New Product Review: 4Gb Enigma 2.8 Inch Psp Mp5 Game Player With Digital Camera And Flashlight

You may be attracted by the simple and aesthetical design of this Enigma MP5 Game player. PSP style appearance and black back-shell integrated with control panel made it an absolute unique favorite. Especially, its supper strong function endows it a perfect choice of music and PSP fans.

Camera and DV Function

This MP5 player supports 3.0MP high definition camera and DV function. You can keep each moment you want with this magic MP5 player, especially the DV function which makes it a really desirable product. 2.8 inch TFT real color screen, 16:9 wide screen and 640 x 480 resolutions offer you a sweet enjoyment for pictures and videos.

Hi-fi Double Loudspeaker

Its Hi-fi double loudspeaker drives you to a wonderful music tour and long time record function will satisfy you in any occasion.

Power-saving Function

The brightness can be adjusted freely, you can set the power off time as you like. And its built-in Li-ion battery, playing time: 8 to 9 hours, film playing: 4 hours.

There are also other functions such as support function attribute setting and extraction, Supports MP5 function, RM, RMVB, FLV etc. film format, no need to exchange, text reader, A-B repeat, change the table background freely, supports TF card slot expansion, RISING micro 2706 decoding chipset with Samsung chips perfect combination etc.

Here is the detail information of this game player:


  • Memory: 4GB
  • 2.8 inch TFT real color screen, 16:9 wide screen
  • Support MP5 function, RM, RMVB, FLV etc. film format, no need to exchange
  • 3.0MP high definition digital camera, dv function
  • Built-in Hi-Fi double loudspeaker, support FM radio
  • Support TF card slot expansion, Max. up to 2GB
  • PSP size: 14 x 8 x 1.5cm (LxWxH)
  • Chips: RISING micro 2706 decoding chipset wiht sumsung chips perfect combination


  • 2.8 inch QVGA screen, 640 x 480 resolutions
  • Support MP3, WAV, FLAC, APE etc. mainstream music format
  • Support RM/RMVB, 720×576 format video playing
  • Support Recording function, A-B repeat function
  • Power-saving function: the brightness can be adjusted freely, set the power off time as you like
  • Various playing mode: Single time, single repeat, all once, all repeat, audition, sequential play, random play
  • Support multiple languages
  • Support E-book reader, listen the music and read book at the same time
  • High speed USB2.0 data transmition
  • Change the table background freely
  • Bulit-in Li-ion battery, playing time: 8 to 9 hours, film playing: 4 hours

Package Contents:

