of jingoistic rage against the invader. Check out the photos of sniper peasants and the displays of chunky guns. ‘Weapons ordered by the US imperialists for its puppets,’ one caption screams.

If your spine can handle the bone-jarring 24 km ride, then take a trip from Vientiane to maybe the area’s most memorable attraction: that memory card-consuming icon, Buddha Park sculpture garden. There, tilted at crazy angles, mammoth concrete statues of Buddhist and Hindu gods jostle with fantastical likenesses of real and imaginary beasts. The highlight must be the three-storey giant pumpkin-like representation of Hell, Earth and Heaven, which is entered through the jaws of a demon head. More kitsch than religious, but a fun day out.

Apparently designed by Salvador Dali while drugged beyond his eyeballs, Buddha Park dates back to 1958 and owes its existence to the mystic seer Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat, who left Laos after the 1975 communist takeover. The park cuts a contrast with the golden and gorgeous downtown temples that stick to the rulebook more but, like Buddha Park, also have a slightly hallucinatory feel about them.

Whilst these attractions are worth a visit, Vientiane lacks the truly monumental and instead captures the senses by its tranquility and idiosyncratic charm. It’s a place to eat, people-watch, relax, get a massage, maybe visit one of the respectable night-clubs. Vientiane lacks vibrancy but, for so many visitors with enough energy expenditure in their everyday lives, this is just what the doctor ordered.

“Vientiane is exceptional, if inconvenient”, wrote Paul Theroux in 1975, “the brothels are cleaner than the hotels, marijuana is cheaper than pipe tobacco, and opium is easier to find than a cold glass of beer”. A lot has changed since 1975: Vientiane is no longer, after a thorough purge by the communist regime, in any way a seedy or a druggy place. Whether this could have been achieved without sending so many people on decade-long sojourns in re-education camps is not something we can give an opinion on, as we would like to one day get visas to visit the country again.

If visiting Thailand, why not visit one of the country’s currently best three beach destinations:

Koh Lao Liang:

Ao Nang:



Source by: simon ramsden

The Galactic Confederation of Light

Our planet Earth has long been considered one of the finest spiritual schools in the universe. It is a place where human incarnation provides the greatest challenges and can lead to the quickest spiritual awakening.

 As such, individuals of the Galactic Confederation of Light consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to incarnate on Earth. In recent times there have been many incarnating on this planet, not only for their own spiritual awakening but also to help in the evolving of the planet and its inhabitants.

 A Grand Graduation

The Galactic Confederation of Light says the Earth and its inhabitants are on the threshold of a major evolving – likened to a school-wide graduation or spiritual awakening to the next level. As such, it is a great celebration and there are currently many spaceships in our outer atmosphere to witness this grand event. They are from all parts of the galaxy.

 Ever since first seeding this planet Earth, the Galactic Confederation of Light has been monitoring its progress. There are over 200,000 member star groups and 144,000 of these currently have individuals incarnated on the Earth to help in this transition.

 According to the Galactic Confederation of Light it is a great achievement and celebration for them also. The reason they formed their union so long ago was to counteract and prevent the inter-dimensional dark forces from infiltrating and dominating galaxies.

 A Spiritual Awakening  through Major World Changes

There has been much talk about major world changes being a part of this transition phase and the Galactic Confederation of Light is quick to point out that it’s not the end of the world – more like the end as we know it. Although many predictions and prophecies indicate 2012 as the time of major world changes, this was only to prepare humankind for the idea of major change.

As they point out, the wheat needs sorting from the chaff and not all people on this planet has reached a point where they can be active members of the Galactic Confederation of Light. The ones that have reached a point where they can evolve to the higher vibration of the new Earth through their spiritual awakening will do so, while others will transition to another life that will aid in their ongoing spiritual development.

The Blue Star Millennium

The book <i>The Blue Star Millennium</i> on follows this premise of intervention by the Galactic Confederation of Light during major world changes. It reads like fiction but is based around actual world events leading up to the climax. As one reviewer said “It seems like a blend of fact and fantasy but which is which? It is difficult to be sure where one begins and the other ends – one is left with a lingering suspicion that possibly it is nearly all fact.”

