Samsung Tocco S8300 T-mobile: Ultra touch for next generation

What a person look in a mobile phone when go for purchasing it? Its looks, data connectivity features, communication and entertainment features. But all the handsets do not offer the whole combination of t he above mentioned features. Therefore people compromises on their choices. But what if you get a complete package phone with a network connection that gives premium services at an affordable cost? Certainly you will love to have one. Samsung S8300 Tocco ultra T-Mobile is available in the mobile phone market. It is the latest addition to the world famous touch series mobile phones by Samsung Mobiles.

This is a 3rd generation mobile that operates on HSDPA 900/2100 platform on 3G net work and the quad bands of 2G GSM network. It has a huge AMOLED capacitive touchscreen user interface. The size of the display screen is 2.8 inches that supports 16 million colors. The screen can be adjusted automatically for the best fit display with its automatic sensor.

With its grand 8 MP camera you can now experience a new world of digital photography. This camera has auto focusing mechanism with a LED flash that allow you to capture sharp and clear pictures even in dim and no light conditions. Talking about the storage capacity then this contract phone offers 80 MB of on board storage memory which can be extended with a MicroSD card up to 16 GB. With the data connectivity features Tocco Ultra assures you seamless connectivity with GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, HSCSD, Bluetooth and USB 2.0.

This is a complete machine that takes care of all your entertainment and communication needs. It also have a GPS navigation built in system that work is in conjugation with the GEO tagging feature of the camera. The camera of the phone too has face detection and smile detection facility. Its image stabilizer helps in avoiding the camera jerks and shakes that generally occur when you click the button of the camera.

Samsung S8300 Tocco ultra T-Mobile is now available in a package deal in the market.

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How to unlock Samsung i9000 Galaxy S

How to unlock Samsung i9000 Galaxy S

This is a guide on how to unlock your Samsung i9000 Galaxy S phone to any network.

Easily switch simcards using the same Samsung i9000 Galaxy S.

Simply follow the instructions, enter the unlock code, and your phone is unlocked.

How to get an unlock code for Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

Do a code look up to find out if your IMEI number is found.  We can 99% percent of the time help you free your phone.

You can get the unlock code from HERE

In order to unlock your phone, we require your IMEI number.  You can find this by pressing *#06# on your phone as if you are making phone call.

Your IMEI number is always 15-17 digits long.

Once you receive your Unlock Code from us by email, simply follow the instructions below and your phone will be free to use on any GSM network.

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Unlocking Instructions

1. Power on without SIM
2. Type in #0111*Unlock code# (8 digit unlock code*)
3. Device should say: “Network Lock Deactivated”
4. Phone may automatically reboot

You can call your service provider for the unlock code for your Samsung i9000 Galaxy S. Usually you must be customer for at least six months.

You can also get your unlock code from trusted sites such

Unlock your phone by simply entering a code, is premier suppliers of remote unlock codes around the world. it have many remote IMEI unlocks including Blackberry Unlock, Nokia Unlock, Sony Ericsson Unlock, LG Unlock, Motorola Unlock, HTC Unlock, Samsung Unlock, Palm Unlock, Pantech Unlock and many many more!

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Samsung Galaxy S7 User Review 2016

I receive this Samsung Galaxy S7 two weeks ago. my first Android phone ever! I’ve played Android with my friends phone and hated it. but this has changed since I started using this phone. it’s fast, thin, beautiful and waterproof.

This phone was everything I could have asked for. I always had this predisposition that the Samsung phones were made with lower quality materials, but I was dead wrong. This phone is Beautiful! The materials they put into it are top notch and in my personal opinion this device looks and feels much better than the iPhones!

When I first got I was worried because I was switching from Apple to Android, which can be a pretty daunting change. BUT the transition did not seem to take long at all. I got into the phone pretty quickly and was doing my normal daily tasks in no time.

It is sad that I had to give up FaceTime but I feel like it was worth it and my friends quickly adapted and started calling me on Skype or Oovoo instead.

Unlike the name says, this phone did actually come with some type of warranty I believe. On the box there was a “24 month warranty” sticker,.. So I am assuming that means I have a warranty!

I also was curious to see which phone is faster (the iPhone 6s Plus vs the Samsung Galaxy S7) so I ran a few easy tests. In getting into apps, the Samsung got in just a hair faster. In loading webpages, the Samsung again beat the iPhone just by a hair.