1 x PSP Mp5 Player
1 x User Manual
1 x Earphone
1 x Power Adapter
1 x USB Cable

Source by: Sarahsu

Universe People,sixth Chapter,broken Stars

Sixth Chapter Broken Stars
There is trade fleet was starting to navigate on the earth sky, one dressed closing-body clothes of astro-armored young fast to step in main fleet, and posed to fly posture. He’s V.Family trade of earth commissary who QingXinMu, prentice of Onhogo too. He’s promptly go back to the D.S. since heard taeacher dead news. Because know once teacher dead, confusion will be in V.Family. Because teacher, because V Family, must go back soon. One contract soldier near him, and talked to,”Boss, Onhogo dead news have spreaded over universe. Astro every places power very worry about, worry what’s empire future after his dead. Hope prentice of Onhogo, of course you, would resolved an extremely urgencey for people.” QingXinMu with the top of grief, cold spoke,”I know, the thing has resloved after all! Ask them to comity, don’t worry, I can deal.” fastly, tarde fleet disapperance on sky of earth.
Universe Empire star has fell under Windom union. That’s happened 2 days while general Mateph arrived to Universe Empire star. Empire premier Liyidan and some people with general Mateph unit covering, then could fine fall back.
09:30 Third day, May, G.I.M.E. new Calendar 5030, greeting come to new day of Universe. A leader walked on the G.I.M.E. premier specch platform with people cheering. Windom very exciting, thickly dotted supporter waving, flood of people and cheering les eveyone exciting. That’s first with the highest leader posture standing on the speech paltform for pronounce action. He’s speeched,”Ladies and gentlemen, Good morning. Today is great honour day of human history. Because our striving, because our raising spirit, G.I.M.E. poison claw never closing us forever! Recall the past, how many lands men life in suffering of deep or heat, How many lands people life were killed in empire’s iron heel. For today’s coming, How many fellownen wouldn’t hesitate to with life progessing under enemy flames war. They’re paries day is final coming, wishful long time of cause achieved at last. I with names of whole warriors for announce, Gaxlaxies Commonwealth established!” In the second, team and team of heroes or heroine fleets orderly showed up on the sky, moving. New Galaxies commonwealth national anthem far and near loud up with heat, surprise and beautiful salute gun fire are flash lightring. People didn’t stop action to cheer or happyness for todays, for hope of future…
Another starfields of galaxy, G.I.M.E. soldiers were standing in silent tributed for sacrificial comrades in battle. Onhogo’s dead change foreground of empire at spaces shadow. Empire premier Liyidan was supported by soldiers stepped on speech platform, silence surrounding. He’s force to press grief emotion, aloud told to million soldiers,”Yesterday, We’re passing a fatal proof. We’re never forget empire star’s shames, never! You’re brave G.I.M.E. soldiers! You’re hero warrior flee from tiger’s claws at the empire star. In the G.I.M.E. history, recording many many praises and tears stories, many many hero warriors still continue to progessing under adversities. The history has gaven our suffering edcutaion, and bring us rushed to tomorrow brave! Great generals and warriors althoutgh leaved for far distance, but their spirits immortal. Yesterday, G.I.M.E. can able to against every proof, as same to endure today’s suffering! G.I.M.E. have not fell because today, because G.I.M.E. have you! you’re faithful and loyaliest heroes warriors! I believe, absoluteness believe! G.I.M.E. must overcome layer upon layer dangerous or difficult way, going on noble and proud road!” Empire soldiers’s breast as running high sea, although never such pain or suffering at past, but they’re still great fight, because they’re empire future! Soldiers continue high called,”For Empire!” “Honour with Empire!” “Long time!” “G.I.M.E. long time!”…
In the Life Star of Double Stars, countless people lamented, weeped, regreted, mourned , condoled, demurral, against, obtest, abuse, curse, scold, pottery, cry, angry, bile,teen… the war bring all kinds of strong force conflict cases with suddenly rising, D.S. rushed into never confiusion age. The battle force to empire people fed up with disasters, empire civilization rate sharp down. As for empire civil war is symbol that U.E.S. defense and attacking battle pull apart beseal long time order from more bloodiness war.
V.Family because the fail battle that result of lost several hundred million elit soldiers, hundres of outstanding general or officer, heavy injured vigour. The case of Charle. Guan Ⅳ couple had been killed that took the V.Family to one disaster after another more, there was standing on overlord position of Double Star, hence stepped into long long time lowing age, the quiet surface of lake bit by bit translate hidden surges.
In the Double Dragon Battle Planets, G.I.M.E. defense to S.invasion units countinued, When general Gui has heard that Universe Empire Star was controlled in Windom’s hands, with more woke up to D.D.B.P. isn’t good place for long time. Suddenly remind to breakout meaning. When all things ready, general Gui order to total armies with rush speed to breakout that toward to Flamemend star. Enemy gunfire unusual violence, S. impinging fleets were not rush general Gui fleets. As point show, arrest or prevent to general Gui fleets successful running. Commander fleets had shaking underfire, a strong ray of laser bean pulled into left wing of armored on commander fleet. Great air or gas current immediately flood out from gap. Few fleets S.carrier fleet climb on the cap with S.imping fleets covering, such sea tide overurun th insider. But they’re soon lying down, because M.general Razi had lead empire soldiers blocking up the gap, making great arm to against. She’s shot down one and one S.soldiers, and cried,”Immediately start up support defense layer to backup cap. Soldiers were looking for cover-point, continue to shoot!” With general Razi directed that group of group S.soldiers down. S.robot units seem found that point, when support defense layer started, promptly prevent to. The cap although smaller to small, but S.soldiers still can flooded into. Razi angry threw out the hand thunder bomb, huge shocking wave brought about S.soldiers fell back at the gap, general Razi with almost power to operate a small battle car then random to enemy, they’re fell. Empire soldiers aim at the bomb of car and straight shooting thus, then made a great current of bomb that press S.soldiers to gap. The defense layer closed at length, S.carrier fleets has fail in slowing down under her units. Razi watched the timetable on shoulder, only 10 minuters, but it as for they’re a very long day. General Gui used to stretch skill of Double Dragon battle planets that could able to cover group of fleets successful in action. Fastly, General Gui units had safetied out D.D.B.P. He’s looked into the distance places of DoubleDragonBattlePlanets, full of wish to along with the plantes running. But base didn’t exist impossibilities, S.armies such so stronger. Genreal Gui high told to the planets,”I’ll come back!” Depended on general Gui excellent command skills, empire armies were being succeed.
40:51 Tenth day, May, G.I.M.E. new Calendar 5030. Premier Liyidan had began to rebuild the G.I.M.E. new captial of empire with general Gui, chief of Tili and others supported in the Flamemend star.
Waken ran to normal form that deal with works of Bases. He’s in charging of works cases. Other thing few care. A high speed of air ship fell down in the small planefield of rubbishs bases. They’re V.Family emissaries, hoped waken would present to V.Family meeting at evening day of tomorrow days.
One emissary told,”That’s base all, wish Captain Waken would be on time.”
Waken with respect smile answered,”Yes, honour emissaries, with pleasure go back, I’ll present to V.Family meeting on time.”
Because Charle. Guan Ⅳ couple had killed, result to primary V.Family meeting had a stop on way. That time, V.Family very formally send emissaries invite, Waken had feeling to evidence on the great change. Waken want to go back office, a small airship landing down in the planefiled, got off two men, they’re Keone and Hedite who just dealed armies raid case many days ago.
Hedite spoke,”Greetings, captain Waken. We’re Double Stars super criminal team Keone and Hedite, We’re an important and emergency case want to conversation with you.”
Keone talked,”This’s very important, please captain would give us a talking chance.”
Waken saw the certification book, order soldiers allow a way in the layer and layer besieging surrounding. In that moment, they’re brondear, Vente and etc. coming.
Veten had personaly shaking hands with Hedite, spoke,”Haven’t seen you for many years, even forgot me.”
Hedite looked on the Veten’s face seems had acquaintanced, woked,”Mr.Veten, what’s a surprise meeting here, haven’t seen you for some time.”
Waken’s wonder cloud of face dispersed, talked,”Such as way, We’re together go to office then talking in time.” Hedite looked over soldiers of planefield, have to taken a surprise,”I have never thinking this places would see such as the soldiers hold.” Keone explained to Hedite,”Waken was profession contract soldier, of course have many elit-soldiers or great captains two sides. I thinking these soldiers are elit-person from armies, even have a part of valour warriors fllowing him many years.” Hedite as feeling as same point to talk,”I have seen the adamantine willpower and faith.”
In the office, Holen and his daughter and son were playing card game. Because the case brought about delay in the rubbishs bases.
Elder Holen a distance talked,”Why so early go back, Captain. Blowing some guesters to bases?”
Waken answered,”Many duties, I have no idea. They’re Double Star super criminal team Hedite and keone. May be they’re give you a favor, let you’re passed E.blockaged at the D.S.broder.” They’re introduced one another.
Hedite told again,”Because the Charle.Guan Ⅳ case, now there’re all the border exits have emergency blockaged. If no special pass port. Never passing. But elder holen don’t worry, the main exits will reopen soon, We’re D.S. also have proclaimed in writing that can be deal.”
Hoen asked,”Could I ask captain Hedite a question, probably When’s the time can be?”
Keone answered,”According to the serious, probably one month late, that should be the fastest time.”
Elder holen smile talked,”We’re not impatient, we have many time, also stay in the Waken bases is so safety. With your support and help, We’re feeling happy and gratified. With name of Stars Map Logic Ecclesiastic pray for you. Thank you.”
Hedite smile talked,”Elder holen great speech, D.S. would be honoured for L.E. Exploit emissaries coming. Should be greatful, thanks. ”
Keone talked,”Turn to subject, We’re came to here for main aim, because wish captain present V.Family meeting, would bring us to join.”
Waken smile said,”This possibility such as very little, because V.Family not allow to stranger hands in the family cases. This’s venture so big, if fail, everybody will suffer to disaster. “
Keone said,”Just because V.Family have not allow us to step in the palace for survey the murder case, so we have thinkng you. Hope captain Waken would look up on our face, for early clear the murder case, for Charle. Guan Ⅳ couple of dead. Take a risk, also have faithful and loyalist.”
C.Veten talked,”I’m not fancy V.Family will having this appearance. They’re such that deal with question, only made the question into a disaster after another. Get a trouble again,”
Mr.Brondear talked,”Palace’s combat common occurance since old ages. Some people want to carry aim, that will be happened!”
Elder holen spoke,”Mr. Brondear is right with reason, V.Family deep position of G.I.M.E. Affair to important, many people sure involved, they’re go to the way must be reason.”
Waken throught,”If straight to present the palace meeting, affirm talk to bring troube.”
Koene said again,”We’re understanding waken’s mood now, We aren’t straight a way to palace, that can be use high-top technology equipment help us to fake. We now need to a V.Family general lead us into or throught pass the palace insider and outside. Therefore choose you.”
Mr.Brondear talked,”I know the palace defense suvery system, even the best faking may be fail in safety passed.”
Hedite asked,”What do you think about on opinion? Mr.Brondear.”
He’s answered,”we can install a super-mini scout system on commander battle coat. While arrived at palace of center, as long as deal to start up the system. First can be very letdown the venture, second we’re got intelligence concered.”
Waken answered,”Very good, Mr.Brondear, that’s reason, I personal thinking that will be better, also risk less. If I have bring you into palace was beared, can’t bear assume in aftereffect.”
C.Veten said again,”I agree to Mr.Brondear’s idea, this method although uncomplete know the thing in some degree. But I thinking is the suitable.” Koene and Hedite looked at each other, Hedite spoke,”Nowaday hasn’t allow us waste more time to investigate, We’re only use Mr.Brondear’s idea. In any case, We D.S. police very thank Captain Waken and everybody’s support, wish to forgive us the venture request.”
Hoen and Hofi were watching reshow news of Onhogo bekilled case coverage. Immense mushroom cloud had rising up on the Jieme City sky. Only few second, all creatures and building melt into ruin in circumference hundreds of k.m. Only has a man can still life alone in such environment, He’s famous name on galaxies, mystery masked killer! No one know where’s he come form, no one know where’s he going. People only know that whole become ruin when he’s show up.
Waken looked on coverage, asked,”Excuse me,Captain Hedite, where’s the killer come from? Who’s he? We’re want to know more the focus man of supreme heat.”
