Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000

There’s a lot of fairly recent solutions and services you are able to get right now, a small handful or these appear to generally be really worthwhile. Some have experienced outstanding acceptance by users of their items and providers and are already growing and creating beneficial reputations. 1 or a couple of of these are actually excellent, really worth commenting about and looking at. Amongst the relatively new expert services to choose from that offer you Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000, there’s a popular newcomer known as samsung galaxy tab p1000.

The “Head Honcho” and power behind this outstanding company is Android a couple of.2-powered mobile phone pill with 7-inch touchscreen–perfectly sized for slipping within your pocket or backpack.

What samsung galaxy tab does exceptionally very well for its increasing following may be the Galaxy Tab brings one particular-contact entry towards the common Bing mobile phone companies millions use every day, such as Search engines Seek by phone, Google Maps with Street View, Gtalk, YouTube, Picasa, and contacts/calendar synchronization. And via Android Market place, you are going to get accessibility to 1000’s of useful programs, widgets and entertaining online games to download and install in your cell phone, with many extra apps becoming additional each day..

Permit me to elaborate somewhat on the topic of each of those capabilities, sequentially.

Enabled for T-Cell’s higher-velocity 3G network, the Galaxy Tab delivers rapidly knowledge delivery and an enhanced Word wide web-browsing knowledge that lets you connect easily to communal networking sites. And the 3G-enabled Galaxy Tab will bonus from the enhanced speeds of T-Phone’s upgraded HSPA+ community, that is staying rolled out nationwide to achieve up to 185 million individuals from the finish with the season and presents speeds shut to 4G connectivity.

The Galaxy Tab gives complete aid for Adobe Flash Participant for accessing Flash-enabled internet websites, watching video clip and enjoying matches, and with developed-in assist for ultra-fast Wireless-N Wi-Fi, the Galaxy Tab’s moveable display screen is best for watching the most recent films and leisure.

Made to suit in a single hand, typing messages or notes is straightforward and uncomplicated with the Galaxy Tab’s digital QWERTY keyboard with Swype engineering, which permits you to input text more rapidly and inside a extra intuitive way with a person continuous finger motion throughout the display keyboard. Other attributes incorporate Bluetooth several.0 wireless connectivity for arms-free equipment and stereo audio streaming, microSD storage expansion, HDMI video recording output (through optional dock), and up to 8 hours of battery power.

The one drawback towards the samsung galaxy tab p1000 setup that i am aware of is Yahoo and google TELEVISION tried to perform a whole lot but did it poorly. Could possibly just be greater to hook your PERSONAL COMPUTER or notebook computer up with your TELEVISION.

Summing up, samsung galaxy tablet provides a great services that its clients actually like, partially to the amazing capabilities.

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Mobiles Phones – Then And Now

Over the past 25 years, we have seen vast improvements in the technology that surrounds us. Many people take what we have available to us for granted, for example when was the last time you got up from your sofa to change the TV channel?

One of the most useful applications of technology is communication, gone are the days of attaching your message to a carrier pigeon. Now we have E-mail, Fax, Instant Messaging, Social networking and of course, the Mobile Phone.

As your reading this it is likely there is at least 1 mobile phone within 10 metres of where you are sitting, you have probably used one today as well. In fact in several countries there are more mobile phones than people including the UK

Today I am going to show you how mobile phones have evolved

The 80s The first generation

Often referred to as the decade of greed reflecting the economic and social climate in the UK and USA. However the 1980s are also considered to be the transition between the industrial and information ages.

Motorola DynaTAC

The first commercially available handheld mobile phone was the Motorola DynaTAC which was approved in 1983.

Weighing in at an outstanding 794 grams and measuring 10 inches tall, the DynaTAC was a true trooper. It had the standard 12 button layout we see on todays mobile phones along with 9 additional keys-

Rcl (Recall), Clr (Clear), Snd (Send), Sto (Store), Fcn (Function), End (End), Pwr (Power), Lock (Lock), Vol (Volume)

Motorola have announced that they will release a 21st anniversary edition of the phone built to the original specification with modern day components.

It did have one advantage though, if someone tried to mug you, you could club them over the head with it and make your get away.