The Blue Star Millennium on will challenge your view on life and our universe. Be prepared for a thought provoking ride – Enjoy the Journey!

Source by: David G

Samsung Galaxy Tab Deals : Buy the Best

Are you a Samsung lover? Do you want to purchase only a Samsung phone but it is hard for you to afford one? Now it is time for you to stop thinking about what you can and cannot afford because with the Samsung Galaxy Tab Deals everything is affordable. These offers come at a very cheap price and only the best is given with it. Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the best phones of the year and wanted by many. So do not wait any longer and go for it.

It has become so easy to purchase Samsung Galaxy Tab Deals. There are two modes of obtaining it and both are extremely convenient. The first one is the conventional method of going to the retail shop and purchasing it. This method might take some time because of the other customers. However, the second method does not take any time at all. This procedure gets over in a jiffy and that is the ordering over the internet method. When you request for this deal online you do not have to stand in any line and waste any time. This is especially useful for those with busy schedules.     

Contract deals are part of Samsung Galaxy Tab Deals. In a contract deal, you will have to sign a bond with the service provider, whoever that may be. Selecting a good network company is very crucial because if you pick the wrong one you will not be able to change it till the contract comes to an end. So it advised to choose wisely and cautiously. The term for this deal is 6 months to 24 months.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a lot of unique features. This device has stereo speakers and comes with MP3 and WAV ring tones. Geo Tagging is one of the several features of the handset. To find out about more about the mobile phone you can go to

Source by: Addi James

New distance of andromeda galaxy and the smaller universe


I have earlier written an article about distances of stars. You can find these articles at articlesbase as follows: and then by article search words of: antti johannes vaalama. According to my new mathematics of distances of stars I claim that the nearest star from sun called Proxima Centaury is in the distance of about 20 light hours so not 4,3 light years as we nowadays measure. The nowadays used method to determine the distances is not a right way to measure the distances. There must be something wrong in determinig the distances by spectrum. We had to do correlations with Hubble equations. 

When I calculate the distance of Andromeda galaxy from planet earth I get a value of about 1488,1395 light years not 2,3 million light years as we nowadays measure. The distance is 0,05572 % of the nowadays measured distance of 2,3 million light years. How I have made this kind of conclusion for the new distance of Andromeda Galaxy?

If star Proxima Centaury is in the distance of about 20 light hours, this means about 150 AU:s (astronomical units). We get the following equations:

(RjPG)/4,3 ly = x/27000000 ly

RjPG =  the distance calculated by diminish standard in AU:s (astronomical units)

x = 94186046 AU:s = distance of Andromeda Galaxy in AU:s = 1488,1395 ly (light years)

So, we get a distance which is 0,05572 % smaller than the distance of 2,3 million ly.

These calculations are very simple calculations and we can prove these calculations valid by telescope englargement equations, too. By these calculations we can calculate new distances of all the objects in universe by a new way by using the %-value of 0,05572 %.  

In all, all the distance are about 0,055 % smaller than we nowadays measure and we can make a conclusion that the universe, universes… we live in is a much more smaller place!!!!

We can calculate all the distance by diminish standard and by telescope standard equations according to Hubble Space Telescope photos and by englargement values by a new way! And finally we really get a conclusion that the universe is a smaller place to live in! In my mind by philosophical point of view it´s much more safer to live in smaller universe. Albert Einstein only judged us to live in enormous distances but God Himself may have created the cosmos a much more safer and smaller place. This means also that when we plan future space journeys we can reach the outer universe by a much more easier way because of smaller distances of the universe, universes we live in!