Hedite answered,”Such not at all, Captain. Because G.I.M.E. recently happened so great change, police wouldn’t have effective deal, that is a police grave mistake. While the big exploding happened, Jieme City have police warrior too, but unfortunately, no one survived. After the case of happened, Empire has establish special group for survey in the whole territories, I even wonder that Charle. Guan Ⅳ case have involved into. For get well done at accomplish task of police, we come to here today. This is one of main reason why need commander’s help.”
Koene makeup,”V.Family have great injure in Universe Empire star battle, they’re leader-layer also happened land and sky’s trouble change. Police temporarily no ability to knock open V.Family closed door.”
Waken smile spoke,”I have served an engage-soldier 10 years, were passing many winds and clouds, you can find me that will be your luck. Police thus attach importance to me, please with pleasure. For dead Charle. Guan Ⅳ, I can be do better. Waiting for my good news.”
Koene smile talked,”Very grateful to commander Waken’s help for police, thank you.”
Mr.Brondear continued,”Next We should discussing how to take the involved equipment to palace.”
Elder holen talked,”Mr. Brondear with great sound, G.I.M.E. master in science and technology power have able to put cubage as body cell instrument, safe planted in some places of body. Luckily the technology is not ubiquity. Even in the D.S. only Royal Academy of Sciences have suitable kind of equipment. In this condition, our method mightn’t in effect.”
C.Veten talked,”Mr.Brondear is right, Waken is famous battleground commander of V.Family, some normal currency isn’t behavior of some what palace ban.”
Koene spoke,”To better cooperate task of Waken, captain Hedite and I will add a little emergency at the checking course, that can be useful attract to inspectorate’s attention, cut down becover rate.”
Captain Hedite talked,”Every Cities having V.Family eyes in the Sunshine continent. Even suspicious people from the police group too. Therefore, We’re only do may be that.”
Koene makeup to,”Police stress of working really heavy in these days. The thing faster happened than everyone’s thinking, We hadn’t enough power deal with all emergencies.”
Elder Holen smile talked,”Under position as, G.I.M.E. still have honesty police, it’s touching.”
Captain Hedite answered,”Guarding prosperity of country, stability of society, both responsibilities of police. Thanks elder Holen’s regard.”
Veten said,”This case of serouis involved many many life and fate of empire. If we’re used on point, that’s good.”
Outside of bases, soldiers are server duty of guarding as before. Since the attacking of Netureism case, obviously strengthen to deffense power. There’re hunders of V.Family Tank I were having patrol near, once discovered enemy, callosity shell will fall down on their head. Near tank, hunders of high speed running barbette still act for defense main part.
Main wapeon of deffense system use 360°high speed running gun tower I. Because good battle capability, even have not suit to standard of empire armies need, still ubiquity in the Double Stars. Running gun tower usually set team of circle diameter 20 meter with 5 barbettes, east, south, west, north each set, middle set one in overall arrangement. To exactly turnning attacking at every angle. Waken full up the battle power of barbettes, even put they installed on elevator type of fastness braces, when enemy gun fire assault to, that will be reduce enemy shoot rate. Also can suit to enhance range and nicety of barbette, convenience to repaire and update. With that reason, there’re freedom military just stopped to long time annoy guerrilla outer of ring mountain chain. When freedom military assault, hunders of turnning gun tower could with faster speed that put to rout, powerful ‘same fire net of time’ is the gun tower main specialty, only in a few time, all shell will orderly fell down in place of enemy, overcast wide area.
In the Ring mountain chain, freedom warriors were last preparing to uprising action in the D.S. To armored, equipped, joined waitting for going to uprising action of Dark millitary. Flolamp has directed Netureism warriors packing up the material, prepare for the necessaries in war. One Netureism warrior with hands to heavy weapon caisson on shoulder. Step and step to airship transportation module. Team and team of Netureism warriors put box and chest of battle material in the airship transportation module. Suddenly, a Netureism warrior had a glance, caisson fell down on ground. He’s pain and unstop to cry. Flolamp had seen, then went to and lift with hand to caisson, then supported Netureism warrior up. He’s understanding noded, Flolamp few act to put the caission in the module. Menbeca was counted list and list material bargaining from Astro Den. Sometimes opened to check.
Flolamp went to asked,”Menbeca brother, What’s battle material?”
Menbeca had bited pen point, looked at the data of list paper, smile said,”Flolamp brother, These materials total all of 50 ton, have 500 kinds battle materials. Also have a list of material is transporting from Mr.Dake place. May be closing 30 ton.”
Flolamp said,”Very good, D.S. Netureism warriors impatient to wait, We must fast speed.”
He’s replied,”Yes, brother flolamp.”
Elder Tker slow walked in to warehouse, and taked to them,”Thanks a lot, everybody well done, now G.I.M.E. number with a confusion. This is our freedom military good chance of against. Wish you can got Netureism’s expectations. For Netureism future striving!”
Flolamp talked,”Elder Tker, don’t worry about. Brother Menbeca and I never down elder Tker’s expectation, for Netureism strving future! Butelder Tker and Ring mountain warriors must be keep the strength, avoid to unnecessary battle after we’re takeoff.”
Elder Tker smile answered,”With pleasure, although I’m an old man,but have not arrived to dim-sighted steps. Warrirors and I will waiting for your triumph come back.”
One armored of Netureism warrior was closing and spoke,”Head Flolamp, battle fleets have ready, waiting master!”
Flolamp walked out the warehouse, There’re speciall steel tusk battle fleets of Netureism fleet on the empty ground and tend to start up, ten thousands of freedom warriors stepping on battle fleets in hubbub or slogan. He leaded warriors fllowing, big step to battle fleets.
Teel tusk battle fleet is special own astro-ship of Netureism. With outstanding bounce or impinging capability are deep favored by Netureism warriors. Battle fleet’s front part and behind part have set ‘bounce tusk’. Would be conflict in the battle, to disintegrate enemy fleet and lost them battle power. The tusk can support to battle fleet when it’s landing or put down. Especial suit to firmly nail on enemy fleets in closing combat, therefore named ‘Teel Tusk’.
350 Teel Tusk battle fleets under leader of Flolamp, Menbeca, they’re start to D.S. Life star with surge feeling. Although only have serveal ten thousands of freedome warriors following, but they’re still believe that will become a neglectable power in the uprising militaries. In the near rocks zone, a battle airship firmly adsorb to a great meteorolite, an eye warrior watch with scout far places of Flolamp fleets, soundless,”Boss, Flolamp have leaved for Life Star. And What can I do? Boss.” Dake laugh, told,”Doesn’t urgent, Gaze them.” “Yes, boss. I know how to do.” Eye warrior started up airship and disappearnece in spaces. Dake leisurely sat down on soft seat, smoked cigar and sight to civil war of empire of wonderful reportage. The past or bygone present or dispresent in smoke…
Flolamp continued to lead fleet advancing, every warrior all knew more closing, discovered possibility will be add, therefore warriors gather attention to watch enemy fleet icon show In screen. Suddenly, it’s from screen that was showing up a fleet of patrol, Flolamp immediately order to moving with original plan. Flolamp woke in the dressing room, quickly changed to businessman coat and welcome to patrol commander of fleet. A young commander had a saluted,”Good evening, gentlemen. Now your standing on frontier of D.S. please show your special passport.” Flolamp smile said,”Sure, honour commander, have soon, have soon.” Immediately put out the special passport from pocket and passed to A.commander. A.commander hurry called soldiers for checking. Then said that,”Welcome, from the remote Flamemend star normal bussinessman. Because empire is standing on many enemgency aga, We’re must strict to execute affair. If something wrong with passing case, please forgive.” Flolamp asked him,”Commander, when time would you completely open the border? I also have a lot of goods must take in.” Soldier held the special passport, then turned back, passed to Flolamp, tense emotion relaxed down. A.commander talked,”Thanks for your cooperation, you can pass.” Flolamp happy to speake,”Hoho, thanks commander, in the way we’re go, Goodbye.” A.commander restepin patrol fleet then flew to far. Flolamp looked over leaving fleet. Finally avoided a disaster. Menbeca talked to Flolamp,”I have stealth installed a monitor system at patrol fleet for safety plan.” Flolamp spoked,”We’re hurry out here before they were not discover. Up to speed, going on!”
There’re many uprising military were together in the places of Darkness Land. D.Land is Die Hard nation and D.nation’s supreme headquarters. Boundless great sea—Sky Col, where remotheness Sunshine continent and D.Land in the middle landform of D.S. V.Family have numbers of forces assign to garrison. Next to D.Land’s thither seaside line. Well know the Sea Dragon of seaport fortification is V.Family against and blance to D.Land important stratagem main. There’s uprising military the fastest way to Sunshine continent with steps too. Sea Dragon is famous and prosperity city of D.S. population 0.2 bilion, with ocean to main economy support. For example, marine produts, ship and fleetbuilding, ocean trade, ocean traffic etc. and the chief of city is V.Family wisedomer Zuo Ge, he’s famous named God’s Speed of Counsellor, full of ruses and artifices, who the best man selected for defense. Sea Dragon soldiers power had 4 million. Because of battle of U.E.S., only were leaved 1.5 million. Following against power of D.S. increasing and grow up, had touching to his control area. Force cases and blood conflict usually happen, all because lack of soldiers power, result to questions excited. And He’s annoyed to recruit soldiers cases.
Zuo Ge talked to favorite commander general Rightroad,”Days after days scout intelligence making sure there’re have freedom military together plain evidence in the D.Land. And our new recruit haven’t accomplished. Once freedom military groups kickback, the Sea Dragon undifficult to imeage in safety and danger. M.General Rightroad, How about the new soldiers at presnt? “
Rightroad was a village fighter as same as Zuo Ge, While Zuo Ge stepped into V.Family, had become go through fire and water arms comrades. He had serveal helped wisdomer Zuo Ge in the great army besieged, therefore deep trust from him. And then flying on sky fast steps, became higher general in the army.
Rightroad answered,”At actual, new soldiers status although optimize, but large of lack battle experience. New soldiers education probably closing month needed that would be go into battle action.” Zue Go said,”One month seems too late, try best to deduce the time.”
“Yes, master. I’m immediately.” Rightroad replied.
While he’s walked out the office, a young came in. He’s name ZuoFengSheng who Zue Go second son. Tall 3 meter, strong body, people name’s tigerleopard warrior who in charge of V.Family Third ocean fleet at Sea Dragon City.
He’s talked to father,”Father, I come back.”
Zue Go smile talked,”That’s good, how about the information from freedom military?”
He’s said,”Reported to father, freedom military actually unstopping to together manpower. According to scout soldiers intelligence show, freedome’s manpower now above 2 million, doubt have something happened in these days.”
Zue Go said,”Such the manpower distance way to me. Never act wildly on my head! Don’t worry, Sea Dragon has not captured in possible. Otherwise, I had ordered you looking for Ancient Starscharts each places of D.S., what’s advancing?”
He’s scowl and talked,”I’m so sorry, father. I have add to manpower looking for Ancient Starscharts in every places, but no a bit key. But then please father pleasure, I’ll continue to increase manpower for seek out the lost Ancient Starscharts.”
Zue Go said,”Ancient Starscharts is very inportant record of history, it’s one of G.I.M.E. national treasures. Had recorded ancient Astro-everygalaxies of main spaces route. Because D.S. had happened great comet bump in. order to the charts lost in the dark ages. The charts is V.Family important info, must be find back soon.”
He’s cough a few, continued exciting talked,”Ancient Starscharts total 10 books, seven of all have rolled around at the ages of history. leaved three books, one book was disappearnced in the D.S. The second is save in the Empire museum of U.E.S. last book just lost with unknow. Nowaday and Windom guy have united to rob the U.E.S. quickly can be find one of Ancients StarsCharts. Therefore we sure need to find another book before they’re use Ancient StarsCharts opponency to V.Family. Else the aftermath very serious!” He couldn’t controlled a cought, then began to.
He’s son answered,”Father, don’t worry about, son sure be take the Ancient StarsCharts back for you as soon as possible.”
Zue Go said,”First back to rest, I also have duties, It’s not suitable talking.”
He did seem looked back something, hurry opened to interstellar simulation chart. Several gun planets positons showed up on face.
Only three ancient stars chart
First: Creature ancient stars chart
this stars chart according to suitable creature body combination frame to improve, as long as suitable changed creature body descendiblity gene,
such as bowel frame, bone frame, birthmark, body texture, creature body apparatus texture etc. then can be generation by generation continue the
chart. But due to roll around of time, had forgot in people, this stars chart is disappearing.
Second: Ancient stars chart
This is a extract design book, Ancient book can keep up all ages, first place national museum in the U.E.S. But after