Nokia 100

The first handset from Nokias Original series of handsets was designed especially for the growing consumer market. From the ground up it was designed to be easy to use by mobile phone virgins, a concept that Nokia is renowned for worldwide.

Nokias market research at the time revealed buyers were purchasing handsets for security reasons. Based on this 3 special keys were integrated, the first a red number 9 that was programmed to dial emergency services. The second was represented by an envelope to call voice mail systems and the third could be programmed to user preference.

The handset weighed a mere 340 grams and also included the keyguard system which protected against calls being made accidentally.

The 90s The Second Generation

The 90s marked the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold war; it also marked the dot com boom and rise of the internet. Economic growth sat hand in hand with technological development.

Motorola StarTAC

This was the first phone to appear in the flip format. Its generally agreed this was inspired by the original Star Trek communicator; The phone was released in January 1996 and in 2005 PC World Magazine ranked it at number 6 in The 50 Greatest Gadgets Of The Past 50 Years

It was also the first phone to feature the vibrating alert feature dubbed Vibracall, at the time only Motorola handsets could make use of this feature as they held the patent. Back in the day it was also considered the smallest (94 mm x 55 mm x 19 mm) and lightest (94 grams) mobile phone available, it even made cameo appearances in films such as 8mm staring Nicolas Cage.

Nokia 5110

The Nokia 5110 was released to the public in 1998 and very quickly became the most popular mobile phone in the world. It was rugged, had excellent battery life and of course was one of the first phones to feature the game snake.

One of the main features that set the Nokia 5110 apart from the competition was Nokias Express on fascias. For the first time users could customise exactly how their phone looked, people could create custom fascias for their mobile phones allowing them to stand out from the crowd.

Siemens S10

The Siemens S10 was the first to feature a colour screen; it marked a revolution in mobile phone history. It was released to the general public in 1998 and to celebrate/show off their achievement, Siemens included an Easter egg to display a Palm Tree Image.

Although this was the first mobile phone to feature a colour screen, demand for the handset was fairly low. The colours looked washed out and the screens suffered from vertical ghosting. A feature I quite like about the phone, is the ability to assign a colour to a contact in your phonebook, similar to how you can assign colours to files on modern day apple macs.

Nokia 3210

The Nokia 3210 was a massively popular handset, initially launched in 1999. It had a winning combination of cutting edge features. It was the first mobile phone to have an internal antenna and unlike the Nokia 5110, you could replace both the front and back covers of the phone.

For the first time in the mobile phone industry an advertising campaign was launched for the handset aimed predominantly at young people. The inclusion of 3 games, changeable fascias, customisable ringtones and aggressive pricing led to the handsets huge popularity with those aged 15-25.

The 2000s Third Generation

The start of 2000 went down in history with the worlds biggest excuse to get drunk, the new millennium. The 2000s have sparked escalation of social issues from the 90s such as healthcare, human rights, gender equality, homosexuality, body image and terrorism. But what has it done for technology?

Samsung SGH-M100

2000 was the year that re-defined digital convergence, combining multiple devices into one in the name of convenience. Samsung had created an award winning combination of a mobile phone with an integrated MP3 Player.

It had 32MB of integrated memory, and connected to your PC with a parallel interface. Included with the handset was an inline remote allowing complete control of your music, there was also a headset included that doubled up as a personal handsfree.

J-SH04 Sharp

The first commercially available camera phone was released to the Asian market in 2000. The phone boasted a 110,000 pixel camera using an integrated CCD sensor and a glorious 256 colour screen to display your captured moments.

There was also a miniature mobile colour printer available so you could make hard copies of your photos. Its generally thought that the camera phone and mobile printer was inspired by the Purikura photo booths that could be found scattered around Tokyo at the time.

Ericsson T68

Released in time for Christmas 2001, the T68 had the strongest set of features ever seen on a mobile phone and managed to do so in style while remaining lightweight and compact (100 mm x 48 mm x 20 mm 84 grams).

Although not the first phone to feature Bluetooth (this was the Ericsson T36 in 2000) it was the first that penetrated the market and became widespread. It also featured Infrared, GPRS, TriBand, WAP, SMS, Predictive Text, EMS, WAP, Colour screen, Customisable ring tones, Custom wallpapers, Screensavers and a Photo phonebook. This phone set the standards for those to come.