Antti Johannes Vaalama


Source by: Antti Johannes Vaalama

Android based "Samsung Galaxy S2" to launch in India

Samsung, the second largest mobile handset maker of the world now has plans to launch a high-range Android based smartphone in India. It is the successor of Galaxy S and is called as Samsung Galaxy S2. It is certainly a good smartphone as it is made on similar lines as Galaxy S. Samsung Galaxy S2 is similar to high tech Android mobiles from HTC and Motorola. It is good looking and its first images are enough to seduce lot many buyers. Galaxy S2 has an array of features incorporated in it which will make it the first choice among all other smartphones available in the Indian handset market.Samsung Galaxy S2 has a Super AMOLED display of 4.3″ size and gives 1280x720px resolution. The wide and large touchscreen has cool features as accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity and ambient light sensors. It is powered by 2GHz CPU that also comes with 1GB RAM/4GB ROM. There is 32GB of built-in flash memory in the handset which may be expanded to upper limit of 32GB with use of microSD card slot. The multimediafeatures of Samsung Galaxy S2 are also one to envy such as its 8 MP camera.The 8 MP camera of Galaxy S2 has capability to record videos in full HD. The images captured are sharp and true colours are retained in them when clicked with this awesome camera. Coming on to the connectivityfeatures of Galaxy S2, we witness an array of impressive advanced features such as A-GPS, Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi b/g/n.To plug in the earphones, there is universal 3.5 mm audio jack in this handset. Samsung Galaxy S2 will probably land in India by March of next year. The reliable sources reveal that it will run on latest Android version Android 3.0 and also sport a front-facing camera for video calling. The presence of it will truly realize the potential of 3G capabilities of the phone.

Source by: mobiledekho2010

Travel Cheap to Spain in September and October

Ending summer time and the Spanish coasts start to be less crowded and much more quite. September is an excellent month to get rid off the northern rain and fresh temperatures now that Spain is plenty of light and sun but the temperatures are not that high as it used to be in July and August.

Apart from these facts, flights and holiday rentals in Spain drop off their prices and become more accessible for those who can´t afford a holiday during the high season. It is easier to find a cheaper flight ticket to Spain thanks to the low cost companies as Ryanair, Thomas Cook and Easy Jet for instance. Getting a last minute offer for your accommodation is not a bad idea either, is a reference.

Some holiday ideas for your September holiday lettings Spain:

–      Stay at Costa de la Luz and enjoy the white sandy beaches and the clean clear Atlantic waters.

–      Play golf, see equestrian dance, 4-wheel drive and quad bike excursions at “Dehesa de Montenmedio” in Vejer (Cadiz).

–      Practice windsurf and kite surf along the Tarifa coast.

–      Visit Morocco for a day trip, it is just 35 minutes by ferry from Tarifa to Tanger.

Places like the Balearic Islands, Costa del Sol, and Costa Blanca that receive a great number of visitors every summer are now an option to take into account for a more quite and cheaper vacation. These areas are wonderful for family trips due to its numerous activities that can be done to get fun.

Source by: Mariangeles Claros

Samsung Tocco Lite S5230 O2: unbelievable multimedia featured device

Now day’s mobile phones is considered as a best life partner of human beings. Everybody wants to use latest featured mobile phones. To cope up all the requirements of the people, Samsung, which considered as one of the first companies has give rise to the revolution in the mobile arena with the launched of its touch screen mobiles. However, there are many models that have been launched by the Samsung Electronics exhibit the best features which are coupled with great looks for the satisfaction of the users. Its all phones make the communication for a user very easy and are compatible to all networks in UK. Samsung again has now entered into the budget of touch screen handset market with the Samsung Tocco Lite, manufactured under its model number as the S5230. This new handset looks stunning which give stiff competition to other handsets. And the most integral part of this gadget is that it offers you with latest stunning O2 network which provides you good connectivity facility.

Samsung S5230 Tocco Lite is an astonishing touch screen phone that comes with easy and user friendly communication feature. This mobile phone has a 3 Inches large touch screen that can view either in horizontal or vertical mode. It measures 104 x 53 x 11.9 mm and incredibly light weight at 93.5 grams, which has a high screen resolution of 240 by 400 pixels for a beautifully clear viewing experience. This touch screen supports a handwriting recognition feature and a gesture control screen lock. It accomplished with 50 Mbytes of internal memory plus memory card slot that can hold up to 8GB of Micro SD type memory cards.