U.E.S.Attacking and Defense Battle, fell into windom hand. This ancient book it’s not count for nothing if face to normal people, but face to empire premier Liyidan, and president Windom, highest leaders having very balancing important significance and worthiness. The screen also have some Stars Chart data auto arranged.
Third: Code Graph Stars Chart
This is able to record in the book or computer or other materials, code graph, common people didn’t seek out something special from this, must passing step by step decode and
exploring, then will show up the Stars chart, the course may be short time, may be long time, even can’t decode forever.
Seven Disappeared Ancient Stars Charts
One, combination stars chart: Very little bulk, made up by many universe super metal, it’s chiseled stars chart on, every metalcan each combinated. Must special microscope can
looking clear, the form looks like a jewelry.
Two, Canyon Stars chart: there’s had been carvel by 100 saquaremen during 10 years in the one place of Canyon, with time running, more and more weathering, people oblivion.
Three, Plant stars chart: there had been carvel in the all kinds of plants (1000 plants). May be enduring human zoology destory.
Four, Crystal Stars Chart: depending on special radial can be show up stars chart in the special crystal.
Five, Illusion Stars Chart: Must be show up under special magnetism area and special scent.
Six, Magic power Stars Chart: Must be started up under strong magic power base.
Seven, Gold Cake Stars Chart: It’s made up by gold and diamond dust, mini stars chart circle cake. With subjoin speech, need to speech experts completeness decode.
He’s right hand firmly nipping the controlmachine, it’s soon emited little smash sound, muttered,”However the gun planets can’t down in the enemy’s hands!”
Seaside of Sea Dragon city are trade places of people, boomming markets with busy. There’re age-old traditionial port building of D.S. also have difference foreign country’s amorous feelings hotels, villages. Flolamp and Menbeca went for a walked at the street. And took an easy chance to understand some information. Suddenly, a little girl scare running and chased by an adult man. Slipped up on the group near Flolamp, little girl bit teeth and continue running, adult man a handful took her in the waist with hold. Little girl suddenly high cried, she’s disorder fisting or booting, adult man crowed more. Flolamp really wouldn’t bear on mind, it’s disregard soldiers prevented, and came to asked,”Hey, front of man, this little girl so pity, What’s matter with wrong, such treat?” Adult man laugh, talked,”She’s my bought little wife, What are you dealing on?” Flolamp angry with flames, want to over beat. A few warriors hurry used power to draw back them, people had started to around up. Menbeca walked out from crowd. First talked,”I’m so sorry, trouble everybody, We only a passenger, only feeling wonder, offend places please forgive to us.” Face to gone back view. Flolamp very angry, secret talked to Menbeca,”Find out the adult man’s background, then listen to my order!” Menbeca soon understanding talked,”Yes, brother Flolamp.” Then disappearance at propagate street.
After supper of evening. Flolamp was walking on seaside. This is first time from born time that leisurely walking on seaside. Temporarily forget all things, enjoy to nature beautiful outlook is not less life’s a satisfaction. When Flolamp continue to pedestrianism on beach, a Natureism warrior was running to front from the small battle car. Out of breath talked to Flolamp,”Head, big trouble! Chief Menbeca have leaded ten and few brothers to help today little girl. That man very sly, saw us then running. Menbeca and brothers chased him over 3 hours, after all, chasing at the small hill, they’re catched by emergent mystery religion warrior team. Other brothers… some of them were captured, I get all best to try, so running out.”
Flolamp no words, rush to small battle car, with serveal Natureism warriors flew to small hollow way. Colour of sky try to dark, one and one calyx of roitous night rights shine over the streets as day, city still very energy. Flolamp didn’t attend to these more, fastly depart with leaving warriors form city. Straight to small valley. The valley more and more clear on face, there’s only a road pass in or out. Both sides exuberance forest. The hollow often some blue smoke rising up. And send out blasts of tambour voice, team and team of religion warriors had standed guard places.
A netureism warrior talked to Flolamp,”Brothers Flolamp, There’s Evil nation place, must be careful!”
Flolamp thougth that,”Save brothers Menbeca without saying, go even many people on eyes!”
But with a moment and considered,”I come to here for survey information, haven’t kill in whole. If touched grass arose snake, very sure show up I.D. myself.”
And then Flolamp and warriors stealth prowl in the forest, with animal language talked with animals that can be know here information, and began to seek a suitable chance closing in. a team of religion warrior were passing in front of them, Flolamp and others hid in jungle at second,That could let enemy doesn’t discovered them. That time, the voice bit to bit sounding, He’s wonder to surprise people have enclosure unknow god’s statuary with dancing, and muttering. May be is somewhat religoin ceremonial. Flolamp over looked, yet found Menbica and three Netureism warriors were being bound iron prisons near places of the statuary, he’s shouted abuse those religoin fighter. Sides have a full of heat soup of chaffy dish. It’s over whole red of fames. Flolamp order to 2 Netureism warriors took an inflame to forest at east and south of small hollow that gone crowd’s attention. With a minute, a cloud of deep smoke continuously uprising from east and west, flame more above more. People saw the case, alarm and scare, start to go away everyplaces. Flolamp saw that and took an occasion, hurry jumpped into hollow. People had running out there, uttimately didn’t care who’s Flolamp. A religion fighter as attented fast moving Flolamp, promptly ward off the way for asked clear. Flolamp ran like flying, and hicked him on ground, a team of religion fighter also rush at him. He’s put out the hand gun were shooting with quick, only second acts, all religion fighters dying down and can’t moved. open the prison at length, help Menbeca and others. A Netureism warrior bundle the adult man of had meeting on street. Brought to his front.
Adult man scare to look Flolamp, unstopping spoke,”Free me, please.”
Flolamp said,”Hum, take the guy and the little girl togheter out here!”
There is more and more burnning in the behind small hollow, colour red a big of forest. Flolamp and Netureism warriors came to an enter of cave. Put down the adult man, he like hell cried as a begger. Little girl sat aside and silent, then watch feet herself.
Flolamp rear to adult man,”You such a bastard egg, dare to that treat my brothers, your dead time!”
Menbeca asked,”What’s your name?”
Adult man hastily answered,”I, I’m Bopi, that girl is XinLen. If master can give me a life, that girl consecrate for you.”
Flolamp asked again,”Who’s the unknow god’s statuary? Quick talk!”
Bopi strink a group oneself, falter said,”I… I couldn’t talk to you, Be…because…I scare them.” Menbeca looked at the strongback that actually afraid such face. Very laugh in thinking, continued to talked,”If you aren’t speak out, today will be die here!”
Then, put the laser sword that touched his arise with a bit soft. Suddenly breaking meat and blood, mistiness. Bopi pain cried, pity no body can heard that saddened voice. He couldn’t endure afflicted. Said aloud,”I say, I talk.” Flolamp asked,”Facts talk, forgive your life!” Bopi very scare Flolamp’s teel teeth, body suffering as tired. Bopi said,”he’s called Evil, is great magic master 5 million years ago, he had created mythology kindom with hands, and named his people to Evil nation. Undercontrol of his hands, tend to become the most strong nation of D.S. the most strong empire! Afterall because Niceter did apparence, at last…” Flolamp fierce hicked a feet, Bopi suffering groan, Menbeca continued asked,”Then what?!”
Bopi firmly hold himslef with hands, continued spoke,”Niceter is a spirit power master and came from a remoter galaxy. Since he’s arrived D.S. the things began to change. Opponents of Evil nation uprising brave because him, Evil conquer words of great ideal had under heavy frustrated. To change that form, Evil target a date to Niceter dead-duel in the Inferno Sea. ” Menbeca laugh talked,”I heard that story, you’re fool us!” Bopi fidget answered,”No, no! really have a man!” Flolamp asked,”an idiot, Whereby let’s believe your nonsense! Talk a strory cheat us, I look you as inpatient waiting to die!” Boot him again, Bopi suffering struggle rolling. Menbeca said,”This waste time stay here, We’re must get out here, when these fools wouldn’t find us.” Flolamp looked Bopi, talked,”The guy got an easy miss. Let’s go.” Flolamp and Neturism warriors threw him in cave, then went to city on way.
People thinking Bopi is nonsense, as a matter of fact that near cave of top mountain where a few know Evil Revival Temple. The temple close and encircle by high mountain. Unusual firm. Even earthquake, galebrash, still whole body. There’s only an enterance, insider temple were building by 8 main metal support system and 80 ton per one. Temple wall with very firm stone made up, structrution tightness. At center is emplace dark chancel of Dark sword, full of 5 meter high. An old aged woman slowing came and go on the great temple hall, She’s body emit green and red light circles even had dressed black longcope, couldn’t cover up her rays of light insider. Old woman slowly walked up the sidestep of chancel at the center of temple hall, face to manful Evil god statuary, many words want to say but as couldn’t. Modanis is Evil nation elder. Nobody know her ture ages. It’s said with legend that this elder is waitting for Evil’s relife day above serveal ten thousands of years. She’s very great station in the Evil nation, dark power very strong too, a moment wave can change colors of sky, land. Modanis soft a bit touched at statuary, a sharp and fierce of dark sword soon appearance in front of Evil god statuary. Dark sword utter string or piece sword song in numberness of rights circles. All hall with one second over mystic lights circles. The sword 1.3 meter long, whole body’s black, very scrappy pary letter charactered on sword’s body. Letter can birth difference colors in the difference environment. Such as, When closing high temperature, the letter will become yello gold. When closing low temperature, the letter will become color sky blue. When Dark Sword touch fresh blood, the letter will more show bright and dazzle, growing energy. Dark sword’s master was Evil that used to distinguish enemy, and kill all to die. The sword have drinked million people’s blood, great tartness. Modanis was careful talking that time.
The sky more above more show the huge change, dark clouds were slow coming together at the Zone, lightning angry smash to land, animals were high wail at forest. Dust clouds with moving rocks, the land suddenly covered mystic color. A religion warrior walked into temple hall, manners to talked,”Queenly Evil nation elder Modanis. I’m Evil Warrior Axe, I accomplished and come back.”
Axe is Evil nation Warrior, E.nation has developped very power fill of splendour at mountain peak age in the G.I.M.E. history. And Axe is that age of E.nation a general’s posterity. He’ve hold 5,000 Evil blood fighters, depending on Evil blood fighter’s superpower, He endlessly expand territory himself, become a riding whirlwind battleground laird of E.Nation of D.S.
Modanis slow truned face to, dithering face with strip and strip deep and thick furrow on face ring upon ring. She’s eyes emit red light. Modanis talked to Axe,”Very good job, My boy. Our great king will joy for you accomplished in the unusual spaces. He’ll reget endless power, will go back with us. In that time, you and me will become E.nation great hero.” Axe with honour kneel with single knee on the ground, spoke,”Thanks Elder Modanis trustfull.” She’s act a wave, a 0.7meter long giantic axe suddenly showed up on his face. Giantic axe color as Dark sword, but lack the circleing rights. Axe happy to hold up the handle of axe at single hand, with power drew to turn back. Floor immediately bursting out broken noise under Axe’s feet. with hands held up the axe, a step has a footprint, drawing the Axe to back, big bean sweat rashly out on forehead. Temple hall was shaking under Axe hugh cry, the black Axe final master on hands! Axe weakly dropped down on ground, doesn’t stopped breathing, almost used body’s power, but still held the back axe firmly. The back axe tend to small and smaller, became a dark ring. He’s inpatient to draw on hand’s finger, and knocked on ground three times to Modanis, high spoke,”Thanks for elder’s largess gift! Axe with all life swear to loyalist for elder Modanis, wish Evil nation centuries forever!” There’re rain cloudbrist outside, thundering and lightting, gales straight shaving on the top mountain.
Modanis said,”Full of 30 years, you finally taking up the dack axe, it’s proof you have enough power to rule this land! Begin, for great Evil, let Evil warriors relife, let sleeping dark dargon woke up at the front of Inferno Door! Let our great king revisit in this world, begin killing! Evil will smile for your win in heaven and earth middle. Begin, let this land mastered in our hands again!”
Axe slowing standed up, eyes tend to emit red lights. At temple hall gate, a dark darogn berain or besound in the storm and thunderbolts. That give its very comfertable feeling, tehn high up th howl. The lightning without warm face that cut down to Dark Dargon’s body, it’s freely swing 10 meter long swings. Axe congeed Modanis, then went to dark dragon, as gentilesse when face to Axe. He’s standed on D.dragon body, said aloud,”We go back the castte!” D.dragon outcried to sky, two hugh D.dragon appearance on storm, axe had flew to far distance, and the land still hungry absorb the raining water.