Motorola V3/RAZR

This handset had the power to make the world spin the opposite direction on it axis. It was released into the wild in 2004, and possibly one of the most distinct handsets of all time due to its looks and size. It was initially considered as an exclusive fashion phone.

Like its great granddad the Motorola StarTAC, the V3 managed to make it into PCworlds The 50 Greatest Gadgets Of The Past 50 Years at the number 12 spot.
The handset was just 13mm thick (53 mm x 98 mm x 13 mm) and weighed just 99 grams. In less than a year of its release it was reported that the RAZR V3 was the most popular clamshell handset available, and by July 2006 Motorola had shipped 50 million units.

Nokia N95

The N95 does it all. Gone are the days of carrying a mobile phone, An MP3 Player, A GPS unit in your car, A PDA/Laptop, A video camera or a digital camera. One single device than can do it all was released to the public in March 2007.

The handset packs a 5 megapixel camera with carl zeiss optics, Video recording at 640×480, WiFi, Quad Band, Integrated GPS and an MP3 player. Even though by todays standards it is considered heavy at 120 grams and quite large in size (99x53x20 mm) the handset shot to the number one spot in its first week of release. This was mainly due to the huge amount of anticipation for the handset.

After that, people are left wondering what is next? Is it possible to make a mobile phone any better than this? The answer is yes, and the answer begins with A.

The Future – Fourth Generation

Apple iPhone

Apple are notorious for the way they market their products, they have built up hype over months if not years for this product. They are very secret with what they do, and the public piece patents together to work out Apples new product. In fact, over 200 patents are related to the technology behind the iPhone.

The iPhones features include those of a camera phone, a multimedia player, mobile phone and internet services such as web browsing and E-mail. All of this is controlled by a massive 3.5 inch touchscreen interface. It is available with 8GB or 16GB of storage and apple are trying to capture 1% of the entire mobile phone market within its first year of launch, thats 10 million units.

Already Apple are to release a revised model of the Apple iPhone, the iPhone 3G, currently penned for release mid July. It includes new features such as 3G data transmission and built in GPS allowing you to literally find the nearest hotel, train station, pub no matter where you are.

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Looking at Samsung's i9000 Galaxy S

Fresh for the summer of 2010, Samsung have unveiled their latest mobile handset, the Galaxy S. And it seems that they are going straight for the jugular of the Smartphone heavyweights with this brilliant Android handset. The Galaxy S is one of the few mobile handsets currently available that can capture video footage in a resolution of 720P, or in more simplified terms, High Definition. Quite often video capture is almost an afterthought, but that is not the case here and now the user can shoot footage in a similar quality to the 5 million pixels that the still shot facility offers. The first thing that will spring to mind to many is that the HD footage must be a drain on memory, which is correct. However Samsung have addressed this by packing 16GB of internal memory into the handset alongside a micro SD slot, meaning the potential for a further 32 GB to be added. The Samsung Galaxy S is certainly a well “connected” handset. For people who are always on the go the handset is 3G enabled as well as supporting EDGE and GPRS technology. And the Internet connectivity does not stop here. The inclusion of WiFi means when in range of their personal router (or any other public WiFi area) the phone will automatically connect to this, resulting in an even faster and more enjoyable browsing experience. The widget based User Interface also helps the user benefit from the phones excellent connectivity. The Friends and Updates widget for example keeps you up to date with all of your friends updates from various social networking sites. The 9.9mm depth of the Samsung Galaxy S is achieved thanks to Samsung incorporating Super AMOLED technology into the screen. By using a single sheet of glass rather than two not only is the depth of the unit reduced, but viewing angles are also improved. The 480 x 800 screen resolution is very high for such a device, as is large 4 inch size, both points helping make this screen the best currently available, so much so that Apple are apparently in negotiation to use it on future generations of the iPhone. An accelerometer chip and proximity sensor are both fitted to allow for auto rotate functions and screen shut off during calls to prevent unnecessary button presses. The Samsung Galaxy S looks set to catapult to the top of the smartphone tree. Its superb quality screen is the real eye catcher, but the HD video footage and excellent TouchWiz UI make it a real contender for the phone of the year. The Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Smart are coming soon

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Android-based Tablet Unveiled

Samsung Galaxy Tab Android-based Tablet Unveiled Samsung joins a growing list of manufacturers of tablets with the Galaxy tablet, an extended S Galaxy comes in three versions this year.