This latest mobile phone has a modest 3.15 Mega pixel camera with in-built flash too. The camera has a reasonably high resolution of 2048×1536 pixels for enhancing photograph quality and it is endowed with smile detection feature so that snaps are taken only when the subject is smiling. You can also enjoy built in FM radio and music player that allows enjoying popular music playback formats. The user can also experience fast data transfer rates as the phone supports EDGE, GPRS, and Bluetooth, USB port etc.

Source by: Richard Meyers

An Infinite Cosmos: Issues Arising

In the infinite beginning there was something rather than pure nothing – a finite amount of something in an infinite void of nothingness. This scenario eliminates the philosophical quandary of what’s beyond the boundary – that only other alternative. This eliminates the philosophical quandary of how much stuff there is. An infinite amount of stuff doesn’t leave you much elbow room.

In the infinite beginning, well there was no beginning; there can ever be an end. No Alpha – no Omega. This eliminates the philosophical quandary of what comes before the ‘beginning’ and what comes after ‘the end’.  

Okay, having postulated an infinite cosmos in space and in duration, well, other certain and not so philosophical issues come to the fore. If they can be addressed, well that’s all to the good. If not, well it’s back to the drawing board.

I’ll start with…

Olber’s Paradox

The night sky should be as bright as the daytime sky since in whatever direction you look, sooner or later you should see a star or galaxy that’s in your line of sight. That’s Olber’s Paradox because the night-time sky isn’t as bright as the daytime sky. One resolution is that our observable Universe is finite and there are only a finite number of stars and galaxies and thus, there will be lines of sight that do not intersect with an object that’s emitting light.

But what if the cosmos is infinite in size and has existed for an infinite amount of time? Does that resurrect or reinstate the validity or viability of Olber’s Pardox? Not necessarily.

Why is there something rather than nothing? That’s been a prime philosophical question that has raged for eons. But, on reflection, overall, there is a great deal more of nothing than of something. If everything was something, it would be rather difficult to move. There would be no elbow room. In other words, just because the cosmos is infinite in duration and in volume doesn’t mean that there has to be an infinite amount of something within.

Let’s say that pure nothing is a perfect vacuum. Then something within that nothing makes for an imperfect vacuum. One could image a cosmos so dilute that there could literally be gaps of pure nothingness between the bits and pieces of something. Or, one could imagine a universe that contained just one final cosmic Black Hole that had over all the infinite eons gobbled up everything else that had been a something within the cosmos, and thus 99.99999% of that cosmos would contain absolutely nothing. 

That aside…

Stars, like people, are born, and thus their light may not have yet reached us.

Stars, like people, die, and thus their light has ceased to reach us. It has all now passed by.

In an infinite space, stars maybe so far distant that by the time their light reaches us, it’s so diluted or spread out that only one photon per hour hits the eye and that threshold is too low to stimulate the optic nerve and thus register.  

Ever present cosmic Black Holes have gobbled up a lot of the radiation that is emitted and reflected. In fact, in a cosmos that’s infinite, why haven’t those astronomical Black Holes sucked up everything that can be sucked up thus terminating any and all evolving universes within that cosmos? Well the answer is Hawking radiation which theoretically predicts, on pretty substantial grounds, that eventually Black Holes will radiate away their mass. Once input is less than Hawking radiation output, the Black Hole will slowly, ever so slowly, radiate away, giving back to the cosmos what it once took away. There will be more on the significance of that shortly.

Entropy and Cosmic Recycling

Another concept that needs addressing is entropy or the Second Law of Thermodynamics, otherwise known as the ‘arrow of time’ or sometimes as ‘time’s arrow’. If one considers an infinite universe to be a closed box or closed system, then over time, and we have an infinite amount of it, that closed box should reach absolute equilibrium and no further cosmic evolution would be possible. There would be a maximum amount of disorder, and there would be no further energy available to reverse that level of disorder.

It should be noted from the outset that in any closed box or closed system, entropy rules. Things will go from a state of order to a state of disorder without outside interference, that being an external source of energy to reverse the natural trend. The commonly cited example is if you have a closed box (the kitchen), and you turn off the fridge, the kitchen and the fridge will eventually reach absolute equilibrium, the same temperature. The kitchen warms up the fridge; the fridge cools down the kitchen, until both are at the same temperature – maximum disorder. It takes an outside energy source – electricity – to keep the fridge colder than the kitchen and thus in a state is disequilibrium or a state where entropy has not been maximalized. Trouble is, once energy is evenly spread out throughout a closed system (like the fridge in the kitchen), no matter how much of it there is, it’s useless in terms of doing useful things – like initiating change.

Another example: Your own body is a closed system. Your body’s energy is in equilibrium. You are at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit from head to toe. Within that state of affairs, your body can not do useful things. Fortunately, there’s a larger closed system that your body is a part of (like the fridge is part of the kitchen) that enables you to disrupt your body’s equilibrium and thus provide the means for your body to initiate change. Your outside energy source is food, which is good since once you invoke that larger closed system that contains you, that larger system absorbs your body heat that gets radiated away into it. So the fridge needs outside energy to replenish its supply of cold; you need energy to replenish your body heat and to provide the ways and means to keep you keeping on. Of course as we all know, that’s just postponing the inevitable. Sooner or later the fridge breaks down with wear; ditto you too. But in the meantime, and for a little while, you can keep your body’s entropy under control.  

Now any attempt to tunnel around various laws, principles and relationships of physics might be in vain, but not a total waste of time. The laws, principles and relationships of physics are constantly being refined, even overturned as in Einstein refined Newton’s gravity; the Sun going around the Earth got overturned by Copernicus. However, anyone attempting to tunnel over, around, or through the Second Law of Thermodynamics should abandon all hope. If you try to butt heads with entropy you’ll just end up with a sore head. You’d have better luck patenting a ‘perpetual motion’ machine, itself a violation of the ways and means of the entropy concept. In fact entropy is why you can’t construct a perpetual motion machine and why any patent officer worthy of the name would refuse you a patent for one.

Still, in an infinite cosmos, a cosmos that keeps on keeping on, there probably needs to be a way to go from a state of disorder (high entropy) back to a state of order (low entropy).


As we noted in the example of the fridge and your body, It takes energy to reverse entropy or at least hold it at bay. A reversal of entropy is sort of like that closed box with Maxwell’s Demon (representing energy) that controls a slot that the Demon can either open or close that’s in the middle of that closed box that’s of a uniform temperature.  The Demon opens the slot whenever a rapidly moving (hot) molecule heads toward the left side or when a slower moving (cold) molecule heads toward the right side. After a while, the left side of the box will be containing just hot stuff (rapidly moving molecules) and the right side cold stuff (slowly moving molecules). Maxwell’s Demon is like a kid expending energy sorting a bag of 1000 various coloured marbles (maximum disorder) into piles of reds and greens and blues and yellows (maximum order).  Of course our infinite cosmos contains no demons, and marble-sorting kids need not apply if there’s ever a job ad for restoring order to an infinite cosmos.

Okay, without demons (or entropy reversing kids), our infinite cosmos heads towards a state of maximum entropy or maximum disorder or maximum uniformity. The cosmic temperature will be the same everywhere; matter will be evenly distributed. But, can an infinite cosmos ever reach such a state? It could or should take an infinite amount of time, but that’s also assumed. 

Yet alas, what even an infinite cosmos needs is a Maxwell’s Demon. The cosmos, if it is to retain a state of vitality for an infinite duration, needs something that recycles stuff that’s at maximum entropy (maximum disorder) back to the basics of minimum entropy (or minimum disorder) where useful things can continue to happen.

* The Role of Gravity

Gravity seems to be a Maxwell Demon’s kind of force that keeps on keeping on. As long as you have two bits of matter, even just two electrons, you have gravity. Radiation (electromagnetism) could be dispersed evenly in infinite space over infinite time, but it is hard to imagine that situation with gravity. The only real way gravity could be rendered inert and useless as an energy source would be if it was 100% concentrated in just one place – like a super ultra mother of all cosmic Black Holes. The only other way gravity could be nullified would be in matter were distributed so absolutely evenly such that every bit of matter were being gravitationally pulled on absolutely evenly in each and every direction. But the slightest nudge or deviation from this ideal theoretical state (inevitable given quantum fluctuations) would throw everything out of equilibrium. But because matter is energy and energy is matter, if gravity can disrupt the distribution of matter from a state of near perfect uniformity, then energy will follow the short and curly material bits. Light (photons) reacts to gravity as much as electrons do. Further, the one extra nice property that gravity has is that it can’t be blocked. You can block out light or shield yourself from electromagnetic effects, but nothing will shield you from gravity.