Source by: He Qi Lin (Chinese man)



There is a galactic witching hour each day for every man upon the Earth that is truly magical and wondrous for souls to experience. This is the time for daydreams, wisdom, insight, inventions, and communion with all intelligent life in our galaxy. It is at this one hour junction within our day that the psychic and spiritual communication lines in our galaxy are all opened wide and the spirits of men can soar and communicate, learn, and teach to all others the wisdom and passions of the ages in this school of life.

This is the time that the light from the galactic equator is aligned with us one hour each day and we are 400% more psychic due to this concentrated light energy which surrounds us. Meditation for peace and wisdom for our leaders is greatly amplified. It is a time for learning of all of the psychic and spiritual arts for they are greatly amplified at this time. And it is now at the Galactic Hour each day that the common man can make true changes in their environment for good or bad.

The UFO disclosure movement is mostly a joke because the NWO has had time travel technology for 40 years. All possible disclosure people are easily spotted and dissuaded from speaking out before they can do any real harm. Only a very few people are actually true disclosure people and they are still alive because they are family of the elite and they can not be harmed due to the agreements. These disclosure people have already told what they know and have poor or limited means of acquiring more insider information. The rest of the disclosure people are paid intell plants speaking only officially sanctioned disclosure information or reams of garbage to make it difficult for the curious to find true UFO information.

The NWO has only allowed very small amounts of disclosure information till now because they are very fearful of their positions and distrustful of the large masses of people which they oppress daily. The NWO does not know really what is going on in depth on the Earth and so they are overly secretive and power hungry until they know more. Because they are few and the masses are many they feel vulnerable and afraid. And because the elite are few they work long hours and do not share their burdens with humanity. They often do nothing on many issues because they do not have time to weigh, decide, and make a proper decision on many questions which need their attention.

But the Galactic Hour can be the great equalizer for change and progress in our world. Because the masses are many and we have time to make room to meditate we can easily change the world for the better. Emotional, psychic, and spiritual energy during the Galactic Hour each day can make world peace and true disclosure a reality by the shear force of numbers and energy of the masses of people. And so daily meditation of many people for peace, disclosure, and wisdom for our NWO leaders will quickly change the minds of the elite to unburden themselves of their secrecy and end their suppression of humanity for selfish reasons.

The Galactic Hour on most planets is a time to practice the psychic and spiritual arts of meditation and contemplation. It is the time of greatest discovery and insight and exploration of the universe of a people. The Galactic Hour time is known in all cities and towns and it is a time of greatest learning and wonder when the galaxy and all of humanity within it are at attendance to learn or simply visit with long ago loved ones. And since the Galactic Hour and alignment with the galactic equator is different with every location on a planet a class is always in session for some people on a planet. It is the Galactic Hour which keeps all soul sane and balanced in the lower worlds of God. For without the connection of this daily hour with all of humanity in spirit we would all quickly go insane and
want death rather than separation from spirit.

If the disclosure people want true disclosure, the peace movement wants world peace, and the health movement want to cure all diseases then they have to use the unseen energy of the spirit to change their reality. This can only be done by the time honored method of contemplation and meditation and visualizing that which you desire most. If a few thousand powerful men control our world’s destiny then a few thousand or million men of good will of the masses can control these men of power and change them and their actions for the better. It is the power of the people which determines the destiny of nations and worlds but if the masses of people are asleep or intentionally spiritually stunted then they do not get a vote. If you truly want change in our world then vote every day for it in yourself first and then in others. It is the only vote you need in life because it is your true spiritual power of life.

This is the greatest secret of life — that you are powerful beyond belief if you only go within and use your power and consciousness for good in contemplation and meditation. Power does not reside in the worlds of men but rather in the worlds of spirit. Power does not reside in the mental arts of science but rather in the spiritual arts of wisdom and love. Go within to know yourself and learn to rule yourself and your world each day and you will truly change the world for the better. Go within and know yourself and know all else. That is the destiny of all of God’s children.

I have calculated the Galactic Hour for Indianapolis, Indiana on Father’s Day June 20, 2010 (longitude 86 degrees 17 minutes west). This makes 8:35 am in the morning the best time to meditate or better 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after this time. Each day the sideral time advances exactly 4 minutes and each week advance this time by 28 minutes to continue to get your 14:30 sideral time to meditate or the Galactic Hour.

Now to use this exact time 8:35 am Indianapolis time on June 20, 2010 to find your best time for your city you only need to learn your cities longitude by looking it up online. Then for each one degree greater longitude difference than 86 degrees add 4 minutes of time to this 8:35 am Indianapolis time. And for each degree lesser than 86 degrees substract 4 minutes of time from this 8:35 am Indianapolis time on June 20, 2010. You must advance this 8:35 am time by 4 minutes each day after June 20, 2010 in Indianapolis. So in one week the correct time in Indianapolis would be 28 minutes later or 9:03 am. So if you are calculating the correct time one week from now the beginning Indianapolis time would be 9:03 am not the previous 8:35 am.

Once you have your correct time for the current day you then just advance it 4 minutes per day to keep it at the correct 14:30 sideral time or the Galactic Hour. Please pass this information on to others and try it for yourself. See if you can see the difference in your meditations when you are aligned with the galactic center light energy of our galaxy.

All of my articles can be reposting anywhere without permission.–J.E. Ante

Source by: Joseph Ante

The Best Digital Photo Printers And Digital Camera Printers For Amazing Photo Prints

The best digital photo printers help to make it very expedient to develop digital camera prints. Digital cameras are fast replacing traditional film cameras as the dominant way to take photos. There are cameras that can take professional quality photographs that only cost a few hundred dollars. However, one of the most common problems still remains. Printing professional grade digital camera prints at at the nearby CVS or Walgreens pharmacy photo-lab requires walking or driving, time and expense. As it turns out, there are numerous digital photo printers that can be purchased and used over and over again for as low as 27 cents a photo!

Those that take the most pictures are either old or young. Therefore traditional technology can be difficult to understand and even out of their price range. On the other hand, digital camera printing from home may be new terrain for those that are no stranger to computers. The perfect solution for both of these scenarios is the Samsung Digital Photo Printer model SPP-2040 . This printer costs about $50, is easy to use and is extremely affordable. This photo printer produces high quality digital camera prints that appear as if you had them professionally developed at a photolab. Within 60 seconds, 4 inches by 6 inches snapshot photos are completed with stunning detail. This printer is for those casual photographers that may need to print their photos on demand.

The best digital photo printer that you can buy will include handy features such as multiple card readers and a PictBridge camera connection. The PictBridge allows a digital camera to connect to the printer and print pictures straight from your camera. There are many different memory card formats that a digital camera can have. It just depends on the brand or model that you have. Before you purchase your photo printer, make sure the printer has a memory card reader that will work with your camera. Be aware of the type of memory card you have,it could be a Pro Duo, SD or microSD or something else. One of the other options is to connect your camera to your printer with a USB cable to allow you to print digital photos.

To compare digital photo printers, visit shopping sites such as Amazon. The following features are important to keep in mind while shopping around: whether the printer takes toner or ink, what paper type is required, which DPI the pictures will be in and the amount of pictures that the printer can print with an hours time. Many people favor dye sublimation printing, however others prefer laser color photo printing.

For users who demand the absolute best, a professional photo print is still available to those who wish to print their own photos. You have probably seen some of those 15 minute photo shops in your city, well the Sony SnapLab is a miniature version of these photo shops. The Sony SnapLab has editing tools that are built in so that editing a picture is super simple. Printing needs are easily customized and it can print several photos within a ten second period of time. It has an eight inch LCD touchscreen that makes the input of photo selection really easy. Coming in at a price of $1250, the Sony SnapLab can certainly be pricey. If you are looking for your own amazing photographic device then comparison shopping is an absolute must!

Source by: Joe Arthur

Kim Jong-il and his Death: The Nearly Truth

Kim Jong-il (KIM)’s death was announced by the state media on 19 December 2011, with very brief and doubtful details on the time, place and cause of death. To unlock the truth, the foremost issue is to examine the creditability of North Korea’s state media.

How creditable are the materials from Korean Central News Agency?

The website of the state media, Korean Central News Agency, provides updates on KIM’s daily schedules and other important news of North Korea, alongside with photos and videos. People usually doubt if those materials are fabricated for the purpose of KIM’s propaganda.

In order to verify the truthfulness of those photos, as well as the said time and place of happenings, the author checked each any every photo (about KIM’s domestic visits) taken after he came back from Russia and Northeast China on 27 August 2011.

The result is: the author finds no discrepancies between the local weather condition as shown in the photos and the weather figures retrieved from the US meteorology website For example:

On 26 November 2011 KIM is said to be visiting People’s Army Air Force Unit 1016. According to, on that day there is rainfall in most part of North Korea, including Pyongyang. The author checked the relevant photos and one of them shows that the camera lens is tinted with a few raindrop marks.^

On 4 November 2011 employees from Huichon Machinery Factory are said to be visiting Mangyongdae, birthplace of Kim Il-sung. revealed that it is a rainy day in Pyongyang, where Mangyongdae is situated. The author checked and found photos with slippery floor.^

On 10 December 2011 KIM is said to be visiting the Hamhung city in South Hamgyong province. From the photos we can see that it is a sunny day while the ground and tree are covered with snow. What are the weather figures from 10 December is a sunny day, while 8 and 9 December are snowy days at Hamhung city.^

They match. It may indicate that the materials from North Korea’s state media are actually quite accurate in terms of the date and place of happenings. However, we are not sure if those visiting places are just “showrooms”, and if KIM is really giving insightful guidance as the state media describes.

Time, place and cause of death

On 19 December 2011, Korean Central News Agency posted the following press release:

…2011년12월17일 달리는 야전렬차안에서 중증급성심근경색이 발생되고 심한 심장성쇼크가 합병되였다.발병즉시 모든 구급치료대책을 세웠으나 주체100(2011)년12월17일8시30분에 서거하시였다…

…On 17 December 2011 Kim Jong-il suffered from a combination of severe acute myocardial infarction and serious heart shock on a running local train. Every possible first-aid measure was taken immediately but he passed away at 8:30am on 17 December ….

Local train?

In the subsequent press releases Korean Central News Agency mentions that the local train is “ordinary” (수수한) and “people-line” (인민행). But sources have already suggested that the KIM’s train(s) is actually specially designed and highly secured. It just looks ordinary and people-line from outside, for the purpose of defying spies and satellites.

Every possible first-aid measure?

Jo Myeong-seon (조명선), a military general acquainted with Kim Il-sung, died as a result of cerebral hemorrhage in July 1994. It was reported that due to Jo’s senior position, the doctor-in-charge was afraid to take aggressive surgical treatment which may save him. The same may happen on KIM.

Early in the morning?

The author checked the photos published by Korean Central News Agency and found something which hints on whether KIM is an early bird.

In the album with photos taken on 4 December, we can see that KIM was accompanied by his younger sister, his son and other officials to visit Kaeson Youth Park. They took a group photo near a pirate-boat-like structure, and the distant Pyongyang TV Tower was behind them. According to the Google Map, Pyongyang TV Tower is located at the northeast of that pirate-boat-like structure. As observed in the photo, people’s shadows are eastward-casting and long, which indicates that they were visiting the park in the evening.

map2.png Pyongyang TV Tower and the pirate-boat-like structure in Kaeson Youth Park (Google Map)

The author checked other albums and found a number of long-shadow photos (though not sure of the casting direction). This may suggest that KIM’s visits were usually done in the evening, which is consistent with the saying that he is a late starter. Therefore, dying outdoor at 8:30am may not be a truth.

During the course of a field visit?

As explained above, it appears that materials from North Korea’s state media are quite accurate in terms of the date and place of happenings. The author checked KIM’s schedule on his last 110 days (after he came back from Russia/ Northeast China visits on 27 August 2011), as reported by Korean Central News Agency. The following figures are computed:

– 19 days were spent on field visits;

– 11 days were spent on military visits (all start after 19 Oct);

– On a weekly average, 1.9 days were spent on either field visits or military visits.

In addition, among the 18 identifiable field visit destinations, eight are located within Pyongyang, and ten are located outside Pyongyang. Some field visits were even conducted on Sunday. It shows that KIM is actually quite enjoy/ busy travelling within the state. He could be dying during the course of a field visit.

Korea2.png 18 identifiable field visit destinations made by KIM after 27 August 2011

An interesting observation is that the destinations of KIM’s field visit is quite diverse, ranging from agricultural (e.g. pig, duck and terrapin farm), industrial (e.g. dam, mine and smelting plant) to commercial areas (e.g. nursery, meat and pancake shop).

Korean Central News Agency also details what KIM was doing on 17 December in the previous years:

17 Dec 2010: N/A. It was the aftermath of North Korea’s shelling of Yeonpyong Island, South Korea.

17 Dec 2009: Visiting Chongjin University of Mining and Metallurgy, as well as Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex.

17 Dec 2008: Visiting different units in Kanggye City.

17 Dec 2007: Visiting People’s Army Unit 1971.

Sustainability of Kim regime

At the time of this article Kim Jong-un, KIM’s third son, has been selected as the military head, and presumably the head of the state. Can he gain the legitimacy to rule as KIM did? There are a number of factors to look into:

Kim Il-sung Effect

As we know the father of KIM, Kim Il-sung, is a heroic figure in North Korea. Partly because he and his army expelled the Japanese from Korea peninsula; partly because he is the founder of the new Korea; and partly because of the state propaganda. He died in 1994 and he is still highly worshipped in North Korea:

– many people are still wearing the Kim Il-sung badge;

– a new calendar system beginning in 1912 (Kim Il-sung’s year of birth);

– 15 April (Kim Il-sung’s birthday) is a public holiday

– Kim Il-sung’s figure on coins and paper currency

As a result, the Kim regime originated from Kim Il-sung gains much recognition among the people. This helps the descendants of Kim Il-sung, including KIM and Kim Jong-un, to gain the legitimacy to rule in the undemocratic country.

The desire to be united, and to be strong and prosperous

Basically, there is only one ethnic group in Korea, which is the Korean. For the North Koreans, the unification of Korean peninsula is of a very high priority. At the same time, they want to build a strong and prosperous nation. This explains why Kim regime always prepares militarily to achieve unification, and it also promises that North Korea would be a strong and prosperous nation by 2012.

Undertaking economic reform may bring massive economic benefits to the country. However, it has to be done at a right time with the support from stakeholders. Otherwise, it would lead to political conflicts and further threaten the goal of unification.

Implication on Kim Jong-un

As the grandson of Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-un gains a comparative advantage in seizing the power. However, he still needs to be very careful. In an ideological country like North Korea, rivals can make good use of “mistake” and impose ideological accusation. Mistake could include:

– wearing jeans, which is prohibited in the country

– using Iphone or Galaxy

– any friendly gesture to South Korea, Japan or US

– overfriendly gesture to China or Russia

On the first day of 2012 the state media announced that North Korea has ruled out any policy changes. This announcement partly serves to safeguard Kim Jong-un’s rule by preventing any accusation of ideological change.

Source by: Ken Chan

Cheap Winter Breaks to the Caribbean – Barbados

Barbados is one of the most interesting of the Caribbean Islands, with stylish hotels, famous restaurants, and a exciting nightlife. Though the Island has been free from colonial rule over 40 years, colonial customs and traditions such as famous monuments still survive. These British traditions are however, overshadowed by the beautiful and mysterious backdrop. When combined, these factors with great food, and the all important friendliness of the local residents, guarantees travellers warmth and offers people a unique Barbados holiday.

Apart from the historical monuments for instance the figure of lord Nelson and activities such as lazing on the beautiful beaches; The Island if Barbados proves to be a amazing combination of British influences with local behaviours.

With over 70 square miles of beaches to choose from on the lovely Island of Barbados, people will have no predicament locating amazing sandy shores, crystal blue waters and amazing settings. Barbados is a coral island, and its sandy beaches are formed from coral reefs, this means that round about all seaside’s, are made of golden sand, which is just right for sinking your feet into.

The weather in Barbados is clear throughout the year with temperatures in the day can reach up to 31 Celsius. The hottest time to visit starting from December to June; tropical rains are between the scorching months of July to November. If you are going to stopover at the Island and are trying to find all inclusive deals to Barbados, the best time to go is between May and October, at this time both resorts and flights to Barbados are inexpensive.

Source by: Z Fazal

Future Predictions And Astrology Readings With The Best Jyotish In Hyderabad

Astrology is the ideological influence of planets and stars, research bodies and lives of individuals in the exercise group. Correct information which sport can help people improve his personality, human affairs, and other terrestrial matters.

It has been planning and tracking the planets, stars and the night sky thousands of years, the position of other objects visible. Until relatively modern times, they are used for navigation and to keep track of time, and their changing positions conducted in-depth research and an important tool for the purpose of recording. In the observation of celestial bodies very close relationship, however, people began to notice the actions and events on Earth; it seems to correspond with the pattern observed patterns in the sky. This laid the study of astrology and use celestial bodies to help predict and understand the practical foundation of human activity.

We know that stars emit large amounts of electromagnetic radiation, and we know that they are in constant motion and constant fluctuations. We know that their changing positions and properties of all produce near influence, because we can directly observe the effects of our sun’s gravity, electromagnetic energy fluctuations on our planet. Stars, planets and other objects in our galaxy are mutually interacting galaxies interact with each other, form an energy giant, ever-changing network and substance, which we call our universe. It follows, then, change the position of these objects to objects and organisms can have a profound impact on its celestial environment.

Astrology seeks to understand and apply these principles to explain and predict human life mode. And jyotish is a complex and imperfect study, which is based on a pattern, has developed over thousands of years by observing that theory with the help of the best jyotish in Hyderabad. The universe is a very complex system engineering, scientists are only just beginning to understand, the more we study it, the more it seems that everything is connected, and the impact on the vitality of the planet than we can imagine more complex.

Astrology technical help future teller obtain information about a person’s personality, strengths and weaknesses of the information. There are many famous astrology versions like India astrology, Chinese astrology, Egyptian astrology and western astrology. Indian and Western teller future astrological chart creation and learning based on commonly known as the star of ‘ constellation ‘ of the activities of the current situation in the event . Future teller India has a firm belief that there is a time someone was born, inherent to his / her personality traits meaningful contact. Natal chart reveals a lot about the person, his fate and prediction may be performed by researchers star. Withdrawals from the future by seeking help, people can sense the future direction of their choice.


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Adding Coral To Reef Tank

Adding Corals

Prior to my third visit, I called my client to see if he had lost any of the livestock I had introduced to the aquarium. Since everything seemed to be fine, I gathered up some hardy corals, including bubble coral (Plerogyra sinuosa), galaxy coral (Galaxea fascicularis), whisker coral (Duncanopsammia axifuga), a bright orange short-tentacle plate coral (Fungia repanda), a beautiful neon green cabbage leather (Sinularia dura), and a couple of finger leather corals (S. flexibilis).

Adding Coral To Reef Tank

Upon arriving at the site and before introducing the coral, I carefully performed the same drip-acclimation process that I did when I added the fish the week prior. I also extended the duration of the lighting period to 12 hours for the actinic lighting and set the daylight-spectrum lights to run for 10 hours inside the 12-hour time period that the actinics were on. This gives the dawn/dusk effect and also allows my client to enjoy the glowing, phosphorescent color of the corals under actinic spectrum for a couple of hours per day.

After the new corals were acclimated and placed into the aquarium, I performed another water change, removing about 20 percent of the aquarium water and replacing it with premixed salt water that I carry in the back of my truck in a large vat. I also added purified water to the topoff vat located underneath his aquarium, which I do on every visit. This is reverse osmosis and deionized water that I make at my facility and carry in another large vat in the bed of my service truck.

One more word about the lighting system on this aquarium: It is an energy-efficient and very bright LED system. To construct it, I bolted two 23 1/2-inch units side by side and then made a truss out of aluminum, purchased from a local hardware store, on which the lights sit about a foot and a half from the top of the aquarium. As mentioned earlier, we are running the actinic-spectrum LED strips on a separate timer from the daylight-spectrum strips. The LED lights give off very little heat compared to other types of aquarium lighting, and a bathroom ventilation fan installed in the ceiling, inside the cabinetry, draws out any excess heat and moisture.

Thus far, the mix of soft and large-polyp stony corals has responded remarkably well to this lighting. They have actually grown noticeably and also darkened up in coloration during the past month. If you needed even more light, say for a deeper tank or a tank dominated by small-polyp stony corals, there is enough space in between the strips to double the amount of them.

Looking to the Future

Going forward with this aquarium, I expect that many of the corals will grow large and need to be pruned back and some may destroy parts of one another in the battle for space on this tiny reef. Corals may also need to be moved around in order to accommodate new specimens, and the basic live rock structure may be modified slightly in the future to hide more of the overflow box. Despite our best efforts, fish may come and go, but this is not an aquarium focused on fish. An aquarium this size could accommodate a couple of fish half the size of an average human hand, but the bulk of the fish in this aquarium will be no more than a few inches long.

Though the purpose of this article is to show how one successful aquarium system was installed and set up, each setup I do is, in some respects, unique. Inherently, because it is a reef aquarium, this is also a work in progress. Much like the shaping and training of a bonsai tree over many years or the metamorphosis of a flower garden through many seasons, a reef aquarium takes time, dedication, and proper maintenance in order to achieve success.

I am always asked by newcomers into the hobby about “one of those self-sufficient aquariums that you don’t have to mess around with much.” Sorry – such an aquarium doesn’t exist. Performing small water changes multiple times per month, checking water parameters using reliable and accurate test kits, adding major and minor elements through weekly supplementation, and inspecting and maintaining the equipment installed onto the aquarium are all part of the hobby.

If you have always been fascinated by the beauty and intrigue of saltwater environments and wish to install a reef aquarium of your own, I encourage you to go for it. With the proper knowledge, time, and financial investment, you should be able to enjoy your setup for years. If, however, you have neither the time nor the knowledge required, consider contacting a quality custom-aquarium sales and maintenance company. There are many of these companies nationwide that can provide you with the assistance and expertise necessary to make your dream of a living, breathing, ever-changing display of art and science come true! To find out more, you can check out Adding Coral To Reef Tank!


Source by: Jon Cole

Interesting Facts About Silver Spring

Situated just outside of Washington, D.C., Silver Spring, Maryland has been a residential destination for families living in the area for years. While D.C. is the go-to for monuments and museums, Silver Spring is quickly becoming one of the more desirable places to live outside the district.

So what is it that attracts so many people to Silver Spring? Here are just a few fun facts about the Montgomery County town.

Important Discoveries

Silver Spring is where one of the largest television and internet companies are headquartered. Discovery Communications is the world’s number one nonfiction media which includes channels like the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Science Channel, Investigation Discovery and Planet Green; channels everyone likes to flip to when relaxing in their condo or apartment. During the always popular Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, this multi-media company celebrates with a 466-foot shark named Chompie who sits atop corporate headquarters.

The Best in Film

Leaving your apartment or condo to see one of your favorite films takes on a whole new meaning when visiting the American Film Institute Silver Theatre and Cultural Center (AFI), located in Silver Spring. This historic landmark is dedicated to preserving the art of the moving image. Most of AFI’s programming concentrates on films that are typically not available anywhere else including independent features, foreign films, documentaries and classic cinema.

Best Cheap Eats in Maryland!

When Silver Spring residents are in the mood for a fantastic meal that won’t cost an entire paycheck, they look no further than Ray’s the Classics. Ray’s has quickly become a Washington, D.C. metro area staple due to the fact that Ray’s hand-selects only the finest natural, farm-raised, corn-fed beef available anywhere, at any price.

Come Visit

Come and visit Silver Spring, MD for the best in dining, film, and entertainment. There is plenty to do! Silver Spring has a downtown Metro stop that provides easy access to local restaurants, bars, shopping, and nightlife. Silver Spring has become one of the fastest growing areas in the D.C. metropolitan area. Feel free to come visit and take a look around.

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Interesting facts about Berlin

Berlin has fascinated the world for a very long time; that in spite of being a comparatively young European city founded a mere 700 years ago.  Berlin is best known these days as the epicentre of World War II and for the bitter division between East and West which followed.  Ask any person today what they think of when you mention Berlin and they will say “the Wall”.  However, Berlin was not always this way.  Prior to the rise of the Nazis and even during that time the city was a renowned centre of counter-culture with a thriving intellectual scene.   Marlene Dietrich was born in Berlin and began her career there and the city had countless cabaret clubs.  Berlin was once a huge economic centre of manufacturing. Many of the very first electrical goods were produced there and the city was linked by rail to the port of Stettin (now part of Poland and called Szczecin) where the goods were shipped all over the world. 

Today Berlin is the third most visited city in Europe behind Paris and London. It is a city rich in history and culture and is relatively inexpensive compared to other European capitals. Here follows a list of interesting facts about Berlin.

Berlin is home to three million people and is a great place in which to live. Apartments are cheap, public transport is reliable and food prices are reasonable too. Deutsche Bahn does an excellent job connecting people to the rest of Europe via its rail network and budget airlines take care of the rest.  Berlin’s flat terrain makes it possible to ride your bicycle virtually anywhere in the city in the clearly marked bicycle lanes.

Berlin now has a big service industry, there are over 700 hotels located in Berlin catering for the millions of tourists who visit the city each year. Berlin is among the top five of Europe’s biggest conference venues.

Workers pay many different taxes in Germany.  People who live in what was once considered West Germany have to pay a Solidarity tax of 1% to help rebuild the east and if you belong to a religious congregation an additional 1% of your income will go to your church.

Berlin lost most of its heavy machinery after WWII. The Soviet army took it and shipped it to Russia as war reparations.

The world’s first traffic light was installed at Potsdamer Platz and is still there today.

Berlin has a large Turkish population, many of whom came as guest workers in the 1950s and 1960s.  The district of Kreuzberg is home to a huge Turkish community.

Wages are quite low in Berlin compared to the rest of Germany. In 2006 Berlin had 16% unemployment.  

Many people have claimed that World War II didn’t properly end for Berlin until 1989 due to the prolonged division and political stalemate.

If visiting Berlin for the first time, you will need a good week to fully appreciate the city. Twelve places you can’t afford to miss during your stay in Berlin are:

1. The Reichstag

2. Unter den Linden and the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate)

3. The Berlin Wall Memorial at Bernauer Straße which contains one of the few remaining  stretches of the Berlin Wall

4. Kurfürstendamm (locally referred to as Ku’damm) – Berlin’s largest shopping strip which stretches for over a mile

5. The East Side Gallery – a long stretch of the Berlin Wall which has now become a large outdoor art gallery

6. The Pergamon Museum

7. The Nikolaikirche

8. Alexanderplatz, home of Berlin’s famous Fernsehturm (TV Tower) and World Clock

9. Haus der Wannsee Konferenz, the venue in which details of the Nazis’ “Final Solution” (Endlösung) were finalised

10. The Siegesäule (Victory Monument) located next to Berlin’s large park, the Tiergarten

11. Berlin Zoo, once home to international animal superstars Knut and Paul the Psychic Octopus both of whom are now deceased

12. Checkpoint Charlie in Friedrich Straße

Source by: Tatiana Lestal