The camera on the Samsung is by far the superior camera when there is ample amount of lighting but in low light, I would give it to the iPhone. The front-facing camera, works the same way. In low light the iPhone wins, but with enough light, the Samsung does better.

There are many really cool customization options on the Android software that you would have to jailbreak your iPhone to do, and with the type of person I am I feel like the Android software works better for me. On the other hand, Android may be more confusing to use. Things are not always quite right there where you want them to be and you have have to search for them. BUT Android helps you out with this with search bars when they are convenient.

Overall this device is everything I could have asked for. I really enjoy it and I hope I can continue enjoying it for as long as possibly.

If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t get the silver color. Although it still looks classy, it also looks like a run-of-the-mill iPhone 6 haha. I liked the electric blue color on my S5 better (not available on the S7, as far as I know) – just had more of a wow factor.

Without a doubt, a Galaxy S7 Case is a good investment. There are many different cell phone accessories available in the, so be sure to test out a few before purchasing one.

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Most-Alluring 6GB RAM / 8GB RAM Phones in 2017

Smartphones are getting more and more powerful. Now-a-days, the features of a premium range mobiles are now available even on low range mobiles. Gone are the days when 2GB of RAM mobiles were a big deal. Android Smartphones with 6GB of RAM are already on sale today. But sometimes you may wonder if we really need a mobile phone with such whooping storage spaces. However, with more upcoming apps and features available, smartphones with a massive 6GB of RAM, 7GB RAM and even 8GB RAM have become a necessity.

One can imagine the prowess of a 6GB RAM smartphone knowing how efficiently 4GB RAM phones handles heaviest tasks and graphics smoothly. Check out our list of such massive RAM smartphones that have been scheduled to be launched in 2017. As lost of them are rumored phones it is difficult to guarantee if these devices shall be launched with the same specs that we mention. So without a much ado, let us check out the most awaited phones of 2017 with large RAM’s.

Phones with 6GB RAM / 7GB RAM & 8GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After the unmitigated failure of the Galaxy Note 7, 2017 promises to deliver an extremely competitive smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the market. The Galaxy Note 8 is rumored to flaunt an iris scanner to beef up the security for your data and phone. An artificial intelligence assistant is also said to be included in the phone which shall be one of the most exciting innovations. Samsung is also expected to upgrade the S Pen stylus when it releases the Galaxy Note 8, ensuring that it is both more user-friendly and feature-packed. 

LG V30

LG V30, it looks like the unique feature is going away. LG V30 is expected to come without a secondary ticker display as per the latest rumours as per the sources. Earlier, V10 and V20 smartphones were having the dual display. The LG V30 is expected offer 6GB of RAM. We can get more official details regarding this phone in 2017 in the Autumn season.

Huawei Mate 10

Not much about the upcoming mobile has been revealed. However, we can expect the mobile to come at an expected Price of Rs. 23,000 for a 6.0 inches, Android OS, v7.0 (Nougat), Octa Core Processor and a 6/7 GB RAM with 128GB internal storage. The phone may also sport a 20 MegaPixels Dual Camera for astounding picture quality.

OnePlus 4

Raise a toast to the massive 8GB RAM loaded in the OnePlus 4 coupled with the latest QUALCOMM snapdragon processor for fast functioning. Metal back, curved sides, a home button sitting underneath the display are some other features… Awesome, right? If the rumors are to be believed the OnePlus 4 will be a great phone with curved body & unique design. Similar its successor the OnePlus 3, Oneplus 4 will be a 5.5 incher Smartphone featuring the 4k resolution. Priced around Rs. 26,750 for offering such unique features and specifications the smartphone offers awesome interface, ultimate features, specification at quite a low price.

Asus Zenfone 4 Deluxe

Next in our list is the Asus Zenfone 4 Deluxe that comes with a 5.5-inch IPS screen and 1920 x 1080 resolution. The phone is rumored to sport a 7 / 8GB of RAM and 128GB of expandable internal storage via microSD. The phone shall be fueled by a 3500 mAh battery and will come with a 16-megapixel rear camera with dual-LED flash. The device shall run Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS under the hood.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

The key highlight of the latest Xiaomi mobile, the Mi Note 2 is its 3D curved glass at front and back. This is the first dual-edge curved display smartphone from Xiaomi similar to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The smartphone will be available in 4GB RAM & 6GB RAM variants. The Mi Note 2 packs a 4070mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0 support and is powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. It runs on Xiaomi’s custom MIUI 8 skin.