* The Recycling Role of Radioactivity

Fortunately, there are several basic ways of recycling complex cosmic stuff back into the cosmos in the form of simple stuff. The first of these however has issues. Gravity can contract and pull together interstellar gas and dust into a proto-star which will ignite under pressure via thermonuclear fusion to form a radiant star. Stars however fuse lighter elements into heavier elements, and when a star goes nova, or becomes a supernovae, those heavier elements increasingly form the next generation of interstellar gas and dust. Eventually, after many generations of enrichment, interstellar gas and dust is lacking in those lighter elements (mainly hydrogen and helium) which easily undergoes fusion. Heavy elements, like iron, just won’t fuse any more and so the continued formation of radiant stellar stuff grinds to a halt. But, there is an escape clause.

Among the heavy elements; elements that stars manufacture, are radioactive elements with unstable atomic nuclei. Radioactive decay re-releases back into the cosmos those fundamental bits and pieces that can reform into those lighter elements that are the basic building blocks for forming radiant stellar objects. There is cosmic recycling from the simple to the complex and back to the simple again.

* The Recycling Role of Cosmic Black Holes

The second way of cosmic recycling is, believe it or not, via cosmic Black Holes. Astronomical Black Holes, via the vacuum energy (quantum foam or fluctuations) and quantum tunnelling, can release elementary particles back into the cosmos. As mentioned earlier, this is known as Hawking Radiation, after theoretical cosmologist/astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. Complex stuff can go into a Black Hole, but just very simple stuff ultimately comes back out again.

* The Recycling Role of Life

Life can be an entropy buster as in the case of Maxwell’s Demon, the kid who sorts the marbles, the mum who does the housework, the bird or beaver who gathers up forest debris to make a nest. But, it takes outside energy to accomplish these things and at the end you haven’t decreased complexity – the marbles are still marbles; twigs are still twigs. But microbes like bacteria, etc. can break down complex stuff (like twigs) and turn it into less complex stuff which can be recycled into hundreds of new and different complex things. So, when our home planet eventually meets its Waterloo, and gets scattered back into the cosmic winds, thanks to bacteria, there will be more simple stuff floating around than would otherwise be the case

So complex stuff gets recycled back into simple stuff, all brought together again by gravity to ultimately form complex stuff again. The cosmos receives recycled stuff back, from which it can keep on keeping on!     

* A Fly in the Ointment

In a cosmos that’s both infinite in space and infinite in duration, here’s an interesting ‘angels on the head of a pin’ question. There are two forces which in theory can extend their influence indefinitely, that is, unto infinity. They are electromagnetism (of which light is a prime example) and gravity. So, can the influence of a force cross an infinite space if it has an infinite amount of time to do it in?

Perhaps Maxwell Demon’s ‘closed box’ isn’t really an appropriate ‘container’ for an infinite cosmos. If the cosmos is infinite, can it be described as a closed system?  

The Multiple You

And so finally, consider and reconsider the quantum mantra: “Anything that isn’t forbidden is compulsory; anything that can happen will happen”. That’s even more the case when you have infinite time and space to play around with! So, I add to that mantra “and will happen again and again and again, an infinite number of times”. That actually means, or at least very strongly suggests that every possible scenario, every possible history, and every possible variation on each and every scenario or on any theme that you care to think of or think up will happen again and again and again. That, by the way, includes you. You are a scenario, and you, and every possible variation of you and your history will transpire numerous times; actually an infinite number of times. If that isn’t spooky, I don’t know what is, but it’s a logical consequence of having an infinite cosmos. 

Source by: John Prytz

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