The madness of the tablets reached the same supplier screens of the iPad for Samsung. The Twitter in its South African subsidiary has unveiled a photo of a 7-inch tablet called the Galaxy, enlarged version of smartphone Galaxy S. 

According to the tweets, cited by Engadget, it will run on Android 2.1 with the overlay graphics house TouchWiz 3.0.

Speculation is rife about the specifications of the beast. Rumours suggest a presence of an AMOLED display and 3G. The manufacturer also opt for its “Samsung App Store” pending agreement for the use of Google’s Android Market on shelves. 

Technically, it would
have 512 MB of RAM and a Samsung processor at 1 GHz Cortex A8.

According to Korean Herald, three versions will be available this year. A 7-inch before the third quarter, then 8 inches in October and 10 inches in December at prices unknown. Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab Android-based Tablet Unveiled Certainly, it will be difficult to find a iPhone or any ipad clone that can be used as a simple USB key and let for the free choice of its software. Will there a good competitor against the iPad, we will see. Looks like Samsung has also caught the fever of the tablet. Samsung Galaxy Tab Android-based Tablet Unveiled Samsung joins a growing list of manufacturers of tablets with the Galaxy tablet, an extended S Galaxy comes in three versions this year.

The madness of the tablets reached the same supplier screens of the iPad for Samsung. The Twitter in its South African subsidiary has unveiled a photo of a 7-inch tablet called the Galaxy, enlarged version of smartphone Galaxy S. 

According to the tweets, cited by Engadget, it will run on Android 2.1 with the overlay graphics house TouchWiz 3.0.

Speculation is rife about the specifications of the beast. Rumours suggest a presence of an AMOLED display and 3G. The manufacturer also opt for its “Samsung App Store” pending agreement for the use of Google’s Android Market on shelves. 

Technically, it would have 512 MB of RAM and a Samsung processor at 1 GHz Cortex A8.

According to Korean Herald, three versions will be available this year. A 7-inch before the third quarter, then 8 inches in October and 10 inches in December at prices unknown. Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab Android-based Tablet Unveiled Certainly, it will be difficult to find a iPhone or any ipad clone that can be used as a simple USB key and let for the free choice of its software. Will there a good competitor against the iPad, we will see. Looks like Samsung has also caught the fever of the tablet.

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One of my Patience – Samsung UN55B8500 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz LED HDTV

I need to reflect the number because Bearcat thorough and accurate, but I want to throw my 2 cents in the mix of Samsung’s top of some mountain wall, which is just glorified line. Hanging from two hard drives, TV Jiang Summits near wall. Another good feature to find difficult to believe – when watching movies from an external hard drive you can find many video codec television. It can read MP4, avi, WMV files and mpg. I’m not sure about sound, but support. Fortunately I find a movie file, which I think will play directly from an external hard drive does not. TV also about 1GB of internal memory files.

Widgits will slow, but all criteria except force Video-on tool to find a way to load too slowly to be useful. I want more but my computer if I do the Internet activities.
Of course I will not say a bummer how impressed I am with the quality of a picture. I upgrade from 55 “CRT-based televisions and watch TV I like watching TV for the first time. Main selling point in TV menu, such as Samsung 55 “is the dimming feature. HDTV I’ve seen more than last year, just adjust the backlight to achieve deep blacks and bright white in full, but I can not do both simultaneously. It’s very bad for me to concentrate more on the wheel and the backlight TV into the pursuit of setting a different light. This is where the dimming feature information.

TV can brights and darks in the same time! I wait many years for television viewing, free of distracting. My wait ended with the launch of the Sony XBR8, but not to a T. I. When I see a sharp picture quality of Samsung 8000 series and read the internal control functions 8500, I was sold on TV and ordered it not an example image. I can not be happier.

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Looking at the i9000 Galaxy S from Samsung

The Galaxy S is the latest phone from Samsung. Boasting an impressive feature list and incorporating perhaps the best screen currently available, this well could be the handset to own in 2010. The third of Samsungs offering that run on the Google Android OS, the “TouchWiz” user interface on the Galaxy S makes the phone easy and fun to use. As is true of most smartphones currently available, the home screens rely heavily upon the use of widgets. Perhaps the most appealing of these on this new model is the friends and updates widget, which keeps the user up to date with the status updates of friends on various social networking sites. Looking rather similar to the iPhone, the Galaxy also feature four static buttons at the bottom of each screen. These are used for what really are the most basic, everyday functions available, Phone, Contacts, Messaging and Applications. A neat touch on the phone is the addition of active, animated wallpapers, meaning the screen has a real wow factor even when its not in use. The “Smart unlock” feature has also been included, as it was on previous TouchWiz interfaces. Simply put, this allows the user to draw a letter on the screen, and that letter can be assigned to a function so it opens automatically. Its little touches like this that make the Galaxy S a really attractive handset. One of the major draws of the Samsung Galaxy S is its very impressive screen. Measuring 4 inches, the screen features Super AMOLED technology. This means that everything is incorporated into a single sheet of glass, rather than between the two sheets as is found on LCD. This results in a thinner display with wider viewing angles and much deeper natural black colours. Naturally the screen is also a capacitive touchscreen, meaning excellent responsiveness to the users touch. This gorgeous screen is housed within the 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9mm body of the Galaxy S. The weight is also impressive at just 118 grammes. The impressive multi media facilities stretch to a 5 million pixel camera featuring geo tagging and autofocus. However perhaps the most impressive aspect of the camera is that it is capable of shooting video footage at 30 frames per second in a resolution of 720p, or in other terms High Definition. If your planning to uses the phone as an MP3 player, then this audio format is supported along with a host of others including AAC and WMA. The Samsung Galaxy S is a hugely impressive handset thanks to the size and Super AMOLED technology of the screen, alongside the host of nice features that the phone offers. For the people who are looking for a good alternative to the HTC’s and the iPhone’s, the Galaxy S is certainly worth a look. The Samsung Galaxy S and the Blackberry 9105 Pearl 3G are coming soon.

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Pandora App for Samsung Galaxy Tab

The free Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the best smartphones on the market. It not only serves as a phone but also a tablet. This means you don’t have to buy both. The free Galaxy Tab offers a nice sized screen that allows you to read books, surf the internet, or play games. The audio and visual quality meets the highest standards. There are tons of great apps for all tastes available for the free Samsung Galaxy Tab. One app you definitely want to download is Pandora.

Pandora is an internet radio service that allows users to customize their own radio stations. You start out by typing the name of an artist or song you like. Pandora will then create a radio station that plays that music and music like it. You can add more songs or artists to make the created station as specific as possible. You can also choose from existing Pandora stations that cover all genres of music. All you need is an account with the Pandora website that can be created from your free Samsung Galaxy Tab. The account is free and carries no obligations. The app and website are fully integrated so that any radio station you create on one will appear on the other.

If you are new to Pandora all you have to do is follow the simple steps on the app. After creating your account you are ready customize your stations. All of the stations you create will appear on your home screen. After you launch one station you can skip a certain number of songs if you aren’t happy with what is playing. You can also switch between your stations on your list by returning to the home screen with the push of a button on your free Galaxy Tab.

Once you start listening to Pandora you don’t have to keep the app open. You can listen to the radio service in the background while you perform other tasks or launch other applications. Pandora can be shut off at any time. You also have the option of setting up an automatic shutoff time by accessing preferences from the menu screen. This is a great option to easily turn off the radio and save battery power on the free Samsung Galaxy Tab. You can also use the app to bookmark your favorites, buy songs, or share with friends. The menu screen links you with Amazon where you can purchase songs or albums. You can also visit the website to keep track of all of your bookmarks.

Pandora on the free Samsung Galaxy Tab is the ultimate free music experience. You can listen to all the music you want at no cost. It’s a great way to discover new artists that are similar to ones you already like. Creating stations is easy and if you don’t like the station you have the option to delete it. The ability to listen to Pandora in the background while you use your free Galaxy Tab for other things is another reason why adding it to your device is a move you won’t regret.

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Most-Alluring 6GB RAM / 8GB RAM Phones in 2017

Smartphones are getting more and more powerful. Now-a-days, the features of a premium range mobiles are now available even on low range mobiles. Gone are the days when 2GB of RAM mobiles were a big deal. Android Smartphones with 6GB of RAM are already on sale today. But sometimes you may wonder if we really need a mobile phone with such whooping storage spaces. However, with more upcoming apps and features available, smartphones with a massive 6GB of RAM, 7GB RAM and even 8GB RAM have become a necessity.

One can imagine the prowess of a 6GB RAM smartphone knowing how efficiently 4GB RAM phones handles heaviest tasks and graphics smoothly. Check out our list of such massive RAM smartphones that have been scheduled to be launched in 2017. As lost of them are rumored phones it is difficult to guarantee if these devices shall be launched with the same specs that we mention. So without a much ado, let us check out the most awaited phones of 2017 with large RAM’s.

Phones with 6GB RAM / 7GB RAM & 8GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After the unmitigated failure of the Galaxy Note 7, 2017 promises to deliver an extremely competitive smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the market. The Galaxy Note 8 is rumored to flaunt an iris scanner to beef up the security for your data and phone. An artificial intelligence assistant is also said to be included in the phone which shall be one of the most exciting innovations. Samsung is also expected to upgrade the S Pen stylus when it releases the Galaxy Note 8, ensuring that it is both more user-friendly and feature-packed. 

LG V30

LG V30, it looks like the unique feature is going away. LG V30 is expected to come without a secondary ticker display as per the latest rumours as per the sources. Earlier, V10 and V20 smartphones were having the dual display. The LG V30 is expected offer 6GB of RAM. We can get more official details regarding this phone in 2017 in the Autumn season.

Huawei Mate 10

Not much about the upcoming mobile has been revealed. However, we can expect the mobile to come at an expected Price of Rs. 23,000 for a 6.0 inches, Android OS, v7.0 (Nougat), Octa Core Processor and a 6/7 GB RAM with 128GB internal storage. The phone may also sport a 20 MegaPixels Dual Camera for astounding picture quality.

OnePlus 4

Raise a toast to the massive 8GB RAM loaded in the OnePlus 4 coupled with the latest QUALCOMM snapdragon processor for fast functioning. Metal back, curved sides, a home button sitting underneath the display are some other features… Awesome, right? If the rumors are to be believed the OnePlus 4 will be a great phone with curved body & unique design. Similar its successor the OnePlus 3, Oneplus 4 will be a 5.5 incher Smartphone featuring the 4k resolution. Priced around Rs. 26,750 for offering such unique features and specifications the smartphone offers awesome interface, ultimate features, specification at quite a low price.

Asus Zenfone 4 Deluxe

Next in our list is the Asus Zenfone 4 Deluxe that comes with a 5.5-inch IPS screen and 1920 x 1080 resolution. The phone is rumored to sport a 7 / 8GB of RAM and 128GB of expandable internal storage via microSD. The phone shall be fueled by a 3500 mAh battery and will come with a 16-megapixel rear camera with dual-LED flash. The device shall run Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS under the hood.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

The key highlight of the latest Xiaomi mobile, the Mi Note 2 is its 3D curved glass at front and back. This is the first dual-edge curved display smartphone from Xiaomi similar to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The smartphone will be available in 4GB RAM & 6GB RAM variants. The Mi Note 2 packs a 4070mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0 support and is powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. It runs on Xiaomi’s custom MIUI 8 skin.

There are many more mobiles which shall be unveiled by the major conglomerates in 2017. We have handpicked the above phones based on some unique factors. If you think that we have left any deserving phone that could have been included, please mention us in our comments below.

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Samsung Vs Motorola Mobile Phones: Equally Powerful

The present day world has turned into a virtual battlefield for the leading mobile manufacturing companies. As time is rolling by, newer and sophisticated technologies are pouring in – in the form of high end mobile devices. Technologically sound features have become an integral part in the latest mobile phones nowadays. Samsung and Motorola, the two legends of wireless communication, have been constantly unveiling some elegant and powerful mobile phones which have caught the eye of public attention – thanks to their commendable features and functionalities.

When it comes to the matter of slider mobile phones, Samsung is undoubtedly the undisputed king. Be it the Samsung E-Series or the highly popular D-Series or the recently launched U-Series, the best of slider can be all seen in the Samsung mobile phones. A pleasure to hold, Samsung’s sliders phones have won many accolades the world over. In making clamshell and candybar phones also, Samsung has risen to the height of popularity. In all the Samsung mobile phones, you will get exceptional display (even the low priced Samsung excel in its class in terms of display), good connectivity options, dedicated music players, gaming facility etc. Many a high end models carry high resolution megapixel cameras with them.

Motorola is another big name in the world of mobile telephony. In fact, Motorola is the first commercial mobile phone maker in the entire world. Motorola mobile phones are equally smart in features as well as in looks. RAZR, RIZR, ROKR and KRZR have changed the way people talk – communicate. Slim, light, powerful – these handsets carry necessary features like camera, music, web access, gaming, connectivity tools etc.

There are several mobile phone shop which have very good mobile phone offers for you. If buying a Samsung or Motorola mobile handset is on your mind , it will be wise on your part to go for online purchasing.

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The Samsung Galaxy S, smart phone of the future

It is new and almost not from this world, the Samsung Galaxy S. This phone is so full of fine new tricks and useful apps that it is difficult to just discuss this new Samsung device. We will do it differently. No simple information about this phone, but nine good reasons for you to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S. Here we go:

o The speed of the Samsung Galaxy S; Because the device has a 1 GHz processor Hummingbird, the Samsung Galaxy S is extremely quick. Whether you want to view your email, check some files, or you want to update your social networks’ status, everything can be done quickly and easily. For both work and leisure, the Samsung Galaxy S is wonderful. You can for example use the 3G connection on your phone, wirelessly with other Wi-Fi devices like your laptop.

o The Samsung Galaxy S has a strong Android operating system; Samsung has put the software on the Samsung Galaxy S entirely in the hands of Android and the result is great. The Galaxy S comes with the Android 2.1 installed, it has many apps integrated in the operating system. For example it supports the use of Outlook now without an extra app.

o Many practical apps for the Samsung Galaxy S; The Android operating system also allows you to have access to the Android Market with your Samsung Galaxy S. Here you find lots of apps that you can easily put on your phone.

o Swype, fast creation of a message with your Samsung Galaxy S; The Galaxy Samsung S has a very handy app for a special keyboard: Swype. This allows you to create messages in a new way. You type the letters no longer one by one, but slide from letter to letter without lifting your finger. The Samsung Galaxy S recognize the letters and makes the right word. Swype is very fast and easy to use. But if you do not like it, you can easily just leave the app and type normally.

o The big memory capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S; You can choose for a Samsung Galaxy S with either 8GB or 16GB internal memory. In both cases you have the option to expand the memory up to 32GB with a microSD card. This means that you have a huge amount of memory. Very practical of course for all the photos and videos you want to make with the Samsung Galaxy S!

o The 5-megapixel camera of the Samsung Galaxy S; With its fast, a bit noisy camera, you will take great photos. Because the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S is equipped with face detection, smile detection and blink detection. A small disadvantage of the phone is that there is no flash on the camera is. So you can only take pictures with the Galaxy S when there is sufficient light.

o The Samsung Galaxy S can be used as remote control for your Samsung TV; Whether it is the most useful feature of the Samsung Galaxy S is doubtful, but it is fun nonetheless: you can use the Samsung Galaxy S as a remote for your TV. If you have a Samsung TV that is.

o The Samsung Galaxy S is very thin and light; You may need to get used to in the beginning, because the difference in weight between the Samsung Galaxy S and other smart phones is striking. The Galaxy S only weighs 119 grams! Even though it has a huge screen. The Samsung Galaxy S also is incredibly thin; only less than one centimeter. These qualities combined make this phone ideal for people who already carry enough (heavy) stuff every day.

o Gigantic screen on the Samsung Galaxy S; not an AMOLED screen, but a huge 4 inch Super-AMOLED touch screen is on the Samsung Galaxy S. This means that this device not only has brilliant colors, but the screen will not reflected in bright sunlight too.

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