There are many more mobiles which shall be unveiled by the major conglomerates in 2017. We have handpicked the above phones based on some unique factors. If you think that we have left any deserving phone that could have been included, please mention us in our comments below.

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Why New Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Sale UK Is A Breathtaking Deal?

Yes, you heard it right. The all new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are available for online sale offers. In these two new models, the most astonishing part is their waterproof feature that the fans of the Galaxy series earlier yearned for. Samsung Electronics was pleased to fulfill their wishes and reflected the same with the S7 and S7 Edge models. Recently, the reduced Samsung Galaxy S7 price UK announced by the online shopping stores for the customers has really surprised everyone. Now, before heading further about the sale opportunities, a brief look at the new models would help the readers decide.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7

Although the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge share many features, there are particularly some of them that people would find different.

Screen – In the Galaxy S7, you can discover the 5.1 inch AMOLED screen that has a Quad HD resolution for brighter and clearer display. Its 577 ppi is worth admiring and helps you view the crystal clear screen.

Design – The makers have ensured a curved design to fit the hands in the best way and operate without getting troubled to the big screen size. As in all, this Smartphone allows the user to navigate easily without any other distractions.

Camera – Crisp photographs is what you shoot using the S7 Smartphone that fulfills all your demand of the pocket-friendly photographing device. There could be no better place than searching online for the reduced Samsung Galaxy S7 price UK and grab the chance before it ends.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

As mentioned about the S7 and S7 Edge share most of the features along with the intelligent technological changes.

Screen – You can find the S7 edge with its edgy and curved appearance, but it is slightly bigger than the S7 with a 5.5 inch screen of Quad HD resolution yet a lower ppi of 536. This device is a perfect gadget for gaming.

Design – It comes in a slightly big frame as compared to the S7 and looks extremely comfortable while handling irrespective of its size. The sleek and stylish Smartphones come easy to the hand for great navigation.

Camera – It shares the same feature on taking the crisp photographs like the S7 does. Photography enthusiasts would not complain about shooting the magnificent pictures even in the low light environment.

This brief preview might convince you to get drawn towards the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge sale UK, but there are other things you should keep in mind:

  1. 1.     Seller reputation – If you find this offer at a reputed seller who has a distinctive identity of selling the genuine products, then go for it. Go through the relevant policies and conditions before you buy it.
    1. 2.     Offers – It could be the icing on the cake if you get the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge sale UK at the lowest of prices from the reputed online stores. Make sure to compare the prices before barging in.

Do the research and get the favourable deals!

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge 2017 of the Most Buzzing Features of the Upcoming Phablet

The current generation Galaxy S7 Edge is an outstanding phone. Having a larger battery and an eye catching design, it has become one of the hottest devices of this year. But still, there is a room for improvement. Hopefully, the next-generation Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will do that. The rumors about its potential features have generated a massive buzz. In this article, you will find 5 of its most buzzing features.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Features: 4K Display  

The Galaxy S8 Edge is rumored to feature a 5.5-inch display supporting 4K resolution, which is a step forward to the current generation QHD display. It will have an extremely high pixel density of 806 pixels. So, it will be incredibly sharp. It might sound overkill. But it will definitely bring the best out of the VR technology.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Features: Fingerprint Scanner Integrated with the Display

According to the Chinese website Weibo, Samsung is planning to integrate the fingerprint scanner with the 4K display. It will result in the removal of the home button. It will enable Samsung to increase the display size without changing the dimension.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Features: Iris Scanner

The iris scanner has already been introduced in the Galaxy Note 7. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will also have the particular component. It will allow you to perform user authentication with your eyes. It will definitely give the hacker a very tough time to intrude to your device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Features: 6 GB RAM

Well, it sounds whopping! But the Galaxy S8 Edge is very likely to feature the massive 6 GB RAM. When it will be coupled with the upgraded processor and GPU, you will get a furiously fast gaming performance.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Features: Mini Projector

The Galaxy S7 Edge rumored to feature a mini projector. But that didn’t happen. However, we strongly expect to see it in the Galaxy S8 Edge. It will transform the device into a great tool for dealing with the presentation at the office or watching movies during the leisure.

Keep in touch with us to get more features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge.